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Murdock Middleton SIMMONS
Louisa Clarinda THIGPEN

Murdock Middleton Simmons and Clarinda Thigpen and family
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Murdock Middleton "Steve" SIMMONS was born 4 Oct 1863, 5th son and 6th of 7 children of Robert "Reuben" SIMMONS and Frances (Smith) SIMMONS.

Robert married Louisa Clarinda THIGPEN. Louisa was born 7 Sept 1857 to James THIGPEN and Mary ELizabeth (Kennedy) THIGPEN.

Middleton and Louisa had 9 children:

  • Euna Emily SIMMONS b. 13 1882, died 25 May 1949 at about 67 in Bogalusa LA. She married John H. RESTER b. 8 Feb 1880, died 12 April 1949. They are buried at the Ponemah Cemetery in Bogalusa LA. Their 12 children were: Julia, Elma D., Charles Otis, Robert Reid, Lona Marie, Margie May, James and Jewel (twins), Clara Florie and Hiram. (Source: Bob Ann Breland)
  • Lucius (Lucious) Theodore SIMMONS b. 29 Dec. 1883 in Franklinton, Washington Parish, LA, married Annie KNIGHT.
  • Dewitt SIMMONS b. 14 Dec 1886, died 17 Nov 1978, married Cornelia Jane ARD born 1 Nov. 1893, died 25 April 1963. Both are buried at the Rester Cemetery in Varnado LA. Their 5 children were: Mary Aline, Doyle Davidson, James Merles, William Howell, Nellie Ruth. (Source: Bob Ann Breland)
  • Ella Murdis (Myrtis) SIMMONS b. 31 Oct. 1888 died 3 March 1971. Married Thomas Luther CORKERN b. 9 May 1882, died 28 March 1966. They are buried at the Corkern Cemetery near Sheridan LA. Their 9 children were: Ruby May, Thomas Locy, Clarence Oneal, Horace Elton, Willis Denman, Carl Willard, Doris Louella, Wilfred Melvin, James Coleman. (Source: Bob Ann Breland)
  • Mary Elizabeth SIMMONS b. 20 May 1891 and died 25 Feb 1978. She married Milton "Milt" Burns BATEMAN. Milton was born 27 Nov 1887 and died 17 Oct 1948. Delores Tousineau gives both as buried at the Ellis Cemetery in Franklinton. Their 5 children were: Emily Clara, Myford Lavelle, Jason James, Ella Kathleen, Fannie LaRee (Source: Bob Ann Breland)
  • John Benjamin SIMMONS, born 5 Jan 1894, died 6 Feb 1981, married Daisy BOOKTER, born 10 Dec 1897, died August 1975. They are buried in the Lang-Simmons Cemetery at Sheridan. Their 4 children were: Quinton Underwood, John Kermit, James Clay and Jeanette Louise. (Source: Bob Ann Breland)
  • Frances SIMMONS, born 1 June 1896, died 11 Feb 1983, married Willson Osacar PASSMAN, born 10 June 1887, died 19 Feb. 1968. They are buried at Baton Rouge. Their 8 children were: Emilia, John William, Marguerite, Steve Larue, Janice Kay, Mary Alice, Donnice and Bobby Ray. (Source: Bob Ann Breland)
  • Charles Jewell SIMMONS b. 28 Nov 1898, died 7 Nov 1947, married Alice ENGLESDORF b. 25 Aug 1904, died 17 Jan 1965. They are buried in the Lang-Simmons Cemetery at Sheridan, LA. Their 4 children were: Jewel Edward, Dudley Lamar, Mary Eugenia, Helen Louisa.
  • James F. "Bud" SIMMONS b. 5 April 1902, died 19 Oct 1979, married Alma NOBLES b. 9 August 1905, died in an automobile accident 12 June 1959. They are buried in the Lang-Simmons cemetery at Sheridan, LA. Their 2 children were: Nita Pearl and Syble Fay. James F. "Bud" Simmons married (2nd) Aline BATES, born 1906, died 29 Sept 1990. She is burined in the Ponemah Cemetery at Bogalusa LA. (Source: Bob Ann Breland)

Louisa Clarinda Thigpen SIMMONS died 29 Aug 1907 at 49. She is buried at the Simmons-Pope Cemetery in Washington Parish LA.

After the death of Louisa, Murdock married (2nd) Ophie Ginn POPE, born 14 Marcy 1879, died 6 April 1941. She is buried at the Lang-Simmons cemetery.

Ophie had been married before to Ernest L. POPE and had 4 children:

1. Henry T. POPE died at age 5 and is buried in the Cedar Grove Cemetery at Columbia, MS.
2. Edgie L. POPE b. 26 Jan 1901, d. 5 Nov. 1962. Married Emmett SMITH b. 12 Jan 1897, died 5 Nov. 1974. They are buried at the Smith Cemetery near Sheridan LA.
3. Richard "Dick" POPE, b. 16 Dec 1902, d. 14 July 1963. Married Linda BRUMFIELD b. 16 Dec. 1900, d. 13 April 1979. They are buried in the Lang-Simmons Cemetery at Sheridan.
4. Maxie Pearl POPE.

Bob Ann Breland
Delores Tousineau
Cemetery records

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