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Fourth Generation

8. William WARD14,15 was born on 9 May 1797 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. He appeared in the census in 1850 in District 5, Gibson County, Tennessee.16 Dwelling 2004
William Ward Sr. 53 Farmer NC
Clarissa 43 NC
John 20 Farmer TN
James 18 TN
Nancy 14 TN
Mary 11 TN
Isaac 9 TN
Francis 5 TN (Francis, although spelled with an "i" is indicated as Female
C. Hawkins 3 TN

From this Census it is obvious that the William Ward family moved to Tennessee by at least 1830, since son John was born there. He appeared in the census in 1860 in District 4, Gibson County, Tennessee.17 William Ward 61 Carpenter NC
(in household of A.M. Webb -his son-in-law) William appeared in the census on 3 August 1870 in District 10, Quincy Station, Gibson County, Tennessee.18 William Ward 72 Carpenter NC He was buried after 3 August 1870 in near Union City, Obion County, Tennessee.
The Union City Cemetery is what is commonly referred to as the Confederate Cemetery, or at least it adjoins the same. It can be approached from the street that runs on the east side of the tennis courts by the high school. In fact, it is just north of the courts. This cemetery is not listed in the cemetery transcriptions of the Tennessee archives on Rootsweb, so cannot be sourced for accuracy. He died after 3 August 1870 in Gibson County/Crockett County, Tennessee. Craftsman and wagon and carriage maker in Haywood and Obion Counties, Tennessee. Both he and his wife were reared in Perquimans County, North Carolina, bordering on Albemarle Sound. Edinburgh was their trading center and to the north of their house.

William worked for Clarissa Floyd's English father. Her mother was supposedly a French Huguenot. When Clarrissa was 15, she and William ran off against her parents wishes, in mid-winter, to Haywood County, Tennessee, in a two-wheeled cart William had made.

Despite his large family and attendant responsibilities, he eventually became an alcoholic and was apparently deserted by most of his family, including his wife. The story is told that WG Ward and his family and his mother Clarrisa who lived in Closon County, Tennessee, (Note: There is no Closon County, TN) very close to the Baldridge home, went by William Ward's house on their way to Arkansas. They found him dead drunk, lying on the hearth in an old quilt quilt and gnawing on a bone. One of the letters that Chester Kennedy had is from Clarissa asking WG (her son) to come to get her. She had left William and gone to her daugher Nancy. Clarissa apparently lived at Teem's and Ann's house in Fremont, Obion County, Tenn from 1871 to 1880.

There is no evidence to support the family tradition that William was the son of Artemus Ward, the famous General from Massachusetts. Although the name Artemus occuring down through the generations does suggest some Artemus Ward in the background or simply an admiration of the famous General. The IGI of the Mormon Church lists an Artemas Ward, b. abt 1760, Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, son of Asa WARD and Hannah GODDARD (Batch F 849558, sheet 33) and another Artemas Ward, b. 23 Ap 1757, Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts, son of Benjamin WARD and Mary OAKS, (Film number 184794). this last Artemas was married 17 Jan 1789 in Charlton to Hannah PERRY but only two daughter are listed as his children in the Ancestral File. None of these Artemas Wards died in North Carolina, the birthplace of William.

No Ward is listed in the Tithables in the 1754 Tax List for Perquiman's County, nor does one appear in the 1787 Tax List for that same County. So, the senior Ward must have moved to Perquimans County even later. The first records of any Wards in Perquimans County, that this researcher has been able to find are in the State Census of 1786, of Caleb Ward, of Neck District, 002, and Thomas Ward, undesignated territory, 002. The next recorded occurance of a Ward is the the 1798 Tax List, which lists only a Nathan Ward, 1 white poll in the Little River District. This would have been the year after William's birth. Next is the 1800 Federal Census in which the only Ward is James Ward, p. 642, no district given, with 10100-0001000, which is a real possibility for William Ward's father, there being one male under the age of 5. However, the Na(t)han Ward in 1798 being much closer to William's birth is also very likely.

In the 1821 Militia Service List for Perquiman's County, a William Ward was listed as #157 in Capt. Joel Stallings Co. of Infantry (to suppress & bring to Justice certain run a way negroes that were making Threats of Persons lives & committing Depradations of variouse kinds in the County), and a Jeremiah Ward is listed as #160, both serving one year.

There are no Wards in the 1790 Census for Perquimans County Clarissa Catherine "Clarissa" FLOYD and William WARD were married on 29 September 1821 in Perquimans County, North Carolina.19,20 Bond Date, probably not actual marriage date.

Groom: William Ward Bride: Claracy Floyd
Bond date: 29 Sept 1821
Bond# 000106296
Img #002643
Record #01 112
Bondsman: Nazareth Bunch They19,20 appeared in the census in 1830 in Haywood County, Tennessee.21 Haywood County was created by an act of the General Assemble of the State of
Tennessee, passed 3 November 1823 from portions of the Chickasaw Indian Cession. It was to be called "Haywood" for Judge John Haywood They21 appeared in the census in 1840 in Haywood County, Tennessee.22 A Ward is listed on page 391 of the 1840 census, this is probably William and Clarrisa. Clarissa and William22 were separated about 1870 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

9. Clarissa Catherine "Clarissa" FLOYD was born on 17 July 1806 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Either this date or the date of her parents marriage is in error, as this shows she was born 4 years before her parents marriage. Also, while it is possible she married before the age of 15, it is not very likely.

IGI lists a Clarissa Floyd, daughter of Halsey Floyd, b. 28 Dec 1828 She died on 16 August 1890 in Quitman, Van Buren County, Arkansas. She was buried in Palestine Cemetery, next to Palestine Baptist Church, Pearson, Cleburne County, Arkansas.

Tombstone reads:

Wife of Wm Ward
Mother of Wm George Ward
July17, 1806
Aug 16, 1880

This is proof that she was married to the William Ward shown in the database and is, subsequently, also the father of William George Ward, and all his known full siblings. Came to Arkansas to live in the late 1880s, with Newton Burrow, one of Telitha Emmaline's brothers. Later, most of the Burrows who had moved to Arkansas, including Mrs. TA Agee ( "Aunt Tennie", moved back to Crocket County, Tennessee which had been created from the existing counties of Dyer and Gibson. WG Ward, her son, built Clarrissa a one-room log house in the yard of his new home on the Cadron Creek north of Quitman, Cleburne County, Arkansas. In one end of this room was a rock fireplace and opposite it were two beds.
There she died in 1890.

IGI lists a Clarissa Floyd, daughter of Halsey Floyd, b. 28 Dec 1828, Perquimans County, North Carolina (Batch # 7232001, Sheet 67

Children were:


William WARD Jr was born about 1822 in prob. Haywood County, Tennessee.
Being she was only 16 when she had both him, estimated, and Almirah, they were most possibly twins, and share the same birthdate. He appeared in the census in 1850 in Gibson County, Tennessee.
Dwelling # 1971

Wm WARD Jr. 28 M Farmer TN
Martha WARD 24 F TN
Elizabeth WARD 1 F TN
Ann WARD 2/12 F TN He died after 1850.


Almariah WARD was born on 2 August 1822 in Perquimans County, North Carolina. She died about 1847 in Gibson County, Tennessee.



William George WARD.


John Newton WARD was born on 30 October 1829 in Tennessee.


James T. "Jim" WARD was born on 17 July 1832 in Tennessee. A James Ward is listed in the Gibson County, TN Marriages as having married Mary F. Dement on 12 May 1853. This James would have been old enough to have married at this time.


Nancy Catherine WARD was born on 23 September 1835 in Tennessee.


Mary WARD was born on 7 February 1837 in Tennessee. She died in December 1960/1 in Gibson County, Tennessee.


Isaac Artemus "Teem" WARD was born on 6 July 1840 in Gibson County, Tennessee. He appeared in the census in 1880 in District 7, Gibson County, Tennessee. family 2117

Isaac Ward 35 carpenter NC
Rachel 30 NC
Mary 13 TN
Sarah 11 TN
Cynthia 8 TN
Emily 4 TN
John 1 TN He died on 11 August 1918 in Fremont, Obion County, Tennessee.


Francis Henry "Frank" WARD was born on 18 August 1844 in Gibson County, Tennessee. He died about 1867 in Louisiana.