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Photo Tour of AI, Ohio - Page 2
AI Union Cemetery

This is the oldest grave in Ai Union Cemetery. Jacob Hamp

This grave is of my Maternal Grandma and Step Grandpa.. Clark Willis (or Baldy, as we called him!) and Ruth Geraldine Winters, a.k.a. “Lucy”.

This poor person didn’t even have a first name, date or anything. Don’t know the age or sex either. What you see is what you get. The saddest part is that this tombstone was put in long after I moved from Ai. That was in 1988.

I have no idea what these three little graves are about.

This is just a really neat tombstone. That is my Maltese dog, Falcon!

Laura Degner,

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Ai Centralized School, Fulton County, Ohio School Photos
Created August 30, 2004
     by Charles Paul Keller

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