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Early Schools of Fulton County

Fulton School, Ai, Ohio
Alumni List
1920 - 1929

Class of 1920:
Marguerite Fleming (Clarence Metzger)
Helen Habel (Virgil Eicher)
Lois Kemp (Lois Davis)
Ralph Krieger, Sr.
Ova Overmyer (Lawrence Sperling)
Ruby Sipe
Chester Smout (Dorothy Williams)
Gladys Vaughn (Harold Kreft)
Fraker Wiley
Edna Woodring (F. E. Patelzich)

Class of 1921:
Twila Bower (Alec Stromberger)
Arby Burkey (Ruth Habel)
Hazel Dennis (William Clark)
Virgil Eicher (Helen Habel)
Maynard Fauble (Marie Louise Evans)
Ronald Habel (Gladys Miley)
Goldie Martin (Isaac Whipple)
Verna McQuillin (Howard Shaver)
Archie Wentz

Class of 1922:
Arthur Craig
Doris Enfield (Roy Mizer)
Golda Luke (John Stromberger)
Zelva McQuillin (Grace Parker)
Harold Mohr
Harry Putman
Lucille Richards
Harry Sheffer
Lester Smith
Ruby Stapleton

Class of 1923:
Ruby Babcock (Barlow)
Leora Burkey (Harry Deck)
Helen Clifton (Andrew Rasmussen)
James Craig (Marquerite Murbach)
Harley Dennis (Eloise Everett)
Eunice Donnelly (Lowell Turpening)
Alton Flickinger
Vera Mattocks (J. Kenneth Terry)
Leo Mull
Wilma Vaughn (Ernest Ehret)
Pollena Wentz (Dr. H. K, Moore)
Katherine Wuest

Class of 1924:
Marie Craig (Irving Culp)
Stanley Dowling
Donald Flickinger
Paul Guthrie (Florence Habel)
Lois Jacquot
Loyal Linehan
Gladys Miley (Ronald Hable)
Florence Roberts (George Raker)
Basil Turpening (Marjorie Conner)
Marjorie Turpening (Theo Smith)
Hazel Vaughn (W. F. Leu)
Elnetta Walters

Class of 1925:
Meriam Burkey (Zelva McQuillin
Marjorie Conner (Basil Turpening)
Robert Craig
Glenn Dennis
Eloise Everett (Harley Dennis)
Carl Habel (Eunice Frost)
Catherine Keyes
Henry D. Parker
Margaret Wentz (Glen Pike)

Class of 1926:
Katherine Arnold (Tizedas)
Bruce E. Berkey
Arvine Cook (Gertrude Nobbs)
Hazel Culler (Ted Peters)
Gerald Griesinger
Varian Guthrie
Florence Habel (Paul G. Guthrie)
Viola Hullstrung (Harold A. Foster)
Herthel Krieger

Class of 1927:
Frances Dennis (Harvey P. Miller)
Eleanor Dolph (Charles Elliott)
Alfreda Fenton (Bob Roberts)
Mabel Harris (Barliss)
Lillian Klein (Ronald Watkins)
Grace Parker (Zelva McQuillin)
Lewis Parker
Edwina M. Pfaff (Val Sullivan)
Agnes Sattler (Melvin R. May)
Merdith Turpening (Lawrence Lenfesty)
Arbelle Wentz (Charles Shelt)
Connie Willson (Clee Crawford)
Lorne Wise

Class of 1928:
Robert Deck
Fern Dennis
Ferol Dowling (Ollie Pifer)
Lester Enyart
Marvin Hable (Ilone Schug)
Vincent Linehan
Dorothy Luke (Carl A. Neorr)
Wilbur Moughler
Gertrude Nobbs (Arvine Cook)
Lucille Putman (Lucille Heist)
Burrell Turpening
Ella Tuttle (Arthur Parker)
Sophia Wulf (Harold Heilman)

Class of 1929:
Clarence Culler
Reta Fenton (Favorite Hall)
Kenneth Fetterman (Hazel Saeger)
Helen Harger (S. A. Lambert)
Meredith Kline (Victor Gillen)
Glenoris Leibler (Wilbur Mossing)
Hazel Saeger (Kenneth Fetterman)
Robert Shaffer
Fern Sterling (Brandeberry)
Philip Wentz

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