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Keck-Rachor Family

"The history of the world is but the biography of great men." ---- Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881

The earliest mention of our Keck line is the following:


New families in the 18th century:"

Also around 1730 the shepherd Johann Keck could have been born, who must count as the oldest carrier of this name although other Kecks probably lived here previously.  It is not known where they came from.  Around 1759 the shepherd had a son named Lorenz who in 1787 entered into marriage with Elisabeth Disher.  Of 10 children, 2 sons passed on the name Keck in Zellhausen: Franz Anton (*1798) and Andreas (*1806).  Another Son, Balthasar (*1798), moved to Klein-Welzheim and married Katharina Winter there.  Perhaps it was the last born, Benedikt (*1810), who introduced the name Keck in America.  For he emigrated with his wife, Anna Maria, nee Rachor, to the new world.”

“Zellhausen im Wandel der Zeiten" by Heinz Schilling, 1997  (pp. 136/137)


The biographies presented here are just the beginning of the narratives of these families.  Much more research is necessary to fill in all the missing details.  Please contact me if you can help record their stories.

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