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Peter Keefer was born 4 September 1832 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He died on 2 August 1925 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. Parents: George Keefer and Anna Maria Gibler

He married Hannah Cover on 23 January 1853. Children: Fenes Keefer, Mary Ellen Keefer, Rosey Ann Keefer (1860-1861), Minerva Keefer, David Keefer, Catherine Elizabeth Keefer (1870-1876), Jacob Keefer

1910 as in-laws with Simon and Mary Weimer, Cove, Union, Oregon

Peter Keefer was born 20 March 1805 in Ontario, Canada. He died 25 January 1886 in Waterloo, Ontario. Parents: George Kieffer and Catherine Lampman

Spouse: Jane Angela Christie, married 24 November 1835 in Mohawk Village, Brant, Ontario. Children: Peter Keefer, William Napier Keefer, Angela Keefer, Robert Keefer, Julia Boswell Keefer

1881 Galt, Waterloo, Ontario

Burial: Trinity Anglican, Waterloo, Ontario

Peter Keefer was born about 1790 in Frederick County, Maryland. He died 25 August 1845 in Frederick County, Maryland. Parents: Phillip and Ann Margaret Kieffer

He married Eve Gonso. Children: Susanna Keefer, Dennis P. Keefer, Theodore Philip Keefer, George W. Keefer

Some children's records at the Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick County, Maryland

Peter Keefer was born 20 January 1813 in Albany County, New York. He died 3 April 1890 in Keefers Corner, Albany, New York. Parents: Henry Keefer and Elizabeth Haagen

He married Martha Maria Hooghteling on 14 December 1842. Children: David Henry Keefer, Benjamin Frank Keefer, Mary Elizabeth Keefer, Fletcher P. Keefer, Emma J. Keefer, Joseph W. Keefer, Helen Keefer

1860, 1870, 1880 Coeymans, Albany, New York

Burial: Hannacroix Rural Cemetery, Albany County

Peter Keefer was born 23 May 1810 in Northumberland Northampton County, Pennsylvania. He died 10 November 1881 in Huntington County, Indiana. Parents: George Kieffer and Elizabeth Fink

He married Fanny France on 28 June 1838 in Wayne County, Ohio. Children: Caroline E. Keefer, John Henry Keefer, Mary Amanda Keefer, Michael Perry Keefer, Lida Ann Keefer

1850 Wayne, Wayne County, Ohio

He married Margaret Kramer on 13 October 1864 in Wayne County, Ohio

1870, 1880 Jackson, Huntington County, Indiana

Burial: France Cemetery on Old Fort Wayne Road, Huntington County, Indiana

Peter Keefer was born April 1814 in Hesse-Darmstadt. He died 11 September 1891 in Dodge County, Wisconsin. Parents: Adam and Franciska Reis Kieffer

He married Elizabeth Mai on 1 October 1838 in Germany. Children: Peter Paul Kiefer, Martin Kiefer, Eva Kiefer, Barbara Elizabeth Kiefer, Elizabeth Kiefer, Johann Kiefer, George F. Kiefer

See 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, Lomira, Dodge County, Wisconsin

Burial: Saint Marys, Lomira, Dodge, Wisconsin

Peter Keefer was born 1833 in Stark County, Ohio. Parents: Johan/John and Sarah Keefer

He married Mary Caskey on 17 February 1853 in Stark County, Ohio

Peter Keefer was born about 1847 [Ontario]. He died 27 March 1906 in Huron County, Ontario. Parents: Peter Keefer and Jane Angela Christie
Peter Keefer was born about 1816 in New York City. He died 25 February 1890 in Galien, Berrien, Michigan. Parents: Walter Kieffer and Eunice Dean

He married Sarah Jane Ray on 17 September 1837 in Sandusky County, Ohio. Children: Hannah Keefer, William Henry Keefer, Lester Keefer, Mary E. Keefer, Alexander R. Keefer, Albert Keefer, Lydia Keefer, James H. Keefer, Sarah Keefer, Elizabeth Keefer

1850 Hardin, Ohio
1860 Williamston, Ingham, Michigan
1870 Galena, LaPorte, Indiana

Burial: Galien Township Cemetery, Berrien, Michigan

Peter Keefer was born 1822 in Addison, Somerset, Pennsylvania. He died 8 July 1857, two months after his wife. Parents: Peter Keefer and Mary

Spouse: Catherine. Children: Sarah Ann Keefer, Amanda Delia Keefer, Ann J. Keefer, Mary S. Keefer, son born in 1850

1850 Whitley, Indiana

Burial: Thorn Cemetery, Noble, Indiana

Peter Keefer was born about 1816 in France. Parents:

Spouse: Susan. Children: Lavina Keefer, William A. Keefer, John Keefer, Sarah M. Keefer, Henry J. Keefer,

1860 Marion, Buchanan, Missouri
1870 Washington, DeKalb, Missouri

Peter A. Keefer was born 27 June 1885 in La Porte County, Indiana. He died 1966. Parents: Alexander R. Keefer and Mary Jane Condon

Spouse: Edith M.

1930 Grand Haven, Ottawa, Michigan
1942, Ottawa, Michigan

Burial: Grand Haven Cemetery, Ottawa, Michigan

Peter Byron Keefer was born 18 September 1818 in Dutchess County, New York. Or 24 November 1817 in Ancram, Schoharie, New York He died 31 October 1872 in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Parents as Henry L. Keefer and Susanna Kuntz

He married Caroline Tuttle on 2 October 1841 in Yates County, New York. Children: George W. Keefer, John Peter Keefer, Calista Keefer, Janette Keefer, Myron Keefer, Lorenzo Keefer, Alonzo Keefer, Ella Susan Keefer, William H. Keefer

1850 Adams, Hillsdale, Michigan
1860, 1870 Jefferson, Hillsdale, Michigan

Burial: East Hill Cemetery, Osseo, Hillsdale, Michigan

Peter Daniel Keefer was born 1826 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. He died August 1865 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Peter Keefer Jr and Kathryn Elizabeth Huntzel/Huttzell

Spouse: Caroline Baer. Children: Simon Keefer, Alice Keefer, Diana Keefer, Elisha Keefer, Sarah Ellen Keefer, Herman P. Keefer, Elizabeth Marvan Keefer, Adam Stuart Keefer

1850, 1860 Greenville, Somerset, Pennsylvania
Burial: Greenville Union Cemetery, Pocahontas, Somerset "Co. K 171st Reg. PA"

Peter Daniel Keefer was born 9 April 1865 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He died 14 May 1929 and is buried at Pleasant Hall Cemetery. Parents: William Keefer and Susanna Minnick

He married Emma Kate Hocker on 22 December 1887 at the residence of the bride near Mogul, Pennsylvania. Child: Bertie Ruth Keefer

1900, 1910, 1920 Lurgan, Franklin, Pennsylvania
1930 Emma with Ruth, in Lurgan, Franklin, Pennsylvania

Burial: Pleasant Hall, Franklin, Pennsylvania

Peter J. Keefer was born 11 April 1848 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 1922 in Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania. Parents: John Keefer and Susan Martz

Spouse: Catherine Brigham. Children: Cora Keefer, Joseph Keefer

In 1900 his wife of only 18 years is Clarissa

1880, 1900 Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Danville, Pennsylvania

Peter James Keefer was born 6 July 1936 in Oroville, California. He died 1976 in Colorado. Parents: James Robert Keefer and Ruth Lainson

Spouse: Bertha Avis Graves

Spouse: Pier Kelly

Peter L. Keefer was born 19 March 1865 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 19 January 1922 in Kingston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Parents: David Hammand Keefer and Mary Jane Smith

Spouse: Minnie Blackwell. Children: Leroy C. Keefer

1900, 1910, 1920 Kingston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Peter McClellan Keefer was born 15 December 1862 in Maryland. He died 28 April 1938. Parents: George William Keefer and Sarah Perry

He married Florence Elizabeth Shirk 1893 in Carroll County, Maryland. Children: Harold Randolph Keefer, George Osborne Keefer, Mildred Aileen Keefer, Charlotte H. Keefer, W. Hobart Keefer, Catherine F. Keefer, Elizabeth M. Keefer, Bernice L. Keefer, Natalie Annabelle Keefer

He married Edith Natalie Haines in 1911. Children: Kenneth McClellan Keefer, Robert Carroll Keefer

1900 Middleburg, Carroll, Maryland
1910, 1920, 1930 Union Bridge, Carroll, Maryland

Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Union Bridge

Peter P. Keefer/Keiffer was born May 1857 in Ohio. Parents:

Spouse: Loretta L. Vogt, married 26 March 1890 in Wyandot County, Ohio

1900 Tymochtee, Wyandot, Ohio

Peter Richard Keefer was born 1 August 1859 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 24 March 1920 in Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Parents: Samuel Lantz Keefer and Harriet Malick

Spouse: Emma R. Crowl. Child: Mary Belle Keefer

1900 Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania

Burial: Pomfret Manor Cemetery, Sunbury, Northumberland

Peter Schlosser Keefer was born about 1852 in Frederick County, Maryland. Parents: Samuel Keefer and Keziah G. Schlosser
Peter Sylvester Keefer was born 13 December 1880 in Paulding County, Ohio, to: George Keefer and Mary Decker

He married Nora A. Shafer on 18 March 1906 in Paulding County. Children: Viola M. Keefer, Mary Keefer, Margaret E. Keefer, Stella Louise Keefer

1910 Paulding, Paulding, Ohio
1930 Woodstock, Lenawee, Michigan
1942 registration, Lenawee, Michigan

Petrena Keefer was born 1893 in [Ontario]. Parents: William Napier Keefer and Alice Eugenia Wilkes
Phebe Alice/Alice Phoebe Keefer was born 20 September 1860 in Southington, Trumbull, Ohio. She died 14 September 1939 in Trumbull County, Ohio. Parents: David Keifer and Lovina Yoxhimer

She married Bailey D. Helsley on 26 April 1881 in Trumbull County, Ohio

Burial: Southington Center Cemetery, Trumbull

Phidelis Keefer was born to: Raymond Evans Keefer and Beulah Marie Daniels

She married John Webb

Phil Clark Keefer was born 5 June 1936 in La Grande County, Oregon. He died 23 August 1998. Parents: Arnold Clark Keefer and Lilly Valentine Allen

Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, La Grande, Oregon

Philip Keefer died 1826 in Frederick County, Maryland. He and his wife Margaret were the parents of: Peter Keefer and Mary Keefer
Philip Keefer was born about 1870 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died June 1955 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Philip L. Keefer and Catherine Shear

He married Emily L. Barrall on 23 June 1903 in Luzerne County

1910, 1920, 1930 Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Philip Keefer was born October 1887 in Fountain County, Indiana. He died 26 March 1964 in Indiana. Parents: Joseph Franklin Keefer and Mary Ellen McClain

1900 Attica, Fountain, Indiana

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Fountian County

Philip Keefer was born November 1899 in Saginaw County, Michigan. He died 7 February 1935 in Kansas City, Missouri. Parents: Archibald Kieffer and Martha M. Pratt

1930 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri

Burial: Birch Run Cemetery, Saginaw WW I US ARMY

Phillip Keefer was born about 1825 in Germany

Spouse: Elizabeth who died 1851. Children: Mina Keefer (1835-1854), Jacob Kieffer, Louisa Keefer, Elizabeth Keefer, George Keefer (1848-1856)

1850 Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spouse: Amelia, (1824-1866). Children: Philip Keefer (1863-1866)

Phillip Frederick Keefer/Keifer/Kiefer was born 11 November 1854 in Adams County, Indiana. He died 9 January 1929 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. Parents: George Keefer and Catherine Henry Kiefer and Charlotte Goebel/Gable

Phillip is listed with George and Catherine in the 1860 census, but his death record gives parents as Henry and Charlotte Gabel Kiefer.

Spouse: Louisa or Louise Schmidt, married 18 November 1883 in Allen County, Indiana. Children: Oscar Rinehart Kiefer, Emma E. Kiefer

1900, 1910, 1920 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana

Burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana (Kiefer)

Philip B. Keefer was born August 1841 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 1925 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Baltzer Keefer and Elizabeth Knoebel

Spouse: Sarah Leis. Children: Henry P. (Harry) Keefer, Elizabeth Keefer, Emma Keefer, Mary A. Keefer, Amelia Malletta Keefer

1870, 1880, 1900, 1920 Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania

Burial: Pomfret Manor Cemetery, Sunbury

Phillip Bogan Keefer was born 4 September 1875 in Washington, D.C. He died 15 January 1949 in the District of Columbia. Parents: Phillip Fenton Keefer and Mary Ellen Payne

He married Agnes G. Waldemeyer/Waltemeyer/Walkinger on 25 December 1897 in the District of Columbia

He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in the Spanish American War
Arlington National Cemetery "Following the blow-out of a manhole gasket of that vessel which caused the fireroom to be filled with live steam and the floor plates to be covered with boiling water, Keefer showed courageous and zealous conduct in hauling fires from 2 furnaces of boiler B." (U.S.S. Iowa)

1906 Employee in the Panama Canal Zone
1917 registration District of Columbia

Burial: Agnes at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Washington, District of Columbia

Philip Carroll Keefer was born 30 May 1911 in the Canal Zone. He died 1 September 1984. Parents: Philip Bogan Keefer and Agnes Geraldine Walkinger

Spouse: Elsie Victoria Franke, married 16 August 1937 in Cleburne County, Alabama

Burial: Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery, Prince George's, Maryland

Philip Earl Keefer was born 25 June 1931 in Miami County, Indiana. Parents: Elmer Hampton Keefer and Helen Elizabeth Mott/Mote

Spouse: Jacqueline Claire Roberson, Mrs Keefer, married 21 December 1963 in Grant County, Indiana

He lived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Phillip Fenton H. Keefer was born 28 July 1849 in Frederick County, Maryland. He died 9 July 1901 in the District of Columbia. Parents: Peter Keefer and Charlotte Miller. Phillip's birth record lists father as Hermon

He married Mary Ellen Payne, Mrs Shipley on 19 April 1870 in Washington, D.C. Children: Clara Keefer, Phillip Bogan Keefer was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1898.

1880, 1900, 1910 Washington, D.C.

Burial: Congressional Cemetery, District of Columbia

Phillip Conrad Keefer was born August 1939 in Edgar County, Illinois. He died March 1978. Parents: Wendell C. Keefer and Earlene Louise Shonk
Phillip David Keefer was born 22 August 1933 in Riverside, Riverside, California. Parents: Kenneth Victor Keefer and Beulah F. Brookins
Philip Duane Keefer was born [after 1930,Fayette County, Pennsylvania] to: John B. Keefer and Ida Mae Wingrove

Spouse: Frances Wood. Child: Shelly Marie Keefer

Phillip Edward Keefer was born 22 May 1876 in Michigan. Parents: Myron Keefer and Mary Eliza Raymond

He married Cora May Hugendubler. Child: Bernice Pearl Keefer

He may have been married twice. Dale E. Keefer, born 1904 in Devil's Lake, Ramsey, Minnesota, listed parents as P.E. Keefer and Mary Dale when married in Carbon County, Montana. I cannot figure why he is not in their household, unless there was a first wife

He married Hazel Romer on 4 June 1938 in Billings, Yellowstone, Montana

1920 Stillwater County, Montana

Philip Long Keefer was born 13 October 1837 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He died 24 June 1917 in Luzerne County. Parents: Peter Keefer and Sarah.

Spouse: Catherine Shearer. children: Robert M. Keefer, Edward Keefer, Harris or Harry Keefer, John Keefer, Philip Keefer, Scott Keefer

1870 Upper Allen, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
1880 Plymouth, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Burial: Hanover Cemetery, Luzerne

Philip Nusbaum Keefer was born 19 April 1849 in Maryland. He died 25 November 1913. Parents: Lewis Kiefer and Rachel Nusbaum

1870 Liberty, Frederick, Maryland
1910 Woodville, Frederick, Maryland
1920 Washington, D.C.

Burial: Bethel United Methodist, New Windsor, Carroll, Maryland (Kiefer)

Philip Stone Keefer was born 3 October 1878 in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Parents: Francis Philip Keefer and Ann Eliza Crandall

Spouse: Florence. Children: George F. Keefer

1910, 1920, 1930 Fairfield, Connecticut

Philip W. Keefer was born 22 November 1846 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: George Keefer and Elizabeth Weiser

Spouse: Annie H. Kemp. Children: George H. Keefer, Elizabeth A. Keefer

1900 Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
1910 with son-law Ernest Beales, Sunbury, Northumberland, Pennsylvania

Phillip Henry Keefer was born 11 September 1815 in Columbia County, New York. He died 15 April 1872 in Orange, Schuyler, New York. Parents: Henry L. Keefer and Susanna Kuntz

Spouse: Esther McDowell

1860 Orange, Schuyler, New York

Burial: Hillside Cemetery, Yates, New York

Phillip Kendal Keefer was born on 24 March 1966.(Source 13) Parents: Kermit Denson Keefer and Rosa Lee Browning
Phoebe Keefer was born 1822 in Trumbull County, Ohio. Parents: George Keifer and Elizabeth Catherine Diehl

She married Henry Helsley on 31 January 1865 in Lorain County, Ohio

1870 Southington, Trumbull, Ohio

Phoebe Mae Keefer was born 22 September 1889 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. She died 14 February 1978 in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Parents: David L. Keefer and Phoebe Weller

Spouse: John Luther Weller, married 5 April 1904 in Berkeley, West Virginia

Phyllis Keefer was born about 1928 in Carroll County, Maryland. Parents: Robert Archibald Keefer and Bertie Ellen Brown
Phyllis A. Keefer was born about 1917 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Clarence Benjamin Keefer and Lula Ann Buck

Spouse: Ettinger

1935 Canandaiqua, Ontario, New York.
1940 with father, Cooper, Montour, Pennsylvania

Phyllis Christine Keefer was born about 1927 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jerre Keefer and Ada Alverta Wetzel

Spouse: James Laurence Crouse, married 4 June 1949 in Adams County

Phyllis J. Keefer was born about 1930 in Los Angeles County, California. Parents: Charles E. Keefer and Ida Friedman
Phyllis June Keefer was born 18 May 1929 in Cabell County, West Virginia. Parents: Alka Otis Keefer and Maude Ada Russell

Spouse: Robert D. White, married 1948 in Cabell County

Phyllis June Keefer was born to: Robert Neil Keefer and Rosella June Christman

Spouse: James Guelette

Phyllis Louise Keefer was born about 1932 in Ohio. Parents: John Maxwell Keefer and Esther Louise Cooley

Spouse: William Warren Wagner, married 20 August 1955 in Medina County, Ohio

Phyllis Lucille Keefer was born 26 November 1906 in Ohio. She died 18 March 1985. Parents: Andrew J. Keefer and Minnie Hadley

She married Harry Edward Rutherford on 7 August 1924 in Montgomery County, Ohio

Burial: Davids Cemetery, Kettering, Montgomery

Phyllis Marie Keefer was born 16 April 1920 in Michigan. She died 15 March 1927 in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Parents: Silas Keefer and Lucy Ann Thom
Pius Keefer was born 23 April 1846 in Pennsylvania. He was christened on 7 June 1846 in Hanover, York, Pennsylvania. Parents: William Keefer and Elizabeth Trayer
Portia Keefer was born May 1889 in Vermilion County, Illinois. She died February 1978 in Harlan County, Kentucky. Parents: William W. Kieffer and Sarah "Sallie" James

Spouse: C. A. McClintock

1930 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Preston Grove Keefer was born about 1886 in Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois. He died 16 September 1942 in Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana. Parents: Christian Alfred Keefer and Laura Manning

He married Margaret Williams on 6 May 1908 in Muskegon County, Michigan. Children: Margaret Louise Keefer, Charles Ralph Keefer

1920 Monroe, Green, Wisconsin
1930, 1942 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Preston H. Keefer was born 24 June 1918 in Muskegon County, Michigan. He died 10 September 2000 in Michigan. Parents: William Louis Keefer and Mary A. Dewitt

Spouse: Ann Eder

Burial: Norton Cemetery, Norton Shores, Muskegon

Preston V. Keefer was born September 1896 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Richard McGeary Kieffer and Mary Salome Hornbaker

Spouse: Grace Mae Seville. Children: Lorraine Keefer

1930 Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania

Price Keefer was born 1 September 1834 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Abraham Keefer and Susannah Price
Priscilla Anne Keefer was born 14 October 1924 in Baltimore, Maryland. Parents: Claude Warfield Keefer and Myrtle E. Boteler
Priscilla Jane Keefer was born 23 March 1939 in Gregg County, Texas. Parents: Theodore Erle Keefer and Murrel Beatrice Andrew
Priscilla Jane Keefer was born 20 January 1923 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Parents: Claude Renwich Keefer and Marguerite Collins Dewing

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