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This page has photos of Valleda's Mother,
Aunt Jane (MCCONNELL) WHIPPLE and Jane's children.

Three McConnell Sisters

(Valleda) Jane WHIPPLE (1879 - 1968),
Estella Florence (Teddy) KING (1868-1955) &
Martha Frances BITTIKOFER (1875-1962),

Martha & Jane McConnell

Martha Frances (MCCONNELL) BITTIKOFER (1875-1962),
(Valleda) Jane (MCCONNELL) WHIPPLE (1879 - 1968)
Beside the stone wall in the drive way of Mt. Pleasant Farm.
Arlington 'Wink' Frantz built the wall which ran from near the back
door to the end of the drive. Wink married Sue MIZER.

Laveda Frances (WHIPPLE) LOUETTE (b. 1901)
d/o Albert A. WHIPPLE & Valleda Jane McCONNELL

Bobbi's (Abby WHIPPLE HEIST) daughter & son and Iris MIZER
Jack & Tom MIZER in front.

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