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Fifth Generation

24. Charles HINSON74,75 was born about 1763 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He died about 1790. !Source: Family history written by Joseph Arthur Jeffries about 1900 of the Hinsons, which recited that Charles Hinson, the son of Robert Hinson, who had married Nancy Gough, had son James Hinson, this Charles having been murdered (who had lived near Orleans, Leeds Parish, Fauquier Co. Va. ) on his way West to purchase some land for which he had contracted; and that thereafter his wife, Nancy, had raised the two children giving them a fair country education. Additional source: The tax list of Virginia, and in particular Culpeper Co. 1782 shows a Charles Hinson with 1 poll and no slaves. It also shows a George and a Robert Hinson in Fauquier Co.. The was another Charles Hinson in Stafford Co. in 1749 who left a will naming his wife, Joyce, and nephews Joseph, Isabell, Mary Larrew and Ann. Nancy "Ann" GOUGH and Charles HINSON were married about 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia.

25. Nancy "Ann" GOUGH64,76 was born in 1763 in Fauquier County, Virginia. She died after 1850. Nancy (Gough) Hinson is listed in the 1850 census as being in the household of James Hinson, Rappahannock Co. VA.

Nancy Gough married Charles Hinson, son of Robert of Walnut Branch now Catlett. After their marriage Nancy and Charles lived temporarily in Leeds Manor near Orlean, Fauquier Co., VA. Charles Hinson was supposed to have been robbed and murdered while on his way West to receive and pay for a farm for which he had contracted. Nancy, his widow, was left quite penniless and did with great courage rear her two children, James and Polly, and gave them a fair country education for that day.

Children were:



James [Madison?] "Madi" HINSON.


Mary "Polly" HINSON56,76,77 was born in 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia. She died in Virginia. She was buried in Baptist Church, Amissville, Rappahannock County, Virginia. Tombstone in this graveyard is for Mary Margaret Hinson Jeffries ! One record shows the marriage as being 1822, another as 1828. According to family tradition, the couple had no children. The original information is furnished by Dr. Arthur Jeffries in the early 1900's, he being a descendant of James Jeffries, Jr., and Mary Margaret Hinson, the daughter of James Hinson and Mary (Polly) Dulin. The author of this text obtained this information from Mrs. Leonora Henson, 902 Monrovia, Clinton, Mo. in 1990. A similar copy was obtained from Helen Klitch, San Antonio, Texas.

The marriage of this couple is shown in the marriage records of Fauquier Co., VA. as being 17 Dec 1822. It is not known if there was a marriage bond.

Deed from Mary McCabe to the wife of her nephew, John G. Hinson, (Lucy A.) 13 Aug 1864. Fauquier Co. (Not recorded until 10 March 1866.) This deed covered only household items and livestock, but no land. This would indicate that she died in Virginia and was living with John G and Lucy at the time of her death.