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Reunion, September 17, 1897

     The above is from a picture taken September 17, 1897, on the occasion of the reunion of the 80th O.V.I. at Carrollton. The photograph was taken in front of the residence of the late H. H. Whitcraft. On that day 74 members of the regiment responded to roll call. Many soldiers of other regiments took part in the reunion., and their pictures appear in the above.

      The 80th O.V.I. was organized from October, 1861 to January, 1862, in the state at large, to serve three years, and was mustered out August 13, 1865, by order of the war department. E. R. Eckley was appointed colonel December 29, 1861, and resigned February 24, 1863 to accept a seat in Congress. Captain David Skeels, Co. D. Was promoted to major of the regiment, Jan 24, 1864. Hiram G. Tope was regimental surgeon; James E. Philpott, adjutant; George W. Pepper, chaplain; S. S. West, sergeant major; William J. Eckley and James Catrel, quarter-master sergeants.

      The regiment participated in the battles of Corinth, Farmington, Iuka, Raymond, Jackson, Mississippi; siege of Vicksburg; Mission Ridge, Tennessee and Bentonville, and followed Sherman on his march to the sea.

      The following members of the 80th registered that day:
E. R. Eckley, Judge James Holder, R. Thompson, J. A. George, Richard Henderson, P. Hagerman, L. W. Wiard, William Morre, John Beadle, L. Eckley, H. H. Whitcraft, W. S. Welling, J. A. McCarty, Sylvester Tripp, Frank McMurray, D. M. Dickerson, John Burton, Jesse H. Catrel, Dr. J. D. Tope, H. W. Kirby, John Hosterman, John T. Fryer, David Dewell, Joseph Talbott, George Carroll, John Richards, John M. Potts, William Drake, C. Prem Metham, Jacob Hardsock, John Sneary, Wesley James, George Kincaide, Hiram Russell, E. J. Whitten, B. W. Adair, Thomas K. Price, D. H. Protzman, Daniel Korns, Daniel Sweaney, T. E. McFadden, C. H. Matthews, O. C. Powelson, A. L. Knee, W. F. Kritz, C. Dies, Adam Walters, George Koss, J. Pershing, William Lewis, William Dugan, John Meredith, David Skeels, John McBane, Wiiliam Roudebush, Thomas Barrett, Ed Steinbaugh, Simon Durst, John Dutenhaver, I. B. Woods, John Waumbaugh, Charles Lahmer, Fred Buel, Henry Buel, James Reed, Milton Eckley, Richard Newell, William Harding, A. Phillips, Clark Slates, Griff Taylor, L. L. Harsh, H. Yingling, James Cross, S. Van Ostram.

      Lewis Wiard, of the 80th, whose picture appears in the group, has picked out the following non-member soldiers of regiment who can be seen here Jacob Yeager, John McDowell, ______ Turnipseed, Charles Hemming, Levi Westfall, Joseph Talbott, Jacob Wetzell, Joseph Stuller, George Gregg, Robert Kean, George Devore and baby, Wesley James, John McBane, Revs. John Vall and S. Z. Beam, John Baker, James Kelley, Morris James, Abram Harsh, William Moore, Jonah McQueen, John Myers, Enoch Able, Thomas Simpson, Joseph Kirby, B. W. Adair, Thomas Adair, Adam Jackson, John Seaton, James Thompson, John Huddleston, Lewis Harsh, Peter Miller, J. M. Westfall, Andrew Phillips, Thomas Ray, Charles Jackson, John Potts, John Beadle, Asberry Wrikeman, Prof. W. H. Ray, C. R. Thompson, Daniel Bettey and John Moore.

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