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By Clara Findley Morris (copied/retyped as she wrote it)


McFadden, according to authorities, is derived from McFargeon-“son of little Patrick.” But, the name itself tells a more direct story on the variation ‘McFadien” Mc(son); Fad or Faddy (diminutive or pet name for father); en (one), so “son-of-the-little-father-one” stands out all over the name.  One is derived directly from an old name of the Sun, as it has son (sun) at both beginning and ending.  This analysis can take it back beyond the “big” St. Patrick, as Patrick is of Roman (latin) derivation, while Faddy, we think is not.


JOHN MCFADDEN came from Ireland although the family had lived in Scotland before going to Ireland.


First thought was that our branch of the John McFadden family came from Priestford, Maryland, but it seems Bald Friar, Maryland is a better guess.  But, the home-nest of the name in Revolution times was southeastern Pennsylvania.


In Harford County Court House, Bel Air, Maryland, Will Book #1 is recorded the will of our John McFadden.  He died with houses, land, sheep, wool and flax, and corn in his possession…which constituted riches in those days. 


He was known as the Patriarch of Prospect, and owner of all four corners of it.

Annapolis, Md. records show the following in his name:


Owner of the land grant “OHIO” (company) survey in 1769; tract from Hugh Whiteford of 248 acres.  Liber BC & GS #40, Folio 174 and Liber Al & E #38, Folio 64-7


McFadden’s “Hidden Treasure” survey date 1787, 59 acres, Harford Co. Certificate #335


McFadden’s “Hunting Ground” survey date 1798, 556 ¼ acres, Harford Co. Certificate #226


McFadden’s “The Hunting Ground” survey 1801, 378 ½ acres, Harford Liber Ic#R, Folio 3, Liber Ic#P, Folio 220


Reference of John McFadden’s military service is to be found in PRESTON’S HISTORY OF HARFORD COUNTY, page 121. (Cressap’s War)


Cecil County Court House (Md) record he was a foot soldier in Capt. Edward Jackson’s Co. 1746


Winter of Valley Forge 1777-1778 & Battles of Long Island 1776 (son)


He took up land grant “Niagara” and then sold it to a son-in-law Isaac Hawkins.


It is said that John McFadden settled near Elkton, now Cecil County, Queen Anne’s County, Md – as all Eastern Shore was Queen Anne’s County at that time.  The family is also supposed to have lived near Oxford and Kennett Square, Penna.



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John McFadden had 3 children that we know of.  They were:


  1. James b.1751 d. 1840
  2. John b. 1755 d. 1835
  3. Elizabeth b. 1756 d. 1850


We have this bit of information of the following descendants:


John McFadden 1755-1835 married Jeanette Hawkins.  A Revolutionary War soldier; enlisted January 23, 1776, Sixth Co. (Md); in Battle of Long Island August 27, 1776; enlisted June 1st, 1778 (16th Md. Reg.)


John McFadden December 14, 1786- December 23, 1863 married Elizabeth Foster.

He was known as “Jr.” – known also as “the younger” (sometime after his death ‘junior’ and ‘senior’ came into use, and he became “Sr.”) Locally, he was referred to as “Squire John.”  Taught school at Mt. Araat, and was a writer of legal papers, etc.


Elizabeth Foster was the daughter of Moses Foster (from England).  She was born 1793 and died October 8, 1853.  They are buried in Slate Ridge Cemetery. Delta, PA and there are grave markers.



Sarah Ann b.?                                    m. James Tate

Hannah Jane b. 1822                m. Rigby Stokes

Louisa b. 1826                        m. Hugh Alexander

Elizabeth b. 1824                     m. Hugh Bay

Mary b. 1831                                    m. William Bruce

Emily Caroline b. 1834    m. James Hailey Day

Robert b.?                               m. Sarah Bay

John Kennedy b. 1829    m. Julia A. Enfield


Sarah Ann and James Tate: he was the miller at Mill Green, Md


James Tate, Jr.

Laura m. Zephania Heaps d. August 18, 1918 buried Slateville Cemetery

Ann m. James Smith, later Daniel Smith





Hannah Jane and Rigby Stokes: Hannah d. August 20, 1906 (age 84 yrs); buried Slateville Cemetery


Hugh M.



John R.


Henry Clay m. Margaret Grace Harry December 28, 1892

                        Children: Maria Jane and Ethel Grace

Nathan Oscar

Hannah Elizabeth



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Louisa and Hugh Alexander: married May 30, 1854

Louisa died October 24,1914 and Hugh died 1916 (both buried in Slateville Cemetery)


Hugh J. m. Amanda Scarborough (daughter of Harvey Scarborough)


Elizabeth (d. 1908) and William Hugh Bay:


Daniel W.

Laura & “a half a dozen others”


Mary and William Bruce: (lived in Wilmington, Del)


Edith m. ______Magee



Emily Caroline and James H. Day (buried Slateville)

Emily b. July 20, 1834 d. March 24, 1901  

James b. February 16, 1833 d. Nov. 21, 1912


William Henry m. Ida Nelson Wiley


Grace m. Russell Galbrea(th)

Stewart m. Lorraine Price

Elizabeth m. Thomas Phoebus

James m. Ann Whiteford

Hugh Downey

James H.









Robert W. and Sarah Bay McFadden m. February 15, 1853 (buried Slate Ridge)

Robert d. July 18, 1891 (73-2-27)


Mary R. b. December 30, 1854 d. October 13, 1855

William T. b. December 1, 1856 d. February 13, 1916

Sallie Elma b. February 5, 1859 d. November 6, 1935

Robert Oscar d. March 29, 1884 aged 21 years (buried Slate Ridge)

Hugh Bay b. April 23, 1865 m. Sarah Ann McGurk March 19, 1891


John Kennedy McFadden (1829-1894) m. Julia Enfield (1842-1895)

This John stayed home with his father and kept store at Prospect, Md. 


Charles b. June 11, 1868 d. 194?(buried Fawn Grove) m. Almira Thompson


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*JAMES MCFADDEN, son of John, born 1751 died 1840 (buried in “Old Slate Ridge Cemetery near Whiteford” (The old Greider Farm).  He was a merchant near Prospect, Maryland, in 1811 and before.  Lived with his father near the old creamery at Prospect.  Was married to Sarah Pennock (Sarah died in 1810).  The Pennock family lived near Coatesville, Penna. And are buried in Unionville Cem. Chester Co., Penna.





Robert (my ancestor)

Benjamin F.



Mary (Polly)


Jeanette married Isaac Hawkins and “settled at head of Hollow Rock-Wash Jones’ farm”




James married Martha M. Hardy  d. Oct. 3, 1864 (assumed to mean James)


Robert was born in 1806 and died in June 1871 and was twice married

1st to Eliza Stillings

2nd to Hannah Stillings (wives were sisters)

Hannah was born at Priestford May 5, 1813 died 1867

Robert and Hannah are buried at Tabernacle Cemetery, Whiteford, MD




Benjamin F. married Amelia McFadden

Benjamin died March 7, 1852 and is buried at Mt. Nebo aged 42 years 6 months

(They lived “at the end of Davis lane south of Hollow Rock and west of the Rock itself)  Will Jack Bennington was the son of Jackson Bennington and Amelia McFadden)


Sarah  married James Harvey (they were 1st cousins)


Elizabeth married John Norris

Children: John, Moses, Thomas, Sarah and Mary


Mary (Polly) married David Jones (son of Elias Jones) Dec. 25, 1828


Robert Evan Jones 11/21/1832 m. Zillah Jones, daughter of Elijah Jones (son of Amos Jones)


Alice m. Charles Lytle (Dorothy Young, Helen Moore, Nellie

                        Ella Amanda – single

                        Clara m. William Griffith

                        Cassandra – single


Sarah Ellen Jones born 1830 m. John J. Harvey

Mary Elizabeth 10/19/1834

Archibald Jones 2.10/1838

George Walter 11/7/1844 – single

Catherine Jemima 10/19/1846 m. ‘Bid’ Torbert

Martha Ann 11/5/1840 m. Enoch Jones


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Robert McFadden, son of James, grandson of John, was born on March 13, 1806.  His mother was Sarah Pennock.  He was twice married.  His first wife was Eliza Stillings who “died in childbirth; his sister-in-law, Hannah Stillings came to take care of Eliza’s baby and Robert later married her.”  Hannah and Eliza Stillings were the daughters of John and Margaret Stillings who lived near Priestford on Deer Creek, Harford Co., MD.


Robert McFadden was known as a Class Leader (teacher in the Methodist Church) and a huckster.  He helped to build the original Tabernacle Church, just up the hill from his home. 


Robert McFadden and Eliza Stillings were married on April 24, 1834.  They had at least one daughter, Lydia, who was born February 13, 1835 and died January 1894.  Lydia married John B. Foard and they had 9 children – Louisa; Emma (burned to death); Ella m. Alec Smith; Hannah m. William J. Dorsey;


From a newspaper clipping dated January 17, 1894, we learn the following:-


“The funeral of Mrs. Lida (Lydia) Foard, wife of John B. Foard, took place from the residence of William Dorsey, at Cambria, on Tuesday.  She had been ill for several weeks, with pneumonia and lung trouble, which terminated in death of Saturday evening, Jan. 13, 1894.  A husband and 9 children – four daughters and five sons survive her.  One daughter and 4 sons are living in the West and were not present at the funeral.  Four brothers and one sister survive her; they are Mrs. William (Margaret McFadden) Hamilton; and John W. McFadden of Cooper, MD., Thomas McFadden of West Bangor, PA, and Emory who lives somewhere in the West.  She was 58 years and 11 months and died, we are glad to say, in the hope of heaven.  Her funeral was largely attended.  Interment was at Tabernacle Church.  Services by Rev. I. N. Bair and Rev. C. M. Cullen.  Pallbearers were W.H.C. Norris, Hugh C. Ramsay, Wm. G. McFadden, Alva Parker, Wm. Johnson and Alfred Thomas.”



Robert McFadden married Hannah Stillings on February 4, 1836.   Hannah was born April 23, 1814 and died Dec. 30, 1867.  They are buried at Tabernacle Cemetery; there are no headstones but Mary Charlotte McFadden Cooper commemorated their burial plots with (McF) markers, in the ground. 


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Children of Robert and Hannah:


1) Eliza Jane b. Nov.15, 1836 m. Alexander Hamilton


Annie m. Howard Stoner

Leslie (graduated at Yale, died about 27 years)


2) Sarah Elizabeth b. March 10, 1839 m. James K. Neeper on Oct. 10, 1861


            William Nelson m. Clara Beard

            Samuel m. Ruth McLaughlin

            John d. Nov. 21, 1904

            Hugh d. April 5, 1881












3) John Wesley b. July 26, 1841 d. Dec. 26, 1917 m. Louisa Barbara Jefferies on Oct. 5, 1866 (they lived to celebrate their 50th wedding anniv.)


            Mary Charlotte (Mamie) m. William G. Cooper


Mary m. Paul Boyd

                        Myrtle m. Stewart Dooley

                        H. Clay m. Lelia Friedly

            Charles m. Elizabeth Scotten


                        Fred m. Sara Wilson

                        Retha m. Harry Tyson

                        Charles m. Miriam Holland

                        Emory m. Henrietta Webster

                                    Children: Carol and Nancy

            William m. Lollie Keesee



                        Florence m. Fred Ramsay


                        David m. Mary Patterson


            Hannah m. Hutchinson Hamilton



            Emma m. Howard Hamilton


                        Howard Raymond m. Gurnice Dick


                                    Garth Dick m. Laura Heaps

            Robert Marshall m. Hannah Whiteford (daughter of Hugh C.& Phoebe Flaharty)


                        Curtis m. Helen Cochran

                        Delmar m. Nancy Bartol

                        Phoebe m. Charles Sewell

                        Margaret m. Wilbur Watters

                        Viola m. Glen Washburn










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4) Margaret Ann b. Jan. 10, 1844 d. June 28, 1897 m. William Hamilton


            William m. Hattie


                        Lula, Arthur, Carl, Viola

            Edward m. Margaret Williams



            Carl m. Alice Burkins

            Viola m. John Williams


                        Roberta m. Raymond Morris

                        Norma m. Charles Holland


5) William James b. Sept 6, 1846 d. March 24, 1892 m. Sarah Elizabeth Pearthree 1869

William J. McFadden helped to establish Mt. Nebo Church and is buried in the Mt. Nebo Cemetery.  There is a marker for his wife and daughter.


            Mary Georgianna b. 1870 d. 1887

            Hannah E. m. Marcus McCausland

            James (no record of whereabouts – left home as a young man (with Ramsay Bay) and supposedly “went west”)

            William Ross m. Bertha Fletcher

                                    m. Sara…(had a daughter Sara, last known address in NJ

            Whinna F. d. 1875 (baby)

            Pearl Howard m. Harry Day Findley


                        Laura Rebecca

                        Nora Elizabeth

                        Margaret Pearl

                        Harry Marvin

                        Clara Love

                        Helen Louise

            Cora B. m. John Hughes

                        Children: Pauline, Emory, Alverta, Anna, James Wilbur


6) Zachary Taylor b. Febr 15, 1849 d. aged 18 months (buried in Tabernacle C.)



7) Robert Emory b. March 19, 1851 m. Ida

            Children: John, Charles, James






8) Thomas Lemon b. Sept 13, 1855 d. Oct 12, 1923 m. Ida Bennington (1854-1951)


            Bessie m. Harry Barbour

            Virgie m. Arthur Wirt

                        Children: Helen

            Viola m. Roy Thompson

Thomas Lemon made his home in West Bangor, near Delta, was an elder of Slateville Church.  Rev. B. W. Jones spoke kindly of him at his funeral in Oct. 1923 – Mary Boyd.  He was a conductor on the Penna. RR (Altoona to Pittsburgh run).





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Information of births, deaths of the Robert McFadden family was obtained from the McFadden family Bible – owned by Mrs. (Viola) Roy Thompson, Gatchelville, PA.



Robert McFadden, son of James and Sarah Pennock McFadden was born March 13, 1806

Hannah Stillings, daughter of John and Margaret Stillings was born April 23, 1814



Lydia McFadden (daughter of Eliza Stillings & Robert) born Febr. 13, 1835


Eliza Jane McFadden born November 15, 1836

Sarah Elizabeth McFadden born March 10, 1839

John Wesley McFadden born July 26, 1841

Margaret Ann McFadden born January 10, 1844

William James McFadden born September 6, 1846

Zachary Taylor McFadden born February 15, 1849

Robert Emory McFadden born March 19, 1851

Thomas Lemon McFadden born September 13, 1853