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Early Schools of Fulton County

Fulton School, Ai, Ohio
Alumni List
1908 - 1919

Class of 1908
Oliver Hable
Orpha Saeger (Gail Bulkley)
Glenn Simpson
Grace Vaughan Photo (Earl Habel)
Clarence Willson Photo

Class of 1909
No Graduates

Class of 1910
Florence Fauble (John Clifton)
Flossie Robasser (Wm. Weir)
Edna Sheffer
Lawrence Sheffer
William F. Smith (Pearl Smith)
Ruby Stillwill (Roy O. Merrill)
Vivian Vaughn Photo (L. O. Griesinger)

Class of 1911
Meredyth Biddle (Photo) (Hiett Carson)
Rosa Brown (Frank Youngblood)
Harry Donovan
Lucy Merrill (Clark Drennan)
Roy Merrill (Ruby Stillwill)

Class of 1912:
Russell Clymer
Edith Harger (Walter C. Williams)
Paul Manley (Gladys Valter)
Orra Watkins (Florence Margaret
Verno Weihl (Harry Dickinson)
Shirley Willson Photo
     (mother was Clara Vaughn)

Class of 1913:

Clarence Carroll
Gladys Cunningham (Maltby)
Koryl Merrill (Guy Green)

Class of 1914
Amy Brown (Robert Youngblood)
Harold Dowling
Lawrence Jake Griesinger (Vivian
Amy Sheffer (Will Sheets)
Mary Manley (Paul Sattler)
Lawrence Wentz

Class of 1915:
Grace Mohr (Wm. Bryan)
Howard Pfaff
Alice Pittman (Orrin Geitgey)
Helen Savage (Florin Jasin)
Donna Schug (Edger Weihl)
Geneva Schug (Wilbur Hart)
Edgar Weihl (Donna Schug)

Class of 1916:
Rachel Biddle
Carl Bowers
Harold Clifton
Marjorie Clifton (Mrs. K. G. Vaughn)
Mildred Merrill (Dale Shelt)
Riley J, Sipe
Gladys Valter (Paul Manley)
Vera Van Horn (C. J. W. Luttrell)
Frances Vaughn Photo (Evan Overmyer)
Gertrude Vaughn (Thurlo Judson)
Herma Wilson (Mrs. A. J. Belprez)

Class of 1917:
Clyde Babcock
Nellie Babcock (Paul Watkins)
Harold Everett (Bernadine Craig)
Grace Griesinger (H. Gingrich)
Homer Kline
Eva M. Pittman (Willard Trowbridge)
Kathryn Schwyn (Emil Huber)
Nancy Sipe (Floyd Holland)
Dorr Watkins (Opal Mae Richards)

Class of 1918:
Eva Deck (Henry Holloway)
LaVern Dowling (King)
Ruth Habel (Arby Burkey)
Fred Keller
Archie Krieger (Ethel Johnson)
Ralph Mohr
Ruth Potter (Loren Austin)
Dorothy Putman (D. Forrest)

Class of 1919:
Arvella Carroll (Louis Blanchard)
Hope Everett
Mildred Griesinger (Harold Van Meer)
O. William Hable (Mary Edith Loveall)
Opal Kline (Emil Zeck)
Thelma Schug (Vernon Salter)
Flossie Wentz (Edward Eicher)

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