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Alice Keefer was born on 21 October 1943. (Source 13) Parents: Clarence Keefer and Lula Jane Williams

She married Kenneth Adkins, 1 February 1964 in Milton, Cabell, West Virginia

Alice Keefer was born about 1855, Wayne County, Ohio. Parents: Simon Keefer and Elizabeth Espy
Alice Keefer was born about 1858 California. Parents: William M. Keefer and Esther Fox
Alice Keefer was born 1865 [Lebanon County, Pennsylvania]. She died 1866. Parents: Daniel Keefer and Elizabeth Keller
Alice Keefer was born about 1858 in [Knox County,] Ohio. Parents: William Henry Keefer and Hannah Brown
Alice Keefer was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Peter D. Keefer and Caroline Baer
Alice Keefer was born October 1868 [Franklin County,] Pennsylvania. She died 1903 in Giles County, Virginia. Parents: John Price Keefer and Mary Rebecca Seibert

She married and divorced Harry Brant Creitzman

Spouse: Charles W. Candler

Alice Keefer was born 1861 in Yolo County, California. Parents: Joseph Keefer and Mary Elizabeth Spratt
Alice Keefer was born December 1883 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Charles Walter Keefer and Minerva Keffer

She married Charles F. Sergeant on 17 November 1903 in Mahoning County, Ohio

Alice Keefer was born 14 Mar 1867 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died 10 November 1871. Parents: Benjamin F. Keefer and Caroline Johnson

Burial: Lower Cemetery (Penn), Sunbury

Alice Keefer was born to Parents: Ira Walter Keefer and Grace L. Briggs

Spouse: Ray Porter

Alice Keefer was born 12 April 1911 in Michigan. She died 16 October 1990. Parents: Silas Keefer and Lucy Ann Thom

Spouse: Theodore Saunders

Alice Keefer was born about 1923 in Muskegon County, Michigan. Parents: William Lewis Keefer and Mary A. Dewitt

Spouse: Howard Miller

Alice Keefer was born 18 January 1863 [Canada]. She died 28 September 1949 in Seattle, King, Washington. Parents: George Albert Keefer and Adelaide Lenfesty
Alice Keefer was born about 1850 in Wayne County, Indiana. Parents: Jacob Kiefer and Elizabeth Miller
Alice Keefer was born about 1854 in Pine Plains, Dutchess, New York. Parents: Henry J. Keefer and Hannah Tripp
Alice A. Keefer was born June 1883 in Benton County, Iowa. She died 17 December 1955 in Tama County, Iowa. Parents: John S. Keefer and Missouri Ann Petit

She married Art Grant on 23 March 1905 in Benton County, Iowa

She married Edwin W. Worley on 10 January 1912 in Vinton, Benton, Iowa

She married Wayne G. Keagle on 9 June 1915 in Benton County, Iowa

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Benton, Iowa

Alice Ann Keefer was born 1936 in Montana. Parents: Dale E. Keefer and Helen Helps

She married Gerald L. Robson on 9 September 1961 in Golden Valley, Montana

Alice Britton Keefer was born 11 January 1893 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. She died 3 January 1983. Parents: William Britton Keefer and Abigail Viola Hoover

She married Herman Lucius Glass

Alice C. Keefer was born 28 August 1893 in Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Parents: George W. Keefer and Ida M. Wotring
Alice C. Keefer was born February 1854 in Illinois. She died 4 March 1920 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas. Parents: Henry C.M. and Susan Keefer

She married Garrison Scott 31 March 1874 in McLean County, Illinois

1880, 1900, 1910 Kechi, Sedgwick, Kansas

Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, Sedgwick

Alice Carter Keefer was born about 1867 in [Schuylkill County,] Pennsylvania. Parents: Luther Riley Keefer and Anna E. Osler

She married Ambrose White Goodrich on 25 March 1895 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Burial: Berks County, Pennsylvania

Alice Cooper Keefer was born about 1851 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Michael A. Keefer and Margaret Matilda Bucher
Alice E. Keefer was born 14 April 1910 in Pennsylvania. She died 28 March 2003. Parents: Samuel S. Keefer and Alice B. Wetmiller

Spouse: John M. Haas

Burial: Zook Cemetery, Upper Allen Cumberland, Pennsylvania

Alice Ellen Keefer was born 5 March 1847 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. She died in 1926. Parents: Lewis Keefer and Ephia Keefer

Spouse: James R. Myers

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Mercersburg

Alice Faye Keefer was born to: David Edward Keefer and Stella Johnson

Spouse: Lawrence Hunt Gerber

Alice Faye Keefer was born 21 November 1940 in Ohio. Parents: Carl G. Keefer and Lois Ellen Horst

Spouse: George William Martin, married 18 April 1959 in Summit County, Ohio

Alice Inez Keefer was born 26 October 1930 in Madison County, Texas. She died 4 January 2012 in Texas. Parents: Joe Berry Keefer and Lula Grace McCormick
Alice J. Keefer was born 3 Mar 1870 in Madison County, Nebraska. She died 26 May 1965 in Idaho. Parents: Joseph Keefer and Maria Louiza Noll

She married Owen J. Brennan on 7 November 1888 in Blaine County, Idaho

Alice Jane Keefer was born 28 October 1931 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. She died 22 January 1954 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Thomas Jefferson Keefer and Jesse Sarah Mellott

She married Charles Carbaugh on 10 February 1948

Alice Louise Keefer was born [Pennsylvania]. Parents: Russell Wilbert Keefer and Edna May Willetts

Her married name is Leonburg

Alice Louise Keefer was born 12 October 1929 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan. Parents: James Levi Keefer and Anna Marie Kauner

She married Leon John Demay on 27 June 1949 in Detroit

Alice Louise Keefer was born July 1890 in Allen County, Indiana. She died 1968 in Fort Wayne, Allan, Indiana. Parents: Henry F. Kiefer and Alice Mella Habecker

She married Charles Wayne Klinefelter on 23 April 1908 in Allen County

Alice Louise Keefer was born 4 October 1923 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana. Parents: Roy Robert Keefer and Alice M. Downing
Alice Lucille Keefer was born 19 September 1903 in Illinois. Parents: Addison Emory Keefer and Jessie Vinton Farwell

She married Charles Franklin Gipson on 20 June 1934

Alice Lucille Keefer was born 30 October 1915 in Johnson County, Iowa. She died 19 June 1995 in Houston, Harris, Texas. Parents: Union Bertus Keefer and Viola M. Pate

Spouse: Robert Harold Montgomery, married 26 October 1939 in Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa

Alice M. Keefer was born 31 March 1870 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. She died 10 April 1942 in Canton, Stark, Ohio. Parents: Jeremiah Kieffer and Sophia Hobbs

She married Charles H. Goodman on 30 November 1905 in Stark County, Ohio

Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Canton, Ohio

Alice Marie Keefer was born 4 January 1892. She died in November 1972 in McConnellsburg, Fulton, Pennsylvania. Parents: Denton Keefer and Sarah Jane McLucas

She married Howard Wilson Truax on 21 December 1916

Alice Marie Keefer was born to: Thomas Lee Keefer and Clara M. Peck

Spouse: James Edgar Mellott

Alice May Keefer was born 11 July 1892 in Union County, Oregon. She died 12 September 1918. Parents: David Eugene Keefer and Mattie Ellen Stone

She married Durand Leroy Hill on 12 April 1916 in Ada County, Idaho

Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Mountain Home, Elmore, Idaho

Alice May Keefer was born 17 September 1861 in Huron County, Ohio. She died 15 February 1942 in Lucas County, Ohio. Parents: Charles Henry Keifer and Isabella Shriver

She married John E. Callahan on 25 December 1877 inNorwalk, Huron, Ohio

Alice O. Keefer was born about 1909 in Michigan. Parents: Welcome Keefer and Ada Dette Hall

She married Roscoe N. Baughman on 28 November 1933 in Jackson County, Michigan

Alice R. Keefer was born 1879 in Frederick County, Maryland. Parents: George W. and Mary E. Keefer
Alice R. Keefer was born August 1892 [Calaveras County,] California. Parents: George F. Keefer and Dora Cornelia Spellener
Alice Rocky Keefer was born 1 November 1899 in Frederick County, Maryland. She died 26 October 1982 in Washington County, Maryland. Parents: Frank Benjamin Keefer and Lilly Iona Smith

She married Samuel Dorsey Martin on 19 June 1923, Frederick County, Maryland

Burial: Rest Haven Cemetery, Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland

Alice Rose Vivian Keefer was born 27 February 1909 in Lenawee County, Michigan. Parents: Fred Aretas Keefer and Alice N. Leibfried

She married Manfred E. Johnson on 16 December 1933 in Ingham County, Michigan

Alice S. Keefer was born 18 May 1849 in Virginia. She died on 17 January 1939 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Parents: Charles Benjamin F. Keefer and Elizabeth MacDonald

Burial: Dutton Cemetery, Kent, Michigan

Alice Sadie Keefer was born 20 October 1889 in Millbury, Wood, Ohio. Parents: Abram Keefer and Catherine Reome/Peaome/Keona

Spouse: Charles Smith, married 12 July 1907 in Wood County, Ohio

Alice Sarah Keefer was born 17 January 1874 in Brothers Valley, Somerset, Pennsylvania. She died on 25 January 1940 in Brothers Valley, Somerset, Pennsylvania. Parents: Israel Keefer and Caroline Ringler

She married Franklin Stevanus on 26 January 1893. Frank died in 1918 and she married Henry Wilson Judy 9 May 1920 in Brothers Valley, Somerset, Pennsylvania

Alice Sophia Keefer/Kieffer was born 16 January 1906 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. She died 27 May 1963 in Beaver County. Parents: Lewis Edgar Keefer and Alice Viola Nichols

Spouse: Russell Noss Simmons

Burial: Sylvania Hills

Alice V. or C. Keefer was born about September 1848 in Washington County, Maryland. She died 1905. Parents: Theobald David Keefer and Rosina Barbara Leipold

Spouse: John R. Fesler

Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, Maryland

Alice V. Keefer was born 2 June 1865 in [Morgan County,] West Virginia. She died 11 Jun 1927 in Mineral County, West Virginia. Parents: George Keefer and Anna Maria Kreby/Griebe Her death record gives mother as Emma O. Keefer, which makes her George's grand-daughter

She married Robert Dittmar on 19 July 1884 in Morgan County, West Virginia

Alice V. Keefer was born 25 May 1900 in Maryland. She died 30 July 1900 in Maryland. Parents: James M. Keefer and Emma J.

Burial: Prospect Cemetery, Mt. Airy, Frederick, Maryland

Alice Violet Keefer was born 8 March 1906 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. She died 25 July 2004 in Summit County, Ohio. Parents: James Franklin Keefer and Rose M. Krautwurst

Spouse: Frank E. Eckel, married 7 October 1926 in Summit County

Alice Virginia Keefer was born 2 June 1858 in Frederick County, Maryland. She was christened on 9 November 1858 in the German Reformed Church, Frederick, Maryland. Parents: Frederick Keefer and Elizabeth Himburg
Alice Virginia Keefer was born 27 June 1840 in Frederick County, Maryland. She was christened 10 December 1844 in the German Reformed Church, Frederick, Frederick. Parents: John Henry Keefer and Elizabeth Titlow

She married Jefferson O. Boteler on 28 October 1857 in Washington County, Maryland

Burial: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick

Alicia Keefer was born 1836 in Pennsylvania. Parents: WilliamKeefer and Mary Staner
Alka Otis Keefer was born 18 July 1888 in Jackson County, West Virginia. He died 4 November 1961 in Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia

Parents: Benjamin Franklin Keefer and Christina Alberta Williams

Spouse: Mildred Louise Niday. Children: Alka Otis Keefer, Asa Lloyd Keefer, Charles Orland Keefer, Willard Lee Keefer, Hettie Allene Keefer, Arthur Glen Keefer, Carroll Warnock Keefer

1910 Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia
1920, 1930 Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia

Burial: Rome Cemetery, Rome, Lawrence, Ohio

Alka Otis Keefer was born 22 August 1909 in West Virginia. He died 10 November 1995. Parents: Alka Otis Keefer and Mildred Louise Niday

He married Maude Ada Russell on 3 November 1928 in Cabell County, West Virginia. Children: Phyllis June Keefer, Ruby Jewell Keefer, David Lee Keefer, Jerry Otis Keefer, Sharon Lynn Keefer

1930 Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia

Burial: Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia

Allan Duane Keefer was born 4 September 1939 in Elkhart County, Indiana. Parents: Lester Orr Keefer and Coy Helena Franks
Allan Harold Keefer was born 27 October 1899 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Parents: Edward Ferdinand Keefer and Rachel Eisman

Spouse: Elsie Gutlohn. Children: Betty Keefer, Barbara Keefer

1940 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Allen Keefer was born 1850 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Samuel B. Keefer and Ann Mariah
Allen B. Keefer was born 17 December 1929. Parents: Boyd Guilford Keefer and Ethel Morie

He married Anna M. Heinrich on 26 December 1951. Child: Miles P. Keefer

Allen Dale Keefer was born 5 April 1952 in Cabell County, West Virginia. Parents: Joe Allen Keefer and Norma Louise Gray
Allen E. Keefer was born to: Colonel L. Keefer and Blanche A. Keefer
Allen Hall Keefer was born 15 September 1852, Belmont County, Ohio. He died 27 December 1923 in Franklin County, Ohio. Parents: Jacob Keefer and Elizabeth Allen

He married Lavonia L. Dutcher on 6 July 1892 in Franklin County, Ohio

1900 Blendon, Franklin, Ohio

Allen H Keefer was born about 1872, Hardin County, Ohio. Parents: Daniel Keefer and Sarah Cotterill

He married Amanda Nichols on 8 October 1901 in Hardin County, Ohio. Child: Audrey May Keefer

1920 Hale, Hardin, Ohio

Allan/Allen Herman Keefer was born 8 December 1887 North Zulch, Madison, Texas. He died 29 June 1968 in Harris County, Texas. Parents: Jacob E. Keefer and Bettie B. Welch

Spouse: Myrtle Berry

1946 Draft Registration as Allen Hidalgo Keefer, in Tomball, Harris, Texas

Burial: Earthman Resthaven, Houston, Harris Texas

Allen L. Keefer was born to Parents: William F. and Estella Ruth Keefer
Allen R. Keefer was born 28 September 1903 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He died January 1976 in York County, Pennsylvania. Parents: William A. Keefer and Sarah J. Rummel

He married Cora M. Fortney on 29 September 1925 in Dauphin county. Children: Alvin Arthur Keefer, Mildred I. Keefer, Raymond D. Keefer, Sarah Jane Keefer, Sylvia R. Keefer, Dean L. Keefer, Dorothy A. Keefer, Robert E. Keefer

1930 Jackson, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
1940 Fairview, York, Pennsylvania

Allie Frances Keefer was born October 1894 in Cabell County, West Virginia. Parents: John Thomas Keefer and Eva McThiney
Allie Frances Keefer was born 15 October 1894 in Mason County, West Virginia. She died in 1968. Parents: Robert Milroy Keefer and (Rose)Anna Mary Graham
Allie May Keefer was born September 1886 in Ionia County, Michigan. Parents: William Keefer and A. Clara Hiland

She married Seymour Mull on 22 August 1903 in Ionia County, Michigan

Allina Keefer was born about 1854 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She died after 1883. Parents: Israel Keefer/Kieffer and Mary Shawhan
Allois Keefer was born about 1845 in Illinois. Parents: Philipp Keefer and Salome Honadel
Alma Keefer was born April 1882 in (Grant County,) Indiana. Parents: Samuel Charles Keefer and Susan S. Davis

She is likely Alma B. Keefer who married Govener A. Porter on 21 June 1903 in Grant County, Indiana

Alma Keefer was born about 1822 in Columbia County, New York. Parents: Duncan Keefer and Eve Hoysradt
Alma Keefer was born [Mason County, Illinois]. Parents: Shipley H. Keefer and Isabelle
Alma D. Keefer was born 15 August 1915 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Orlen L. Keefer and Lydia Bell Hawk

She married Abner W. Smith on 1 June 1934

Alma Frances Keefer was born about 1921 in Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska. Parents: Charles Edwin Keefer and Alma Vanderveer

She married Carlos Atkinson 1945 in Lancaster County, Nebraska

Alma June Keefer was born 13 January 1919 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. She died 26 July 1972. Parents: Alvie Sember Keefer and Maude M. Bowser

She married David Allen Stewart on 25 March 1937 (Source 36)

Burial: Concord Presbyterian, Perry, Clarion

Alma Kate Keefer was born 19 December 1868 in Trumbull County, Ohio. Parents: August R. Keefer and Elizabeth Hall

She married Dr Henry Moore

Alma or Anna M. Keefer was born about 1903 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Harry Orrin Keefer and Ida May Reed
Alma Sarah Keefer was born 15 November 1848 in Ohio. She died 15 December 1849 in Erie County, Ohio. Parents: John Keifer and Rowena Wright
Almeda H. Keefer was born about 1925 in Montour County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Silas Augustus Keefer and Wealth F. Brown
Almeda M. Keefer was born 23 March 1909 in Michigan. She died 6 February 1992, Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Parents: Welcome Keefer and Ada Dette Hall
Almira Ann Keefer was born 25 September 1856 in Richland County, Ohio. She died 26 April 1941 in Woodward County, Oklahoma. Parents: Elias Keefer and Lucinda Lewis

She married Adam Grunewald on 23 October 1877 in Ashland County, Ohio

Alonza Elwood Keefer was born 20 September 1905 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He died 6 April 1973 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: George Elvie Keefer and Efamy Lura Everts

Burial: Rehoboth United Methodist, Fulton, Pennsylvania

Alonzo Keefer was born about 1855 in Hillsdale County, Michigan. He died 25 December 1894, Jefferson, Hillsdale, Michigan. Parents: Peter Keefer and Caroline Tuttle

Burial: East Hill Cemetery, Osseo, Hillsdale

Alonzo Keefer was born about 1865 in Elk County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Isaac Keefer and Martha Wescott
Alonzo Laventure Keefer was born 24 October 1864 in Frederick county, Maryland. Parents: Christian Michael Keefer and Sarah P. "Sally" Leamon

He married Annie Donahue Hayes on 12 February 1888 in the District of Columbia

Alpha Keefer was born about 1840 in Pennsylvania. Parents: David Steele Keefer and Louisa Pierson
Alpha Louise Keefer was born 4 January 1930 in Marshall, West Virginia. Parents: Charles Clyde Keefer and Sylvia Thornton

She married Everette Wedge

Alpharus Morgan Keefer was born 26 October 1877 in LaGrange County, Indiana. He died April 1952 in LaGrange County. Parents: Elisha Keefer and Mary Ann Garlitz

He married Zola May Pollock on 30 March 1907 in LaGrange County, Indiana. Children: Daryl Earl Keefer, Marion Keefer, Esther Marguerite Keefer, Albert Frank Keefer, June Evangeline Keefer, Charles Russell Keefer, Norma Louise Keefer, Carolyn Jeanne Keefer

1910 with father, Springfield, LaGrange, Indiana
1920 LaGrange County, Indiana
1930 Springfield, LaGrange, Indiana
1942 registration Mongo, LaGrange, Indiana

Alphonse Keefer was born 1910 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He died 1978 in Allegheny County. Parents: Stanley Kieffer and Frances

Burial: Saint Adalberts, Carrick, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Alta Ruth Keefer was born to: Lloyd Russell Keefer and Nancy Catherine Keefer
Alton E. Keefer was born 21 September 1896 in Huron County, Ohio, to: Homer Keefer and Jessie A. Wright
Alund Sabina Keefer was born 19 September 1902 in Bath, Mason, Illinois. Parents: Shipley H. Keefer and Isabell Pierson
Alva Keefer was born 2 June 1938 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He died 17 April 2006. Parents: Irvin B. Keefer and Goldie May

Burial: Mount Olive Cemetery, Connellsville

Alva Clara Keefer was born 10 August 1904 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She died 9 March 1919 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Parents: Matthew Felker Keefer and Ella Burns
Alvia Cochran Keefer was born 31 August 1888 [Somerset] Pennsylvania. Parents: Charles Walter Keefer and Minerva Keffer

He married Hazel Emma Hyatt on 25 July 1907 in Mahoning County, Ohio. Children: Charles Donald Keefer, Jean Elizabeth Keefer, Catherine Keefer, Harold Keefer, Edith Keefer

1910 Brownsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, under Alvin
1920, 1930 South Brownsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania
1942 draft registration Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Burial: Redstone Cemetery, Brownsville

Alvah Jacob Keefer was born 22 August 1902 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He died 17 March 1970. Parents: Jeremiah A. Keefer and Catherine Manning

He married Bessie May Burrall on 25 March 1929 in Lemosters, Franklin, Pennsylvania. Children: Mary Ellen Keefer, Edward Nevin Keefer, Esther Keefer, Virgie Keefer, Alvie J. Jr Keefer, Marion Joan Keefer, Richard Edward Keefer

1930 Peters, Franklin, Pennsylvania

Alverda M. Keefer was born about 1904 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Adam Calvin Keefer and Agnes Mae Savage
Alverta V. Keefer was born 16 January 1888 in (Adams) Pennsylvania. She died 30 December 1930. Parents: John Alfred Keefer and Elmira Staley

She married Luther Reuben Hess on 21 December 1911 in Adams County, Pennsylvania (Alberta)

Burial: Biglerville Cemetery, Adams, Pennsylvania

Alvie Jacob Keefer Jr was born to Alvah Jacob Keefer and Bessie M. Burrall

He married Betty Jane Hoover on 2 September 1947 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania

He married Velma Ruth Kopp. Children: Sandra Kay Keefer, Carolyn Ruth Keefer, Ronald Eugene Keefer, Diane Lynn Keefer, David Leroy Keefer

Alvie Sember Keefer was born 22 November 1883 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. He died 6 November 1918. Parents: George Washington Keefer and Elizabeth Adeline Crispen (Source 36)

He married Maude M. Bowser on 18 October 1904 in Clarionn County. Children: Mary Elizabeth Keefer, Gladys Virginia Keefer, Myrtle Romaine Keefer, Catherine Keefer, Rhoda Jane Keefer, Frank Andrew Keefer, Viette L. Keefer, Alma June Keefer

1910 Perry, Clarion, Pennsylvania
1920 Maude, Perry, Clarion, Pennsylvania

Burial: Concord Presbyterian, Perry, Clarion, Pennsylvania

Alvin Alonzo Keefer was born 4 March 1906 in Indiana or Michigan. He died 12 May 1990 in Michigan City, LaPorte, Indiana. Parents: Frederick August Keefer and Chloe Marie Inman

He married Sylvia Portinga on 10 May 1934 in Berrien County, Michigan. Children: Kelvin Keefer, Kathleen Ann Keefer, Kay Keefer Pawl

Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Three Oaks, Berrien, Michigan

Alvin Arthur Keefer was born about 1925 in Pennsylvania. He died 2001. Parents: Allen R. Keefer and Cora M. Fortney

Burial: Fulton County, Kentucky SGT US ARMY AIR FORCES

Alvin Clarke Keefer was born 6 October 1912 in Halliburton, Halliburton, Ontario. He died 28 September 1988. Parents: Lewis Oliver Keefer and Hannah Elizabeth Titus

He married Rita Eliza Barry March 1934

Alvin Clay Keefer was born 3 September 1883 in Sandusky County, Ohio. He died 1 February 1954 in Sandusky County, Ohio. Parents: George Franklin Keefer and Harriet Rowena Hummel

He married Ora Belle Overmyer on 27 November 1907. Child: Enora Ellen Keefer

1910, 1920, 1930 Ballville, Sandusky, Ohio
Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont

Alvin D. Keefer was born and died 1941 in Adams County, Pennsylvania Parents: Isaac Dewey Keefer and Prudens Mary Wolfe
Alvin Kenneth "Junior" Keefer was born 18 August 1917 in Elkhart County, Indiana. Parents: Kenneth Marion Keefer and Gertrude Summerlot

He married Elsie Marian Sailor on 20 May 1939 in Elkhart County

Alvin R. Keefer was born to Parents: Adam Calvin Keefer and Nellie Katherine Borowiec
Alvin Ray Keefer was born in Tarrant County, Texas, to: Clarence Leonard Keefer and Aretha Jeannette Finley
Alvin West Keefer was born 30 July 1902 in Hespeler, Waterloo, Ontario. Parents: Ephraim Mager Keffer and Mary Alice West
Alvina Mae Keefer was born 9 May 1934 in Pennsylvania. She died 20 May 2010 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Ellsworth R. Keefer and Ellener Towery
Alwin Ray Keefer was born abd died on 21 January 1930 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. Parents: Emmett Earl Keefer and Frances Fay Brown

Burial: Stony Point Cemetery, Clunette

Florence Amanda Keefer was born 6 August 1853 in Indiana. Parents: John Keefer and Elizabeth Haifley

She married Lycurgis Bates on 31 October 1869 in Allen County, Indiana

She married Otis Gurnsey on 27 May 1873 in Allen County, Indiana

She married Theodore Kline on 11 September 1913 in Allen County, Indiana

Amanda Keefer was born 15 February 1866 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. She died 15 February 1955 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Steven Abraham Keefer and Mary Margaret Rosenberry

She married William Cooper Leedy on 2 November 1899 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Burial: Upper Strasburg Methodist

Amanda Keefer was born 16 November 1843 in Washington, Maryland. She died 31 December 1916 in Canton, Fulton, Illinois. Parents: George Daniel Keefer and Susan Falkwell

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Canton, Fulton

Amanda Keefer was born 18 February 1873 in Pennsylvania. She died 18 December 1932 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Parents: Samuel Isaac Kieffer and Sarah Ann Robenolt

She married Frederick Forbes on 25 October 1902 in St. Joseph County, Michigan

Amanda Keefer was born to: George H. Keefer and Mary Hill
Amanda Keefer was born 1 January 1867 in Ohio. SHe died 4 August 1944 in Defiance County, Ohio. Parents: Lewis Keefer and Elizabeth Sidle

She married Charles Crampton on 24 August 1891 in Hancock County, Ohio

Amanda Alice Keefer was born 29 July 1885 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. She died 10 December 1968. Parents: Daniel Keys Keefer and Caroline Brant

She married Howard Stull on 5 April 1907 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

She married John Edward Keller

Amanda Ann Keefer was born about 4 July 1831 in [Belmont County] Ohio. She died 21 July 1926 in Athens County, Ohio. Parents: Casper Keefer and Sarah Snyder

She married Silas Sayers

1880 Ames, Athens, Ohio (Sayres)

Amanda Ann Keefer was born in 1832 Warnock, Belmont, Ohio. Parents: Andrew and Sarah Keefer
Amanda Delia Keefer was born about 1848 in [Lancaster,] Pennsylvania. She died 1938. Parents: Peter Keefer and Catherine

She married Joseph Penny Anderson on 28 December 1869 in Whitley County, Indiana

Burial: Columbia City, Whitley, Indian

Amanda Doris Keefer was born to Parents: Terry L. Keefer and Kay Melissa Peck
Amanda E. Keefer was born 1858 [Elk County,] Pennsylvania. She died 1889. Parents: Isaac Keefer and Martha Wescott

Spouse: Anson S. Burdick

Spouse: Charles Lefevre

Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Smethport, McKean, Pennsylvania

Amanda Ellen Keefer was born 18 March 1912 in [Mason County,] West Virginia. She died 12 May 2007. Parents: Henry Milroy Keefer and Martha Jane Casto

She married James Elza Stover on 29 October 1933, Mason County, West Virginia

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Leon, Mason, West Virginia

Amanda J. Keefer was born 8 October 1862 in Trumbull County, Ohio. She died 2 July 1943 in Trumbull County, Ohio, widowed. Parents: David Keefer and Lovina Yoxhimer

She married Edmond W. Masters on 10 September 1885 in Trumbull County, Ohio

Amanda Jane Keefer was born 16 April 1842 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob Keefer and Carolyn Shellhammer
Amanda Mae Keefer was born to Parents: Eric Keefer and Carrie McKennick
Amanda Mary Keefer was born 14 April 1852 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She died 21 July 1010 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Daniel Keefer and Catherine Van Dyke

She married Robert A. Brush

Burial: Irwin, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania

Amanda Matilda Keefer was born 11 July 1834 in Pennsylvania. She died 23 August 1923 in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Parents: John Keefer and Mary W. Gitt

She married Robert M. Allen 31 December 1851, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

1870 New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania

Amanda Rose Keefer was born to Parents: Rodney Wayne Keefer and Melissa Ann Mills
Amandis K. Keefer was born about 1921 in Montour County, Pennsylvania. Death: 31 December 1972. Parents: Rosser Jonathan Keefer and Almedia Matilda Dyer/Beyers
Amber Keefer was born August 1878 in Indiana. Parents: Valentine Keefer and Josephine
Ambrose M. Keefer was born 23 February 1930 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He died 21 April 2002 in Pinellas County, Florida. Parents: Michael Keefer and Sarah Burskey

Spouse: Estella M. Becker. Children: Ambrose Keefer, Jr

1930, 1940 Pittsburgh

Ambrose Keefer was born 20 September 1909 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He died September 1987 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. Parents: Ambrose Keefer and Estella M. Becker

Spouse: Mary Catherie Bursits. Children: Michael J. Keefer

1930, 1940 Pittsburgh

Amelia Keefer was born 7 January 1833 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. She died 25 July 1914 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Daniel Keefer and Evaline Arnold

She married James Farnsworth

Amelia Keefer was born in 1842 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died in 1908. Parents: John Keefer and Susan Martz

She married Samuel B. McCloughan in 1862 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Amelia Keefer was born 9 September 1853 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Samuel Keefer and Sarah Cressinger

She married Henry J. Shipe August 1875 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Amelia Keefer was born to: Francis Henry Keefer and Annie Francis Daby
Amelia Keefer was born about 1849, Ontario Canada. Parents: James Keefer and Maria Cook

She married Alexander Johnston on 24 February 1869

Amelia Keefer was born about 1847 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Parents: Valentine Keefer and Margaret
Amelia A. Keefer was born in 1855 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died in 1928. Parents: Samuel L. Keefer and Barbara Ann Savidge

She married John R. Rebuck

Amelia Helen Keefer was born 2 February 1846 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Lewis Keefer and Ephia Keefer

She married James Curley

Amelia Jane Keefer was born 16 April 1830 in Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. Parents: Andrew Keefer and Catherine Brua

She married Thomas John or John Thomas Hannum on 26 March 1850 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. He was killed at the battle of Cold Harbor

Amelia Malletta Keefer was born February 1879 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She died 17 June 1932. Parents: Philip B. Keefer and Sarah Leis
America K. Keefer was born 19 May 1909 in Madison County, Texas. She died 27 September 1981 in Parker County, Texas. Parents: William Julius Keefer and America Ann Cox

She married Benjamin Franklin Horton

Ami Keefer was born to Parents: Roy Henry Keefer and Tammy Fielder
Amos Keefer was born 11 December 1842 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. He died 2 May 1871 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Parents: William Henry Keefer and Elizabeth Trayer

He married Annie Sherman on 6 January 1867. Child: Loretta Adelaide Keefer

1870 Heidelberg, York, Pennsylvania
Burial: Mount Olivet, Hanover, York County
Company F, 87th Pennsylvania Infantry, wounded at Cold Harbor

Amos Keefer was born October 1892 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to: Franklin E. Keefer and Annie Wynkoop
Amos Albert Keffer/Keefer was born 28 September 1906 in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan. He died February 1971 in Mount Clemens, Macomb, Michigan. Parents: Albert Edmund Keffer and Elizabeth Mulley Hamner

Spouse: Mabel Backus, married 17 September 1938 in Sanilac County, Michigan

Burial: Sunset Memorial Gardens, Fort Gratiot

Amos H. Keefer was born 1914 in Pennsylvania, to: Harry A. Keefer and Ida Mae "Alice" Wright

He married Doris VanDrew. Children: Rodney Keefer, Richard Keefer, Daniel Keefer, Michael Keefer

Amos Leroy Keefer Sr was born [after 1930] to: Harvey E. Keefer and Eva Ellen Thomas

He married Florence Jane Wolford. Children: Amos Leroy Keefer Jr, Barry Lynn Keefer, Brenda Kay Keefer

Amos Leroy Keefer Jr was born to Parents: Amos Leroy Keefer Sr and Florence Jane Wolford

He married Karen Ruth Bricker. Children: Anthony Wayne Keefer, Jason Lee Keefer, Sheila Marie Keefer, Renee Annette Keefer

Amos Monroe Keefer was born 18 February 1881 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. He died 12 January 1956 in Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania. Parents: Levi Keefer and Elizabeth Younker

He married Carrie B. Plum on 9 August 1908 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Children: Cora M. Keefer, Beulah Viola Keefer, Lula Belle Keefer, Russell Maynard Keefer, Melvin Monroe Keefer, Janet Louise Keefer

1910 St. Thomas, Franklin, Pennsylvania
1920, 1930 Letterkenny, Franklin, Pennsylvania
1940 Hamilton, Franklin, Pennylvania

Burial: Stenger Hill Cemetery, Franklin County
1942 draft registration Chambersburg, Franklin

Amos Samuel Keefer was born January 1874 in Springfield Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He died 1947. Parents: John Keefer and Susanna Poundstone Hoover

He married Elizabeth Knopsnyder on 7 September 1910 in Fayette County. Child: Earl Keefer

1930 Bullskin, Fayette, Pennsylvania
Burial: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Connellsville

Amy Keefer was born about 1878 in Huron County, Ohio. Parents: Robert Kiefer and Mary Grossweiler
Amy Marie Joan Keefer was born to: Joseph Edward Keefer and Virginia Theresa Colone
Annabelle Keefer was born 21 June 1942 in Shippensburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. He died 4 September 2005 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Owen Theophilus Keefer and Alice Belle Leedy
Andrew Keefer was born 23 October 1794 in [Somerset,] Pennsylvania. Parents: Casper Keefer and Mary Ann Altfather

In the 1850 census of Perry Township, Coshocton, Ohio, it appears Andrew has died and his widow, Sarah is head of household with the younger Children: John Keefer, Mary Keefer, Ellen Keefer, William Thaddeus Keefer, Frank Keefer, Jackson Keefer, Amanda Keefer, Catherine Keefer, Sarah Keefer, Andrew David Keefer

Andrew Keefer was born 17 January 1803 in Littlestown, Adams, Pennsylvania. Parents: John Frederick Kueffer and Anna Maria Krouse

He married Catherine Brua on 24 March 1829 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Children: Amelia Jane Keefer, John Brua Keefer, Luther Riley Keefer, Anna Catherine Keefer, Henry Andrew Keefer, Richard Keefer

1830, 1840 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania

He married Mill Elizabeth Eby on 27 February 1838 in Middletown, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. Children: Anna Maria Keefer

He married Rebecca Schafhirt. Children: Joseph Keefer, Charles Keefer, William Augustine Keafer (1848-1856), Clara Matilda Keafer ( -1856), Walter H. Keefer, Edwin S. Keefer

1850 Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania
1860, 1870 Cressona, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania

Andrew Keefer was born October 1846 in Pennsylvania. He died 18 January 1929 in Hillsdale County, Michigan. Parents: Henry Keefer and Eliza Lee

Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Hillsdale

Andrew Keefer was born 22 August 1854. He died 2 November 1861 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob Kieffer and Esther Book
Andrew Keefer was born April 1846 in Ohio. He died 17 January 1935 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio. Parents: John D. Keffer and Mary Magdalen

He married Mary Jane Fisher on 3 July 1871 in Seneca County, Ohio. Children: Milton Keiffer, William Keefer, Leroy Kieffer, Ella Keiffer

1900 Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio
1910, 1920 Clinton, Seneca, Ohio
1930 Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio

Andrew A. Keefer/Kieffer was born 11 December 1843 in Maryland or Pennsylvania. He died 3 July 1923 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Michael H. Keefer and Sarah Miller

He married Lucinda Catherine Conrad, 8 November 1883. Children: Bruce Cleveland Keefer, Virgie Keefer, Clarence Lester Keefer

1900 Montgomery, Franklin, Pennsylvania
1910 Montgomery, Franklin, Pennsylvania, with new wife Sidney
1920 Montgomery, Franklin, Pennsylvania

Andrew David Keefer was born about 1838 [Coshocton County, Ohio]. Parents: Andrew and Sarah Keefer
Andrew E. Keefer was born after 1949 in York County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Oscar Edward Keefer and Regina Smith
Andrew Edwin Keefer was born 20 July 1871 in Tazewell County, Illinois. He died 9 September 1942 in Illinois. Parents: William H. Keefer and Eliza Ditman

He married Mary Maude Cole. Children: Genevieve Keefer, Denny Keefer

1900 Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois
1910, 1920 Lincoln, Logan, Illinois

Andrew George Keefer was born 1827 in Baden. He died 1888 in Michigan. Parents: John Keefer and Elizabeth Hildebrand

He married Sarah Mabel Lathe/French. Children: William L. Keefer , George A. Keefer , James Keiffer (1866-1868)

1850 Homer, Calhoun, Michigan

1880 Pulaski, Jackson, Michigan

Burial: Fisher Cemetery, Homer, Calhoun, Michigan

Andrew Harrison Keefer was born 22 July 1889 in Bonneville, Idaho. He died 15 August 1967 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. Parents: Jacob Henry Keefer and Margaret Catherine Yoe

He married Eliza B. Anderson on 20 June 1914 in Bonneville County, Idaho. Children: Stanton Gene Keefer, Jack Anderson Keefer

1930 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
Burial: Rose Hill, Idaho Falls

Andrew Henry Keefer was born 13 October 1916 in Dodge County, Wisconsin. He died 19 July 1982 in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. Parents: George Joseph Kiefer and Catherine T. Hilbert

He married Lucille C. Meis on 29 October 1938

1940 Lomira, Dodge, Wisconsin

Andrew J. Keefer Jr was born 7 March 1934 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He died 22 November 2007 in Tucson, Pima, Arizona. Parents: Andrew John Keefer and Beula Evelyn Spicher
Andrew J. Keefer was born 23 March 1863 in Richland County, Illinois. He died 24 August 1940 in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio. Parents: David Keefer and Catherine Berlin according to his death cert.

Spouse: Minnie Hadley. Children: Bessie B. Keefer, Florence Keefer, Doris Vivian Keefer, Howard Keefer, Jackson Milliman Keefer, Mildred K. Keefer, Phyllis Lucille Keefer

1900 Olney, Richland, Illinois
1920, 1930 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio

Andrew Jackson Keefer was born 16 March 1831 in Stark County, Ohio. He died 25 November 1884 in Wayne County, Ohio. Parents: Johan/John and Sarah Keefer

He married Nancy J. Bashford on 13 February 1852 in Stark County, Ohio. Children: Nettie A. Keefer, William J. Keefer, John B. Keefer

1860 Bethlehem, Stark, Ohio
1870 Jeromesville, Ashland, Ohio

Burial: Burbank Cemetery, Wayne County, Ohio

Andrew James Keefer was born to: Michael Edward Keefer and Deborah Renee Strickland
Andrew James Keefer was born 16 March 1919 [Allen County, Indiana]. to: Karl Willard Keefer and Isabelle Deitschell

He married Patricia Elizabeth Kramer on 26 November 1942 in Allen County, Indiana

Burial: Catholic Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana

Andrew John Keefer was born 15 October 1902 [Dauphin,] Pennsylvania. He died 22 November 1989 in Polyclinic Medical Center, Harrisburg. Parents: Elmer Nathaniel Keefer and Sarah Rebecca Hoffman

He married Katie E. Thomas on 25 August 1928 in Dauphin County

He married Beula Evelyn Spicher on 14 November 1932 in Dauphin County. Children: Andrew J. Keefer Jr, Fern Keefer Boyer, Gloria Keefer Garlinger, William M. Keefer, Edward R. Keefer, Ann Marie Keefer, Barbara V. Keefer, Patricia H. Keefer

Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Harrisburg

Andrew (Andreas) K. Keefer was born 16 May 1828 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. He died 4 February 1901 in Pennsylvania. Parents: Andrew Kieffer and Catherine (Kate) Woland

He married Mary Moyer. Children: John A. Keefer, Joseph Henry Keefer, Andrew O. Keefer (1851-1851), Aaron Keefer (1854-1856), Mary Jane Keefer (1862-1868), Elmer Nathaniel Keefer, Charles Seymore Keefer

See 1860 Upper Paxton, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
1870 Washington, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
1880 Upper Paxton, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Burial: Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, Rife, Dauphin

Andrew L. Keefer was born about 1906 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Parents: David M. Keefer and Laura A. Stauffer
Andrew O. Keefer was born 2 July 1851 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He died 15 September 1851. Parents: Andreas Seymour Kieffer and Mary Moyer

Burial: Zion Lutheran, Rife, Dauphin

Andrew P. Keefer was born September 1873 in Pennsylvania. He died 1918. Parents: Charles A. Keefer and Nellie Ellen Dengler

He married Kate R. Degler 25 December 1896 in Berks County, Pennsylvania

1900, 1910 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania

Burial: Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading

Andrew Porter Keefer was born 6 January 1874 in Iowa. He died 11 December 1891. Parents: David Thomas Keefer and Rachel Anna Miller

Burial: Mud Valley Cemetery, Schuyler, Illinois

Andrew S. Keefer was born 9 March 1856 in [Armstrong] Pennsylvania. He died 16 July 1942 in Jefferson, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Parents: Henry Keefer and Christina Hartman

Spouse: Agnes Irwin or Irvine. Children: Mary E.S. Keefer, Henry Keefer, William J. Kiefer, James E. Keefer (1893-1908), Stella M. Kiefer, Agnes Pauline Keefer

1900, 1910 Snowden, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Henry Kiefer was born July 1884 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Andrew S. Keefer and Agnes Irwin
Angela Keefer was born about 1839 in Ontario, to: Peter Keefer and Jane Angela Christie

She married David Spiers before 1864

Angela Christine Keefer was born to: Calvin Henderson Keefer and Elizabeth Lowery
Angeline Keefer was born 9 September 1837 in Indiana. She died 15 March 1861 in Jennings County, Indiana. Parents: Jacob Benard Keefer and Sara Smith Waldo

She married Caleb Alexander, 1 January 1857 in Jennings County, Indiana

Burial: Scipio Cemetery, Jennings, Indiana

Angeline Keefer was born about 1843 in Prussia. Parents: Nicholas Keefer and Elizabeth Kettenhoffen

They lived in Dodge, Wisconsin

Angeline Aran Keefer was born 1 May 1819 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Parents: John Jacob Keefer and Susanna Long

Burial: Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Littlestown, Adams, Pennsylvania

Angeline Cornelia Keefer was born 29 September 1849 in Greene County, Ohio. Parents: James Keifer and Denaza Reed

She married Simon S. Kendig and lived in Montgomery County

Angeline Cornelia Keefer was born about 1904 in Carroll County, Maryland. Parents: Thomas F. Keefer and Lydia C. Shriner

Burial: Grace United Church of Christ, Taneytown, Carroll

Anita Keefer was born 28 April 1927 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. She died 9 July 2005 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Parents: George Keefer and May Morgan

Spouse: George Roth

Anita Ilene Keefer was born to Parents: Garnet Leroy Keefer and Irene Hintz

Spouse: Rademaker

Anita Joan Keefer was born 1935, to Parents: Boyd Guilford Keefer and Ethel Morie

Spouse: John W. Wurst

Anita Mae Keefer was born 9 April 1930 in [Franklin] Pennsylvania. She died 25 February 2002 in Los Angeles County, California. Parents: Herbert C. Keefer and Ruth Louise Harmony

Spouse: Maurice Orrie Malone, married 21 June 1952 in Chamberburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania


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