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Letter Fulton High School, Ai, Ohio


     On the eleventh day of September, while the days were yet warm and sunny, we came back to school much refreshed by our summer vacation. The first day was spent in renewing acquaintances and greeting old friends.

     The next day school really began. Naturally the Freshmen were just as green as the class before had been and had the same trouble in making themselves at home. The Sophomores took up their books and began to advance their brilliant career which had been started when they were Freshmen. The Juniors too became busy—busy making dates! They planned a series of parties, each member of the class in turn was to entertain. The plan was carried out very successfully. The Seniors became very busy—determined to make the best of this, their last year of Fulton High School.

     The boys reorganized the base-ball team, but their horseshoe must have been up side down for their games played with other schools were not very successful.

     The High School organized a Literary Society which has proved to be a great help to all. There are two sections, Lincoln and Spencerian.

     Late in the fall the Sophomores entertained the members of the high school, pupils and teachers, at Ed. Carrolls. Arvella was a splendid hostess. The following week the Seniors held a party at the home of Eva Pittan.

     One evening late in November the Sophomores made themselves known to the public by presenting a one act comedy in the Auditorium. A part of the funds was added to what the Literary Society had raised by a sandwich sale, and spent for a new dictionary for the high school room.

     In January the great movement started to make our high school first grade. The Juniors pledged themselves to raise the money and equip the Physical Laboratory with instruments necessary for first grade. And they did it too! Their play, "In the Absence of Susan," was a success and together with the proceeds from the sandwich sale which they gave the income was enough to buy laboratory equipment.

     Through subscriptions given very freely by the friends and patrons of our school we started a fund for library books. The amount was increased by giving the operetta, "The Merry Milkmaids."

     Our school having been made first grade a third teacher , Mr. P. K. Chase, was secured to assist Mr. Krieger and Miss Sietz.

     The operetta was presented about the middle of February, with great success. This completed our effort for raising money, for now we felt that having made our school first grade, with the help of many friends, that we should put forth all efforts to do first grade work.

     And so the school year approached the closing time and brot with it not only hard work but more festivities. The Freshmen and Sophomores gave a reception for the Seniors. The Juniors entertained them royally at the annual Junior-Senior banquet.

     On Thursday morning the next to last week of school, the Sophomore girls each appeared at school with a broad smile and a bundle. Somehow the news traveled that they were going to be guests at a slumbering party given by Miss Seitz. The bundles disappeared but the smiles stayed and the Sophomore girls all went to the party and had a rousing good time.

     With the end of their work came the announcement to the Seniors that Homer Kline was ranked first and Dorr Watkins second in the class and so their work on commencement orations began.

     The Senior Class Play, "Deacon Dubbs," was held on the evenings of May 1st and 2nd. Commencement exercises were held at eight p. m. May 4th. Dr. H. G. Williams, of Columbus, delivered the class address. And then we all said, "good-bye" to our friends for another summer.

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