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Henry Family Tree

  Peter Henry married Olive Draper about 1800 in Prince Edward County Upper Canada. They had 7 children all born in the same area.  Some time after the last child was born, Olive and Peter parted ways.  One story says that Peter kicked her out and that after this she hooked up with a Samuel Harris.

Peter was also known as Peirre Tesson.  

   The oldest son of Peter and Olive, Peter, is said to have joined his mothers family and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and made the trip to Nauvoo Ill. USA where he is to have died.  The four remaining sons moved west and finally settled in Sombra Twp., Lambton County, Ontario and just across the St Clair River in Michigan USA. Their father followed later.  Their descendants can be found in Lambton County and neighboring Kent.  The youngest daughter died in 1819. Mary Ann married John Mix and moved to Aylmer and died there in 1885.

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