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1900 U.S. Census soundex, Montana
Andrew Kifer		Dec	1875	PA	son of Glen Dore Kifer
T623 roll 615	Silver Bow Co, Butte		p273

Antone Kiefer		Jun	1858	Germany
Annie			Oct	1852	"
T623 roll 	Sand Coulee, Cascade Co		ed 218	2A

Emma S. Keiffer		Jan	1877	PA	dau of Jacob Kiefer and Catherine Waugh
T623 roll 	Fergus Co			ed 23	1B

Glen D. Kifer		May	1866	PA	son of Andrew Jackson Kifer
Sarah A.		Sep	1858	"	Sarah Margaret Elder
Andrew			Dec	1876	MT
Arthur R.		Dec	1878	PA
Samuel			Sept	1891	MT	adopted
Bertha			May	1893	"	"
T623 roll 911	Deer Lodge Co, Gold Creek	p186

H.W. Kiefer		Mar	1851	PA	son of Karl Ferdinand Kiefer and Maria Elizabetha Lappe
M.A. Kiefer		Aug	1857	AR	Malissa Arkansas White	
M.E. 			mAR	1881	MT
Fred W.			Mar	1883	UT
Anna M.			Feb	1885	ID
Minnie A.		May	1887	"
Chas H.			May	1889	"
T623 roll 	Basalt and Blackfoot, Bingham Co	ed 18	13B

John Kiefer		May	1859	(Lee Co) IL	John L., son of George and Mary Livey or Leiby Kiefer
Mary			Apr	1860	KY	Mary Jane Corcoran
Mary			Mar	1886	ND	m. Paul David Pattee
John			Nov	1888	MT	m. Minnie C. Ravet
James			Sep	1891	"	wife was Olive
William			Jan	1897	"	m. Elizabeth V. Rovet
T623 roll 	Bozeman, Gallatin Co		ed 184	7B

John Kuffer		Aug	1872	UT	Germany
T623 roll 915	Silver Bow Co, Butte	p298

Phoebe Kafer		Sep	1868	WI	divorced
T623 roll 	Helena, Lewis and Clark Co	ed 168	1A

Thomas Keever		Jan	1834	WI	
T623 roll 	Red Lodge, Carbon Co		ed 5	19A

William Kiefer		Sep	1846	Germany
Wm			Feb	1879	MT
Robert			Feb	1882	"
T623 roll 	Helena, Lewis and Clark		ed 169	9A