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The North Carolina Keefes

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The surname Keefe/Keeffe may have been brought over to North Carolina about 1700 with a small
group of Irish that settled the Albemarle area of North Carolina just after the Williamite wars.

The Keefes of North Carolina may or may not be related to the Keefes of South Carolina. An early colonial settler named Treddell Keefe could have been the progenitor for Keefe/Keeffes who were found on both sides of the Carolina border; however, thus far the link between the two families is only circumstantial.

Here I will outline the information which I have found on the Keefe family members of North Carolina listing mainly the earliest records:

Note: I am interested in learning more about these Keefe cousins in North Carolina. If you would like to share any information to add to this site, please use my email on the Main Page.


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