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(March 3, 2006)
      I've been enjoying your Lyons website and links these last few days. I noticed the illustration about the Lyons Christian Church and Sheila (Marlatt) Chonko's statement that her ancestor, Enos Chapin Daniels, built the original church. I recognized the name from a list of Attendees at an "April 19 1876 Lyons, Ohio, Annual meeting of the Disciple Church held at its house of worship for the purpose of transacting business for the ensuing year." This list is an original and was in the old tin box of personal papers and deeds of my great-grandfather John Sturtevant.

1. Bro E C Daniels elected chairman
2. Bro F. A. Slater " " Secretary
3. Bro John Sturtevant " " Elder
4. Bro W.J. Morey " " Elder
5. Bro E.C. Dunkirk (?) " " Elder
6. Bro F.A.Slater " " Deacon
7. Bro S.N. Adamson " " Deacon
8. Bro David Fenner " " Deacon

On motion meeting adjourned.
E.C. Daniels Chairman
F.A. Slater Sect

      John Sturtevant settled in sec 2 with his second wife Lucy Britell. Both came to MI/OH from VT. The Toledo War put the state line right through their 80 ac farm. F. A. Slater is Frederick Augustus Slater, also from VT. His son James Warren married Mabel Sturtevant, a grand-daughter of John and Lucy.

      W. J. Morey is probably Warren J. Morey. There was a Morey family from Fairfield, VT, birthplace of John Sturtevant. I have never been able to connect these Morey families. Is anyone doing genealogical research on the Moreys of Lyons?

      I know my great-grandfather, his sons, John Wesley of Fairfield Twp in Lenawee Co, Mi and Orange Scott Sturtevant, my grandfather, were all active in this Church. This family is all buried in Lyons Cemetery, including my own parents, William Woodrow Sturtevant, b: Adrian 1913 and his wife Russelle Russell b: Detroit 1918.

      Charlie, if you think Sheila Chonko would like a copy of this document, I will send her one if she will contact me. I have another paper, a receipt, also dated, which I can forward also. I understand the early records of the Church went with the fire so these may help reconstruct the story.

Best Regards,

(March 6, 2006, )
      RE: my grandfather, O.S. Sturtevant, he was born on the farm in Ohio which was midway between Seward and Lyons, the last of 4 children born to John and Lucy Britell Sturtevant. I guess his early schooling was public and local but since he's 18 in the 1870 and says has attended school within the last year, I was thinking he may have attended some grades after the eighth grade.

      By trade, some years later, he was a machinist and ended up Superintendent of the Adrian Wire Fence Co. After his second marriage he lived in Morenci for several years and moved back to the farm with the old folks. By 190? the family is living in Adrian and my father was born on E. Church St. in 1913. His older siblings Nell and Oswald probably graduated from Adrian HS by this time. Nell attended Adrian College and started her musical education there. She won a car in the Adrian newspaper contest but O.S., her father, wouldn't let her keep it. She sold it and started college.

      By 1914, just a year after my Dad was born to a 48 yr. old mother and a 62 yr. old dad, the family bought 80 acres in Ypsi Twp, Washtenaw Co. and planted a new orchard. So the middle-aged couple and the infant were starting over. All are buried in Lyons except Nell. So that is three generations of Sturtevants just in my dad's branch at Lyons Cem.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
Thank you again for your help.

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