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The Jeremiah Mizer Family

Mary Elizabeth (Bryan) & Jeremiah Mizer 6/1

   Jeremiah is descended from:
   Johan Jurg Meisser 1/1, Johann Michael Meiser 2/2,
   Johann Adam Meiser 3/9, John W. Mizer 4/4, Benjamin Mizer 5/16

   Back Row:
   Christopher Ray Mizer 7/4, Earl J. Mizer 7/2,
   Gracie Ola Mizer 7/5, Calvin B. Mizer 7/1, Pearl E. Mizer 7/3

   Front Row:
   Lola Monteith Mizer 7/6, Mary Elizabeth (Bryan) Mizer,
   Clyde T. Mizer 7/7, Jeremiah Mizer 6/1

   August 1, 1971
     Gracie (Mizer) Smith, Lola (Mizer) Bongard,
          Pearl (Mizer) Tippin

Jeremiah 6/1 & Mary Elizabeth Mizer Descendants:

   Back Row: Robert Wagner, Elden Tippin, Duaine Mizer,
          Vern Mizer, Clyde Lee Bongard
   Third Row: Mary Wagner, Edna Clark, Betty Christopherson
   Second Row: Maude Mizer, Ray Smith, unknown man
   Front Row: Lola (Mizer) Bongard, Clyde T. Mizer,
          Pearl E. (Mizer) Tippin

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The above photos were contributed by:
Fran & Vern C. MIZER 8/4:

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