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Bragdon Family

Related SC Surnames: Harrell,
Keefe, Martin, Perritt and others

The Bragdon surname appears to have been spelled as ‘Brandon’ in the earlier records of the British Isles. Some colorful 16th century English family history began with a Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk who married three times. His second wife was Princes Mary Tudor, a sister to the infamous Henry VIII who had six wives. This Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor had three children: Henry, Frances, and Eleanor. Frances Brandon married Henry Grey, also a Duke of Suffolk. Their daughter, Lady Jane Grey, was crowned Queen of England for nine days and then beheaded by her Catholic sister -nicknamed ‘Bloody Mary.’ (Note: It is not known if these Tudor/Brandons are any relation to the Bragdons in America).

The first Brandon/Bragdons in America settled in York County, Maine as early as 1635. The American progenitor was Arthur Bragdon I born in England around 1597. His great grandson, Elijah Bragdon (c1722-?) also of Maine married a Lydia Hopkins who was a descendent of Steven Hopkins of the Mayflower.

Aruthur Bragdon II was married to Lydia Twisden, but he had an illegitimate son named Benoni by Hannah Mains. Benoni means "son of sorrow"

South Carolina Bragdons

The Bragdons settlement along the Pee Dee river in South Carolina began with three brothers: Thomas, David, and John. These men came from Maine to Marion District of SC about 1835. The father of these three Bragdon brothers was Thomas Bragdon of Maine who was a sixth generation descendant of the progenitor Arthur Bragdon who emigrated from England in 1635.

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