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June 15 - 17, 2002 SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

      The headquarters for the reunion were across the street from Temple Square and The Family History Library. We could walk and explore the historic area of Salt Lake City. Bill and Joan Bentley and their family were such gracious hosts. They planned a wonderful weekend for the 80 people in attendance. Friday evening we enjoyed a great meal at the Historic Lion House Pantry in Temple Square followed by a leisurely stroll the gardens.

      Saturday, Fred Christensen demonstrated how to research your family on the computer followed by a tour of The Family History Library & Family Search Center. In this library, the Meisser Genealogy publications can be found. (The 1986 and 1997 editions were donated to the library while we were visiting.) Temple square has 4 acres of terraced gardens accented with water areas. This was a beautiful area to explore.

      Saturday evening after the invocation by Corwin Miser, a delicious banquet topped by a cake with the Meisser crest was enjoyed. Bill Bentley introduced the officers of the genealogy. He then turned the program over to Scott Hunsaker, husband of Rebecca Naser 10/3. Scott related in an interesting and delightful manner the histoy of and the way he became a member of the "Morman Tabernacle Choir." He also told of the fulfillment he experiences as a member of the choir. He recalled humorous and stressful experiences of traveling with the Choir to other parts of the world.

      Sunday morning began with the 3800th (The Meisser's 38th reunion) live Broascast of the "Morman Tabernacle Choir" in the Tabernacle which seats 6,500 people. The 380 voiced choir was an experience not to be forgotten soon.

      Picnic time at the awesome Millcreek Canyon with a Dutch Oven Dinner served by one gentleman. He had cookd and then served it alone. The food was so tasty and the cobbler put the final touch to the meal. Tina Bentley told of the memories she had of being with her Grandmother Frances Board Naser 9/2 daughter of June Mizer Board 8/4.

      The meeting began with Linn Mizer thanking the Bentley's for the great hospitality. He also asked if anyone was interested in hosting the reunion in the future. It was voted to move the date of the 2003 National Reunion to be held in Oklahoma to June 14 - 16, 2003. Tony and Zggy Veal and Bob & Bernice Thompson will be our hosts. Ziggy promised us an Outdoor Drama and a Cowboy supper. She invited us all to come to Oklahoma for the National Reunion.

      Some of the prizes went to: Paul & Ruth Mizer married 62 years; Fred & Erika Grams coming farthest from Germany; Bud & Bernie Mizer and Russel & Arlene Smith for traveling to all 50 states. The oldest present was Ralph Nasser 88 years old. Youngest present was Quinn Ostler, a framed Meisser Crest was given as a keepsake.

      Joe Meiser from Pennsylvania spoke to the group on the Meisser Reunion and the history of the Meisser Genealogy Association. In 1709 George Meisser came from Germany to the United States, he is our tie that binds. Some families can trace their ancestors 3 or 4 generations, we can trace ours 14 or 15 generations. Reunions started back in the 1800's in Millbach, Pennsylvania; Canton, Ohio; and Miserville, Tennessee; but died out. When the Model T was invented family reunions became popular again. During the war years, reunions were discouraged.

      In the 1960's Howard Mizer, Lloyd Mizer, John Ridenour, Stanley Mizer and Al Boffo formed The Meisser Genealogy Association, did research for what would become the first edition of The Meisser Family Genealogy (red book). They also held the first National Meisser Reunion in 1972 in Bakersville, Ohio. The 2nd book adding information about Miser Station and George the son of Henry whom settled in Noxville, Tennessee along with much more information not in the first edition was edited by Joseph Meiser and published in 1975 (blue book). Leadership stayed in Ohio. Lloyd wrote the 3rd edition in the 1986 (green book) and the supplement to include information not in other editions in 1997.

      Lloyd Mizer is in a nursing home at the present time, and is not able to perform the leadership needed to keep the Association going. All of the other original members of the Association are deceased. As a group, we need to get our house in order to survive. We need to spread out and have Directors from various regions to be forward moving and not get stagnant.

      Linn Mizer, Vice President of the Meisser Genealogy Association introduced Regional Directors willing to be the new beginnings of the Association:

      Paul & Ruth Miser - Western Region
      Bud & Bernie Miser - North Central Region
      Tony & Ziggy Veal - South Central Region
      Harold & Anna Mary Miser - Northeastern Region
      Linn & Lois Miser - Southeastern Region and
      Joseph A. Meiser will be an Honorary Director and advisor for the group. He then asked for a motion to accept this leaqdership as presented. Bernice Thompson of Oklahoma made the motion, seconded by Gretchen Miser of Michigan. Motion carried.

      An auction of four replicas of Meisser buildings crafted by Joseph A. Meiser and a wall hanging and pillow with Meisser crest on them made by Joan Bentley were auctioned. A total of $332 was raised by the Association. Charlie Miser took home 3 replicas and one went to Ziggy Veal. The wall hanging stayed with Joan's family as a keepsake. The pillow went home with Sue Schmidt. Joan Bentley had everyone present sign quilt blocks. She will make a Meisser Reunion quilt which was purchased by Sue Schmidt.

      The afternoon was filled with fellowship and goodbyes.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Lois Mizer, Secretary

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