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Page 4. Class of 1945

Joan Wilson
“Good things come in small packages and so does poison.”
Girl Scouts 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1,2,4; Booster 1,2.3.4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Class Officer 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Girl Reserves 3,4; Salutatorian 4.

Norman Bratton
Vice President
“Much love doth make thee mad.”
Dramatics 3,4; Basketball 3; Manager of Team 4; Baseball 3; Class Officer 2,4; Annual Staff 4; Echo Staff 4; President of Student Cabinet 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4.

Ila Jo Willson
Secretary and Treasurer
“Good women are rare, take good care of me.”
Class Officer 1,2,3,4; Girl Scouts 1,2,3; Girl Reserves 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Booster 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3,4; Echo Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Valedictorian 4.

Marguerite Snyder
“The more I look at some people, the better I like my dog.”
Girl Scouts 1,2,3,4; Librarian 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3,4; Booster 4; Girl Reserves 4; Echo Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Dramatics 3,4; Class Officer 3.

Harold Galbraith
“To have a safe journey one must have a careful driver.”
Boy Scout 1; Echo Staff 4; Annual Staff 4; Dramatics 3,4; Class Officer 3; Basketball 1, 3,4; Manager of Team 2; Baseball 2,3,4; Vice President of Student Cabinet 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Band 1.

Freda Shipman
“My favorite study is man!”
Girl Scout 1,2; Girl Reserves 4; Band 2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Student Cabinet 4; Librarian 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4.

Page 5. Class of 1945 Continued:

Violet Poorman
“Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.”
Annual Staff 4; Dramatics 4.

Gerald Bernath
“A little learning is a dangerous thing.”
Dramatics 3; Class Officer 3; Annual Staff 4; Glee Club 3.

Ella Hallett
“A good heart is worth it’s weight--in gold”
Librarian 1,2,3; Dramatics 4; Annual Staff 4.

Dorothy Elton
“We met--’twas a crowd.”
Girl Scouts; Girl Reserves 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,4; Dramatics 4; Librarian 1,2,3; Echo Staff 3,4; Annual Staff 4.

George Borck Jr,
“And I was a hoping”
Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Dramatics 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Echo Staff 4.

Patricia Griesinger
“All great women are dying and I don’t feel well myself.”
Girl Scouts 1,2; Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,3; Booster 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Echo Staff 3; Class Officer 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 3,4; Annual Staff 4.

Page 6.

      We, the seniors of Fulton, class of ‘45, being of sound mind and healthy bodies, will and bequeath all our valuable and treasured possessions to the people that we think will benefit most by them. We hereby declare this to be our last will and testament.

      To our teachers, we will the peace of mind which they will acquire after we have left.

      To Mr. Britegan, the janitor, we leave the privilege of making shelves in the long lockers for the seniors next year if they have to double up.

      To the juniors, we bequeath the co-operativeness which the senior class has always been able to attain. We hope they will make good use of it.

      We leave to the sophomores all the typewriters which are usable. Please don’t be any harder on them than we were.

      To the freshmen, we leave our ability to act like refined students of Fulton.

      Gerald Bernath wills his shortness to Junior Estel, hoping it will bring about a happy medium.

      Dorothy Elton bequeaths her editorship of the “Echo” to Duane Lau, hoping he won’t have as much trouble getting the news written.

      George Bork wills his athletic ability to Junior Hable with the understanding that he will use it.

      Ella Hallet wills her ability to work in an office to Doris Elton hoping she can get a position also.

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