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Below are two photos of classes taught by Amy (SWART) WHITCOMB. Also displayed are three images of pupil lists from Ireland, Edgar and Whitcomb Schools. Larger images and more information are included on the following three pages.


Teacher Amy (SWART) WHITCOMB standing on the left, about 1918.

An earlier photo of Amy SWART and pupils

Teacher Amy SWART stands in the center of the back row.

These photos were contributed by Amy Boosie, March 7, 2001.

My grandmother, Amy Swart, taught in the Fulton County Schools from about 1910 to 1920. I know that one of the schools that she taught at was the Whitcomb school. Unfortunately, I do not know the names of either of the schools in the pictures.

Amy was born in Morenci, MI Dec 31, 1889. Her family moved to Fulton County and she graduated from Wauseon High School in 1910. Before she graduated, she received a teaching certificate from the Fulton County Board of School Examiners on June 7, 1908. She taught until 1920.

When Amy was not teaching, she attended summer classes at the State Normal College in Bowling Green (1916, 1917, 1919) and Defiance College (1914 and 1915). In 1919, she was teaching at the Whitcomb School and staying at the home of Melvin (1852-1931) and Catherine (1862-1945) Whitcomb.

When their son Charles Whitcomb returned home from WW I, he and Amy met and fell in love. They were married on Valentines Day 1920. The school board offered her a teaching position for the following year but she declined.

Amy Bossie

Souvenir Card of the Ireland Public School presented by Amy SWART.

Souvenir card of the Edgar Public School presented by Amy SWART.

Whitcomb School, Pupil List

Eldon & Claire Scott were the children of Frank & Cynthia Scott.
Cynthia was the sister of my grandmother.
Duane Miller,
Merrill, Mi.
Whitcomb School

Photo image courtesy of Richard SWART

See Larger images of Whitcomb School &
a closeup of the people

Large Image of Whitcomb School.

Whitcomb School as of September, 2000
Photo courtesy of Karen Bookout,

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 3. Samuel WHITCOMB,
 4. Whitcomb School Building
 5. Old School Friends, 1896-1897
 6. Class Photo, 1912-1913
 7. Souvenir Card & Class List, 1912-1913
 8. Souvenir Card & Class List, 1913-1914
 9. Class Photo, 1915-1916
10. Dorothy BROWN, Teacher, 1916-1917
11. Amy SWART, Teacher, 1918-1919
12. More Amy SWART Class photos &
      Souvenir Cards

13. Class Photo, 1935-1936
14. Daily Teaching Program
15. Teacher List
16. Attendance Spread Sheet
17. PTA Minutes, 1937-1938, Final Year
18. Commencement 1938 Program
19. Pike Centralized School Article

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