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Reunion, October 4, 1889

Reunion of the 80th Ohio Infantry
Headquarters 80th Regiment O. V. V. I.
Oct. 4, 1889

      The reunion of the 80th regiment was held at the residence of Col. Pren Metham, late colonel of the regiment, near Warsaw, Coshocton County, Ohio. On the above date, which was the anniversary of the battle of Corinth, Miss. Oct. 3rd and 4th, 1862, in which engagement the 80th regiment took a prominent part. There were 80 of the brave and noble defenders that answered present at roll call.

      The Colonel and his estimable wife and family received us with a cordial greeting and made us to understand that we were to share his hospitality, which made us think that we were colonels and Metham was the private. He also provide the commissary of the best the land could produce, the culinary department of the same, was the best that could possibly be. All did eat at the Colonel's table and were filed, and the number of baskets of fragments that were left I did not wait to find out, but suppose there were many.

      At about 11 o'clock a.m. we assembled in his beautiful grave near by, where the Colonel had provided some rustic seats and a rostrum for the officers and speakers. The meeting was called to order by the president, W. H. Robinson, Jr., when the chaplain, Rev. G. W. Pepper, led in prayer. Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted. Letters expressing their inability to be present were read from the following comrades:

      H. S. Bowers, New Hall, Iowa; C. W. Buvinger, Ex-Surg., Pittsburgh Pa.; S. S. West, Serg't Major, Cleveland, O.; .J. H.. Murphy, Cherryvale, Ka.; A. C. Jackman, Minneapolis, Kansas; B. N. Noland, Akron, O.; Geo. Barley, Reading, Pa.; Allen Talbot, Dunkirk, O. After which the following officers were elected. On motion the present officers were re-elected. W. H. Robinson, Jr., Pres., Coshocton, Ohio., Samuel Korns, 1st V. P. New Philadelphia, Ohio; J. M. Cochran, 2d V. P., Warsaw, Ohio; Rev. G. W. Pepper, Chaplain, Cleveland, Ohio; N. H. Clendennin, Sec. and Treas., Connotton, Ohio; J. E. Hutton, Cor. Sec., Fremont, Ohio.

      We then adjourned until 1:30; then repaired to the commissary headquarters, at the Colonel's house. We only expected hard tack, sow bosom, army beans, &c. but pshaw, turkey, chicken, pie, cake, &c. I cannot enumerate all, everything, and then you will not miss it and all the comrades partook and as many more that were friends.

      We were again called to order and were addressed by our Chaplain, Rev. G. W. Pepper, the soldier preacher historian and orator of national fame. At the close of his speech he presented the Colonel with a beautiful gold-headed cane, which had been provided by the comrades. The Colonel thanked the comrades for the gift and said that he would have use for it in fifty or sixty years from the present.

      We were then addressed by the Rev. John J. Wilson, member of the 98th regiment, O. V. I., also pastor of the M. E. Church at Coshocton, Ohio. He gave us an excellent speech, always knowing what to say on such occasions, and as a preacher can only be excelled by a few.

      Calls were made for Capt. Lybarger, of the 43rd regiment, who gave a brief review of the battle of Corinth, Miss. The 43rd regiment was also in that engagement and nor far from where the 80th was engaged on the 2nd day fight, the 4th. In conclusion the 98th, 43rd and many other regiments were good ones, but it was the 80th that saved the country.

      The place selected for the next reunion was Newcomerstown, O., at such time as shall be most suitable, to be determined by the officers of the association.

The following comrades were present:
     Col Pren Metham, Warsaw; W. H. Robinson, Pres, Coshocton; N. E. Clendennin, Sec, Connotton; Rev. G. W. Pepper, Chaplain, Cleveland; Peter Hack, Chas Huff, Levi Ringer, Simon Fisher, Joseph Sawyer, J P Swigert, J E House, Isaac Ross, R S Brown, Wm Hay, B A Stephenson, John Ross, Joseph Wood, Coshocton, Ohio; Isaac Fortune, A B Neptune, H Decker, D R Porter, James Maston, Rosco, Ohio; G W Huff, Wakatomica; Coonrod Mint, Helmic; T J Patterson, J A Burris, O C Powelson, Alex Schultz, Newcomerstown; W L Keyes, Lamertime; T J Cook, wife and daughter, J D Bassett, Jacob Deer, Plainfield; W A Sypan, Clarks; Henry Haines, Utica; A Ermine, Marquis; Phinneas Endfield, Keen; Richard Cox, Mohawk Valley; John Chubb, Spring Mr; G W Wilson, Newcastle; Dick Clark, August Frinker, Wm Buckmaster, Roscoe; John Taylor, J M Cochran, A Ermine, Wilson Willis, Warsaw; J J Huston, Newark; A K Broom, Cambridge; Wm Dugan, Kimbolton; Wes Welling, West Carlisle; S R Vandosen, Bakersville; E Sears, Wm Beal, Kimbolton; Wm Lewis, Guernesy; John Forney, Birds Run; A Shannon, Millnersville; G Chase, Summerdale; John Robinson, Keene; T E McFadden, H G Cochran, Rube Morris, Gilmore; John Stewart, John Carroll, West Lafayette; A Moonart, (Billy Mayfield) Cincinnati; James Duffey, Norwich; James Cross, Bill McKee, Plainfield; Geo Coose, Canal Dover; Henry Morris, Louisville; Abraham Beall, Thos B Reed, Keane; John Wilson, Adams Mills; Walter Gleaves, Fairview, O.

The Reunion newspaper clipping & cartoon were contributed by:
Beverly S. Adam,

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