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Descendants of Jacob BUTTIKOFER

A Supplement to the

CHRONOLOGY of the BITTIKOFER FAMILY made in1931 by Fred Bittikofer

     The following are the ancestors of Jacob Bittikofer, born 3-30-1783, Switzerland, Canton Berne, Bueren An Der Aare, according to church records in Switzerland discovered and/or recorded by Anna Fink of Salt Lake City, Utah, circa 1964 (no personal correspondence was ever received from Anna Fink; family bible written in “Switzerdeutche” in circa 1688, is in a historical society in Columbus, Ohio, undoubtedly verifying Anna Fink’s records):

I. Wilhelm Buetikofer, baptized in 1560 in Switz., Canton Berne, Buren An Der Aare; born ca. 1520; no wife named; four children.

II. Bendict Buetikofer I. baptized 1560 in B., B. A. D. A., born ca. 1545, died 1606+; married ca. 1565 to Barbli Tuschler , born ca. 1545, died ca. 1580; Bendict B., I, 2nd marriage: ca, 1585 to Elizabeth Abrecht, b ca. 1566, d-1606+; three children with Barbli and 8 with Elizabeth.

III. Johannes Buetikofer, b-1599, Canton Berne, town of Buetikofen, d-1651+; married in 1627 to Ursula Ritz, b-ca. 1605 d-ca. 1629, no children; Johannes B., 2nd marriage ca. 1631 to Anna Schol, b-ca. 1610, d-1651+, 6 children.

IV. Bendict Buetikofer II, b-1633, Canton Berne, Bueren An Der Aare, d-1680+; married 2-14-1670 to Elizabeth Hauwert, b-1649, B., B. A. D. A., d-1680+; 5 children.

V. Adam Buettigkofer, b-12-28-1673, Canton Berne, Pieterlen Parish, d-1708+; married ca. 1698to Anna Lehman, b-1678, Pieterlen Parish, d-1708+; 3 children.

VI. Hans Jacob Buetikofer, b-12-21-1708, Pieterlen Parish; Buren An Der Aare, d-1785, Pieterlen Parish; married 11-3-1734, Pieterlen Parish, to Elizabeth Baumann of Canton Bern, Bruegglen, b-1713, d-4-18-1762, B.A. D. A.; 4 children.

     Hans Jacob Buetikofer’s brother, Abraham Buetikofer, b-1704 wife Anna Ziegler; their son, Niclaus, b-1717, wife Elizabeth Knuechel; their son, Niclaus II, b-1772; progenitors of Elmer B. Bittikofer, Jr., of Sugar Creek, Ohio and surrounding area.

VII. Durs Buetikofer, I, b.5-29-1735, B., B. A. D. A.,d-1785+; married ca.1759 to Barbara Bucher, b-ca. 1738, d-ca.1775; Durs B.I, 2nd marriage: ca1780 to Mariana Renfer, b-1752, B. A. D. A., d-5-3-1785; 4 children with Barbara, and one, Jacob, with Marianna.

Page 2--Bittikofer chr. suppl.

VIII. Jakob Buetikofer, b-3-30-1783, B., B. A. D. A., d-3-3-1857. When Jakob immigrated to the USA from Canton Berne, Meinisberg, in 1835, with his wife, Mary, and four of his children, he was listed as Jacob Bittikofer, and the spelling remained to this day.

     The following is a synopsis of the Bittikofer Chronology, written by Fred Bittikofer in 1931, pages 1 thru 10. Additional comments are from Swiss church records, USA census material or other genealogical material and written in [……..]. (Following this synopsis is Jacob John and Christiana Bittikofer’s genealogical line from 1845 on, brought up-to-date from Page 10 of Fred B.’s original B. chronology; after which is a synopsis of Fred’s chronology, pages 11 thru 22):

Chronology of the Bittikofer Family
     Jacob Bittikofer and his wife Mary Kuntz Bittikofer came to the United States about 1836 [1835], and settled in Stark county, Ohio, and from that county removed to Crawford county about 1841. [removed to Liberty Township, Cr. Co., OH] The means of transportation was by both ox and horse teams.

Jacob Bittikofer b-3-30-1783 Switzerland d-3-3-1857
     to [6-27-1806]
Mary Kuntz [Maria Kunz, b-9-8-1784, d-ca. 1842, father: Heinrich Kunz of Switz., Canton Berne, Meinisberg]
     to [ca. 1843]
Katherine Brenner b-8-12-1784 d-3-14-1847 [b-12-6-1801 in Switz. Canton Bassel, Bassel; father, Johannes Brenner] 0 children.

     a. Jacob Bittikofer [baptized 5-10-1807, B. A. D. A., d-1874+]
          to [ca. 1836]
     Mary Frank [b-1811-12, d. 8-24-1874, Crawford County, Franks listed in Swiss church
          records, 18th cent.]

     b. Jacob Bittikofer b-12-7-1839 d-[1882+]
          to 11-4-1860
     Mary Klink b-2-19-1843; [7 children, including John H. B., b-10-1-1863: on 1900 census he           was living in Monroe Township, Henry County, Ohio] [1 1/2 pages of descendants--
          Strayer, Meyer, Reed, Hoilman and Saneholtz; +Bittikofers].

     b. Mary Bittikofer b-9-8-1838 deceased [d-1877+]
          to 11-12-1874
     George Harmon b… deceased [2 children: Clara and Samuel Gardner and 2 more: Emma and
          Lewis Vernon Harmon--3/4 page of descendants--Ream, Beattie; + Gardners].

     b. Rosina Bittikofer b-12-4-1841 d-8-10-1921
          to 7-5-1863
     Daniel Easley b-1-30-1831 Switzerland d-8-15-1893
          [6 children, 2/3 page descendants--Reiter and Stacey; + Easleys].

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