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Martin Family Tree

Thomas Martin the 8th child of Jesse and Charlotte (Reeves) was born 2 Sep 1862 in Romsey Hampshire. Thomas married Emily (Young)  in Coventry England, 24 July 1887. Gertrude, Ethel, Winifred and Thomas where born there.  Frederick, an unnamed infant, Myrtle, Hubert, Edith, Eunice, Walter were born in Wallaceburg Ontario where they settled.  

Thomas Jesse who was born 10 Feb 1894 in Coventry was 6 months old when he came to Canada. He married Grace Candlish Taylor in Toronto, 23 Sep. 1919, after serving in WWI .  They raised 4 children, Emily, Thomas, Eileen and Pearl in Wallaceburg.

Eileen May married Albert Kellam Henry.  Three boys were born to Eileen and Albert, William Thomas (me), Douglas Kellam and Bryan Martin.

For more information on these families can be found by going to Martin Families page.  

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