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Cornwall Online Census Project—1841

Transcript of Piece HO107/146 (Part 3)

Enumeration District 10

Civil Parish of St. Austell

Book 3 Folio 37 Page 1

Carn Rosemary Village,1,William Hewett,45,,Cordwinder,In county,
,,Mary Hewett,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Hewett,,15,,In county,
,,William Hewett,13,,,In county,
,,John Hewett,11,,,In county,
Carn Rosemary Village,1,Edward Hore,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Anne Hore,,3m,,In county,
,,Benjamin Greeney,29,,Shoemaker,In county,
Carn Rosemary Village,1,Samuel Cock,60,,Captain Of A Tin Mine,In county,
,,Philippa Cock,,60,,In county,
,,Eleanor Evans,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Lydia Bartell,,12,,In county,
Rock's Engine House,1,William Ham,25,,Engineman,In county,
,,Richard Vivian,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Richard Hancock,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
Chelebet Village,1,William Hore,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,60,,In county,
,,John Hore,4,,,In county,
Chelebet Village,1,John Hore,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,20,,In county,
,,Launcelot Hore,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,20,,In county,
,,Rebecca Hore,,8,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 38 Page 2

Rosevean Village,1,Joseph Rouse,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rouse,,35,,In county,
,,William Rouse,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rouse,,10,,In county,
,,Rebecca Rouse,,9,,In county,
,,Jonathan Rouse,5,,,In county,
,,Rachel Rouse,,3,,In county,
Rosevean Village,1,William Clark,65,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Clark,,60,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Clark,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Clark,14,,,In county,
Rosevean Village,1,William Hore,65,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jenefor Hore,,55,,In county,
,,Anne Hore,,15,,In county,
,,Robert Common,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Rouch,10,,,In county,
Rosevean Village,1,William Hore,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Anne Hore,,27,,In county,
,,Edmund Hore,6,,,In county,
,,Thirza Hore,,5,,In county,
,,Hannah Hore,,3,,In county,
,,William Hore,1,,,In county,
Rosevean Village,1,William Hambly,21,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Hambly,,20,Clay Labourer,In county,

Book 3 Folio 38 Page 3

Kerrow Moor,1,William Gilbert,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Anne Gilbert,,45,,In county,
,,William Gilbert,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Gilbert,,10,,In county,
,,John Gilbert,8,,,In county,
,,Joseph Bray,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
Kerrow Moor,1,Thomas Osbern,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Nancy Osbern,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Osbern,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Philemon Osbern,11,,,In county,
,,John Osbern,9,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Osbern,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Osbern,,4,,In county,
,,Anne Osbern,,1,,In county,
Kerrow Moor,1,John Dyer,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Dyer,,39,,In county,
,,Jane Dyer,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dyer,,15,,In county,
,,John Dyer,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Dyer,8,,,In county,
,,Samuel Dyer,2m,,,In county,
Kerrow Moor,1,William Nicholls,85,,,In county,
,,Philip Nicholls,70,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Jane Dyer,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Louisa Dyer,,15,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 39 Page 4

Kerrow Moor,1,Robert Dyer,45,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Dyer,,45,,In county,
,,Robert Dyer,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Dyer,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Dyer,,12,,In county,
Kerrow Moor,1,William Dyer,45,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Emma Dyer,,40,,In county,
,,William Dyer,19,,,In county,
,,John Dyer,15,,,In county,
,,Anne Dyer,,14,,In county,
,,Nathanael Dyer,9,,,In county,
,,Eliza Dyer,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Dyer,,1,,In county,
,,Samuel Dyer,1m,,,In county,
Kerrow Moor,1,John Hore,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Maryanne Hore,,10,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,7,,In county,
,,Maria Hore,,5,,In county,
,,Christiannah Hore,,3,,In county,
,,Eliza Hore,,1,,In county,
,,Philippa Allen,,45,,In county,Blind (Crossed out)
Kerrow Moor,1,Joseph Woolcock,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jenefor Woolcock,,50,,In county,
,,Samuel Grigg,12,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 39 Page 5

Penhale Village,1,Thomas Sturtridge,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Susan Sturtridge,,20,,In county,
,,Christianna Sturtridge,,5,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Sturtridge,,3,,In county,
,,Isabella Sturtridge,,1,,In county,
,,Jenifor Sturtridge,,60,,In county,
,,Joseph Clerk,70,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Kitty Wellington,,13,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,John Martin,20,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Anne Martin,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Martin,,3,,In county,
,,Robert Martin,1,,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,Thomas Trethewey,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Trethewey,,35,,In county,
,,Susan Trethewey,,15,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Trethewey,,15,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Eliza Trethewey,,14,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,John Trethewey,12,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Trethewey,10,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Trethewey,,8,,In county,
,,Jane Trethewey,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Trethewey,5,,,In county,
,,Caroline Trethewey,,3,,In county,
,,Joseph Trethewey,1,,,In county,
,,Not Known Trethewey,3d,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 40 Page 6

Penhale Village,1,William Nicholls,50,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Anne Nicholls,,40,,In county,
,,John Nicholls,15,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nicholls,,15,,In county,
,,Philip Nicholls,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Nicholls,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Nicholls,,5,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,John Shermon,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Shermon,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Shermon,,45,,In county,
,,Honour Grigg,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Susanna Benetts,,45,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,Peter Vivian,55,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Biddy Vivian,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Vivian,,20,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,Robert Martin,45,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Isabella Martin,,40,,In county,
,,Nicholas Pascoe,20,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Grace Pascoe,,20,,In county,
,,William Pascoe,3,,,In county,
,,Robert Pascoe,2,,,In county,
,,Richard Trethewey,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Snell,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Skidmore,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trethewey,,10,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 40 Page 7

Penhale Village,1,John Lilly,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Lilly,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Lilly,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lilly,,8m,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,William Vivan,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Vivan,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Vivan,3,,,In county,
,,William Vivan,2,,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,James Thomas,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,20,,In county,
,,Fanny Thomas,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,6,,In county,
,,James Thomas,4,,,In county,
,,Anne Thomas,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Keam,,8,,In county,
Ashespark,1,Benjamin Hore,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,50,,In county,
,,Anne Borlase,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,6,,In county,
Ninestones,1,Joseph Matthews,30,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,25,,In county,
,,Joseph Matthews,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,6,,In county,
,,Susan Matthews,,3,,In county,
,,John Matthews,2,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 41 Page 8

Ninestones,1,Benjamin Trethewey,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Trethewey,,25,,In county,
,,Betsy Trethewey,,9m,,In county,
,,Anne Trethewey,,15,,In county,
Penhale Village,1,James Commons,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Commons,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Commons,,13,,In county,
,,James Sturbridge,20,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Thomas Job,20,,Shoemaker,In county,
Ninestones,1,John Hancock,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Maryanne Hancock,,30,,In county,
,,John Hancock,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Hancock,,14,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,William Hancock,11,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,8,,In county,
,,Anne Hancock,,6,,In county,
,,Jane Hancock,,4,,In county,
,,Philip Hancock,2,,,In county,
Ninestones,1,Richard Bullen,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Nancy Bullen,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Bullen,,4m,,In county,
Ninestones,1,Alexander Truscott,35,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Truscott,,4,,In county,
,,Louisa Truscott,,48,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 41 Page 9

Ninestones,1,William Keam,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Keam,,25,,In county,
,,William Keam,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Keam,,3,,In county,
Ninestones,1,John Armstrong,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Armstrong,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Armstrong,,15,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,John Armstrong,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Armstrong,,8,,In county,
,,Grace Armstrong,,6,,In county,
,,William Armstrong,3,,,In county,
,,Sarah Armstrong,,3m,,In county,
Ninestones,1,Anthony Hancock,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,John Stephens,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rowe,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Robert Thomas,15,,,In county,
,,Philip Thomas,12,,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,10,,In county,
Ninestones,1,John Roberts,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Rosanna Roberts,,50,,In county,
,,John Roberts,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Jenifor Roberts,,10,,In county,
,,William Copin,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,John Hancock,30,,,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,35,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 42 Page 10

Ninestones,1,William Stephens,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Anne Stephens,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,15,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Stephens,22,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,William Stephens,10,,,In county,
,,Susan Stephens,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Stephens,4,,,In county,
,,John Stephens,2m,,,In county,
Ninestones,1,William Borlase,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Borlase,,20,,In county,
,,John Borlase,4,,,In county,
,,Jane Borlase,,1,,In county,
,,Robert Thomas,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
Stenalees,1,Thomas Richards,40,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,35,,In county,
,,John Richards,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Richards,12,,,In county,
,,Eliza Richards,,10,,In county,
,,William Richards,8,,,In county,
,,Samuel Richards,6,,,In county,
,,James Richards,4,,,In county,
,,Joseph Richards,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bullen,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Richards,73,,Independent,In county,
,,John Trethewey,75,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 42 Page 11

Stenalees,1,John Hore,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Maria Hore,,40,,In county,
,,John Brown,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Brown,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Simon Brown,9,,,In county,
,,Jacob Brown,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Brown,,2,,In county,
Stenalees,1,Charles Borlase,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Borlase,1,,,In county,
Stenalees,1,John Ellis,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Anne Ellis,,30,,In county,
,,James Hicks,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Lovdy Bray,,10,,In county,
,,Anne Bray,,75,,In county,
Singlerose,1,John Sweet,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Sweet,,35,,In county,
,,Edwin Sweet,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Emma Sweet,,12,,In county,
,,John Sweet,9,,,In county,
,,Sarah Sweet,,6,,In county,
,,James Sweet,3,,,In county,
,,George Sweet,5m,,,In county,
Ruddle,1,Imanuel Hambly,20,,,In county,
,,Charlote Hambly,,20,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 43 Page 12

Ruddle,1,Joseph Borlase,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Borlase,,55,,In county,
,,Richard Pearce,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
Ruddle,1,John Borlase,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Maria Borlase,,25,,In county,
,,John Borlase,7,,,In county,
,,Catherine Borlase,,4,,In county,
,,Sampson Borlase,2,,,In county,
,,Joseph Borlase,3m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gose,,10,,In county,
Ruddle,1,Joseph Hambly,70,,,In county,
,,Dorias Hambly,,70,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Warrick,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Joseph Hambly,12,,,In county,
Ruddle,1,John Hambly,45,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Ann Hambly,,35,,In county,
,,Grace Hambly,,8,,In county,
,,Samuel Hambly,6,,,In county,
,,Joseph Hambly,4,,,In county,
,,John Hambly,2,,,In county,
,,Constance Rule,,70,,In county,
,,Grace Coombe,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Samuel Hambly,10,,Male Servant,In county,
Ninestones,1,Richard Handcock,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Louisa Handcock,,20,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 43 Page 13

Newtown,1,John Crapp,66,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Eliza Crapp,,25,,In county,
,,Edwin Crapp,9,,,In county,
,,Emma Crapp,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Crapp,1,,,In county,
,,John Peters,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Brewer,,11,,In county,
Newtown,1,George Cobbeldick,40,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,Ann Cobbeldick,,30,,In county,
,,Samuel Cobbeldick,10,,,In county,
,,John Cobbeldick,6,,,In county,
,,George Cobbeldick,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Cobbeldick,,3,,In county,
,,Eliza Cobbeldick,,1,,In county,
,,William Cobbeldick,1,,,In county,
,,Philippa Meneer,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Newtown,1,George Heal,70,,Shoe Maker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Heal,,50,,In county,
,,Sophia Heal,,35,Female Servant,In county,
Newtown,1,John Harvey,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harvey,,40,,In county,
Carlidden,1,John Hobba,50,,,In county,
,,Prudence Hobba,,50,,In county,
,,Anne Hobba,,14,,In county,
,,William Hore,50,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 3 Folio 44 Page 14

Carlidden,1,Richard Burton,40,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Burton,,35,,In county,
,,Thomasin Burton,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Burton,8,,,In county,
,,John Burton,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Burton,,1m,,In county,
,,Elias Can,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
Carlidden,1,Jane Maneer,,40,Independent,In county,
,,James Maneer,20,,,In county,
,,Edward Maneer,15,,,In county,
,,John Maneer,15,,,In county,
,,William Maneer,11,,,In county,
,,Ann Maneer,,8,,In county,
,,Elen Maneer,,5,,In county,
Carlidden,1,Richard Gerey,35,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Hannah Gerey,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Gerey,,7,,In county,
,,Hannah Gerey,,6,,In county,
,,Richard Gerey,3,,,In county,
,,William Gerey,5m,,,In county,
,,Jonathan Soloman,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Rhoda Soloman,,14,,In county,
,,Elias Soloman,11,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 44 Page 15

Bojea,1,James Pedlar,34,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Grace Pedlar,,38,,In county,
,,Fanney Pedlar,,6,,In county,
,,George Pedlar,4,,,In county,
,,Dinah Pedlar,,3,,In county,
,,Caleb Pedlar,1,,,In county,
,,Maria Pedlar,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Pedlar,,9,,In county,
,,Jenkin Cergenwin,23,,Male Servant,In county,
,,David Coomb,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Henry Treloar,10,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Hariett West,,22,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane Treloar,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Bojea,1,Samuel Yelland,30,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Yelland,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Yelland,,7,,In county,
,,Fanney Yelland,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Yelland,3,,,In county,
,,Eliza Yelland,,1,,In county,
,,John Olver,40,,Clay Agent,In county,
,,William Olver,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Andrew,12,,,In county,
Canamaning,1,William Basset,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Basset,,20,,In county,
,,John Basset,1,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 45 Page 16

Canamaning,1,William Pascoe,38,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Pascoe,,30,,In county,
,,William Pascoe,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Pascoe,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,7,,In county,
,,Edward Pascoe,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Pascoe,,1,,In county,
Colchester,1,William Geak,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Geak,,25,,In county,
,,George Geak,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Geak,,5,,In county,
,,Fanny Geak,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Geak,,1,,In county,
Colchester,1,Julia Simmons,,55,,In county,
,,Julia Simmons,,20,,In county,
,,William Simmons,25,,,In county,
,,Joseph Simmons,20,,,In county,
,,John Simmons,15,,,In county,
,,James Simmons,9,,,In county,
Crane House,1,Jenifor Hancock,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Hancock,,14,,In county,
,,William Hancock,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hancock,9,,,In county,
,,Grace Hancock,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,5,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 45 Page 17

Carclaze,1,Henry Truscott,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Philippa Truscott,,40,,In county,
,,Joanna Truscott,,2,,In county,
,,Thomas Brewer,20,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Samuel Brewer,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Philippa Brewer,,13,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Brewer,4,,,In county,
Mount Stamper,1,Joseph Warrick,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Warrick,,30,,In county,
,,John Warrick,9,,,In county,
,,Harriet Warrick,,6,,In county,
,,Joseph Warrick,2,,,In county,
,,Jane Warrick,,1m,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,16,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Warrick,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Thomesin Medland,,65,,In county,
Barbylingy,1,John Phillips,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Jemima Phillips,,15,,In county,
,,Josiah Phillips,15,,Shoe Maker,In county,
,,Harriet Phillips,,10,,In county,
,,Joseph Phillips,8,,,In county,
Barbylingy,1,John Hancock,30,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,35,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 46 Page 18

Penwinick,1,Jacob Nicholls,24,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catharine Nicholls,,22,,In county,
,,John Nicholls,2,,,In county,
,,Catherine Nicholls,,9m,,In county,
Penwinick,1,Jacob Grigg,48,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,41,,In county,
,,Jacob Grigg,15,,,In county,
,,Fanney Grigg,,14,,In county,
,,Martha Grigg,,9,,In county,
,,William Grigg,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Grigg,,4,,In county,
,,David Grigg,2,,,In county,
,,Not Known Grigg,4d,,,In county,

Enumeration District 11

Civil Parish of St. Austell

Book 3 Folio 51 Page 1

Pendleton,1,William Roberts,34,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Roberts,9,,,In county,
,,Sampson Roberts,7,,,In county,
,,Sophia Roberts,,5,,In county,
Lerrean Village,u,,,,,,
Levrean Village,1,Mathew Roberts,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Kittey Roberts,,30,,In county,
,,Henry Roberts,10,,,In county,
,,William Roberts,14,,,In county,
,,Ann Roberts,,10,,In county,
,,Rebecka Roberts,,5,,In county,
,,Kittey Roberts,,5,,In county,
,,Betsy Roberts,,4,,In county,
,,Nancy Roberts,,2,,In county,
,,John Roberts,40,,Independent,In county,
,,Mary Brewer,,18,,In county,
Rosevear Village,b,,,,,,
Rosevear Village,1,Joseph Roberts,60,,Tinner,In county,
,,Betsy Roberts,,60,,In county,
,,Simon Roberts,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,20,,In county,
,,Simon Roberts,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,6m,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,Philip Harris,55,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,45,,In county,
,,Philip Harris,20,,Miner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 52 Page 2


Book 3 Folio 52 Page 3

,,Mary Harris,,10,,In county,
,,William Harris,5,,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,William Pengelly,32,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Pengelly,,30,,In county,
,,Maryann Pengelly,,8,,In county,
,,Caroline Pengelly,,3,,In county,
,,Richard Pengelly,1,,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,John Higman,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Higman,,25,,In county,
,,Jane Higman,,6,,In county,
,,Ann Higman,,4,,In county,
,,John Higman,1,,,In county,
,,Christiana Higman,,16,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,James Stephens,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,40,,In county,
,,James Stephens,20,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,16,,In county,
,,William Stephens,10,,,In county,
,,Selina Stephens,,10,,In county,
,,John Stephens,1,,,In county,
,,Levinia Stephens,,2m,,In county,
,,Thomas Jeffery,30,,Miner,In county,
,,William Painter,15,,Shoe Maker,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,Philip Higgans,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Higgans,,30,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 53 Page 4


Book 3 Folio 53 Page 5

,,James Higgans,5,,,In county,
,,William Higgans,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Higgans,,4m,,In county,
,,Jane Higgans,,75,,In county,
,,John Truscott,25,,Clay Labourer,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,Samuel Roberts,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,30,,In county,
,,Christanah Roberts,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Roberts,,9,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,Benjamin Barrett,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William Eath,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Mudge,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,William West,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Rowse,,10,,In county,
,,Susan Gile,,30,,In county,
,,Catherine Gay,,25,,In county,
,,Philip Gill,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,John Gay,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Jane Gill,,3,,In county,
,,John Henry Gay,1,,,In county,
Rescolar Village,1,Joseph Julyan,50,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jane Julyan,,45,,In county,
,,Joseph Julyan,15,,Tinner,In county,
,,William Julyan,5,,,In county,
,,William Glanvill,20,,Miner,In county,Folio 53 page 4 left blank

Book 3 Folio 54 Page 6

Molinnes Moor,1,William Mathews,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Joice Mathews,,40,,In county,
,,William Mathews,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Mathews,,20,,In county,
,,Joyce Mathews,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Mathews,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Mathews,,14,,In county,
,,John Mathews,10,,,In county,
,,Betsy Mathews,,6,,In county,
,,Edward Mathews,3,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,James Comon,40,,Tinner,In county,
,,Sally Comon,,30,,In county,
,,Joseph Comon,15,,,In county,
,,James Comon,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Comon,15,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,William Rosevear,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Rosevear,,25,,In county,
,,John Rosevear,7,,,In county,
,,William Rosevear,5,,,In county,
,,James Rosevear,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Rosevear,,1,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Benjamin Hore,55,,Tinner,In county,
,,Catherine Hore,,50,,In county,
,,John Hore,15,,,In county,
,,Benjamin Hore,20,,Tinner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 54 Page 7

Rescorla Village,1,Mary Glanvile,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Glanvile,,8m,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Ann Jose,,35,,In county,
,,William Jose,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Jose,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Jose,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Jose,,4,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Richard Retallack,25,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Retallack,,25,,In county,
,,John Retallack,9,,,In county,
,,Richard Retallack,7,,,In county,
,,William Retallack,4,,,In county,
,,James Retallack,3,,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Launcelot Hore,43,,,In county,
,,Catherine Hore,,43,,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,13,,In county,
,,Helen Hore,,11,,In county,
,,Launcelot Hore,9,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Hore,,7,,In county,
,,John Hore,5,,,In county,
,,William Hore,3,,,In county,
,,Catharine Hore,,1,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,William Borlace,60,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlace,,60,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 55 Page 8

Molinnes Moor,1,John Hore,70,,Tinner,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Hore,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Maria Hore,,20,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Mary Hore,,80,Independent,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,William Stephens,60,,Tinner,In county,
,,Margery Stephens,,60,,In county,
,,Martha Stephens,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Stephens,20,,,In county,
,,John Stephens,20,,,In county,
,,James Stephens,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Stephens,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Stephens,9,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,John Hore,40,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,2,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,William Williams,20,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,20,,In county,
,,Charles Williams,1m,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Thomas Grose,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Betsy Grose,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Grose,,10,,In county,
,,William Grose,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Grose,5,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 55 Page 9

Rosevear Village,1,William Borlase,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Henry Hawke,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Hawke,,18,,In county,
,,John Hawke,3m,,,In county,
,,John Julyan,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Julyan,,30,,In county,
,,William James,25,,Miner,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,Joseph Roberts,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Cathrine Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Roberts,3,,,In county,
,,Rhoda Roberts,,2,,In county,
,,Betsy Roberts,,7m,,In county,
Rosevear Village,1,Charles Brokenshire,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Brokenshire,,24,,In county,
,,Samuel Brokenshire,6,,,In county,
,,Charles Brokenshire,4,,,In county,
,,Amelia Brokenshire,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Brokenshire,,7m,,In county,
Carn Rosemary Village,1,James Bice,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Bice,,35,,In county,
,,James Bice,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bice,10,,,In county,
,,Sampson Bice,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Bice,,3,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 56 Page 10

,,Daniel Bice,7m,,,In county,
Carn Rosemary Village,1,Christopher Coombe,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jane Coombe,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Hore,,3,,In county,
,,William Hore,9m,,,In county,
Carn Rosemary Village,1,Ruben Pidler,25,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Pidler,,25,,In county,
,,David Pidler,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pidler,,1,,In county,
,,Richard Rowe,15,,Tinner,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,James Hewett,50,,Tinner,In county,
,,Betsy Hewett,,50,,In county,
,,John Hewett,20,,,In county,
,,Martha Hewett,,25,,In county,
,,Joseph Hewett,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Hewett,,15,,In county,
,,Samuel Hewett,14,,,In county,
,,Sampson Hewett,10,,,In county,
,,Caroline Hewett,,1,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,William Gerry,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Caroline Gerry,,30,,In county,
,,Caroline Gerry,,3,,In county,
,,William Gerry,2,,,In county,
,,Samuel Gerry,2m,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 56 Page 11

Molinnes Moor,1,Joseph Hore,35,,Tinner,In county,
,,Miriam Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Selina Hore,,9,,In county,
,,Wodman Hore,8,,,In county,
,,Joseph Hore,7,,,In county,
,,Gertrude Hore,,5,,In county,
,,William Hore,3,,,In county,
,,Ruben Hore,2,,,In county,
,,Edward Hore,1,,,In county,
,,Daniel Hore,1,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,John Craddick,45,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Grace Craddick,,45,,In county,
,,John Craddick,15,,,In county,
,,Charles Hicks,25,,Miner,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,William Hore,50,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,20,,In county,
,,William Hore,20,,,In county,
,,Joseph Hore,15,,,In county,
,,James Hore,15,,,In county,
,,Simon Hore,10,,,In county,
,,Ruben Hore,9,,,In county,
,,Daniel Hore,8,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Mary Rouse,,45,,Unknown,
,,John Rouse,20,,Tinner,Unknown,

Book 3 Folio 57 Page 12

,,Timothy Rouse,15,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rouse,,12,,In county,
,,Eliza Rouse,,10,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Henry Grose,20,,Tinner,In county,
,,Rebecca Grose,,20,,In county,
,,William Henry Grose,1m,,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Philip Martyn,40,,Tinner,In county,
,,Bridget Martyn,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Martyn,20,,,In county,
,,Philip Martyn,15,,,In county,
,,John Martyn,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Martyn,,13,,In county,
,,Meria Martyn,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ann Martyn,,2,,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,John Hore,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Jenifor Hore,,10,,In county,
,,John Hore,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Rowse,,75,,In county,
,,John Gilbert,15,,Tinner,In county,
Molinnes Moor,1,Stephen Grose,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Betsy Grose,,25,,In county,
,,Caroline Grose,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Grose,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Grose,,9m,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 57 Page 13

Molinnes Moor,1,John Williams,45,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Caroline Williams,,20,,In county,
,,John Williams,15,,,In county,
,,James Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Joseph Williams,13,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,9,,In county,
,,Alfred Williams,8,,,In county,
,,Amelia Williams,,5,,In county,
,,Gertrude Williams,,1,,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,20,,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,2m,,In county,
,,Jane Grose,,2,,In county,

Enumeration District 12

Civil Parish of St. Austell

Book 3 Folio 62 Page 1

The Bowling Green,1,Charles Hicks,43,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jenifor Hicks,,43,,In county,
,,Ruth Hicks,,14,,In county,
,,Rhoda Hicks,,12,,In county,
,,Esther Hicks,,10,,In county,
,,Priscilla Hicks,,8,,In county,
,,Harriett Hicks,,6,,In county,
,,Charles Hicks,4,,,In county,
The Bowling Green,1,Luke Thomas,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,25,,In county,
,,William Thomas,11,,,In county,
,,Reuben Thomas,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,4,,In county,
,,Luke Thomas,2,,,In county,
Lavrean Moor,1,William Julian,40,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Julian,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Julian,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Julian,,6,,In county,
,,John Julian,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Julian,,10m,,In county,
Lavrean Moor,1,William Rowse,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Rowse,,42,,In county,
,,Joseph Rowse,17,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Kezia Rowse,,9,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 63 Page 2

,,Ann Rowse,,7,,In county,
,,Sarah Rowse,,4,,In county,
Lavrean Moor,1,Benjamin Hore,25,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,25,,In county,
,,William Hore,9,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Hore,,6,,In county,
,,Benjamin Hore,3,,,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,1,,In county,
Lavrean Moor,1,Samuel Peters,25,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Mary Peters,,25,,In county,
,,Woodman Peters,2,,,In county,
Lavrean Moor,1,Henry Retallack,40,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Mary Retallack,,45,,In county,
,,Luke Retallack,22,,Tinner,In county,
,,Edmund Retallack,19,,Tinner,In county,
,,Phoebe Retallack,,17,,In county,
,,Kitty Retallack,,13,,In county,
,,Harriett Retallack,,10,,In county,
Lavrean Lane,1,Joshua Thomas,35,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,31,,In county,
,,Mary Keam,,12,,In county,
,,Jenifor Keam,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Keam,,7,,In county,
,,Alfred Keam,3,,,In county,
Lavrean Lane,1,John Clark,29,,Tinner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 63 Page 3

,,Elizabeth Clark,,29,,In county,
,,Sophia Clark,,3,,In county,
,,Mellinda Clark,,1,,In county,
,,William Ascot,24,,Tinner,In county,
Lavrean Lane,1,Daniel Green,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Green,,20,,In county,
,,William Green,1,,,In county,
Lavrean Lane,1,Joseph Hamly,45,,Tinner,In county,
,,Ann Hamly,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Hamly,,15,,In county,
,,Nicholas Hamly,10,,,In county,
,,Catharine Hamly,,5,,In county,
,,Maria Hamly,,3,,In county,
Lavrean Bridge,1,John Hore,60,,Tinner,In county,
,,Nancy Hore,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Jonas,,70,,In county,
Lavrean Bridge,1,Joseph Lewis,25,,Butcher,In county,
,,Mary Lewis,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Lewis,1,,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Roach,,17,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Hamly,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Lavrean Manor,u,,,,,,
Levrean Manor,1,Thomas Stoneman,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Martha Stoneman,,50,,In county,
,,William Stoneman,23,,Farmer,In county,

Book 3 Folio 64 Page 4

,,James Stoneman,20,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stoneman,,18,,In county,
,,John Stoneman,14,,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,John Hore,55,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Jenifor Hore,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,20,,In county,
,,John Bragg,40,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Richard Stephens,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Pendway,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Rosvear,,35,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,John Hore,45,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,40,,In county,
,,Philip Hore,16,,Tinner,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,14,,In county,
,,John Hore,12,,Tinner,In county,
,,William Hore,10,,Tinner,In county,
,,Henry Hore,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,4,,In county,
,,Maryann Hore,,1,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Sampson Roberts,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,21,,In county,
,,James Kidney,20,,Ag Apprentice,In county,
,,George Cobbledick,15,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Nancy Coom,,45,Pauper,In county,

Book 3 Folio 64 Page 5

,,James Coom,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Coom,,13,,In county,
,,Betsy Coom,,8,,In county,
,,William Coom,6,,,In county,
,,John Coom,4,,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Benjamin Julian,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Julian,,25,,In county,
,,Amelia Julian,,9,,In county,
,,Matilda Julian,,5,,In county,
,,Benjamin Julian,3,,,In county,
,,William Soloman,50,,Tinner,In county,
,,Betsy Soloman,,34,,In county,
,,Ann Coombe,,50,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Peter Coombe,44,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Coombe,,40,,In county,
,,Maria Coombe,,16,,In county,
,,Peter Coombe,14,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Coombe,,9,,In county,
,,Thirza Coombe,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Coombe,,2,,In county,
Rescorla Village,1,Catharine Medland,,45,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Thomasin Medland,,6,,In county,
,,Caroline Medland,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Medland,,2m,,In county,
,1,Jacob Hancock,18,,Tinner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 65 Page 6

,,John Hancock,16,,Tinner,In county,
,,William Hancock,14,,Tinner,In county,
,,Maryann Hancock,,19,,In county,
,,Grace Hancock,,11,,In county,
Great Hallaze,u,,,,,,
Great Hallaze,1,Edward Tucker,33,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Catharine Tucker,,31,,In county,
,,Mary Tucker,,8,,In county,
,,Martha Tucker,,8,,In county,
,,John Tucker,5,,,In county,
,,James Tucker,1,,,In county,
Great Hallaze,1,Charles Borlase,45,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Borlase,,2,,In county,
,,John Borlase,3m,,,In county,
Great Hallaze,1,Philip Nicholls,48,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Nicholls,,45,,In county,
,,William Nicholls,24,,,In county,
,,Jane Nicholls,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Nicholls,,18,,In county,
,,Catharine Nicholls,,16,,In county,
,,Philip Nicholls,14,,,In county,
,,John Nicholls,11,,,In county,
,,Jacob Nicholls,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Nicholls,4,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 65 Page 7

Little Hallaze,1,William Allen,80,,Tinner,In county,
,,William Allen,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Allen,,45,,In county,
,,William Allen,22,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Allen,,14,,In county,
,,Joseph Allen,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Allen,,7,,In county,
,,Caroline Allen,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Allen,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Allen,,46,,In county,
Lower Hallaze,1,Francis Julian,62,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catharine Julian,,63,,In county,
,,Salley Julian,,21,,In county,
Cannamanning,1,Grace Bassett,,50,Widow (Deleted) Farmer,In county,
,,Kitty Bassett,,17,,In county,
,,Maryann Bassett,,14,,In county,
,,John Bassett,11,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bassett,,8,,In county,
Cannamanning Lane,1,Thomas Lawrance,35,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Mary Lawrance,,35,,In county,
,,Daniel Ede,18,,Apprentice,In county,
Cannamanning Lane,1,John Mark,30,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Mark,,20,,In county,
,,Mellinda Mark,,4,,In county,
,,John Mark,2,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 66 Page 8

,,Mary Mark,,7m,,In county,
,,Thomas Bassett,19,,Apprentice,In county,
Cannamanning Lane,1,Richard Netherton,47,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Netherton,,43,,In county,
,,Richard Netherton,17,,Tinner,In county,
,,John Netherton,16,,Tinner,In county,
,,William Netherton,11,,Tinner,In county,
,,Ann Netherton,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Netherton,,5,,In county,
Cannamanning Brake,1,Thomas Betteson,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Betteson,,35,,In county,
,,William Betteson,15,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elias Betteson,9,,,In county,
,,Jane Betteson,,7,,In county,
,,Moses Betteson,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Betteson,,2,,In county,
Cannamanning Brake,1,John Triplett,35,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Triplett,,30,,In county,
,,John Triplett,13,,Clay Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Triplett,,11,,In county,
,,Richard Triplett,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Triplett,,3,,In county,
Cannamanning,1,Jacob Hore,25,,Tinner,In county,
,,Ann Hore,,23,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,5,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 66 Page 9

,,Mary Hore,,3,,In county,
,,William Hore,1m,,,In county,
Cannamanning,1,Sampson Hore,33,,Tinner,In county,
,,Nancy Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,6,,In county,
,,John Hore,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,1,,In county,
Cannamanning Lane,u,,,,,,
Cannamanning Lane,1,John Mathews,44,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Mathews,,40,,In county,
,,John Mathews,18,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Francis Mathews,16,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Mathews,14,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Henry Mathews,12,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Christopher Mathews,10,,,In county,
,,Maryann Mathews,,7,,In county,
,,Phillippa Mathews,,2,,In county,
,,Simon Mathews,6m,,,In county,
,,James Knight,26,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Betsy Knight,,23,,In county,
,,Sabina Knight,,2m,,In county,
Lower Cannamanning,1,Joseph Hore,33,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,25,,In county,
,,Joseph Hore,2,,,In county,
,,Sampson Hore,5m,,,In county,
Penhedra,1,Sampson Borlase,40,,Farmer,In county,

Book 3 Folio 67 Page 10

,,Elizabeth Borlase,,42,,In county,
,,William Borlase,15,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,John Borlase,13,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Henry Borlase,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,6,,In county,
,,Andrew Borlase,3,,,In county,
Alsevear,1,Gorge Morcom,44,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Morcom,,41,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Morcom,,18,,In county,
,,Thomas Morcom,13,,,In county,
,,Maria Morcom,,11,,In county,
,,Maryann Morcom,,9,,In county,
,,John Morcom,7,,,In county,
,,Richard Morcom,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Davy,,65,,In county,
Butts,1,William Toby,40,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Toby,,30,,In county,
,,Francis Toby,3,,,In county,
,,John Toby,1,,,In county,
Butts,1,Philip Pascoe,38,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Julia Pascoe,,38,,In county,
,,John Pascoe,15,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Phillippa Pascoe,,14,,In county,
,,Richard Pascoe,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Pascoe,7,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 67 Page 11

,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,5,,In county,
,,Nicholas Pascoe,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,1,,In county,
,,Martha Pascoe,,1,,In county,
Butts,1,William Hore,35,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hore,,30,,In county,
,,Reuben Hore,6,,,In county,
,,William Hore,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Udy,,50,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Richard Thomas,23,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,23,,In county,
,,Robert Thomas,1,,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Nicholas Hore,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,26,,In county,
,,Jacob Hore,3,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Hore,1,,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,John Stephens,30,,Tinner,In county,
,,Sarah Stephens,,26,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,2,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Richard Luke,50,,Tinner,In county,
,,Dorothy Luke,,50,,In county,
,,Joseph Luke,18,,Tinner,In county,
,,William Luke,16,,Tinner,In county,
,,Richard Luke,12,,Tinner,In county,
,,Maria Luke,,14,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 68 Page 12

,,Mary Luke,,10,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Robert Stephens,72,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,71,,In county,
,,Joseph Stephens,20,,Tinner,In county,
,,Joanna Gilbert,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Betteson,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Thomas Reed,42,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Maryann Reed,,46,,In county,
,,John Phillips,22,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Reed,12,,Iron Miner,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Elenor Julian,,42,Widow,In county,
,,John Julian,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jenifor Julian,,19,,In county,
,,Robert Julian,15,,Tinner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,70,Pauper (Crossed Out),In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Philip Hore,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,23,,In county,
,,Matilda Hore,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,1,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Thomas Stephens,40,,Tinner,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,1,,In county,
Trethurgy Village,1,Elizabeth Coombe,,47,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Joseph Coombe,24,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Coombe,,20,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 68 Page 13

,,John Coombe,15,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coombe,,18,,In county,
,,Caroline Coombe,,12,,In county,
,,Nicholas Coombe,9,,,In county,
,,Jane Coombe,,6,,In county,
,,Phillippa Coombe,,4,,In county,
Starrick,1,Richard White,50,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Susanna White,,52,,In county,
,,Maryann White,,20,,In county,
,,Catharine White,,15,,In county,
,,Grace White,,14,,In county,
Ennis,1,Mary Williams,,70,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Williams,37,,Miner Blind,In county,
Treverbyn,1,John Hore,75,,Tiner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,70,,In county,
,,Patience Osborne,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Isaac Hearn,11,,Ag Lab,In county,
Treverbyn,1,Dorothy Borlase,,85,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Nicholas Borlase,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Faith Borlase,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hills,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Phillip Pascoe,12,,Ag Lab,In county,
Resugga,1,Walter Robins,72,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Jane Robins,,65,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mitford,,18,,In county,Surname uncertain

Book 3 Folio 69 Page 14

,,Thomas Toms,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Rowse,17,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Rowe,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Lantern,1,Richard Julian,72,,Blacksmith,In county,
Lantern,1,Mary Roberts,,70,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Sampson Roberts,29,,Tiner,In county,

Enumeration District 13

Civil Parish of St. Austell

Book 3 Folio 74 Page 1

Menacuddle Lane,1,Anna Veale,,45,Independent,In county,
,,Octavious Veale,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Salter,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Menacuddle,1,John Barnicoat,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Barnicoat,,40,,Not in county,
,,Anne Barnicoat,,4,,In county,
,,William Harris,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Christiana Colan,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Downs,1,John Thomas,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,45,,In county,
,,Caroline Thomas,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,13,,In county,
,,John Thomas,11,,Miner,In county,
,,William Thomas,9,,Miner,In county,
,,Harriet Thomas,,7,,In county,
,,Sophia Thomas,,5,,In county,
,,Amelia Thomas,,3,,In county,
,,Susana Thomas,,1,,In county,
Downs,1,John Daniel,30,,Miner,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Daniel,,25,,In county,
,,Sampson Daniel,9,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Daniel,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Warrick,,30,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Downs,1,James Andrew,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Andrew,,50,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 75 Page 2

,,Jane Andrew,,20,,In county,
,,Grace Andrew,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Andrew,,3,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Dorothy Hockin,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Inch,,2,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Richard Warrick,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Frances Warrick,,25,,In county,
,,John Warrick,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Richard Warrick,3m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Nicholls,45,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Samuel Hockin,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Hockin,,35,,In county,
,,William Hockin,15,,,In county,
,,Dorothy Hockin,,12,,In county,
,,Joanna Hockin,,12,,In county,
,,James Hockin,10,,Miner,In county,
,,John Hockin,8,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hockin,,1,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Joseph Brokenshire,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Johannah Brokenshire,,20,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Thomas Davey,30,,Smith,In county,
,,Grace Davey,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davey,,7,,In county,
,,William Davey,3,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 75 Page 3

,,Mary Davey,,3,,In county,
,,Richard Davey,7m,,,In county,
,,William Pethick,25,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,50,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Thomas Minear,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Minear,,35,,In county,
,,William Minear,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Minear,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Minear,,10,,In county,
,,John Minear,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Minear,,5,,In county,
,,George Minear,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Minear,1,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Staple,,70,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,George Minear,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Minear,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Minear,,20,,In county,
,,Maryan Minear,,20,,In county,
,,John Minear,15,,Miner,In county,
,,George Minear,14,,Miner,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,John Minear,80,,Miner,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,William Rollings,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rollings,,20,,In county,
,,William Rollings,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Hooper,,35,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 3 Folio 76 Page 4

St.Austell Downs,1,William Warrick,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Warrick,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Warrick,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Mathew Warrick,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Warrick,,15,,In county,
,,Caroline Warrick,,15,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,William Morish,65,,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Morish,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Werry,,9m,,In county,
,,Mary Dyer,,14,Lodger,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,William Uglo,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Joanna Uglo,,45,,In county,
,,George Uglo,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Abel Uglo,20,,Labourer,In county,
,,William Uglo,15,,Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Uglo,,14,,In county,
,,James Uglo,13,,Labourer,In county,
,,Anna Uglo,,11,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,William Rowse,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowse,,20,,In county,
,,William Rowse,1,,,In county,
St.Austell Downs,1,Thomas Palmounter,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Palmounter,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Palmounter,,15,,In county,
,,Margaret Palmaunter,,14,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 76 Page 5

,,Caroline Palmounter,,15,,In county,
,,Susan Palmounter,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Palmounter,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Palmounter,,7,,In county,
,,Ann Palmounter,,5,,In county,
,,Eliza Palmounter,,2m,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,u,,,,,,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Jane Faul,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Faul,,15,,In county,
,,Charles Faul,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,80,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Robert Palmounten,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Palmounten,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Palmounten,20,,,In county,
,,Robert Palmounten,15,,Miner,In county,
,,William Palmounten,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Palmounten,,14,,In county,
,,Nicholas Palmounten,10,,Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Palmounten,8,,Miner,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,George Dyer,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Dyer,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Dyer,,14,,In county,
,,John Dyer,12,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dyer,,9,,In county,
,,George Dyer,7,,,In county,
,,Betsy Dyer,,5,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 77 Page 6

,,Isac Dyer,5,,,In county,
,,William Dyer,2,,,In county,
Tregonissey Lane,1,Richard Hancock,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Selina Hancock,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Hancock,1,,,In county,
Tregonissey Lane,1,Fanny Prior,,70,,In county,
,,William Prior,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Warrick,,12,,In county,
Tregonissey Lane,1,James Werry,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Werry,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Werry,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Werry,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Werry,,6m,,In county,
Tregonissey Lane,1,William Hicks,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hicks,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Hicks,,1,,In county,
Tregonissey Lane,1,Thomas Prior,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Prior,,35,,In county,
,,William Prior,16,,Miner,In county,
,,James Prior,14,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Prior,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Prior,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Prior,7,,,In county,
,,Caroline Prior,,4,,In county,
,,John Prior,4,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 77 Page 7

,,Jonathan Prior,2,,,In county,
,,Edward Prior,5m,,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Nicholas Thomas,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Hawke,,75,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Thomas Rowse,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rowse,,25,,In county,
,,William Rowse,11,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Rowse,2,,,In county,
,,John Rowse,1,,,In county,
,,John Lentern,12,,Miner,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,William Rowse,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Rowse,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Rowse,,8,,In county,
,,Maryan Brown,,15,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,William Medland,40,,Malster & Brewer,In county,
,,Louisa Medland,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Werring,25,,Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Warne,20,,Labourer,In county,
,,John Daniel,14,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Maria Uglow,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,John Bray,45,,Mine Agent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bray,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,13,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 78 Page 8

Tregonissey Village,1,Christopher Parnall,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Parnall,,35,,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,25,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,u,,,,,,
Tregonissey Village,1,Catherine Hamblyn,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Hamblyn,25,,Labourer,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Peter Harvey,25,,Sawyer,In county,
,,Ann Harvey,,25,,In county,
,,Maryan Harvey,,2,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Thomas Calf,65,,Labourer,In county,
,,Margaret Calf,,65,,In county,
,,John Calf,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Calf,15,,Tailor,In county,
,,Henry Nicholls,2,,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Philip Coom,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Coom,,40,,In county,
,,Harriot Coom,,13,,In county,
,,Maryan Coom,,8,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,William Brenace,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brenace,,20,,In county,
,,William Brenace,7m,,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,u,,,,,,
Tregonissey Village,u,,,,,,
Tregonissey Village,1,Richard Hancock,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Hancock,2,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hancock,4m,,,In county,
,,Jane Hancock,,6,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 78 Page 9

Tregonissey Village,1,Nicholas Hicks,76,,Miner,In county,
,,Dorothy Hicks,,66,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Richard Daniel,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Daniel,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Daniel,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Daniel,,1,,In county,
,,Mathew Hicks,20,,Miner,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,John Merifield,25,,Smith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Merifield,,30,,In county,
,,Peter Merifield,5,,,In county,
,,Eliza Merifield,,3,,In county,
,,Maryan Merifield,,8m,,In county,
,,Marian Rowse,,12,Apprentice,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Joseph Blamey,20,,Malster,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blamey,,20,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Thomas Daniel,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Betsy Daniel,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Daniel,,12,,In county,
,,Benjamin Daniel,9,,Miner,In county,
,,Betsy Daniel,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Daniel,3,,,In county,
,,Benjamin Penhale,75,,Labourer,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Rebecca Thomas,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,25,,In county,
,,Peter Thomas,15,,Miner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 79 Page 10

Tregonissey Village,1,John Thomas,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Richard Thomas,20,,Miner,In county,
,,William Thomas,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,15,,In county,
,,Nicholas Thomas,13,,Miner,In county,
,,Charles Thomas,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Thomas,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Tresize,,60,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Elizabeth Rowse,,80,,In county,
,,William Cresta,20,,Miner,In county,
,,James Cresta,15,,Miner,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Joseph Werry,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Werry,,20,,In county,
,,John Werry,2,,,In county,
,,William Werry,1,,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Joseph Minear,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Minear,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Minear,,15,,In county,
,,John Minear,10,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Minear,,5,,In county,
,,Joseph Minear,4,,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,William Edwards,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Phillis Edwards,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Edwards,,15,,In county,
,,James Edwards,12,,Labourer,In county,

Book 3 Folio 79 Page 11

,,William Edwards,15,,Miner,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Dorothy Trudgian,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trudgian,,15,,In county,
,,Joseph Trudgian,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Richard Trudgian,14,,Miner,In county,
,,Harriot Trudgian,,11,,In county,
,,Catherine Trudgian,,8,,In county,
,,William Trudgian,8,,,In county,
,,John Trudgian,5,,,In county,
,,Thomas Trudgian,2,,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,Edward Minear,75,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Minear,,40,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,William Row,45,,Butcher,In county,
,,Mary Row,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Colom,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Bassett,12,,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,John Werry,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Mary Werry,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Werry,25,,Miner,In county,
,,John Werry,10,,Miner,In county,
,,John Werry,25,,Labourer,In county,
,,Joahana Werry,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Werry,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Werry,,4m,,In county,
Tregonissey Village,1,William Rowse,50,,Labourer,In county,

Book 3 Folio 80 Page 12

,,Elizabeth Rowse,,55,,In county,
,,Betsy Mounter,,25,,In county,
,,Jane Rouse,,15,,In county,
,,William Mounter,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Rowse,12,,Miner,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,John Rowse,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Rowse,,25,,In county,
,,Eliza Rowse,,5,,In county,
,,James Rowse,2,,,In county,
,,Susan Rowse,,2m,,In county,
,,George Pomery,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Pomery,,9,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Peter Eddy,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Martha Eddy,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Eddy,,15,,In county,
,,John Eddy,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Eddy,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Eddy,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Eddy,,10,,In county,
,,Peter Eddy,8,,,In county,
,,Caroline Eddy,,6,,In county,
,,William Eddy,4,,,In county,
,,James Eddy,3,,,In county,
,,Samuel Eddy,2,,,In county,
,,Martha James,,20,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,

Book 3 Folio 80 Page 13

St. Austell Downs,1,Thomas Allen,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Allen,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Allen,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Allen,,4,,In county,
,,William Allen,3m,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Richard Allen,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Patience Allen,,40,,In county,
,,William Allen,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Richard Allen,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Allen,,15,,In county,
,,Maria Allen,,13,,In county,
,,John Allen,11,,Miner,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,John Prior,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Prior,,30,,In county,
,,William Prior,9,,Miner,In county,
,,James Prior,7,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Prior,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Prior,,3,,In county,
,,Edward Prior,6m,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,James Thomas,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,20,,In county,
,,Nicholas Thomas,3m,,,In county,
,,Jenifor Prior,,55,,In county,
,,Edward Prior,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Susana Prior,,12,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 81 Page 14

,,Mary P Nail,,20,Female Servant,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,John Thomas,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,40,,In county,
,,Catherine Thomas,,15,,In county,
,,John Thomas,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Thomas,,14,,In county,
,,James Thomas,12,,Miner,In county,
,,Henery Thomas,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,8,,In county,
,,Mathew Thomas,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,4,,In county,
,,Susan Thomas,,1,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Jane Allsop,,50,,In county,
,,Henery Allsop,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Allsop,20,,Miner,In county,
,,John Allsop,15,,Miner,In county,
,,William Allsop,14,,Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Allsop,,22,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Allsop,,15,Miner,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Richard Mitchell,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Johannah Mitchell,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Mitchell,6,,,In county,
,,Jane Mitchell,,4,,In county,
,,Grace Mitchell,,4,,In county,
,,James Jilbert,20,,Miner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 81 Page 15

St. Austell Downs,1,John Easterbrook,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Easterbrook,,75,,In county,
,,Mary Harris,,40,Lodger (Crossed Out),In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Thomas Daw,70,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Daw,,65,,In county,
,,John Hore,30,,Miner,In county,
,,William Hore,4,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Thomas Coomb,50,,Army P,In county,
,,Sarah Coomb,,45,,In county,
,,James Coomb,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Nicholas Coomb,15,,Miner,In county,
,,William Coomb,10,,Miner,In county,
,,Emma Coomb,,18,,In county,
,,Simon Coomb,12,,Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Coomb,,8,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Thomas Coomb,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Coomb,,25,,In county,
,,Sarah Coomb,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coomb,,1,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Richard Hicks,40,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Philadelphia Hicks,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Hicks,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Philadelphia Hicks,,5,,In county,
,,Philipa Hicks,,5,,In county,
,,James Hicks,3,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 82 Page 16

,,Joseph Hicks,1,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,John Coomb,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Caroline Coomb,,25,,In county,
,,John Coomb,4,,,In county,
,,Richard Coomb,1,,,Scotland,
St. Austell Downs,1,William Woolcock,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Woolcock,,25,,In county,
,,Edward Woolcock,9,,,In county,
,,Lydia Woolcock,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Woolcock,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Woolcock,,4,,In county,
,,William Woolcock,1,,,Scotland,
St. Austell Downs,1,William Hancock,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mitford,,9,,In county,
,,John Hancock,4,,,In county,
,,Frances Hancock,,2,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,William Snow,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Snow,,30,,In county,
,,James Snow,10,,,In county,
,,Maryan Snow,,8,,In county,
,,William Snow,6,,,In county,
,,George Snow,4,,,In county,
,,Francis Snow,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Snow,,2,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 82 Page 17

,,Elizabeth Snow,,5m,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Elizabeth Oats,,60,,In county,
,,Hugh Oats,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Oats,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Oats,,20,,In county,
,,Caroline Oats,,15,,In county,
,,Henery Mitchell,14,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Maryan Oats,,35,,In county,
,,George Oats,15,,Miner,In county,
,,John Oats,8m,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Samuel Rosevear,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Amelia Rosevear,,25,,In county,
,,William Rosevear,4,,,In county,
,,Samuel Rosevear,2,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,John Young,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Young,,25,,In county,
,,John Young,20,,Miner,In county,
,,William Young,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Young,,15,,In county,
,,Rebecca Young,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Young,3,,,In county,
,,Edward Young,5m,,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Henery Richards,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Betsy Richards,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Snell,30,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 83 Page 18

,,Elizabeth Richards,,20,,In county,
,,Grace Skinner,,80,,In county,
,,Caroline Daw,,20,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,John Bennett,40,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bennett,,35,,In county,
,,John Bennett,1m,,,In county,
,,Catherine Penhale,,80,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,George Werry,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Werry,,30,,In county,
,,James Werry,12,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Werry,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Werry,,8,,In county,
,,George Werry,6,,,In county,
,,Catherine Werry,,4,,In county,
,,Harriot Werry,,2,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Robert Martyn,20,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Martyn,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Martyn,,8m,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Thomas Marshall,60,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Marshall,,60,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Marshall,,20,,In county,
,,Henery Roberts,5,,,In county,
,,Mathew Roberts,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Marshall,15,,Mason,In county,
,,Nicholas Thomas,5,,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 83 Page 19

St. Austell Downs,1,Ann Werry,,35,,Not in county,
,,Samuel Werry,15,,Miner,In county,
,,David Werry,5,,,In county,
,,Sarah Werry,,2,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Francis Tremellion,65,,Miner,In county,
,,Martha Tremellion,,55,,In county,
,,Thomas Tremellion,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Tremellion,,15,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,u,,,,,,
St. Austell Downs,1,Grace Vivian,,35,,In county,
,,Maryan Vivian,,14,,In county,
,,Grace Vivian,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Vivian,,6,,In county,
,,Sampson Vivian,15,,Miner,In county,
St. Austell Downs,u,,,,,,
St. Austell Downs,1,Maryan Hancock,,35,,In county,
,,Maryan Hancock,,15,,In county,
,,Joseph Hancock,14,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,10,,In county,
,,William Hancock,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Clewes,40,,Miner,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,William Inch,25,,Cooper,In county,
,,Jane Inch,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Inch,,6m,,In county,
St. Austell Downs,1,Joseph Syncock,45,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Syncock,,45,,In county,
,,Mary Syncock,,20,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 84 Page 20

,,Samuel Syncock,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Johanna Syncock,,15,,In county,
,,Honor Syncock,,11,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Syncock,,8,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,William Williams,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,20,,In county,
,,William Williams,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Williams,,15,,In county,
,,Margaret Williams,,15,,In county,
,,Maryan Williams,,10,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,u,,,,,,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,William Penhale,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Penhale,,25,,In county,
,,William Penhale,10,,Miner,In county,
,,David Penhale,8,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Penhale,,6,,In county,
,,Caroline Penhale,,3,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Samuel Dabb,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Maria Dabb,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Libby,,30,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,James Vivian,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Philipa Vivian,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Vivian,2,,,In county,
,,William Wills,15,,Miner,In county,

Book 3 Folio 84 Page 21

Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Joseph Dingle,45,,Smith,In county,
,,Jane Dingle,,45,,In county,
,,George Dingle,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Fanny Dingle,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Dingle,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Dingle,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Dingle,,4,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Bennett Blewett,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Blewett,,45,,In county,
,,Grace Blewett,,15,,In county,
,,Jane Blewett,,10,,In county,
,,Amelia Blewett,,9,,In county,
,,Edward Blewett,9,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Blewett,,2,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Mr. William Davey,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Davey,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,7,,In county,
,,William Davey,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Davey,,1,,In county,
,,Maryan Hore,,40,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,John Jenkin,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Maryan Jenkin,,20,,In county,
,,David Jenkin,2,,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,James Rowett,30,,Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Rowett,,30,,In county,

Book 3 Folio 85 Page 22

,,Grace Rowett,,10,,In county,
,,Ann Rowett,,6,,In county,
,,James Rowett,4,,,In county,
,,Jane Rowett,,2,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,William Hendy,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Loveday Hendy,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hendy,,13,,In county,
,,Thomas Hendy,10,,Miner,In county,
,,James Hendy,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Hendy,,5,,In county,
,,Caroline Hendy,,4,,In county,
,,William Hendy,3,,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Grace Hendy,,40,,In county,
,,Harriot Hendy,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Hendy,,12,,In county,
,,John Hendy,10,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Hendy,8,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Hendy,,6,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,James Rowett,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowett,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowett,,11,,In county,
,,Sidwell Rowett,,9,,In county,
,,Maryan Rowett,,7,,In county,
,,Emma Rowett,,5,,In county,
,,Ellen Baker,,25,Lodger,In county,

Book 3 Folio 85 Page 23

,,James Rowett,2,,,In county,
,,Jane Dingle,,60,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,Richard Brown,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Sarah Brown,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,12,,In county,
,,George Brown,10,,Miner,In county,
,,Anny Brown,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Brown,,6,,In county,
,,Ellen Brown,,3,,In county,
Treleavens Cross Lane,1,William Rosevear,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Sally Rosevear,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Rosevear,7,,,In county,
,,William Rosevear,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rosevear,,4,,In county,
,,John Rosevear,2,,,In county,
,,Sally Rosevear,,1,,In county,
,,John Hutching,12,,Miner,In county,

Enumeration District 14

Civil Parish of St. Austell

Book 4 Folio 4 Page 1

Boscoppa Downs,1,Thomas Watts,55,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Julia Watts,,55,,In county,
,,Thomas Watts,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Isaac Watts,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Watts,15,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Nicholas Profit,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margery Profit,,50,,In county,
,,Louisa Profit,,20,,In county,
,,Isabella Profit,,15,,In county,
,,Eliza Profit,,11,,In county,
,,Hannah Profit,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Profit,,8,,In county,
,,Sarah Profit,,4,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Libby,35,,Cartman,In county,
,,Phillippa Libby,,30,,In county,
,,Caroline Libby,,11,,In county,
,,John Or Joseph Libby,9,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Libby,,7,,In county,
,,Richard Libby,5,,,In county,
,,Robert Libby,3,,,In county,
,,William Libby,2,,,In county,
,,Walter Libby,3m,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Rundle,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Rundle,,20,,In county,
,,John Rundle,6,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Eliza Rundle,,10m,,In county,
Boscoppa,1,Christopher Matthews,55,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,50,,In county,
,,Christopher Matthews,10,,,In county,
Boscoppa,1,William Libby,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Libby,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Libby,,10,,In county,
,,Hannah Libby,,7,,In county,
,,William Libby,2,,,In county,
,,Robert Libby,80,,,In county,
Boscoppa,1,John Coombe,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coombe,,25,,In county,
,,William Coombe,15,,,In county,
,,Hy Coombe,12,,,In county,
,,John Coombe,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Coombe,5m,,,In county,
Boscoppa,1,Philip Tonkin,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Tonkin,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Tonkin,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Tonkin,,2,,In county,
,,Philip Tonkin,2m,,,In county,
Boscoppa,1,William Allen,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Maryan Allen,,60,,In county,
,,Thomas Allen,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
Boscoppa,1,William Hancock,35,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 4 Folio 5 Page 3

,,Johanna Hancock,,40,,In county,
,,William Hancock,14,,,In county,
,,Henry Hancock,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Hancock,,8,,In county,
,,John Hancock,6,,,In county,
,,James Hancock,2,,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Ann Brooks,,40,,In county,
,,Maryann Brooks,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brooks,,15,,In county,
,,Philip Brooks,14,,,In county,
,,Jane Brooks,,12,,In county,
,,John Brooks,8,,,In county,
,,Henry Brooks,5,,,In county,
,,Catherine Brooks,,4,,In county,
,,Ann Brooks,,5m,,In county,
Fatwork,1,William Manuel,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Manuel,,30,,In county,
,,William Manuel,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Manuel,,9,,In county,
,,James Manuel,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Manuel,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Manuel,3,,,In county,
,,Louisa Manuel,,3m,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Joseph Rowett,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Rowett,,50,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 6 Page 4

Fatwork,1,William Jane,60,,Tailor,In county,
,,Mary Jane,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Jnr Jane,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jane,,15,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Sampson Ivy,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Ivy,,55,,Not in county,
,,Sarah Ivy,,20,,Not in county,
,,Sampson Ivy,15,,,Not in county,
,,Mary Ivy,,10,,Not in county,
,,James Argill,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Argill,,20,,In county,
,,John Argill,6m,,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Elizabeth Davis,,60,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,30,,In county,
,,Maryann Davis,,13,,In county,
Menear Downs Park,1,Richard Hambly,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hambly,,25,,In county,
,,Sophia Hambly,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Hambly,,5,,In county,
,,John Hambly,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Hambly,,1,,In county,
Menear Downs Park,1,James Ivey,25,,Tin Miner,Not in county,
,,Ann Ivey,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ivey,,1,,In county,
,,Sampson Ivey,20,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 4 Folio 6 Page 5

Menear Downs Park,1,William Perry,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Perry,,50,,In county,
,,John Perry,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Perry,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Amy Perry,,18,,In county,
,,Peggy Perry,,15,,In county,
Menear Downs Park,1,Hannah Curtis,,45,Independent,In county,
,,William Curtis,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Curtis,20,,,In county,
,,Peter Curtis,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Curtis,,15,,In county,
,,Harriot Curtis,,14,,In county,
,,Cordelia Curtis,,11,,In county,
,,Lavinia Curtis,,7,,In county,
Higher Phernisick,1,Benjamin Welch,60,,Lab-Clay Works,In county,
,,Elizabeth Welch,,65,,Not in county,
Higher Phernisick,u,,,,,,
Higher Phernisick,1,Joseph Rundle,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,15,,In county,
,,James Rundle,14,,,In county,
,,Joseph Rundle,12,,,In county,
,,Caroline Rundle,,10,,In county,
,,William Rundle,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Rundle,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Rundle,6,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Thomas Rundle,5,,,In county,
,,Samuel Rundle,3,,,In county,
,,Elisha Rundle,8m,,,In county,
Phenissick,1,William Benallack,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Benallack,,30,,In county,
,,William Benallack,11,,,In county,
,,Peter Benallack,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Benallack,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Benallack,,6,,In county,
,,Hannah Benallack,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Benallack,1,,,In county,
Phenissick,1,James Rawling,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mt Rawling,,25,,In county,
,,Maryann Rawling,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Rawling,2,,,In county,
,,Caroline Rawling,,6m,,In county,
Burlawn,1,Joseph Weary,75,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Weary,,75,,In county,
Burlawn,1,William Bond,35,,,In county,
,,Ann Bond,,45,,In county,
Burlawn,1,John Hooper,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hooper,,25,,In county,
,,William Hooper,3,,,In county,
,,Edward Hooper,1,,,In county,
Burlawn,1,William Hooper,25,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 4 Folio 7 Page 7

,,Ann Hooper,,25,,Not in county,
,,Eliza Rowe,,25,,Not in county,
Burlawn,1,Samuel Harper,35,,Engineman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harper,,30,,In county,
,,John Harper,10,,,In county,
,,William Harper,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Harper,,7,,In county,
,,Samuel Harper,4,,,In county,
,,Johanna Harper,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Harper,,14m,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Charles Rowett,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Rowett,,20,,In county,
,,Harriet Rowett,,3,,In county,
,,William Burnett,60,,,Scotland,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Thomas Stocker,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Stocker,,30,,In county,
,,John Stocker,8,,,In county,
,,Thomas Stocker,6,,,In county,
,,William Stocker,4,,,In county,
,,Phillippa Stocker,,2,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Thomas Rowett,60,,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowett,,60,,In county,
,,Maryann Rowett,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Behenna,,35,Sempstress,In county,
,,Thomas Darlington,13,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 8 Page 8

Boscoppa Downs,1,John Bray,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Bray,,25,,In county,
,,Alexander Bray,8,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Charles Rowett,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Rowett,,35,,In county,
,,Joseph Rowett,20,,,In county,
,,Charles Rowett,15,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Rowett,15,,,In county,
,,John Rowett,14,,,In county,
,,William Rowett,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowett,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Rowett,8,,,In county,
,,James Rowett,6,,,In county,
,,Thomas Rowett,2,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Thomas,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Maria Thomas,,39,,In county,
,,Walter Thomas,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Thomas,13,,,In county,
,,William Thomas,11,,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,8,,In county,
,,John Thomas,6,,,In county,
,,James Thomas,2,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Robert Paull,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Paull,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Paull,,2m,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 8 Page 9

Boscoppa Downs,1,Jacob Hancock,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Hancock,,40,,In county,
,,Jacob Hancock,19,,,In county,
,,Ann Hancock,,17,,In county,
,,John Hancock,14,,,In county,
,,William Hancock,12,,,In county,
,,Richard Hancock,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hancock,7,,,In county,
,,Jane Hancock,,11m,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Bond,34,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bond,,34,,In county,
,,Maryann Bond,,10,,In county,
,,John Bond,5,,,In county,
,,Joseph Bond,22,,Tin Miner,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Thomas Tinny,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Johanna Tinny,,25,,In county,
,,Charlotte Tinny,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Tinny,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Tinny,4,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Mary Martyn,,25,Work In Tin Mine,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Samuel Welch,35,,Tin Miner,Not in county,
,,Margret Welch,,30,,In county,
,,Benjamin Welch,11,,,In county,
,,Richard Welch,9,,,In county,
,,Samuel Welch,7,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 9 Page 10

,,Thomas Welch,3,,,In county,
,,William Welch,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Welch,,1,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Nanny Truscott,,45,,In county,
,,George Truscott,14,,,In county,
,,William Truscott,11,,,In county,
,,James Truscott,9,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Truscott,,6,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,u,,,,,,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Elizabeth Broad,,70,Independent,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,u,,,,,,
Boscoppa Downs,u,,,,,,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Henry Bone,25,,,In county,
,,Maryann Bone,,20,,In county,
,,Charles Bone,1,,,In county,
,,Alexander Bone,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Cocking,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Cocking,,25,,Not in county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Mary Harris,,50,Independent,In county,
,,William Harris,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Harris,,12,,In county,
,,Sally Harris,,8,,In county,
,,Kitty Harris,,6,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Joseph Nottle,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Nottle,,25,,In county,
,,Richard Nottle,4,,,In county,
,,Joseph Nottle,1,,,In county,
Phernissick,1,William Matthews,65,,Clay Work(Labourer),In county,

Book 4 Folio 9 Page 11

,,Elizabeth Matthews,,50,,Unknown,
,,Samuel Matthews,20,,Labourer,Unknown,
,,Philip Matthews,15,,Labourer,Unknown,
,,Elizabeth Matthews,,15,,Unknown,
,,Thomas Matthews,14,,,Unknown,
,,Robert Matthews,11,,,Unknown,
,,Maryann Matthews,,9,,Unknown,
,,Maria Matthews,,6,,Unknown,
,,James Matthews,3,,,Unknown,
Phernissick,1,Joseph Hambly,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Hambly,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Hambly,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hambly,,7,,In county,
,,John Hambly,6,,,In county,
Phernissick,1,William Penhall,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Penhall,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Penhall,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Penhall,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Penhall,,15,,In county,
,,William Penhall,9,,,In county,
,,John Penhall,7,,,In county,
Phernissick,1,James Rolling,65,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rolling,,55,,In county,
,,Maryann Rolling,,20,Dress Maker,In county,
,,John Rolling,15,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Thomas Rolling,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rolling,,14,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Thomas Cosentine,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Cosentine,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Cosentine,2,,,In county,
,,Joseph Cosentine,8m,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Matthew Roberts,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Lydia Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Roberts,4,,,In county,
,,Matthew Roberts,2,,,In county,
,,Maryann Roberts,,6m,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Rundle,40,,Sawyer,In county,
,,Mary Rundle,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rundle,,15,,In county,
,,Edward Rundle,16,,,In county,
,,Susan Rundle,,14,,In county,
,,John Rundle,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Rundle,,10,,In county,
,,Caroline Rundle,,8,,In county,
,,Jane Rundle,,5,,In county,
,,Louisa Rundle,,9m,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,James Coumbe,30,,Sawyer,In county,
,,Ann Coumbe,,25,,In county,
,,John Coumbe,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coumbe,,1,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 10 Page 13

Boscoppa Downs,1,Richard Rowse,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Florence Rowse,,45,,In county,
,,Eliza Rowse,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowse,,15,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Rowse,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Rowse,14,,,In county,
,,Richard Rowse,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Rowse,10,,,In county,
,,James Rowse,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Rowse,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Rowse,1,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,William Michell,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Betsy Michell,,45,,In county,
,,Thomas Michell,25,,,In county,
,,Edwin Michell,15,,,In county,
,,George Michell,9,,,In county,
,,John Michell,7,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Netherton,50,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Netherton,,55,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Netherton,,19,,In county,
,,William Netherton,26,,,In county,
,,Joseph Netherton,16,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Michell,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Michell,,40,,In county,
,,Louisa Michell,,15,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 11 Page 14

,,John Michell,15,,,In county,
,,Harriet Michell,,12,,In county,
,,Joseph Michell,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Michell,,7,,In county,
,,William Michell,5,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,William Whitter,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Whitter,,20,Work In Tin Mine,In county,
,,Maryann Truscott,,20,Work In Tin Mine,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Samuel Daniel,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Daniel,,15,,In county,
,,John Daniel,2m,,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,John Richards,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Maria Richards,,50,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,20,,In county,
,,William Richards,15,,,In county,
,,Edmund Richards,13,,,In county,
,,Thomas Richards,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,5,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Jonas Trethewey,75,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Trethewey,,60,,In county,
,,Sophia Trethewey,,25,,In county,
,,Isabella Trethewey,,50,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Thomas Milton,70,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Milton,,60,,In county,
Boscoppa Downs,1,Richard Benallack,30,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 4 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Hannah Benallack,,30,,In county,
,,John Benallack,8,,,In county,
,,Sarah Benallack,,7,,In county,
,,Johanna Benallack,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Benallack,2,,,In county,
West Boscundle,1,Henry Harry,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Christian Harry,,40,,In county,
,,John Harry,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Charles Harry,14,,,In county,
,,William Harry,9,,,In county,
,,Thomas Harry,6,,,In county,
,,Joseph Harry,4,,,In county,
,,John James,22,,Blacksmith,In county,
West Boscundle,1,Thomas Paull,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Paull,,41,,In county,
,,Henry Paull,20,,,In county,
,,Jane Paull,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Paull,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Paull,14,,,In county,
,,John Paull,10,,,In county,
,,Josiah Paull,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Paull,,4,,In county,
West Boscundle,1,William Uren,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Uren,,30,,In county,
,,William Uren,4,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Ann Uren,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Uren,,1,,In county,
West Boscundle,1,William Payor,65,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Payor,,65,,In county,
,,George James,60,,Tin Miner,In county,
West Boscundle,1,Richard Bone,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Caroline Bone,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Bone,,12,,In county,
,,Richard Bone,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bone,,6,,In county,
West Boscundle,1,John Bettyson,40,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Susanna Bettyson,,35,,In county,
,,Charles Bettyson,11,,,In county,
,,John Bettyson,9,,,In county,
,,Henry Bettyson,7,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bettyson,5,,,In county,
,,James Bettyson,2,,,In county,
,,Maryann Bettyson,,5m,,In county,
West Boscundle,1,William Cosentine,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Cosentine,,35,,In county,
,,William Cosentine,11,,,In county,
,,Henry Cosentine,8,,,In county,
,,Sophia Cosentine,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Cosentine,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cosentine,,2,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 12 Page 17

West Boscundle,1,Thomas Hockin,55,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Hockin,,55,,In county,
,,William Hockin,21,,,In county,
,,Robert Bullock,80,,Independent,In county,
West Boscundle,u,,,,,,
West Boscundle,1,John Truscott,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Truscott,,26,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Truscott,,8,,In county,
,,Rebecca Truscott,,7,,In county,
,,Maryann Truscott,,5,,In county,
West Boscundle,1,Steph Minear,45,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Ann J Minear,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Minear,20,,,In county,
,,John Minear,11,,,In county,
,,Maria Minear,,8,,In county,
,,Hannah Minear,,6,,In county,
,,Edward Minear,3,,,In county,
,,Henry Vivian,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Philip Hillman,50,,Cordwainer,In county,
,,Ann Hillman,,11,,In county,
Treleavens Cross,1,Stephen Cundy,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Frances Cundy,,55,,In county,
,,Fanny Cundy,,19,,In county,
,,Richard Hancock,24,,Preacher Of The Gospel,In county,
Slades House,1,Cornelius Pope,45,,Mason,In county,

Book 4 Folio 13 Page 18

,,Jane Pope,,45,,In county,
,,John Tremellon,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tremellon,,20,,In county,
,,John Tremellon,1,,,In county,
Slades House,1,John Uren,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Uren,,20,,Not in county,
,,James Uren,8m,,,In county,
Slades Mill,1,John Uren,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Uren,,40,,In county,
,,Simon Uren,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Uren,,12,,In county,
,,Charlotte Uren,,8,,In county,
Slades Mill,1,William Keam,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Keam,,30,,In county,
,,Simon Keam,12,,,In county,
,,Moses Keam,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Keam,,5,,In county,
,,Martha Keam,,3,,In county,
,,Ruben Keam,1,,,In county,
Slades Mill,1,John Trethewey,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Trethewey,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trethewey,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Trethewey,,20,Lab. In Clay Works,In county,
,,William Trethewey,3m,,,In county,
Treleavens Cross,1,John Searle,50,,Tin Miner,In county,

Book 4 Folio 13 Page 19

,,Ann Searle,,50,,In county,
,,Maryann Roberts,,20,Independent,In county,
,,Edward Roberts,2,,,In county,
Treleavens Cross,1,Thomas Warrick,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Hannah Warrick,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Warrick,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Warrick,,10,,In county,
,,John Warrick,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Warrick,,4,,In county,
Phernisick,1,Elizabeth Hancock,,60,Independent,In county,
,,John Hancock,20,,,In county,
,,Samuel Hancock,20,,,In county,
,,William Hancock,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Triplet,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,20,,In county,
,,Robert Hancock,14,,,In county,
,,Thomas Stephens,4,,,In county,
Burlawn,1,William Thomas,55,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,60,,In county,
,,Nicholas Thomas,12,,,In county,
Burlawn,1,William Perry,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Betsy Perry,,25,,In county,
,,William Perry,11m,,,In county,
Menear,1,Walter Robins,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Robins,,35,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 14 Page 20

,,Nicholas Robins,6,,,In county,
,,Oliver Robins,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Robins,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Robins,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Robins,,2m,,In county,
,,Henry Beard,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Walter Eddy,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Collings,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane Hancock,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Carn Grey,1,Thomas Hambly,30,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hambly,,35,,In county,
,,Ann Hambly,,7,,In county,
,,Benjamin Hambly,5,,,In county,
,,Dorcas Hambly,,2,,In county,
Carn Grey,1,Richard Glasson,25,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Susan Glasson,,25,,In county,
,,Anna Glasson,,7m,,In county,
Gray Farm,1,Henry Bear,35,,,In county,
,,Rebecca Bear,,40,,In county,
,,William Bear,1,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Halls,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Cocks,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Dain,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Charles Challwill,45,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Charles Robins,10,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 14 Page 21

Hills Tinemon,u,,,,,,
Hills Tinemon,1,Thomas Hill,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sarah Hill,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Hill,25,,Stone Mason,In county,
,,William Hill,15,,,In county,
,,John Hill,14,,,In county,
,,Peter Hill,12,,,In county,
Little Gray,1,Robert Nicholls,34,,Iron Miner,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,65,,In county,
,,Jane Nicholls,,25,,In county,
Gray,1,John Julian,45,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Ann Julian,,25,Dressmaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Julian,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
,,John Julian,15,,,In county,
,,William Julian,12,,,In county,
,,Isaac Julian,10,,,In county,
,,Jacobh Julian,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Julian,7,,,In county,
Gray,1,William Floyd,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Floyd,,30,,In county,
,,Hannah Floyd,,7,,In county,
,,Nancy Floyd,,5,,In county,
,,Beathia Floyd,,4,,In county,
,,William Floyd,3,,,In county,
,,John Floyd,2,,,In county,
,,Martha Floyd,,1,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 15 Page 22

,,Ann Julian,,70,Independent,In county,
Trethurgy,1,Robert Hore,35,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hore,,30,,In county,
,,John Hore,6,,,In county,
,,Robert Hore,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Hore,,11m,,In county,
Trethurgy,1,Susan Hobba,,50,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Hobba,,15,Labourer In The Mine,In county,
Trethurgy,1,Thomas Snell,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,45,Female Servant,In county,
,,Lucy Snell,,75,Independent,In county,
Trethurgy,1,Mary Hancock,,50,Charwoman,In county,
,,Edward Hancock,20,,,In county,
,,Caroline Hancock,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,15,,In county,
,,Melinda Hancock,,12,,In county,
Trethurgy,1,Richard Crowl,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Crowl,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Crowl,,13,,In county,
,,John Crowl,12,,,In county,
,,James Crowl,8,,,In county,
,,Robert Crowl,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Crowl,4,,,In county,
,,William Crowl,2,,,In county,
,,Ann Crowl,,6m,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 15 Page 23

Trethurgy,1,Richard Julian,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Frances Julian,,45,,In county,
,,Charlotte Julian,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Julian,,10,,In county,
,,John Julian,8,,,In county,
,,Frances Julian,,6,,In county,
Shethans,1,Mary Ann Colmer,,45,Schoolmistress,In county,
Shethans,1,Richard Burly,35,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Kitty Burly,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Melling,15,,,In county,
,,James Melling,14,,,In county,
,,Harriet Burly,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Burly,,6,,In county,
,,John Burly,4,,,In county,
,,William Burly,2m,,,In county,
Garker Moor,1,James Floyd,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jane Floyd,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Floyd,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Floyd,,2,,In county,
Garker Moor,1,Sampson Borlase,40,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Borlase,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Borlase,,18m,,In county,
Garker Moor,1,James Stephens,40,,Tin Streamer,In county,
,,Grace Stephens,,35,,In county,
,,Agness Robins,,65,Independent,In county,

Book 4 Folio 16 Page 24

Garker Moor,1,James Body,20,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Body,,20,,In county,
Garker Moor,1,Thomas Floyd,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jane Floyd,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Floyd,,11,,In county,
,,Rebecca Floyd,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Floyd,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Floyd,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Coumbe,,65,Independent,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,William Matthews,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,30,,In county,
,,Hannah Matthews,,9,,In county,
,,William Matthews,6,,,In county,
,,Jane Matthews,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Matthews,,1,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,John Nicholls,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Nicholls,,20,,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,15,,In county,
,,John Nicholls,15,,,In county,
,,Caroline Nicholls,,15,,In county,
,,William Nicholls,13,,,In county,
,,Thomas Nicholls,12,,,In county,
,,Emma Nicholls,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Nicholls,,8,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 16 Page 25

,,Grace Nicholls,,5,,In county,
,,Anna Nicholls,,1,,In county,
Trenarth,1,William Rickard,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rickard,,25,,In county,
,,William Rickard,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rickard,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Rickard,,4,,In county,
,,Thomas Lucas,70,,Independent,In county,
,,Phillip West,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Richard Nicholls,25,,Engineer,In county,
,,Mary Nicholls,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Nicholls,,8m,,In county,
,,John Cornelius,65,,Independent,In county,
Trenoweth,1,William Cornelius,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Cornelius,,25,,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Robert Hancock,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Caroline Hancock,,25,,In county,
,,Philip Hancock,5,,,In county,
,,William Hancock,2,,,In county,
,,Richard Hancock,6m,,,In county,
,,Joseph Cornelius,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Margery Trevithick,,70,Independent,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Thomas Bennetts,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Bennetts,,25,,In county,
,,William Bennetts,5,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 17 Page 26

,,Thomas Bennetts,3,,,In county,
,,John Bennetts,6m,,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,u,,,,,,
Tregrehan Mills,1,William Nicholls,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Nicholls,,35,,In county,
,,William Nicholls,15,,,In county,
,,Ann Nicholls,,11,,In county,
,,John Nicholls,9,,,In county,
,,Joseph Nicholls,6,,,In county,
,,Robert Nicholls,3,,,In county,
,,Maryann Nicholls,,1,,In county,
,,John West,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,u,,,,,,
Tregrehan Mills,1,John Northey,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Agness Northey,,35,,In county,
,,Samuel Northey,15,,,In county,
,,William Northey,15,,,In county,
,,Betsy Northey,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Northey,,7,,In county,
,,Maryann Northey,,2,,In county,
,,Richard Northey,10m,,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,John Pearce,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Martha Pearce,,25,,In county,
,,Jane Odgers,,20,Lab. In Copper Mine,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,Philippa Brown,,50,Charwoman,In county,
,,Jane Brown,,22,,In county,
,,Nicholas Brown,21,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,

Book 4 Folio 17 Page 27

,,William Brown,19,,,In county,
,,John Brown,15,,,In county,
,,George Brown,14,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Brown,,10,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,Eliza Nicholls,,50,Independent,In county,
,,William Nicholls,15,,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,Stephen Barkell,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Barkell,,20,,In county,
,,Ann Barkell,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Barkell,,1,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,Thomas Lucas,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Jane Lucas,,45,,In county,
,,Robert Lucas,15,,,In county,
,,Ruben Lucas,13,,,In county,
,,Mary Lucas,,11,,In county,
,,Joseph Lucas,9,,,In county,
,,Richard Lucas,7,,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,John Trevarthen,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevarthen,,50,,In county,
,,Nicholas Trevarthen,15,,,In county,
,,John Trevarthen,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevarthen,,12,,In county,
,,William Trevarthen,10,,,In county,
Tregrehan Mills,1,James May,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Maryann May,,20,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 18 Page 28

,,William May,3,,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,Thomas Bond,40,,Engineer,In county,
,,Grace Bond,,40,,In county,
,,Ann Bond,,15,,In county,
,,William Bond,13,,,In county,
,,Philippa Bond,,10,,In county,
,,John Bond,6,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bond,4,,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,William Odgers,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Odgers,,20,,In county,
,,William Odgers,1,,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,Catherine Martyn,,50,School,In county,
,,George Martyn,25,,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,Ann Floyd,,60,Maintained By Child(X-Ed Out),In county,
,,Christiana Floyd,,15,In Copper Mines,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,William Opie,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Opie,,25,,In county,
,,William Opie,7,,,In county,
,,Maryann Opie,,4,,In county,
,,Sarah Opie,,2,,In county,
,,John Opie,20,,Lead Miner,In county,
,,Catherine Opie,,20,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,Ann Bawden,,45,Charwoman,In county,
,,John Bawden,20,,,In county,
,,Catherine Bawden,,15,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 18 Page 29

,,Susan Bawden,,7,,In county,
,,Catherine Bawden,,5,,In county,
,,Selina Bawden,,4,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,u,,,,,,
Trenoweth Moor,1,Mary Rickard,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rickard,,20,,In county,
,,Joseph Rickard,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,William Allen,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Hannah Allen,,30,,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,Jane Snell,,45,Farmer,In county,
,,Nathaniel Snell,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Snell,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Brooks,14,,Male Servant,In county,
Trenoweth Moor,1,John Hobba,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Hobba,,25,,In county,
,,Samuel Hobba,3,,,In county,
,,Susan Hobba,,1,,In county,
Bells (Unreadable),1,Thomas Peardon,45,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,Blot on address
,,Jane Peardon,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Peardon,15,,,In county,
,,William Peardon,3,,,In county,
Boscundle Lane End,1,Grace Pearce,,40,,In county,
,,Grace Pearce,,5,,In county,
,,John Pearce,15,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Pearce,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Pearce,,15,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 19 Page 30

,,Elizabeth Pearce,,10,,In county,
,,William Pearce,10,,,In county,
Boscundle Lane End,1,Harriet Rosevear,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Rosevear,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rosevear,,2,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Jacob Hore,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Gertrude Hore,,45,,In county,
,,John Hore,23,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Henry Hore,14,,,In county,
,,Richard Hore,10,,,In county,
,,Hannah Hore,,6,,In county,
,,Gertrude Hore,,20,,In county,
Fatwork,1,William Shephard,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Ann Shephard,,30,,In county,
,,John Shephard,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Shephard,,8,,In county,
,,William Shephard,6,,,In county,
,,James Shephard,5,,,In county,
,,Grace Shephard,,1,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Edward Lee,40,,Labourer In Tin Mine,In county,
,,Jane Lee,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Lee,,20,,In county,
,,Nicholas Lee,15,,,In county,
,,Sophia Lee,,14,,In county,
,,Edward Lee,12,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 19 Page 31

,,Mary Lee,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Lee,,8,,In county,
,,John Lee,6,,,In county,
,,Caroline Lee,,4,,In county,
,,Sally Lee,,2,,In county,
,,Benjamin Lee,1,,,In county,
,,Charlotte Lee,,2m,,In county,
Boscundle Lane End,1,William Stephens,50,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,40,,In county,
,,William Stephens,20,,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Martin Hooper,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Hooper,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Hooper,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hooper,,15,,In county,
,,Catherine Hooper,,14,,In county,
,,Sarah Hooper,,10,,In county,
,,William Griffen,55,,Shipwright,In county,
,,Sarah Griffen,,58,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Thomas Cocking,60,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Cocking,,60,,In county,
,,James Cocking,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Cocking,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Cocking,15,,,In county,
Boscundle Lane End,1,John Clarke,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Clarke,15,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 20 Page 32

,,Joseph Clarke,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Clarke,12,,,In county,
,,Jane Clarke,,50,,In county,
,,Jane Clarke,,14,,In county,
Boscundle Lane End,1,Joseph Keast,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Keast,,25,,In county,
,,William Keast,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Keast,3,,,In county,
Boscundle Lane End,1,William Hockin,55,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Sarah Hockin,,50,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hockin,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Hockin,15,,,In county,
,,Grace Trathen,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
Mount Pleasant,1,William Hancock,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Susan Hancock,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hancock,,15,,In county,
,,Ann Hancock,,15,,In county,
,,William Hancock,15,,,In county,
,,Jane Hancock,,7,,In county,
,,John H Hancock,2,,,In county,
,,William Allen,9,,,In county,
Mount Pleasant,u,,,,,,
Mount Pleasant,u,,,,,,
Mount Pleasant,1,Samuel May,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sarah May,,45,,In county,
,,Esther May,,15,,In county,
,,John May,15,,,In county,

Book 4 Folio 20 Page 33

,,William May,12,,,In county,
,,Charles May,9,,,In county,
Fatwork,1,William Trudgeans,60,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Trudgeans,,55,,In county,
,,Ann Trudgeans,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Trudgeans,18,,,In county,
,,John Trudgeans,14,,,In county,
,,James Trudgeans,12,,,In county,
Fatwork,1,Elizabeth Hooper,,70,Spinning Yarn,In county,
,,Ann Hooper,,40,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Joseph Strong,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
Boscoppa,1,William Hawkin,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Philippa Hawkin,,30,,In county,
,,Nicholas Hawkin,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Hawkin,,3,,In county,
,,Charles Hawkin,1,,,In county,
,,William Bear,30,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Merrifield,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Eplett,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Boscoppa,1,Henry Snell,55,,Independent,In county,
,,Ann Snell,,20,,In county,
Boscoppa,1,Nicholas Hawkin,75,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Hawkin,,75,,In county,
Mount Charles Village,u,,,,,,

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