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The primary lines of this site, which concern my husband's ancestors, are Kearns, Crabtree, Hennesy and Simmons. All are Southern families, the Kearns and Crabtrees being of Georgia and Alabama, and the Simmons and Henneseys being of Mississippi and Louisiana.

When I began my research I had nothing in hand. I bugged my in-laws for as much information as I could get from them and found that all knew next to nothing about basic facts concerning their closest relatives, which was both interesting and frustrating. Years ago I wrote my husband's paternal grandmother and maternal grandparents for what they knew and the result yielded a few names but no hard dates. During the past couple years I again became interested in the genealogy of the family and again began pestering for birth and death and marriage dates, for a few elders are still living and I hoped to at least get a few basics, and I'd also heard that there might be "someone somewhere who knew something." This time the interest of my in-laws was stirred enough that they got in touch with a couple of people who they had heard might have some information, and these were the resources used for the Simmons and Kearns. Also, I heard there was a someone who might know about the Hennesy family, through they couldn't recollect who. As luck would have it, I found this individual over the net, and so much of the Hennesy information here comes through him.

Though I may have been the one to compile all this information for the family, this genealogy website wouldn't exist without the help of my in-laws, Chase Pollman (who provided the majority of the Kearns/McNulty/McAndrews genealogy information) and Curtis Hennesy (who provided a great deal of the Hennesy information). Bob Ann Breland's family history provided a great deal of Simmons/Smith family information, as did Madonna Fowler's genealogy. Thanks also to many of the Crabtrees I have met via the internet, who have been generous with their research, including Amie Akerman, Paulette Wilson And Beverly Crabtree. Because of the hard work of these individuals, if you are looking for facts on the Kearns, Crabtree, Simmons and Hennesey families you may find at this site some info that will mean your having to hunt through at least a couple less dusty county records. For a number of individuals census records are noted. Land deeds are sometimes mentioned. For some individuals of the Kearns families there are birth and death certificates.

My main interest in putting this genealogy on the net is for family--cousins etc. who perhaps may want the information I've managed to pull together. And then perhaps there is an individual out there who is looking for information on someone and one day they may come across this site and find that person here.

This website offers also a few stories, a little flesh on the genealogical skeleton. My mother-in-law wrote a short memoir on her family, from which I have drawn copious excerpts, and which I augment here and there with a few details and things I've heard over the years. And I've searched a bit here and there to find what I could on the internet for supplemental information and have come up with a few things that the Hennesy and Simmons families might find of interest.

If anyone has any corrections or infomation they don't see here I would hope they would email me. Also, I'm always interested in leads for those family lines that dead-end just a few short generations ago so that we have no idea when these families came to America and their progress thereafter.

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