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Descendants of Frederick Koch

There were probably many who carried the name Frederick Koch prior to those we have found.  From the below evidence, I believe that we have the following:


      | -----------------------| Frederick Koch  (1790 census returns)

@ 1710             @1790 – 1800

           | ------------------------|  Frederick Koch ( census, tombstone, newspaper records, church records, email)

1733                         12 or 15 April 1820 - Is this his immigration to America?

                      | --------------------------|  Frederick Koch (census records, tombstone records)

             13 Feb 1778              14 December 1865


                   Who starts off as “generation 2” (because only recently have we gone beyond this “1778 Frederick”)



Rough Google Translate version of first Lucius ancestors (From Internet Archive wayback machine since it is not extant on internet any longer)


Postings revealing more of the early relationships: 1 2


Tombstone of  “1778” Frederick’s father - which agrees with census records recently located!

Recent email regarding source of  above picture


Generation No. 2


Frederick2 (Frederick1, & Possible Frederick"0") Koch was born February 13, 1778 in Pennsylvania, and died December 14, 1865 in Monroe, Ogle Co. Illinois. He married Sarah.

Ogle County Illinois maps

Both Frederick and Sarah are buried Roseland Cemetery, Ogle Co. Illinois - Roseland cemetery sign Another pic

1794 Indenture paperwork - Thank you John!! - added August '02

1827 Indenture of 1733 Frederick Cough's children - Thank you John!! - added August '02


From Laura Dewald’s email comes this website which gave these newspaper extracts containing our Frederick Kochs  1 2 3 Source


Another email from Diane Shaw who shares the Gryneus and Lucius lines - verified with Annette Kunselman Burgert's Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America pp 215-217.

Census returns for:


Frederick Cough 1790_#1  1790_#2 - - (Cover of source for this)


Frederick Cough (only 1) in 1800 census


History of Lycoming County Pennsylvania edited by John F_ Meginness; ©1892 - 1800 tax list


Frederick Cough (Sr and Jr) in 1810 census - “Our” 1778 Frederick is the “Jr” here!


Frederick Cough in 1820 census  possible relation Bernard Cough in 1820 census


1824 Frederick Koch record src - related to above newspaper extracts


1830 Frederick Koch - Moreland, Lycoming, Pennsylvania

1840 Frederick Koch (and Frederick Koch Jr!) - Franklin, Lycoming, Pennsylvania - there is no one named anything near "Driblebiss" in Franklin township in this census. Possibly related to Dreibelbiss or Drivellbisse families prevalent in several Pennsylvania counties in the early 19th century and reflected in several internet postings.

1845, 1850, 1849 wife Elizabeth? * src * explanation * index - records for Henry Koch in Lycoming County Pa

1850 Frederick Koch - (and sons Jacob Koch and Frederick Koch Jr) - Monroe, Ogle, Illinois

Frederick Koch in 1850 agricultural census  pt2 (son Henry - pt1) Henry pt2


Frederick Koch in 1855 Monroe Township, Ogle County Illinois state census - Note Buck families nearby, one may have Elizabeth Henry Buck in the household.


1860, IL census Ogle Co. pg. 566 Monroe Neither this email nor lists Frederick Koch senior (b 1778) in 1860 census returns as of 29 April 2008, this is his son Frederick, our Henry's brother- Actual - due to amount of money Fredrick is worth in 1860 Federal census returns (and the government's desire to tax this wealth), the name of the town Monroe, and the neighbors also taxed - as noted - strongly believe the following refers to our Henry's brother Frederick Koch:

District 3; Annual Lists; 1862-64  1863 NARA Series: M764  NARA Roll: 8 (Note Crill, J J, another Monroe resident)


District 3; Special Lists; 1864  Oct 1864 NARA Series: M764  NARA Roll: 9


District 3; Annual Lists; 1862-64  1864 NARA Series: M764  NARA Roll: 8


District 3; Monthly and Special Lists; 1865-66  April 1866 NARA Series: M764  NARA Roll: 11


District 3; Monthly and Special Lists; 1865-66  June 1866 NARA Series: M764  NARA Roll: 11 (Note Knapp J W, another Monroe resident)


Children of Frederick Koch and Sarah are:


1.  Jacob Koch, b. 1807.

2.  Frederick Koch, b. august 15, 1812, pa; d. November 14, 1898, il; m. Julia Ann Cohoon, December 03, 1868, Will county, Illinois.

3.  Henry Frederick Koch (Frederick1) was born November 19, 1818 in Lycoming Co. PA., and died January 04, 1912 in Orlando, Oklahoma. He married (1) Esther Driblebiss 1839. She was born August 23, 1822 in PA, and died About. 1855 in IL.  . In 1849 he moved to IL. He married (2) Elizabeth Buck July 15, 1856 in Winnebago, Co. IL. She was born 1833 in PA. He moved to Iowa in 1863, then to Kansas in 1875 and from there to Oklahoma in 1895, settling about six miles west of Orlando, OK where Elizabeth died January 11, 1903.  Lois' email as to source of this Oklahoma Newspaper obituary - Thank you Lois!


Note Roseland cemetery listing above has Esther A. (wife of H[enry]) dying April 5, 1856. He married Elizabeth Buck less than 3 1/2 months later! Little wonder the obituary tried to put a larger separation between the death of his first wife and his marriage to his second. There are no "Buck" families listed in's database for Winnebago County, Illinois 1855 state census returns. She could have been living with someone else.


              Is this Truman Buck related to our Elizabeth?  src  explanation

The mystery solved! Marti Henry's rootsweb Worldconnect page on Henry Frederick Kock and Rebecca Elizabeth Henry (who married first Jacob Buck) and subsequent email and the memoirs of Elizabeth's older brother Albert Chamberlin Henry Marti shared with me show she married and was widowed - Buck was her married name! In 1850 she was living with Jacob's parents. Elizabeth's father William Henry in 1850 census, and 1860 mortality schedulesWilliam Henry's parents Benjamin in 1840 census and in 1850 census


Rebecca Elizabeth Henry's mother Mary Houseknecht's worldconnect page - Elizabeth (Henry) Buck Koch's son Lyman in 1870 1880 1900 1910 and 1900 California voting list

More About Henry Frederick Koch:

1850, living in Ogle Co. Illinois Federal census's listing of "Elizabeth Buck"  (born within 5 years of 1833) in 1850 US Federal Census returns shows several girls who might conceivably be "OUR" Elizabeth. The only thing we really know at this point is that most all candidates were still living in Pennsylvania in 1850.

1860, living in Franklin township, Dekalb Co. Illinois  Federal census

Is this Henry Koch in 1860 agricultural census taken 13 June? pt2 If not, Henry purchased this land as it sits between two of Henry's neighbors in 1860 census taken 1 September, above.

Probable Henry Koch family in July 1865 (appears to have been taken 3rd day of July) Quincy township, Adams county Illinois state census (scroll down past inverse image) returns. Henry was in Iowa after Oct 1863 birth of son William H in Illinois (1900 census * 1910 census * 1920 census) but before the birth of son Frederick J. in November 1865 or 1866 (1920 census). All of the ages and genders of the family members fits the 1860 and 1870 returns and the county is on the way West to Iowa where Henry appears in 1870. This appears very likely to be "our" Henry's family, perhaps enroute to their new home.

1870, living Big Creek Township, Black Hawk Co. Iowa Federal census

Henry Koch in 1870 agricultural census  pt2

1880, living in Powhattan township, Brown Co. Kansas Federal census - just Northwest of Kansas City.

Henry "Kough" in 1880 agricultural census? Neighbors do not appear to match, name might be Hough...

1885 Henry Koch two counties to the West, in Guittard township, Marshall County, Kansas state census A B

How did this affect our Koch ancestors?

1900, in Bismark township, Logan co. Oklahoma Federal census

Map of Vilas Avenue home of Henry Koch family in 1910 census, below

1910, living in Logan co. OK Federal census

Scenery east of Guthrie Oklahoma circa 1910

Henry Frederick and Elizabeth Koch tombstone

Henry Frederick Koch (bottom) of tombstone

Elizabeth Koch (top) of tombstone

As mentioned above, he was the father of 20 children, many of whom are yet living. He was died Jan 4th, 1912 aged 93 years 1 mo. and 16 days and was buried two days later in the cemetery two miles west of town, by the side of his second wife. He converted and joined the Methodist Church in early manhood and had been a faithful follower of the Christian faith ever sense.  His obituary was in the Orlando Clipper, Orlando, Logan County, OK. 11 Jan 1912 weekly newspaper.



i. MARY J.4 KOCH, b. June 14, 1841.

ii. ABRAHAM KOCH, b. March 10, 1845, Wyoming, PA; d. October 25, 1918, Orlando, Logan Co. OK. He married DEETTE OROKE October 14, 1867 in Marshalltown, IA. She died August 28, 1912.


Fact 1: buried Bocox Cemetery Orlando ,Logan Co. OK

Fact 2: 1864, served in Iowa Cavalry

Fact 3. Lived near (3 "census pages" away) to father in 1870

Children of ABRAHAM KOCH and DEETTE OROKE are:

i. EVA MAY5 KOCH, b. October 12, 1868, LaPort City, Blackhawk Co. IA; m. JOHN E. WINTER, September 25, 1890, Marysville, Marshall Co. KS.

More About JOHN E. WINTER:

Fact 1: 1893, stakes a claim , 3 miles East of Covington, OK

ii. DELBERT KOCH, b. August 28, 1870, LaPort City, Blackhawk Co. IA; m. (1) VERLINDA OGDEN, February 13, 1902, Perry, OK; m. (2) CORA OGDEN, 1905, Ft. Scott KS.


Fact 1: drove the wagon that brought his parents to O.T to prepare for the run

iii. LAURA ELLEN KOCH, b. April 06, 1873; m. (1) PETE RYAN; m. (2) JAMES HOTSON, October 03, 1892, Whiting Jackson Co. KS.

iv. FRANKLIN ELLSWORTH KOCH, b. June 09, 1880; m. GERTRUDE OGDEN, December 19, 1901, Shaner, OK.

v. BABY GIRL KOCH, b. May 01, 1884; d. May 01, 1884.

vi. HARRY EARL KOCH, b. August 26, 1885, Marysville, Marshall, KS; m. BERTHA MAE CAWOOD, May 26, 1909, Enid, OK; b. July 16, 1891, Lamar, CO; d. April 25, 1975, Grace-Hill Cemetery Perry, OK.

vii. ALLEN GUY KOCH, b. May 06, 1888, Frankfort, Marshall Co. KS; m. PEARL JOHNSON, June 24, 1919, Perry, OK.

iii. POLLY KOCH, b. Abt. 1842.

iv. JAMES C. KOCH, b. 1849.

v. JOHN KOCH, b. 1852.

vi. EMILINE KOCH, b. 1853.

vii. JACOB. F. KOCH, b. May 10, 1855.

Children of HENRY KOCH and ELIZABETH BUCK are:

viii. MELINDA4 KOCH, b. 1858, IL. Melinda married David Beaver Thomas. Thomas page.

ix. MARTHA ELLEN KOCH, b. January 03, 1860, Franklin, Dekalb, IL; d. November 05, 1944, Covington Garfield Co. OK; m. CHARLIE J. WARD, July 02, 1877, Waterloo, Iowa; b. July 10, 1854; d. May 13, 1937, Covington Garfield Co. OK.

x. ANNA S. KOCH, b. 1862.

xi. WILLIAM H. KOCH, b. 1863, ILL.; d. 1948, Covington Garfield Co. OK. He married IDA A. She was born June 1864, and died 1946 in Covington Garfield Co. Oklahoma.

Children of WILLIAM KOCH and IDA A. are:

i. CORA E.5 KOCH, b. February 1889.

ii. WILLIAM ELI KOCH, b. July 26, 1893, Covington Garfield Co. OK; d. March 03, 1962, Enid, OK; m. DELIGHT B.; b. November 04, 1913; d. May 22, 1982, Enid, OK.

iii. LILLIE FLORENCE KOCH, b. September 16, 1895, Covington Garfield Co. OK; d. June 24, 1896, Covington Garfield Co. OK.

iv. LAURA MAY KOCH, b. November 26, 1898, Covington Garfield Co. OK; d. April 02, 1899, Covington Garfield Co. OK.

xii. FREDERICK JOHN KOCH, b. November 03, 1865, Black Hawk, Co. IA; d. December 09, 1957, Enid, OK. He married MILLIE A. PUCKETT May 14, 1893 in Frankfort, KS, daughter of SAMUEL PUCKETT and NANCY MASSIE. She was born July 19, 1868 in Hillsborough. OH, and died June 05, 1912 in Major Co. OK.


i. MAUDE ELIZABETH5 KOCH, b. May 17, 1894, Frankfort, Marshal Co. KS; d. July 21, 1971, Enid, OK.

ii. FLORA BELLE KOCH, b. July 26, 1895, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. July 19, 1985, Lake Cemetery Lamar, MO; m. DORRIS LESTER SEAY, March 03, 1915, Enid, OK.

iii. SARAH ETHEL KOCH, b. September 12, 1896, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. 1985, CA; m. BERT B. BURDICK, 1915; b. September 25, 1884, KS.; d. December 26, 1935, Gravette, AK.

iv. EVA MAY KOCH, b. December 11, 1898, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. December 05, 1987, Joplin MO.; m. THOMAS ALFRED SEAY.

More About EVA MAY KOCH:

Fact 1: 1987, Buried Ozark Memorial Park

v. HENRY FREDERICK KOCH, b. February 17, 1900, Orlando, OK; d. June 19, 1933, Perryton, TX.


Fact 1: 1933, Buried , Goltry, OK Karoma Cemetery

vi. EMERY ABRAHAM KOCH, b. February 26, 1901, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. August 1974, Elkhart, KS.

vii. STELLA ELLEN KOCH, b. April 23, 1902, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. March 23, 1977, MI.

viii. TICIE FRANKLIN KOCH, b. August 24, 1904, Orlando, OK; d. October 26, 1967, Guymon, OK.

ix. ANNA MAY KOCH, b. December 27, 1906, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. June 03, 1985, San Fernando, CA.

x. FREDERICK JOHN KOCH, JR., b. February 11, 1911, Orlando, Logan Co. OK; d. July 13, 1985, Eugene, OR.

xiii. FLORA E. KOCH, b. 1868, Blackhawk Co. IA. She married JAMES KINTZ April 21, 1889.


Fact 1: 1900, living in Logan Co. Orlando twns, OK 

Children of FLORA KOCH and JAMES KINTZ are:

i. NELLIE5 KINTZ, b. 1890, KS.

ii. TICIE L. KINTZ, b. 1892, KS.

iii. WILLIAM KINTZ, b. 1894, KS.

iv. FRANK J. KINTZ, b. 1896, OK.

v. MABLE KINTZ, b. 1898, OK.

xiv. ROBERT KOCH, b. 1870; d. Bef. 1880.

xv. CARRIE KOCH, b. 1872, MO.

Can we assume the remaining 5 children NOT identified above died shortly after birth?

 From Lois-M-Burdick (Thank you Lois!), the following pictures:

Frederick John Koch and Millie Puckett

Karoma cemetary where Millie is buried

Millie’s gravestone

Frederick Henry Koch

Frederick Henry and Elizabeth Koch Taken in Marysville, Kansas (Capital of Marshal County) between 1880 and 1895

Henry Koch 1818-1912 Emeline Koch Kline age 54 Frank Kline age 31 Kenneth Kline age 2

Abraham Koch 1/2 Brother to Frederick John Koch

Anna Sarah Koch and Sam Case and children Sarah, John Henry and Ida case

Martha Ellen “Ella” Koch and Charlie Ward


Koch_family in 1860 Monroe township, Ogle county Illinois census lookup email

Koch family in 1860 Monroe township Ogle county Illinois census lookup when you have time email

Koch family in1860 Monroe township Ogle county Ill census lookup when you have time email #2

Koch 1855 Dekalb county census index lookup if you have time email

koch/Re Koch in Monroe township, Ogle county Ill cemetaries.txt

Laura Dewald points us to the following query in her above email:

From:  Evelyn LAMASTER; RR#2 Box 83, Keyes, OK 73947; Email: Seeking ancestors of Frederick Koch b. abt 1754 in Pa., d. Apr. 15,1820 in Moreland Twp. Lycoming Co. Pa. Also last name of wife Maria Christina mar. abt. 1776. b.1758 in Pa. d. abt Apr. 17,1827 in Pa.  They had the following children:

Frederick b. Feb 13,1778 Pa. d. Dec. 14,1865 Ill. Christina b.1780 also Maria b. 1780 Barbara Catherine B 1782 Muncy Creek. Twp. Lycoming Co. Pa. d. Sept. 23,1863 in Muncy Creek Twp. Lycoming Co. Pa. burried at Red Brick Church in Muncy Creek Twp. Lycoming Co. Pa. she married Henry Dewald (De Wald) abt. 1809, he was born Feb 1771 in Of So. Manheim, Scuykill Co. Pa. D, Feb 02,1828 in Muncy Creek Twp. Lycoming Co. Pa.  We are seeking any records on the above family or any information about them.

 Unfortunately, the work  The Perkiomen Region by Henry S. Dotterer Vol. 1, 2 & 3, Perkiomen Publishing Co., 1894 - 1901 Republished by Adams Apple Press, 1994 was consulted for any hint of our Koch ancestry (or other adjacent families) with no success. A 1776 tax list with Andrew Conrad (sponsor of 1778 Frederick Koch) having a cow doesn't appear to add much to this hardworking family's history.


1) Roseland cemetary pictures kindly provided by David - 29 Apr06. Thank you David!

2) Some of the above pictures of Henry and Elizabeth Koch (as well as tombstone pictures before Find-a-grave versions) were from a Family Tree Maker website which may not now be extant.