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Akers, E. T. (marriage to Thomas L Lineberry) (i2110), b.1866-


Alderman, Bitha Belle (marriage to Leonard Lineberry) (i1235), b.1907-d.2000
Alderman, Nora (marriage to Wilburn T Lineberry) (i2078), b.1883-
Alderman, Virginia (marriage to Byron A Lineberry) (i321), b.1867-


Alley, Eugene Raymond (i2001) (still alive)
Alley, Everett Raymond (marriage to Carrie Reed Lineberry) (i1935), b.1908-d.1985


Araminta, (marriage to Jacob Edwards) (i1772)


Ayers, Alexander (marriage to Beedy Isabella Lineberry) (i2009), b.1853-
Ayers, Sarah Frances (marriage to Jeremiah Adam Lineberry) (i13), b.1855-
Ayers, Thomas Jefferson (i4679), b.1884-


Bartlett, Arthur Glen (marriage to Ocie Elmer Lineberry) (i1992)


Bauman, Austin Clark (i907), b.1992-d.1992
Bauman, Bessie (marriage to Lewis Allen Lineberry) (i1987)
Bauman, Kelsey Lynne (i908) (still alive)
Bauman, Travis Eric (i906) (still alive)


Bedsaul, Nancy J. (marriage to Granville Lineberry) (i2032), b.1870-
Bedsaul, Rosamond (marriage to Francis M Lineberry) (i324), b.1841-d.1870


Bentley, Andrew James (i4755) (still alive)
Bentley, Casey Leighanne (i4754) (still alive)
Bentley, Jakob Kristofer (i4743) (still alive)
Bentley, James Frederick (i4756) (still alive)
Bentley, Kerra Elizabeth (i4742) (still alive)
Bentley, Kristofer Kevin (i4739) (still alive)
Bentley, Lama Duane (i4744) (still alive)
Bentley, Larry Duane (i4747) (still alive)
Bentley, Laura Ann (i4737) (still alive)
Bentley, Lyn Alexandria (i4750) (still alive)
Bentley, Rebecca Erin (i4753) (still alive)
Bentley, Stanley Lee (i4735) (still alive)
Bentley, Tony Lee (i4751) (still alive)
Bentley, Victoria Dayle (i4749) (still alive)


Bobbit, Mr. (marriage to Clara Roberts) (i2527)


Booth, Jesse A. (marriage to Grace Jane Lineberry) (i1989)


Bowers, Allen (i1632), b.1858-
Bowers, Emmett (marriage to Linnie Ann Lineberry) (i1445), b.1877-
Bowers, Eva (i607) (living status unknown)
Bowers, George (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i1630), b.1838-
Bowers, George W. (marriage to Piety Lineberry) (i1930), b.1861-
Bowers, James D (i2178), b.1863-
Bowers, James D (marriage to Martha Lineberry) (i2178), b.1863-
Bowers, Lott (i609) (living status unknown)
Bowers, Lyddia (i1633), b.1860-
Bowers, Marrie (marriage to William Sebert Lineberry) (i2070), b.1874-
Bowers, Mary (marriage to Jacob Lineberry) (i145), b.1853-d.1923
Bowers, Minnie (i606) (living status unknown)
Bowers, Nickatie Virginia (marriage to John Melvin Frost) (i4456), b.1869-d.1948
Bowers, Whitt (i610) (living status unknown)
Bowers, Zonnie (i608) (living status unknown)


Brady, Claude (i2490)
Brady, Etta (i2491)
Brady, James F (marriage to Maggie Lineberry) (i2183), b.1874-


Breckenridge, Ann (i4364) (still alive)
Breckenridge, Barbara (i4360) (still alive)
Breckenridge, John Kenneth (i4359), b.1947-d.1973


Brown, David Wayne (i895) (still alive)
Brown, Jackson Miller (i5285) (still alive)
Brown, Kay Lynne (i894) (still alive)
Brown, Louis C. (marriage to Mary Frances Lineberry) (i2725)


Bryant, Carl (i1569)
Bryant, Charles Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Lineberry) (i85), b.1839-
Bryant, Chleo Patra (marriage to Leander Francis Lineberry) (i1454), b.1870-d.1942
Bryant, Etta (i1568), b.1914-
Bryant, Garland (i1571)
Bryant, Harvey (marriage to Dillie Viola Lineberry) (i1567), b.1874-
Bryant, James A (marriage to Emma Lineberry) (i2205), b.1847-
Bryant, John (marriage to Rosamon Lineberry) (i2144), b.1843-
Bryant, Lydia (marriage to John C. Lineberry) (i398), b.1850-d.1892
Bryant, Mahala (marriage to Joseph V. Lineberry) (i626), b.1847-
Bryant, Manda (marriage to Alvin Lineberry) (i2753)
Bryant, Minty (i1570)
Bryant, Rachel E (marriage to Adonijah K. Lineberry) (i15), b.1847-d.1888
Bryant, Renie (i1572)


Burnett, Catherine (i4512), b.1866-
Burnett, David Crockett (marriage to Martha Lineberry) (i222), b.1839-
Burnett, Elisha (i4511), b.1864-
Burnett, Emmett (i4514), b.1878-
Burnett, George Monroe (i4505)
Burnett, Jake (i4506)
Burnett, Joe (i4508)
Burnett, Laura (i4515), b.1889-
Burnett, Lillie (i4509)
Burnett, Lizzie (i4510)
Burnett, Martha (i4504)
Burnett, Mary Esther (i4503), b.1862-
Burnett, Piety (i4507)
Burnett, Samuel (i4513), b.1868-
Burnett, Terry Washington (marriage to Catherine Lineberry) (i1969)


Buzzard, Alice Ann (marriage to J. Wesley McAfee) (i4372)


Campfield, Effie Jean (i2731) (living status unknown)
Campfield, Walter (marriage to Floella Ann Redding) (i2730)


Carico, Ida Mae (marriage to John Simeon Frost) (i4550)


Carolan, Kent (i4352) (still alive)
Carolan, Melanie (i4351) (still alive)
Carolan, Melissa (i4349) (still alive)
Carolan, Michael (i4348) (still alive)
Carolan, Nancy N. (i4346) (still alive)


Celia (marriage to Tommy Lineberry) (i4383) (living status unknown)


Chappell, Lydia Ellen (marriage to Lee Arthur Frost) (i4545), b.1867-d.1918


Christian, Hattie Ann (marriage to Patrick Leander Lineberry) (i697)


Coalson, John (marriage to Rebecca Lineberry) (i2012), b.1875-


Collute, Ethel (marriage to John Wesley Lineberry) (i4378)


Cora (marriage to Walter Edy Lineberry) (i4601)


Coulson, Cara Caroline (marriage to Floyd M Lineberry) (i1933), b.1871-d.1959
Coulson, George (marriage to Catharine Lineberry) (i49)
Coulson, John (marriage to Elizabeth Lineberry) (i83)
Coulson, Mary Priscilla (i191)
Coulson, Mary Priscilla (marriage to Leander Lineberry) (i191)


Creasman, Lutie Frances (marriage to Elwood Frederick Lineberry) (i4312), b.1902-


Crowder, Mr. (marriage to Laura Lineberry) (i2518)


Curry, Sarah Michelle (i5273) (still alive)


Curtess, Billie (i1751) (still alive)
Curtess, Bobbie Louise (i1228) (still alive)
Curtess, Edson John (marriage to Bernita May Lineberry) (i1226), b.1899-d.1982
Curtess, Edson John, Jr. (i1227), b.1921-d.1982
Curtess, Nathan (i1752) (still alive)
Curtess, Sherri L (i1231) (still alive)
Curtess, Steven (i1230) (still alive)


Delp, Catherine (marriage to Jeremiah Lineberry) (i1586), b.1818-d.1847
Delp, Jefferson Davis (i2542), b.1861-
Delp, John (marriage to Louisa Lineberry) (i1616), b.1828-


Deming, Jennifer Ellen (i5261) (still alive)
Deming, Philip Estel (i5263) (still alive)
Deming, Rex Allen (i5262) (still alive)


Duncan, Ida (marriage to Burton Roland Lineberry) (i2125), b.1891-


Dunn, Breck (i4363) (still alive)
Dunn, Christian (i4362) (still alive)

Eagle Heart

Eagle Heart, Mildred (marriage to John Wesley Lineberry) (i1975)


Edwards, Augustine (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i889), b.1811-
Edwards, B. D. (marriage to Rosie Lineberry) (i5247)
Edwards, Clark (i1770), b.1840-
Edwards, Euphemy (i1773), b.1852-
Edwards, Francis Canada (i890), b.1844-d.1922
Edwards, Jacob (i1771), b.1842-
Edwards, Lurana (i1777), b.1858-
Edwards, Mary E (i1775), b.1854-
Edwards, Silas (i1776), b.1856-
Edwards, Steven J. (marriage to Grace Jane Lineberry) (i1990)


Evans, Nancy (marriage to George Lineberry) (i4829), b.1811-d.1877
Evans, Rebecca (marriage to Joseph Lineberry) (i268), b.1810-d.1881


Fanning, Jacob (i2734), b.1829-d.1864
Fanning, Martha Jane (i5238), b.1838-
Fanning, Mary (marriage to Jacob Lineberry IV) (i750), b.1771-d.1846
Fanning, Mary Ellen (i5237), b.1831-
Fanning, Rueben (marriage to Martha Lineberry) (i1578)


Farmer, Alexander (marriage to Ellymanda Lineberry) (i2189), b.1874-
Farmer, Eli (marriage to Polly Lineberry) (i2186), b.1869-
Farmer, John P (marriage to Rebecca Lineberry) (i2202), b.1868-
Farmer, Rhoda A. (marriage to Melvin J. Lineberry) (i1977)


Feaster, Callie Ann (i1732) (still alive)
Feaster, Hunter Cleveland (i1733) (still alive)


Felt, Connie Jean (i4344) (still alive)
Felt, James William (i4355) (still alive)


Felts, Charity (marriage to Lee Arthur Frost) (i4544)


Fette, Jessica (i4366) (still alive)


Fowler, Elizabeth (i4731), b.1879-
Fowler, Elsie Lee (i4733) (still alive)
Fowler, Ethel Florence (i4805), b.1909-d.1910
Fowler, Joseph William (i4690), b.1876-d.1910
Fowler, Margaret A (i4730), b.1887-
Fowler, May Etta (i4758), b.1905-
Fowler, Rebecca (i4732), b.1878-
Fowler, William Riley (marriage to Lucinda Lineberry) (i205), b.1848-d.1898


Frost, Alverta Louvina (i4540), b.1862-
Frost, Andrew P. (i4538), b.1853-d.1888
Frost, Bennie Cleve (i4557), b.1907-d.1912
Frost, Bert Sanders (i4552), b.1895-d.1956
Frost, Billy Gene (i4614) (still alive)
Frost, Brooks Leigh (i4618) (still alive)
Frost, Callie F (i4455)
Frost, Caroline Madison (i4613) (still alive)
Frost, Clayton Willis (i4458), b.1899-d.1912
Frost, Dillie Ann (i4453)
Frost, Donna (i4623) (still alive)
Frost, Dora (i4451)
Frost, Elizabeth E. (i4446), b.1850-d.1855
Frost, Emma M (i4454)
Frost, Flora Alice (i4555), b.1900-d.1986
Frost, Francis Madison (i4447), b.1855-d.1944
Frost, Fred Gilmer (i4556), b.1905-d.1983
Frost, Harry Lee (marriage to Cleo Bernice Lineberry) (i2529), b.1927-d.1987
Frost, Harry Lee, Jr. (i2530) (still alive)
Frost, Harvey Everett (i4553), b.1897-d.1957
Frost, James (marriage to Amanda Lineberry) (i2166), b.1868-
Frost, James (marriage to Piety Lineberry) (i703), b.1854-
Frost, Jessica (i4621) (still alive)
Frost, John Melvin (i4448), b.1869-d.1945
Frost, John Simeon (i4549), b.1892-d.1956
Frost, Kevin Lee (i4607) (still alive)
Frost, Kris Kirkland (i4616) (still alive)
Frost, Landon Barret (i4611) (still alive)
Frost, Laura Belle (i4449), b.1874-d.1911
Frost, Lee Arthur (i4543), b.1864-d.1945
Frost, Lula Maude (i2105), b.1889-d.1966
Frost, Lula Maude (marriage to Francis Jefferson Lineberry) (i2105), b.1889-d.1966
Frost, Mary Ann (marriage to Alexander A Lineberry) (i657), b.1836-
Frost, Mary Ellen (i4551), b.1894-d.1894
Frost, Meredith Grace (i4612) (still alive)
Frost, Neil Barret (i4609) (still alive)
Frost, Rianna (i4625) (still alive)
Frost, Rickey Lynn (i4619) (still alive)
Frost, Robert Luther (i4548), b.1891-
Frost, Sadie (i4542)
Frost, Scott (i4622) (still alive)
Frost, Simeon (marriage to Louvinia Lineberry) (i2212), b.1825-d.1913
Frost, Troy Simeon (i4457), b.1890-d.1893
Frost, Walter George (i4554), b.1898-d.1977
Frost, William Simeon (i4452)


Gerik, Lillian (marriage to Joseph Keithley Lineberry) (i1238), b.1919-d.1998


Gillespie, Gannon (i4337) (still alive)
Gillespie, Gemma (i4338) (still alive)


Godsey, Lilly Dell (marriage to Roby Oscar Lineberry) (i5249), b.1896-d.1961


Goss, Allison Kathleen (i4292) (still alive)
Goss, Kimberly Jean (i4291) (still alive)


Gourd, Kelsey (marriage to Louie? Lineberry) (i2696)


Graham, E. D. (marriage to Lorenzo W Lineberry) (i2546)
Graham, E. D. (marriage to Lorenzo W Lineberry) (i2546)
Graham, Frances (marriage to Joseph A Lineberry) (i2019), b.1872-d.1900


Grimes, Jim (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i1927)


Hamlin, Catherine (marriage to Jacob Fanning) (i2735)


Harmon, Belle (marriage to Troy M Lineberry) (i2759)
Harmon, Bertha (marriage to Lee Arthur Frost) (i4546)
Harmon, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph H Lineberry) (i265), b.1825-
Harmon, Mary L (marriage to Leander Lineberry) (i699), b.1845-
Harmon, Nancy (marriage to Jeremiah Lineberry) (i395), b.1840-
Harmon, Otis (marriage to Ila Rae Lineberry) (i4588)
Harmon, Rhoda (marriage to George Alex Lineberry) (i490), b.1846-d.1896
Harmon, Sarah (marriage to Lorenzo Dow Lineberry) (i189), b.1839-
Harmon, Zella H. (marriage to Thorton Wesley Lineberry) (i1998), d.1997


Harper, India (marriage to John Lineberry) (i2059), b.1867-d.1902


Haynes, John W (marriage to Nenetti L Lineberry) (i2192), b.1878-


Heep, John Bradley (i4332) (still alive)
Heep, Katherine Diane (i4331) (still alive)


Hill, Gary Wayne, Jr. (i4591) (still alive)


Horton, Frances (marriage to Peter Lineberry) (i2035), b.1873-


Howell, Cornelia (marriage to Adonijah K. Lineberry) (i642), b.1863-


Hubbard, Brenda Kay (i4781) (still alive)
Hubbard, Dorothy Louise (i4779) (still alive)
Hubbard, Elsie Marie (i4784) (still alive)
Hubbard, Ethel Frances Annabell (i4760) (still alive)
Hubbard, James William (marriage to May Etta Fowler) (i4759)
Hubbard, James William, Jr (i4795), b.1928-d.1972
Hubbard, Linda Gale (i4782) (still alive)
Hubbard, Ollie Mae (i4796) (still alive)
Hubbard, Ruby Ruth (i4768) (still alive)
Hubbard, Shirley Jeania (i4783) (still alive)
Hubbard, Thomas Gene (i4780) (still alive)
Hubbard, Thomas Green (i4777) (still alive)


Isom, Laura C. (marriage to Martin D Lineberry) (i4626), b.1866-d.1926


Jackson, Andrew Paul (i5269) (still alive)
Jackson, Jamie Lynn (i5270) (still alive)


Jennings, Bill (i1781)
Jennings, Chester Bennie (i5200) (living status unknown)
Jennings, David (marriage to Luraney Lineberry) (i252), b.1835-
Jennings, David (marriage to Nancy Lineberry) (i252), b.1835-
Jennings, Houston (i1784)
Jennings, Ida (marriage to Clayton Lineberry) (i4600)
Jennings, John A (i1780), b.1884-
Jennings, John A (marriage to Lillie Bell Lineberry) (i1780), b.1884-
Jennings, Linda (i5201) (still alive)
Jennings, Linnie (marriage to Conley R Lineberry) (i2136), b.1888-
Jennings, Luke (i4826), b.1858-
Jennings, Luraney (i4827), b.1858-d.1858
Jennings, Mattie A. (marriage to Francis J Lineberry) (i2081), b.1868-
Jennings, Mike (i1783)
Jennings, Nancy Lineberry (i4828), b.1859-
Jennings, Orphia (marriage to Ernest Addison Lineberry) (i2749)
Jennings, Presley Madison (marriage to Bessie Ethel Lineberry) (i2199), b.1880-
Jennings, Rush Floyd (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Lineberry) (i93), b.1858-
Jennings, Tom (i1782)


Johnson, Pearley V (marriage to Andrew Shelton Lineberry) (i2064), b.1877-


Jones, Clifford Clinton (marriage to Hattie Viola Lineberry) (i2507), b.1912-d.1967
Jones, Creed (marriage to Rachel L Lineberry) (i2167), b.1865-
Jones, Ila Faye (i4578) (still alive)
Jones, Roger Wayne (i4579) (still alive)
Jones, Thomas McKinley (i4576) (still alive)
Jones, Una Lee (i4577) (still alive)


Kane, Sarah (marriage to Wiley Lineberry) (i2763)


Keithley, Eva (marriage to Jacob Wesley Lineberry) (i898), b.1883-d.1922


Kincaid, Letha Mildred (marriage to Elwood Frederick Lineberry) (i4299), b.1912-d.1970


Kirby, Robert K (marriage to Margie L Lineberry) (i2195), b.1878-


Kyle, Sally Helen (marriage to William Thomas Lineberry) (i2075), b.1874-


Landholt, Cary (i3112) (still alive)
Landholt, Kim (i3111) (still alive)


Landreth, Ailcey Margaret (marriage to Emmit J Lineberry) (i2090), b.1884-
Landreth, Alice Faye (i5508) (still alive)
Landreth, Brenda Berniece (i5509) (still alive)
Landreth, Daisy Geraldine (i5507) (still alive)
Landreth, David Breece (i5511) (still alive)
Landreth, Elsie (i4489), b.1867-
Landreth, Enoch (i4490), b.1868-
Landreth, Floyd Rush (marriage to Arena Lineberry) (i133), b.1848-
Landreth, Harry (i4494), b.1881-
Landreth, Joseph (i4491), b.1869-
Landreth, Lois Jean (i5510) (still alive)
Landreth, Luvinia (i4495), b.1888-
Landreth, Rebecca (i4492), b.1871-
Landreth, Stephen Albert (i4493), b.1876-
Landreth, Stephen S. (marriage to Ida Florence Lineberry) (i132), b.1866-
Landreth, Sterling Thornton (marriage to Delmer Viola Lineberry) (i5506)


Langwell, Wauconda (marriage to Wesley Bird Lineberry) (i1968), b.1853-d.1935


Lawson, Arminta L (marriage to George Alexander Lineberry) (i1282), b.1889-d.1980
Lawson, Bertha Jane (marriage to John Lineberry) (i2095), b.1886-


Lineberry*, Baulah H. (marriage to Paul Bowman Lineberry) (i2000) (living status unknown)


Lineberry, Ada (marriage to J. Arthur Lineberry) (i2745)
Lineberry, Adonijah K. (i14), b.1847-d.1912
Lineberry, Albert (i590), b.1870-d.1925
Lineberry, Albert (marriage to Callie Dora Lineberry) (i590), b.1870-d.1925
Lineberry, Alexander A (i643), b.1833-
Lineberry, Allen Journal (i317), b.1838-d.1900
Lineberry, Alma (i320) (still alive)
Lineberry, Alverta Davis (i310), b.1853-
Lineberry, Alvin (i2752), b.1899-
Lineberry, Amanda (i629), b.1868-
Lineberry, Andrew (i4380) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Andrew Shelton (i2063), b.1875-
Lineberry, Anna Lee (i4369), b.1880-
Lineberry, Anna Vivian (i4333) (still alive)
Lineberry, Arena (i278), b.1847-
Lineberry, Beedy Isabella (i322), b.1856-
Lineberry, Bernita May (i904), b.1904-d.1967
Lineberry, Bertha (i653), b.1876-
Lineberry, Bessie Ethel (i2198), b.1884-d.1943
Lineberry, Billie Jo (i1248), b.1931-
Lineberry, Brenda Mae (i4589) (still alive)
Lineberry, Brenda Sue (i5257) (still alive)
Lineberry, Burton (i601), b.1899-d.1977
Lineberry, Burton Roland (i2124), b.1891-
Lineberry, Byron A (i46), b.1861-
Lineberry, Callie (i640), b.1873-
Lineberry, Callie B (i603), b.1894-
Lineberry, Callie Dora (i494), b.1881-d.1931
Lineberry, Callie Dora (marriage to Albert Lineberry) (i494), b.1881-d.1931
Lineberry, Carol Ann (i1239) (still alive)
Lineberry, Carrie Reed (i1934), b.1910-d.1989
Lineberry, Cassie Spangler (i1995) (still alive)
Lineberry, Catharine (i48), b.1803-d.1874
Lineberry, Catherine (i646), b.1835-d.1913
Lineberry, Catherine A (i1587), b.1860-
Lineberry, Cathy Fay (i5258) (still alive)
Lineberry, Charles Dewell (i4685) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Charlie (i4833), b.1890-
Lineberry, Charlie Elmer (i2754), b.1884-
Lineberry, Chester Floyd (i1993), b.1902-d.1983
Lineberry, Chester Harvey (i2489), b.1904-
Lineberry, Clayton (i2699)
Lineberry, Cleo Bernice (i2528), b.1929-d.1984
Lineberry, Clyde (i2519) (still alive)
Lineberry, Columbus (i678), b.1875-
Lineberry, Conley R (i2135), b.1886-
Lineberry, Corey (i4305) (still alive)
Lineberry, David (i587), b.1873-d.1945
Lineberry, David (i2492) (still alive)
Lineberry, David (i4825), b.1903-
Lineberry, David (marriage to Piety Catherine Lineberry) (i587), b.1873-d.1945
Lineberry, Delmer Viola (i1281), b.1920-d.1996
Lineberry, Dillie Viola (i599), b.1874-
Lineberry, Donald Joe (i4596) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Donna Jean (i4684) (still alive)
Lineberry, Dorthula (i658), b.1855-
Lineberry, E. A. (i2744), b.1889-
Lineberry, Early Jackson (i1923), b.1888-d.1914
Lineberry, Edna Fay (i5252) (still alive)
Lineberry, Edward Lawrence (i4385), b.1886-
Lineberry, Effie Mae (i2727), b.1876-d.1962
Lineberry, Elbert (i306), b.1881-d.1964
Lineberry, Elbert M (i1981), b.1881-d.1964
Lineberry, Elizabeth (i275), b.1809-d.1852
Lineberry, Elizabeth (i313), b.1835-d.1917
Lineberry, Elizabeth (i647), b.1837-d.1916
Lineberry, Elizabeth (i656), b.1820-
Lineberry, Elizabeth Jane (i92), b.1860-
Lineberry, Ella Victoria (i1976), b.1870-
Lineberry, Ella Victoria (marriage to Jacob Preston Lineberry) (i1976), b.1870-
Lineberry, Ellymanda (i1696), b.1874-
Lineberry, Elwood Frederick (i4298), b.1907-d.1980
Lineberry, Emma (i2206), b.1883-
Lineberry, Emmit J (i2089), b.1881-
Lineberry, Ernest Addison (i1453), b.1898-
Lineberry, Ethel (i589), b.1906-
Lineberry, Ethel Marita (i2535) (still alive)
Lineberry, Ettra (i1283), b.1914-
Lineberry, Eulis Wilson (i591), b.1909-d.1992
Lineberry, Euna Celene (i4681) (still alive)
Lineberry, Euphamia (i276), b.1820-d.1886
Lineberry, Flossy (i2513)
Lineberry, Floyd M (i632), b.1870-d.1941
Lineberry, Frances Brooks (i2533) (still alive)
Lineberry, Frances Elizabeth (i309), b.1857-
Lineberry, Francis (i270), b.1801-d.1874
Lineberry, Francis J (i659), b.1856-
Lineberry, Francis Jefferson (i2104), b.1882-d.1967
Lineberry, Francis Jefferson (marriage to Lula Maude Frost) (i2104), b.1882-d.1967
Lineberry, Francis M (i644), b.1840-d.1870
Lineberry, Frederick Allen (i4273), b.1878-d.1963
Lineberry, Frederick Lewis (i4300) (still alive)
Lineberry, George (i288), b.1806-d.1877
Lineberry, George (i900), b.1912-d.1944
Lineberry, George (i1674), b.1912-
Lineberry, George (i1794), b.1867-
Lineberry, George Alex (i280), b.1843-d.1916
Lineberry, George Alexander (i495), b.1885-d.1964
Lineberry, George Glen (i2497), b.1950-d.1950
Lineberry, George Henderson (i628), b.1865-
Lineberry, George J (i1590), b.1890-
Lineberry, George J (i2756), b.1891-
Lineberry, George Martin (i651), b.1844-d.1864
Lineberry, George Richard (i1250) (still alive)
Lineberry, George Wilburn (i264), b.1852-
Lineberry, Gertrude (i1673), b.1907-
Lineberry, Gertrude Catherine (i4392), b.1891-d.1915
Lineberry, Gladys (i2523), b.1903-
Lineberry, Glen (i2524)
Lineberry, Glenn (i2520), b.1897-
Lineberry, Grace Jane (i1988), b.1898-d.1981
Lineberry, Grant Lewis (i4306) (still alive)
Lineberry, Granville (i1592), b.1868-
Lineberry, Harbert Thomas (i592), b.1912-d.1989
Lineberry, Hastel Jacob (i2508)
Lineberry, Hattie Gertrude (i4342) (still alive)
Lineberry, Hattie Jeanette (i2531) (still alive)
Lineberry, Hattie Viola (i1676), b.1910-d.1992
Lineberry, Helena (i2532) (still alive)
Lineberry, Howard Wesley (i2509)
Lineberry, Ida Esther (i1456), b.1898-
Lineberry, Ida Florence (i131), b.1870-
Lineberry, Ila Rae (i4587), b.1944-
Lineberry, Isiah (i1585), b.1850-
Lineberry, J. Arthur (i2743), b.1886-
Lineberry, J. C. (i2131), b.1863-
Lineberry, J. R. (i2113), b.1882-
Lineberry, Jacob (i277), b.1829-d.1852
Lineberry, Jacob (i652), b.1846-d.1929
Lineberry, Jacob (i2494) (still alive)
Lineberry, Jacob P (i319), b.1811-d.1887
Lineberry, Jacob Preston (i638), b.1865-d.1927
Lineberry, Jacob Preston (marriage to Ella Victoria Lineberry) (i638), b.1865-d.1927
Lineberry, Jacob Wesley (i489), b.1871-d.1915
Lineberry, Jacob, IV (i327), b.1771-d.1852
Lineberry, James W (i665), b.1877-
Lineberry, James Waldo (i4308) (still alive)
Lineberry, Jan Willi... (i1692) (still alive)
Lineberry, Jane (i4391) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Jean Ann (i4287) (still alive)
Lineberry, Jeremiah (i281), b.1817-
Lineberry, Jeremiah (i308), b.1834-
Lineberry, Jeremiah (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i308), b.1834-
Lineberry, Jeremiah Adam (i618), b.1853-
Lineberry, Jeremy (i2495), b.1980-d.1998
Lineberry, John (i282), b.1850-
Lineberry, John (i679), b.1867-
Lineberry, John (i1795), b.1862-
Lineberry, John C. (i169), b.1848-
Lineberry, John Lewis (i5211) (still alive)
Lineberry, John Wesley (i633), b.1862-
Lineberry, John Wesley (i4377), b.1884-d.1958
Lineberry, Johnnie (i902), b.1906-d.1989
Lineberry, Joseph (i283), b.1807-d.1883
Lineberry, Joseph (i2496) (still alive)
Lineberry, Joseph A (i2018), b.1867-
Lineberry, Joseph H (i266), b.1830-d.1884
Lineberry, Joseph Keithley (i903), b.1910-d.1999
Lineberry, Joseph V. (i648), b.1840-d.1906
Lineberry, Kathryn (i4388) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Kenneth Waldo (i4275) (still alive)
Lineberry, Kenneth Wesley (i4310) (still alive)
Lineberry, Kimbro (i680), b.1878-d.1904
Lineberry, Kimbro (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i680), b.1878-d.1904
Lineberry, Kristopher (i4304) (still alive)
Lineberry, L Boyd (i2760), b.1894-
Lineberry, Laura (i2514)
Lineberry, Laura (i2726), b.1874-d.1874
Lineberry, Leander (i296), b.1837-
Lineberry, Leander (i681), b.1869-
Lineberry, Leander (marriage to Mary Priscilla Coulson) (i296), b.1837-
Lineberry, Leander Francis (i492), b.1869-
Lineberry, Lelia (i4831), b.1880-
Lineberry, Lena Annie (i1278) (still alive)
Lineberry, Lennie (i666), b.1871-
Lineberry, Leonard (i901), b.1908-d.1994
Lineberry, Leonard Melvin (i1249), b.1933-
Lineberry, Leonard Ray (i1737) (still alive)
Lineberry, Leonard Wesley (i1240) (still alive)
Lineberry, Lester Jacob (i1455), b.1895-d.1902
Lineberry, Lewis Allen (i1986), b.1896-d.1968
Lineberry, Lillie Bell (i1785), b.1884-
Lineberry, Lillie Bell (marriage to John A Jennings) (i1785), b.1884-
Lineberry, Linnie Ann (i496), b.1883-d.1917
Lineberry, Lois (i4277) (still alive)
Lineberry, Lonnie (i1672), b.1910-
Lineberry, Lorenzo Dow (i285), b.1837-d.1880
Lineberry, Lorenzo W (i2545), b.1893-
Lineberry, Loretta Pearl (i4357) (still alive)
Lineberry, Lottie (i2522), b.1901-
Lineberry, Louie? (i2525)
Lineberry, Louisa (i655), b.1828-
Lineberry, Louvinia (i2211), b.1828-d.1891
Lineberry, Louvinia Annie (i634), b.1868-
Lineberry, Lucinda (i286), b.1854-
Lineberry, Lucinda Frances (i415), b.1863-
Lineberry, Lucinda Frances (marriage to William J Lineberry) (i415), b.1863-
Lineberry, Luemma (i1595), b.1871-
Lineberry, Lurana Susany (i206), b.1815-d.1889
Lineberry, Luraney (i198), b.1836-d.1859
Lineberry, Luraney (i284), b.1840-
Lineberry, Maggie (i2182), b.1877-
Lineberry, Mallie (i1675)
Lineberry, Margaret (i1591), b.1880-
Lineberry, Margie L (i1589), b.1884-
Lineberry, Marie (i1666), b.1920-d.1942
Lineberry, Mark (i2498) (still alive)
Lineberry, Mark Allen (i1738) (still alive)
Lineberry, Martha (i287), b.1812-d.1844
Lineberry, Martha (i649), b.1847-
Lineberry, Martha (i674), b.1869-
Lineberry, Martha (marriage to James D Bowers) (i674), b.1869-
Lineberry, Martha A (i635), b.1875-
Lineberry, Martin A (i660), b.1860-
Lineberry, Martin A (i2100), b.1883-
Lineberry, Martin D (i627), b.1861-d.1924
Lineberry, Mary (i619), b.1847-
Lineberry, Mary (i888), b.1814-d.1895
Lineberry, Mary (i1631), b.1841-d.1912
Lineberry, Mary (i1979), b.1880-
Lineberry, Mary (i4629)
Lineberry, Mary (marriage to Jeremiah Lineberry) (i619), b.1847-
Lineberry, Mary (marriage to Kimbro Lineberry) (i1979), b.1880-
Lineberry, Mary (marriage to Kimbro Lineberry) (i1979), b.1880-
Lineberry, Mary Ellen (i4384) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Mary Frances (i2723), b.1872-
Lineberry, Mary Nicole (i1730) (still alive)
Lineberry, Matthew Christian (i4311) (still alive)
Lineberry, Mavis (i4603) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Max (i4381) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, May (i2703)
Lineberry, Mayme Wilma (i2751) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Melvin J. (i636), b.1869-d.1926
Lineberry, Meyrne (i4379) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Mintie (marriage to E. A. Lineberry) (i2746)
Lineberry, Monroe L. (i2117), b.1882-
Lineberry, Nancy (i290), b.1842-
Lineberry, Nancy (i675), b.1866-
Lineberry, Nancy Ann (i639), b.1878-
Lineberry, Nancy L (i1936), b.1868-d.1868
Lineberry, Nelly Marie (i1279), b.1916-
Lineberry, Nenetti L (i667), b.1878-
Lineberry, Nettie W. (i1457), b.1899-
Lineberry, Nina May (i5250), b.1925-d.1949
Lineberry, Nita (i4599) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Ocie A. (i4832), b.1888-
Lineberry, Ocie Elmer (i1991), b.1900-d.1948
Lineberry, Odean (i4602) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Oidle (i1679), b.1919-
Lineberry, Oran A (i694), b.1842-d.1891
Lineberry, Otie (i2139), b.1890-
Lineberry, Patrick Leander (i698), b.1855-
Lineberry, Paul Bowman (i1999), b.1912-d.1976
Lineberry, Paul Everett (i5251) (still alive)
Lineberry, Paula Kay (i5259) (still alive)
Lineberry, Perry L (i588), b.1896-
Lineberry, Peter (i1593), b.1870-
Lineberry, Piety (i637), b.1872-d.1934
Lineberry, Piety (i702), b.1856-d.1915
Lineberry, Piety (i1929), b.1872-d.1913
Lineberry, Piety Catherine (i491), b.1878-d.1953
Lineberry, Piety Catherine (marriage to David Lineberry) (i491), b.1878-d.1953
Lineberry, Polly (i1594), b.1876-
Lineberry, Polly (i1597), b.1877-
Lineberry, Polly Ann (i668), b.1863-
Lineberry, Polly Elizabeth (i2511), b.1901-d.1975
Lineberry, Pyllis Ann (i4683), b.1940-d.1998
Lineberry, R. D. (i4592), b.1952-d.1982
Lineberry, Rachel L (i662), b.1866-
Lineberry, Ralph Wesley (i2544), b.1892-d.1942
Lineberry, Ramona (i4597) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Ray (i2698)
Lineberry, Rebecca (i300), b.1854-d.1870
Lineberry, Rebecca (i1599), b.1875-
Lineberry, Rennie C (i1691)
Lineberry, Rita Lou (i4686) (still alive)
Lineberry, Robert (i602), b.1897-
Lineberry, Robert Keith (i1734) (still alive)
Lineberry, Robert Leon (i1241) (still alive)
Lineberry, Roby Oscar (i4627), b.1890-d.1944
Lineberry, Rosamon (i301), b.1845-
Lineberry, Rosie (i4628)
Lineberry, Roy Oscar (i5253), b.1932-d.1984
Lineberry, Rubie (i1280) (still alive)
Lineberry, Russell (i4387) (living status unknown)
Lineberry, Ruth (i2512)
Lineberry, Sadie (i2521), b.1899-
Lineberry, Samuel (i631), b.1878-
Lineberry, Samuel Davis (i2488), b.1902-
Lineberry, Sarah "Elizabeth" (i661), b.1858-
Lineberry, Sarah Dawn (i4594) (still alive)
Lineberry, Sarah L (i2170), b.1868-
Lineberry, Scott Allen (i4302) (still alive)
Lineberry, Sophia Rae-Ann (i1740) (still alive)
Lineberry, Stella (i2702)
Lineberry, Susana (i654), b.1844-
Lineberry, Sybil Jo (i4584) (still alive)
Lineberry, Ted Joseph (i2536), b.1942-
Lineberry, Ted Parson (i2510), b.1908-d.1998
Lineberry, Thelma Corinne (i4313), b.1909-d.1995
Lineberry, Thomas (i1600), b.1873-
Lineberry, Thomas Allen (i493), b.1875-d.1965
Lineberry, Thomas Darrell (i4682) (still alive)
Lineberry, Thomas L (i302), b.1862-
Lineberry, Thorton Wesley (i1997), b.1907-d.1976
Lineberry, Tommy (i4382)
Lineberry, Troy M (i2758), b.1893-
Lineberry, Unnamed (i2341), b.1872-d.1872
Lineberry, Valarie A (i663), b.1870-
Lineberry, Verlon (i2534) (still alive)
Lineberry, Vernia Arnie (i1985), b.1895-d.1909
Lineberry, Victori (i669), b.1873-
Lineberry, Viola (i664), b.1869-
Lineberry, Virgil Ray (i4680)
Lineberry, Virginia Amy (i487) (still alive)
Lineberry, Walter Edy (i4598), b.1899-
Lineberry, Wesley Bird (i645), b.1845-d.1924
Lineberry, Wilbur (i586) (still alive)
Lineberry, Wilburn T (i1690), b.1878-
Lineberry, Wiley (i2762), b.1895-
Lineberry, William (i2067), b.1873-
Lineberry, William (i2493) (still alive)
Lineberry, William (i4830), b.1834-d.1850
Lineberry, William Carson (i304) (still alive)
Lineberry, William F or T (i1695), b.1877-
Lineberry, William H (i2748), b.1895-
Lineberry, William J (i620), b.1858-
Lineberry, William J (marriage to Lucinda Frances Lineberry) (i620), b.1858-
Lineberry, William Ray (i584) (still alive)
Lineberry, William Sebert (i1596), b.1874-
Lineberry, William Seibert (i899), b.1902-d.1931
Lineberry, William Thomas (i641), b.1875-
Lineberry, Wilson Lorenza (i307), b.1868-


Linticum, Callie G (marriage to Francis Madison Frost) (i4450)


Littreal, Josephine (marriage to Ralph Wesley Lineberry) (i2750)


Logue, Clarence P. (i4497), b.1890-
Logue, Fred L. (i4499), b.1897-
Logue, Lafayette C. (i4500), b.1900-
Logue, Pearl Cora (i4502), b.1903-
Logue, Robert F. (i4498), b.1891-
Logue, Robert I. (marriage to Elsie Landreth) (i4496), b.1853-
Logue, Sherman (i4501), b.1901-


Lovejoy, Andrew (marriage to Mary Frances Lineberry) (i2724)


Mabe, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph A Lineberry) (i2084), b.1881-


MacKinney, Arthur Clinton, III (i4283) (still alive)
MacKinney, Cameron Forsythe (i4285) (still alive)
MacKinney, Connor Clinton (i4286) (still alive)
MacKinney, Gordon Lineberry (i4279) (still alive)
MacKinney, Nada Lynne (i4282) (still alive)
MacKinney, Taryn Renee (i4281) (still alive)


Mahalek, Maximilian (i4324) (still alive)


Maners, Cora (marriage to Wilson Lorenza Lineberry) (i2062), b.1871-
Maners, Madison (marriage to Nancy Lineberry) (i2160), b.1861-


Marners, Adeline (marriage to Byron A Lineberry) (i47), b.1860-d.1901


Maxwell, Chandler Lynn (i5278) (still alive)
Maxwell, Gage Wayne (i5277) (still alive)
Maxwell, Joshua Robert (i5275) (still alive)
Maxwell, Melanie Anne (i5266) (still alive)
Maxwell, Robert Limon (i5265) (still alive)


McAfee, Alice (i4373)
McAfee, Barbara (i4375)
McAfee, J. Wesley (i4371)
McAfee, Janet (i4374)
McAfee, Paul (i4376)
McAfee, Thomas (marriage to Anna Lee Lineberry) (i4370)


McCauslin, Blaine B. (i5279) (still alive)


McCollum, Barbara Priscilla (i4850)
McCollum, Coral Glen (i4849), b.1895-d.1953
McCollum, George Washington (marriage to Alverta Davis Lineberry) (i99)
McCollum, Hattie Rosalie (i4851)
McCollum, Iva Rachel (i4847)
McCollum, Mary Elizabeth (i4852)
McCollum, Nancy Jane (i4853)


McDonough, Megan (i4368) (still alive)


McNish, Robert William Lee (i1731) (still alive)


Melching, Diane (i4335) (still alive)
Melching, Molly Jane (i4339) (still alive)


Melton, Laura (marriage to Martin A Lineberry) (i2101), b.1879-


Miller, William Wesley (marriage to Iva Rachel McCollum) (i4848)


Monahan, Jenetta (marriage to George J Lineberry) (i2757)


Monoham, Jenetta (marriage to George J Lineberry) (i2121), b.1891-


Montgomery, Arla Brooks (marriage to Ted Parson Lineberry) (i4566), b.1912-d.1972


Moore, Nora (marriage to L Boyd Lineberry) (i2761)


Murphy, Mr. (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i5248)


Murray, Allison Lynne (i4317) (still alive)
Murray, Barbara Kay (i4322) (still alive)
Murray, Bryan Patrick (i4328) (still alive)
Murray, David Alan (i4325) (still alive)
Murray, Loretta Kay (i4329) (still alive)
Murray, Robert Byers (marriage to Thelma Corinne Lineberry) (i4314), b.1901-d.1994
Murray, Robert Byers, III (i4318) (still alive)
Murray, Robert Byers, Jr. (i4315) (still alive)
Murray, Robert John (i4319) (still alive)
Murray, Ronald Alan (i4320) (still alive)


Myrtle (i1685) (living status unknown)


Newcomb, Betty Ann (i4786), b.1945-d.1945
Newcomb, James Thurston (i4794) (still alive)
Newcomb, Ralph Junior (i4793) (still alive)
Newcomb, Samuel Lee (i4792) (still alive)
Newcomb, Virgie Marie (i4788) (still alive)
Newcomb, William Randolph (i4787) (still alive)


Newman, Deborah Jane (marriage to Allen Journal Lineberry) (i630), b.1838-d.1906
Newman, Ida (marriage to Early Jackson Lineberry) (i1928), b.1890-
Newman, Minnie Ila (marriage to Charlie Elmer Lineberry) (i2755), b.1902-d.1984
Newman, Nimrod W. (marriage to Elizabeth Lineberry) (i1970), b.1835-
Newman, William (marriage to Sarah L Lineberry) (i2171), b.1866-


Newton, Lori (i3049) (still alive)
Newton, Sandy (i3048) (still alive)
Newton, Tammy (i3113) (still alive)


Ogle, Lottie (marriage to Lee Arthur Frost) (i4547)


Osborn, Euphamie Lena (marriage to Edward Lawrence Lineberry) (i4386)


Porterfield, Ida (marriage to Perry L Lineberry) (i1678)


Powell, Betsy B (i4774) (still alive)
Powell, Charlie Franklin (i4773) (still alive)
Powell, Josephine (i4776) (still alive)
Powell, Lottie Louise (i4775) (still alive)
Powell, Mason Henry (i4770) (still alive)
Powell, Nancy Lee (i4772) (still alive)
Powell, Rosie Jane (i4771) (still alive)


Price, Alexander (marriage to Frances Elizabeth Lineberry) (i2153), b.1853-


Pullium, Eliza Ann (marriage to George Wilburn Lineberry) (i121)


Quesenberry, M. Florence (marriage to Martin A Lineberry) (i2128), b.1870-


Redding, Floella Ann (i2729), b.1901-
Redding, John Henry (marriage to Effie Mae Lineberry) (i2728)
Redding, Mary Waconda (i2732) (still alive)


Reece, Martha A. (marriage to J. C. Lineberry) (i2132), b.1871-


Rider, William (marriage to Polly Ann Lineberry) (i2163), b.1857-


Ritter, Tanna Raye (i4741) (still alive)


Roberts, Andy (marriage to Callie B Lineberry) (i2499)
Roberts, Clara (i2526)
Roberts, Mr. (marriage to Flossy Lineberry) (i2517)


Robinson, Andrew (marriage to Louvinia Annie Lineberry) (i1978), b.1868-
Robinson, Catherine (i1579), b.1842-
Robinson, Celia (marriage to Elbert M Lineberry) (i1982), b.1879-
Robinson, Euphamey (i1582), b.1847-
Robinson, H. E. (marriage to J. R. Lineberry) (i2114), b.1883-
Robinson, James M. (i1583), b.1849-
Robinson, James Ruben (marriage to Euphemy Edwards) (i1774)
Robinson, John (marriage to Euphamia Lineberry) (i616)
Robinson, Luraney (i1580), b.1844-
Robinson, Margaret (i1581), b.1846-
Robinson, Mary (i2221), b.1840-


Ross, Waconda Kay (i4269), d.1998


Russell, Hannah (marriage to William Lineberry) (i2068), b.1877-
Russell, Rhoda (marriage to Elbert Lineberry) (i305), b.1881-


Safewright, Irena (marriage to Francis Canada Edwards) (i1769), b.1832-d.1902


Saunders, Barbara (i1233) (still alive)
Saunders, Jana (i1234) (still alive)


Sayre, Jeffery Brian (i4271) (still alive)
Sayre, Shaun Joseph (i4272) (still alive)


Scott, Ardelia (marriage to Oran A Lineberry) (i426), b.1853-


Sexton, Adam Ray (i4803) (still alive)
Sexton, George Hurley (i4799) (still alive)
Sexton, Robin Ann (i4801) (still alive)
Sexton, Scott (i4804) (still alive)
Sexton, Travis Alexander (i4802) (still alive)
Sexton, William David (i4798) (still alive)


Sharp, Bernice (i1669) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Elderidge (i1670) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Elva (marriage to Andrew Shelton Lineberry) (i2543)
Sharp, Lloyd (marriage to Ethel Lineberry) (i1668)
Sharp, Nell Earline (i1671) (living status unknown)
Sharp, Rebecca E (marriage to Columbus Lineberry) (i2086), b.1881-
Sharp, Rebecca E (marriage to Columbus Lineberry) (i2086), b.1881-
Sharp, Sadie Luvine (marriage to Chester Floyd Lineberry) (i1994)


Sharpe, Lawrence (marriage to Polly Elizabeth Lineberry) (i2515), b.1899-d.1988


Slight, Clara Jean (i4297) (still alive)
Slight, Janet Louise (i4289) (still alive)
Slight, Kenneth Allen (i4294) (still alive)
Slight, Lawrence Robert (i4293) (still alive)
Slight, Lisa Horton (i4296) (still alive)


Smith, Beda E (marriage to Jeremiah Lineberry) (i323), b.1818-
Smith, Cynthia Lynn (i5255), b.1949-d.1957
Smith, Donald D. (marriage to Nina May Lineberry) (i5254)
Smith, James D (marriage to Valarie A Lineberry) (i2179), b.1861-
Smith, Lillian R. (marriage to Francis J Lineberry) (i2051), b.1864-
Smith, Piety T (marriage to Jacob P Lineberry) (i318), b.1810-d.1885
Smith, Sena Ann (marriage to Joseph William Fowler) (i4729), b.1886-d.1958


Smythers, Edith (marriage to Chester Harvey Lineberry) (i4595)
Smythers, Nina (marriage to Clayton Lineberry) (i2700)


Starlin, Brandon Beau (i5282) (still alive)
Starlin, Galen Tyler (i5281) (still alive)
Starlin, Precious Sophia (i5283) (still alive)


Stephens, Nancy E. (marriage to John C. Lineberry) (i2029), b.1853-


Stevens, Luther Franklin (i4790) (still alive)
Stevens, Shirley Marie (i4791) (still alive)


Stovall, Lucinda (marriage to Thomas Allen Lineberry) (i1452), b.1878-d.1947


Taylor, Ada (marriage to Monroe L. Lineberry) (i2118), b.1889-
Taylor, Ada (marriage to Monroe L. Lineberry) (i2118), b.1889-
Taylor, Justin (i1750) (still alive)
Taylor, Traci (i1650) (still alive)
Taylor, Tricia (i1749) (still alive)


Teneyck, Wade (marriage to Gertrude Catherine Lineberry) (i4393)


Thompson, Amanda F. (marriage to George Alex Lineberry) (i600), b.1873-d.1964
Thompson, Rosa (marriage to Otie Lineberry) (i2140), b.1892-
Thompson, Samuel A. (marriage to Mary Lineberry) (i1980), b.1883-


Waddle, Cecil Wayne (i4766) (still alive)
Waddle, James Edgar (i4763) (still alive)
Waddle, Linda Darnell (i4762), b.1950-d.1952
Waddle, Olieka Darlene Faye (i4767) (still alive)
Waddle, Sandra Lee (i4764) (still alive)


Wade, Randy (i4390) (still alive)


Warf, Mr. (marriage to Ruth Lineberry) (i2516)


Webb, Emma Annis (marriage to Thomas L Lineberry) (i2054), b.1861-d.1907


White, Olive Pearl (marriage to Frederick Allen Lineberry) (i4274), b.1884-d.1975


Whittington, Thomas Carson (marriage to Alverta Louvina Frost) (i4541)


Wilkinson, Elizabeth (marriage to Francis Lineberry) (i615), b.1802-d.1880
Wilkinson, Martin (marriage to Lurana Susany Lineberry) (i207)


Williams, Alverta (marriage to Andrew P. Frost) (i4539), b.1853-d.1885
Williams, Anna Zoe (i4341) (still alive)


Willis, Donna Marie (i892) (still alive)
Willis, Michael James (i893) (still alive)
Willis, Tonya Rena (i897) (still alive)


Winesett, Hazel (marriage to Samuel Davis Lineberry) (i4583)
Winesett, Lucinda (marriage to Martin A Lineberry) (i1588), b.1864-


Winsett, Annie (marriage to Harbert Thomas Lineberry) (i1677), d.1985


Wooldridge, Tonya (i4688) (still alive)


Worrell, (i4462), b.1904-d.1904
Worrell, Hausel O (i4461), b.1894-d.1898
Worrell, Simeon T (i4460), b.1891-d.1893
Worrell, Steward Wise (marriage to Laura Belle Frost) (i4459)

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