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      Fourteen Freshmen entered Fulton High in nineteen sixteen, all but one of whom had been taught by Mr. Clymer in the eighth grade of the same school the previous year.

      Of course the Freshmen appeared to be rather green but not nearly so much so as the Freshmen of the year before, who on becoming Sophomores still appear in green.

      They really were quite advanced, when it came to knowledge, but Mr. Kreiger told them a few things they didn't know and put the new word of "Spizerinktum" into their vocabularies.

      By nine o'clock on September, eleventh, nineteen sixteen, they had all assembled. First a girl had come; she was short of stature with Maltese eyes and hair that hung in a tassel behind. Next came a boy who bumped his head on the top of the door as he entered, closely followed by one whose hair stood erect (probably from fright) above a face where lingered traces of a hastily eaten breakfast. Our little fairies, Lois and Ova came tripping in followed by the champion heavy weights, Edna and Marguerite, whose dignified bearing made even the Seniors sit up and take notice. Two girls with straw colored hair and powdered noses led in the shy little one, and then came a giggling girl attended by two blueeyed, angelfaced boys bashfully chewing the ends of their neckties. The last to arrive was a small boy, seemingly having had his seat reserved, for he advanced and took his seat directly opposite the one who had come first.

      In a few weeks the jolly bunch chose their colors of violet and silver and made their banner at a merry little party at the home of Mr. Smout, one of the Freshmen, known as Ches. The next day the Sophomore and Junior infants strove in vain to capture the little pennants that the Freshmen wore.

      The Freshmen had many other parties during the year. Among them were the ones given by Miss Pittman, Miss Gunn, Miss Overmeyer and by Miss Habel. During these exciting days the class was studying English and algebra under Miss Seitz and they were instructed in general science and German by Mr. Krieger.

      In a few months Jesse Gunn left the class and only thirteen remained. But were they unlucky? We will solemnly swear that they were not. The rest of the High School pupils formed a posse and industriously tried making up yells to ridicule the Freshmen, but whenever it was tried they were answered by the better ones of the Freshmen.

      When the High School pupils were raising the necessary funds for making the High School first class, the Freshmen gave a pop corn and candy sale which they and everyone else enjoyed.

      One day after Christmas vacation a shy little man was discovered in the High School room. It was thought that he must have blown in and they were about to advertise in the lost and found department when Mr. Krieger came to the rescue and introduced him as the new teacher, Mr. Chase, who has since instructed the Freshmen in American Literature and English.

      The Senior boys of the High School almost overworked their brains by composing verses which they supposed to be poetry about the Freshmen's banner and so forth, and constructed for the purpose of scribbling on the blackboards.

      Nevertheless the class of nineteen twenty had little difficulty in living through their first year of High School and are expected to be Sophomores the next school term.

               Gladys Vaughan

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