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April 24, 2002
My mother was graduated from Lyons H. S. , class of 1924. I have a group picture of her class. I also have a group picture of students in front of the school, but do not know which year it was taken. She was Velma M. Wilcox . If you would like to add these to your site, I will send them with all the information I have.
Bonnie M Lahman

This is Class of 1924. The girl second from left is Velma M. Wilcox. The man in the middle evidently was not a student as she called him the professor.

This was with her picture. The ribbon tying the booklet was intact until I tried to open to scan.

This was a postcard. There was only her name on the back. The year could be any from 1920 thru 24. I've been trying to get things together for my own 50th class reunion in Metamora and that is how I found these pictures.

Velma is in the School Picture. She is in the third row (fifth from the left) in a dark dress. She is standing between the girls in white blouses and the boys in that row. I put a little star on her shoulder so she could be identified. Also as she was near sighted she is wearing her glasses. I think she would be glad to see the pictures are being posted.

I wish someone from Metamora would get something started as you have for Lyons. I went to school in Lyons for half a year of the third grade, and did remember a few of the people of my class. Anyway thanks for posting the pictures.

Bonnie M Lahman

(December 7, 2010)
In the postcard picture on the 1924 yearbook page, my sister, brother and I think that the first boy on the left in the third row is my father Charles C. Hinkle. He graduated in 1922.

Charles W. Hinkle
Pioneer, OH

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