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Cornwall Online Census Project—1841

Transcript of Piece HO107/141 (Part 5)

Enumeration District 6

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 7 Folio 25 Page 1

Trenoweth,1,Henry Williams,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,30,,In county,
,,William Williams,7,,,In county,
,,Henry Williams,4,,,In county,
,,Edward Williams,1,,,In county,
,,Not Known Williams,7w,,,In county,
,,Samuel Randle,25,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Knight,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Grace Littlejohn,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Trenoweth,1,William Moyle,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Moyle,,30,,In county,
,,William Moyle,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Moyle,6,,,In county,
,,John Moyle,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Moyle,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sems,,15,,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Mary Rodda,,50,Widdow,In county,"Occupation has ""widdow"" crossed out."
,,Josiah Rodda,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Seth Rodda,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Rodda,8,,,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Ann Pool,,45,Ag Lab,In county,
,,William Pool,10,,,In county,
,,Ann Pool,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Pool,15,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 26 Page 2

Trenoweth,1,John Hart,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Hart,,35,,In county,
,,John Hart,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hart,10,,,In county,
,,Grace Hart,,8,,In county,
,,Jane Hart,,6,,In county,
,,Ann Hart,,2,,In county,
Trenoweth,1,James Faull,32,,Miner,In county,
,,Rachel Faull,,24,,In county,
,,Rachel Faull,,5,,In county,
,,James Faull,1,,,In county,
Trevoole,1,Samuel Bosanko,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Margret Bosanko,,40,,In county,
,,Sarah Bosanko,,12,,In county,
,,John Bosanko,14,,,In county,
,,Samuel Bosanko,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Bosanko,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bosanko,,6m,,In county,
Botida,1,Richard Kease,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Selina Kease,,30,,In county,
,,Louisa Kease,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Kease,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Kease,7,,,In county,
,,Caroline Kease,,5,,In county,
,,George Kease,2,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 26 Page 3

,,Caroline Casier,,25,Dressmaker,In county,
Botida,1,William Scandling,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Scandling,,20,,In county,
Botida,1,Richard Hart,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hart,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Hart,1,,,In county,
Botida,1,Henry Simons,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Simons,,45,,In county,
,,Jane Simons,,15,,In county,
,,Henry Simons,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Simons,,7,,In county,
,,William Simons,4,,,In county,
Barrippa,1,James Bennetts,60,,Miner,In county,
,,Margret Bennetts,,66,,In county,
,,Grace Bennetts,,30,,In county,
,,George Bennetts,25,,,In county,
Barrippa,1,John Rule,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rule,,60,,In county,
,,Ann Rule,,15,,In county,
Halgarrack,1,James Pearce,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Pearce,,30,,In county,
,,James Pearce,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Pearce,,7,,In county,
,,William Pearce,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pearce,,4,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 27 Page 4

,,Walter Pearce,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Pearce,,1,,In county,
Halgarrack,1,Thomas Trelore,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Honor Trelore,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trelore,,1,,In county,
Halgarrack,1,Francis Arthur,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Frances Arthur,,20,,In county,
,,Charles Kemp,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Jacob Kemp,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Levenia Hoskin,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Gew,1,John James,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary James,,40,,In county,
,,Ann James,,9,,In county,
,,John James,6,,,In county,
,,James James,6,,,In county,
Gew,1,Richard Bastian,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Bastian,,50,,In county,
,,Ann Bastian,,25,,In county,
,,Magery Bastian,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Bastian,20,,,In county,
,,Hanna Bastian,,15,,In county,
,,Jenefor Bastian,,13,,In county,
,,John Bastian,3,,,In county,
,,Marey Bastian,,3,,In county,
Gew,1,James Trevarthen,25,,Miner,In county,

Book 7 Folio 27 Page 5

,,Phillipa Trevarthen,,20,,In county,
,,Elenor Trevarthen,,15,,In county,
Gew,1,John Moon,32,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Moon,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Moon,,8,,In county,
,,John Moon,5,,,In county,
,,James Moon,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Moon,,1,,In county,
Hallancoose,1,Grace Rodda,,40,Miner,In county,
,,Matthew Rodda,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Margret Rodda,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Rodda,15,,,In county,
,,William Rodda,8,,,In county,
Hallancoose,1,Thomas Blewett,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blewett,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Blewett,15,,,In county,
,,Edward Blewett,13,,,In county,
,,John Blewett,10,,,In county,
,,William Blewett,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blewett,,5,,In county,
,,George Blewett,1,,,In county,
Hallancoose,1,Mary Davey,,55,Miner,In county,
,,John Davey,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Spur,,30,Work To The Union,In county,
Hallancoose,1,William Southcott,55,,Shoemaker,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 6

,,Elizabeth Southcott,,64,,In county,
,,William Southcott,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hodge,,30,Female Servant,In county,
Hallancoose,1,Richard Southcott,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Catharine Southcott,,25,,In county,
,,Richard Southcott,1,,,In county,
,,William Southcott,2m,,,In county,
Hallancoose,1,James Holman,15,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Holman,,38,,In county,
Hallancoose,1,James Williams,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,28,,In county,
,,William Williams,2,,,In county,
Hallancoose,1,John Goldsworthy,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Goldsworthy,,25,,In county,
,,John Goldsworthy,2,,,In county,
,,Peter Goldsworthy,1,,,In county,
Borthog,1,John Ivey,49,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Ivey,,49,,In county,
,,William Ivey,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Joseph Polkenhorn,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Blewett,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Borthog,1,William Orchard,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Orchard,,40,,In county,
,,William Orchard,20,,Engineer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Orchard,,15,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 28 Page 7

,,Phillip Orchard,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Orchard,,10,,In county,
,,Grace Orchard,,6,,In county,
,,Martha Orchard,,6,,In county,
,,Mark Orchard,3,,,In county,
Borthog,1,William Williams,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,50,,In county,
Borthog,1,Sarah Glasson,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Sarah Glasson,,20,,In county,
,,Phillice Glasson,,15,,In county,
Borthog,1,Nicholas Moon,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Moon,,50,,In county,
,,William Moon,13,,,In county,
,,Margret Moon,,7,,In county,
Borthog,1,William Tremelling,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tremelling,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tremelling,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Tremelling,,7,,In county,
,,Ann Tremelling,,3,,In county,
,,William Tremelling,11m,,,In county,
,,Ann Harvey,,65,Independent,In county,
Clowance,1,Henry Rogers,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Rogers,,50,,In county,
,,Stephen Rogers,20,,,In county,
,,James Rogers,20,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 8

,,William Rogers,15,,,In county,
,,Phillipa Rogers,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Rogers,,14,,In county,
Clowance,1,Francis Rogers,12,,,In county,
Clowance,1,Richard Richards,50,,Miner,In county,
,,John Richards,7,,,In county,
Clowance,1,Edwin Richards,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,6,,In county,
,,Bridget Richards,,1m,,In county,
Clowance,1,Henry Rogers,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Susanna Rogers,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Rogers,3,,,In county,
,,William Rogers,2,,,In county,
Clowance,1,James Hosking,51,,Mason,In county,
,,Jane Hosking,,53,,In county,
,,Thomas Hosking,26,,,In county,
,,Ann Hosking,,24,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hosking,,21,,In county,
,,Richard Hosking,13,,,In county,
Clowance,1,Elizabeth Scandling,,50,Miner,In county,
,,James Scandling,20,,Miner,Not in county,

Book 7 Folio 29 Page 9

,,Jonathan Scandling,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Scandling,,10,,In county,
,,Edward Scandling,5,,,In county,
Clowance,1,Thomas Scandling,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Leach,31,,Miner,In county,
,,Jenefor Leach,,25,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Leach,,3,,In county,
,,Thomas Leach,6m,,,In county,
Clowance,1,Robert Libby,51,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Libby,,54,,In county,
,,Francis Libby,19,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Libby,,18,,In county,
,,Matthew Libby,9,,,In county,
Clowance,1,Thomas Symons,42,,Hind,In county,
,,Mary Symons,,42,,In county,
,,Mary Symons,,16,,In county,
,,Oliver Symons,15,,,In county,
,,Edwin Symons,13,,,In county,
,,John Symons,12,,,In county,
,,James Symons,11,,,In county,
,,Francis Symons,9,,,In county,
,,William Symons,7,,,In county,
,,Richard Symons,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Symons,,4,,In county,
,,Emma Symons,,1,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 10

Clowance,1,Frederick Wood,20,,Male Servant,Not in county,
,,Catharine Ripper,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Sarah Prisk,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Prisk,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Clowance,1,James Rogers,80,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Catharine Rogers,,72,,In county,
,,William Thomas,43,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,13,,In county,
,,Eliza Thomas,,8,,In county,
,,William Thomas,6,,,In county,
,,James Thomas,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,8m,,In county,
Clowance,1,Francis Pool,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pool,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Pool,,8,,In county,
,,Francis Pool,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pool,,5,,In county,
,,Hannibal Pool,3,,,In county,
,,Robert Pool,2,,,In county,
,,John Pool,3m,,,In county,
Clowance,1,William Hicks,30,,Gardener,In county,
Clowance,1,Mary Stephens,,72,Independent,In county,
Clowance,1,Thomas Rowe,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
Praze,1,Jane Hicks,,65,Farmer,In county,

Book 7 Folio 30 Page 11

,,Elizabeth Hicks,,20,,In county,
,,Henry Hicks,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Thomas Hicks,20,,Miner,In county,
Praze,1,John Murley,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Murley,,50,,In county,
,,Margaret Murley,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Murley,,13,,In county,
,,John Murley,7,,,In county,
,,Christian Murley,,5,,In county,
Praze,1,Mary Laity,,30,Miner,In county,
,,William Laity,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Laity,,9,,In county,
,,Catharine Laity,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Laity,,6,,In county,
,,Sarah Laity,,6m,,In county,
Praze,1,Nicholas Williams,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,40,,In county,
,,John Williams,20,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,15,,,In county,
,,William Williams,13,,,In county,
,,Peter Williams,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,8,,In county,
,,Henry Williams,5,,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,2,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 12

,,Richard Williams,8w,,,In county,
Praze,1,Martin Pascoe,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,25,,In county,
,,Edward Pascoe,8,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Pascoe,,5m,,In county,
Praze,1,John Pearce,40,,Agent On Store Keeper,In county,
,,Eleanor Pearce,,35,,In county,
,,John Pearce,14,,,In county,
,,James Pearce,12,,,In county,
,,Emanuel Pearce,7,,,In county,
,,Soloman Pearce,1,,,In county,
Praze,1,William Hart,35,,Gamekeeper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hart,,40,,In county,
,,James Hart,8,,,In county,
,,Thomas Hart,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hart,,6,,In county,
,,Jane Hart,,2,,In county,
Praze,1,Richard Williams,26,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,31,,In county,
,,James Williams,2,,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,6m,,,In county,
Praze,1,Cuthbert Bowden,60,,Joiner,In county,
,,Charity Bowden,,50,,In county,
,,John Stephens,5,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 31 Page 13

Praze,1,John Trewhella,59,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Trewhella,,21,Dressmaker,In county,
Praze,1,Elizabeth Tocker,,60,Miner,In county,
,,George Tocker,20,,,In county,
,,Jane Tocker,,15,,In county,
Praze,1,Eliza Bray,,20,Independent,Not in county,
,,Samuel Bray,14,,Clerk,In county,
Praze,1,John Bottrall,15,,Grocer,In county,
Praze,1,Eleanor Pool,,55,Inkeeper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pool,,20,,In county,
,,Hannah Pool,,20,,In county,
,,Alice Richards,,35,Shop Keeper,In county,
,,Nicholas Bowden,35,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Drisscoll,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Peters,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Hester Ingram,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Praze,1,Nathaniel Floyd,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Floyd,,55,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Floyd,26,,,In county,
,,Henry Floyd,21,,Shoemaker,In county,
Praze,1,Jane Floyd,,15,,In county,
Praze,1,Mary Jenkyn,,76,Independent,In county,
,,Thomas Jenkyn,47,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Jenefor Jenkyn,,37,,In county,
,,Richard Jenkyn,14,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 32 Page 14

,,Thomas Jenkyn,13,,,In county,
,,William Jenkyn,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Jenkyn,,8,,In county,
,,Henry Jenkyn,6,,,In county,
,,Margaret Jenkyn,,4,,In county,
,,Jenefor Jenkyn,,2,,In county,
Praze,1,Joseph Jewell,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Jewell,,30,,In county,
,,Joseph Jewell,3,,,In county,
Praze,1,Richard Williams,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,6,,,In county,
,,Henry Williams,3,,,In county,
Praze,1,Joan Kemp,,80,Wool Carder,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kemp,,40,,In county,
Praze,1,John Blewett,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Charity Blewett,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blewett,,15,,In county,
,,Charity Blewett,,13,,In county,
,,John Blewett,8,,,In county,
,,Caroline Blewett,,9,,In county,
,,Jane Blewett,,1,,In county,
Praze,1,Henry Abraham,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Margery Smith,,60,Ag Lab,In county,
Praze,1,Henry Adams,80,,Merchant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 32 Page 15

Praze,1,John Sampson,33,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Sampson,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sampson,,2,,In county,
,,George Sampson,6m,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Fine,,15,,In county,
,,Jenefer Jewell,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Praze,1,William Heather,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Martha Heather,,25,,In county,
,,John Heather,4,,,In county,
,,William Heather,1m,,,In county,
Praze,1,John Coade,68,,Miner,In county,
,,Phillipa Coade,,70,,In county,
,,John Coade,31,,,In county,
,,William Coade,29,,,In county,
Praze,1,James Thomas,47,,Mine Agent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,26,,In county,
,,Matthew Thomas,6,,,In county,
,,William Thomas,1,,,In county,
Praze,1,John Rogers,53,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Rogers,,50,,In county,
,,James Rogers,16,,,In county,
,,Martha Rogers,,14,,In county,
,,William Rogers,9,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coombe,,28,Miner,In county,
,,William Coombe,5,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 33 Page 16

,,John Coombe,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coombe,,1,,In county,
Praze,1,Thomas Couch,45,,Stone Cutter,In county,
,,Mary Couch,,20,,In county,
,,Ann Couch,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Couch,,5m,,In county,
Praze,1,Blanch Coombe,,80,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Whials,,15,,In county,
Praze,1,John Blewett,65,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,William Blewett,45,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blewett,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Blewett,,4w,,In county,
,,Ann Moyle,,25,,In county,
Praze,1,Elizabeth Davey,,45,Dressmaker,In county,
Praze,1,Robert Richards,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Martha Richards,,30,,In county,
,,Not Known Richards,,2w,,In county,
Praze,1,John Rogers,28,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,27,,In county,
Praze,1,James Williams,25,,Tailor,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,6,,In county,
,,William Williams,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,1,,In county,
Praze,1,William Floyd,65,,Registrar,In county,

Book 7 Folio 33 Page 17

,,Grace Floyd,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bishop,,6,,In county,
Praze,1,Thomas Williams,45,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,20,,,In county,
,,John Williams,17,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,13,,In county,
,,Joseph Williams,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,7,,In county,
,,Martha Williams,,4,,In county,
Praze,1,Ann Gray,,45,Miner,In county,
,,John Gray,20,,,In county,
,,William Gray,15,,,In county,
,,Samuel Gray,11,,,In county,
,,James Gray,3,,,In county,
,,Ann Bosanko,,70,Independent,In county,
Praze,1,Samuel Hocking,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Amelia Hocking,,50,,In county,
,,Francis Hocking,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hocking,,19,,In county,
,,Jane Hocking,,15,,In county,
,,Amelia Hocking,,13,,In county,
,,Joana Hocking,,11,,In county,
Praze,1,Joseph Williams,75,,Mason,In county,
,,Martha Williams,,75,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 34 Page 18

,,Elizabeth Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,12,,In county,
Praze,1,Hosea King,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth King,,40,,In county,
,,Benjamin King,15,,,In county,
,,Josiah King,8,,,In county,
,,William King,4,,,In county,
,,Albert King,6w,,,In county,
,,Thomas King,5,,,In county,
Praze,1,James Williams,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,35,,In county,
Praze,1,Henry Thomas,35,,Engineer,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,14,,In county,
,,Caroline Thomas,,8,,In county,
Praze,1,Francis Rodda,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,40,,In county,
,,William Rodda,12,,,In county,
,,Henry Rodda,10,,,In county,
,,Francis Rodda,8,,,In county,
,,Honor Rodda,,6,,In county,
Praze,1,William Pascoe,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Hannah Pascoe,,45,,In county,
,,Hannah Pascoe,,15,,In county,
,,John Pascoe,13,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 34 Page 19

Praze,1,Elizabeth Thomas,,25,Engineer,In county,
,,Susan Thomas,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,1,,In county,
Trefewha,1,Benedict Cummins,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Cummins,,30,,In county,
,,Mary T Cummins,,1,,In county,
,,Joseph Cummins,5m,,,In county,
,,William Cummins,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Robert Cummins,10,,,In county,
,,William Cummins,5,,,In county,
,,Phillipa Cummins,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Morley,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Trefewha,1,John Sincock,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sincock,,40,,In county,
,,Hannah Sincock,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sincock,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Sincock,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Sincock,,13,,In county,
,,Grace Sincock,,6,,In county,
,,John Sincock,1,,,In county,
Trefewha,1,James Moon,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Moon,,20,,In county,
,,James Moon,1,,,In county,
Trefewha,1,Honor Richards,,60,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 7 Folio 35 Page 20

,,Oliver Richards,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Christopher Webster,15,,Miner,In county,
Gernick,1,Henry Kneebone,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Kneebone,,31,,In county,
,,John Kneebone,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Kneebone,,7,,In county,
,,Richard Kneebone,5,,,In county,
,,Pearce Kneebone,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Kneebone,,1,,In county,
,,Martha Kneebone,,1,,In county,
Gernick,1,Sarah Webster,,20,Miner,In county,
,,John Webster,1,,,In county,
,,Joseph Webster,2m,,,In county,
Gernick,1,Ann Collins,,80,Independent,In county,
Gernick,1,Mary Jory,,55,Ag Lab,In county,

Enumeration District 7

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 7 Folio 40 Page 1

Praze,1,John Holman,55,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Ann Holman,,65,Miner,In county,
,,John Holman,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Holman,,20,,In county,
Praze,1,William Davey,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Margaret Davey,,30,,In county,
,,Alfred Davey,6,,,In county,
,,William Davey,7m,,,In county,
Praze,1,Robert Higham,30,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Elizabeth Higham,,30,,In county,
,,Robert Higham,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Higham,9,,,In county,
,,Henry Higham,7,,,In county,
,,Joseph Higham,2,,,In county,
,,Stephen Higham,1,,,In county,
Praze,1,Mary Arthur,,75,Labourer,In county,
,,Charles Arthur,45,,,In county,
,,Allah Arthur,,50,,In county,
Praze,1,Christain Tresise,,70,Baker,In county,
,,Ann Bishop,,45,Baker,In county,
,,Ann Jeffery,,11,Baker,In county,
Praze,1,Ann Watters,,70,Widow (Crossed Out),In county,
Praze,1,Mary Coad,,20,Miners W,In county,
,,John Coad,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Coad,,11m,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 41 Page 2

Praze,1,John Vellenauth,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Vellenauth,,45,,In county,
,,Henry Vellenauth,20,,,In county,
,,John Vellenauth,20,,,In county,
,,Richard Vellenauth,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Vellenauth,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vellenauth,,14,,In county,
,,James Vellenauth,12,,,In county,
,,Alfred Vellenauth,9,,,In county,
,,Edwin Vellenauth,7,,,In county,
,,Francis Vellenauth,5,,,In county,
Praze,1,Thomas Trewhella,50,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trewhella,,40,,In county,
Praze,1,Thomas Sincock,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Sincock,,35,,In county,
,,William Sincock,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Sincock,14,,,In county,
,,John Sincock,12,,,In county,
,,Edwin Sincock,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Sincock,,3,,In county,
Praze,1,Hy Davey,30,,Mason,In county,
Praze,1,Mary Davey,,25,,In county,
Praze,1,Jos. Williams,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Susannah Williams,,20,,In county,
Praze,1,John Carah,40,,Miner Copper,In county,

Book 7 Folio 41 Page 3

,,Elizabeth Carah,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Carah,,20,,In county,
,,John Carah,15,,,In county,
,,Jos. Carah,12,,,In county,
,,George Carah,7,,,In county,
,,Henry Carah,4,,,In county,
,,William Carah,2,,,In county,
Praze,1,Jos. Watters,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Margaret Watters,,25,,In county,
,,Margaret Watters,,3,,In county,
,,Julia Watters,,1,,In county,
Praze,1,James Timmins,25,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Ann Timmins,,25,,In county,
,,Edwin Timmins,4,,,In county,
,,Joseph Timmins,5m,,,In county,
Praze,1,Thomas Williams,40,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Catherine Williams,,35,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,10,,,In county,
,,William Williams,9,,,In county,
,,Margaret Williams,,2,,In county,
Praze,1,John Karkeet,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Karkeet,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Karkeet,,3,,In county,
,,Robert Karkeet,2m,,,In county,
Praze,1,William Stephens,30,,Miner Copper,In county,

Book 7 Folio 42 Page 4

,,Jane Stephens,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,8,,In county,
,,Thomas Stephens,7,,,In county,
,,Ann Stephens,,4,,In county,
,,William Stephens,3,,,In county,
,,Alice Stephens,,3m,,In county,
Praze,1,John Williams,40,,Mason,In county,
,,John Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Symon Williams,13,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Prudence Richards,,25,Female Servant,In county,
Praze,1,John Thomas,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,50,,In county,
,,William Thomas,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Karkeet,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
Praze,1,Jos. Williams,45,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,45,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,15,,,In county,
,,William Williams,14,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,13,,In county,
,,Esther Williams,,12,,In county,
,,James Williams,10,,,In county,
,,Francis Williams,8,,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,2,,,In county,
Praze,1,Thomas Mildren,25,,Stone Cutter,In county,

Book 7 Folio 42 Page 5

,,Mary Mildren,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Mildren,,3,,In county,
,,Margaret Mildren,,11m,,In county,
Praze,1,William Rogers,60,,Labourer,In county,
,,Ann Rogers,,60,,In county,
Praze,1,William Peters,30,,Engineman,In county,
,,Christain Peters,,35,,LND,
,,Margaret Peters,,12,,In county,
,,Susan Peters,,9,,In county,
,,Maria Peters,,7,,In county,
,,Richard Peters,3,,,In county,
,,Christain Peters,,3m,,In county,
Praze,1,Hanibal Pool,45,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Margaret Pool,,40,,In county,
,,Margaret Pool,,15,,In county,
,,William Pool,12,,,In county,
,,John Pool,5,,,In county,
,,Grace Pool,,1,,In county,
,,Ann Webster,,40,Labourer,In county,
Praze,1,Jane Stephens,,20,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Charity Stephens,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Stephens,2,,,In county,
,,Mary Stephens,,2m,,In county,
Praze,1,William Rolph,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rolph,,45,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 43 Page 6

,,Jos. Rolph,20,,Labourer,In county,
,,William Rolph,14,,,In county,
,,Martin Rolph,8,,,In county,
Praze,1,Eleanor Burrell,,70,Independent,In county,
Praze,1,Jane Gilbert,,55,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jenning,,25,Farmer,In county,
,,Thomas Gilbert,15,,,In county,
,,Nicholas Philp,60,,Carpenter,In county,
,,John Vellenoweth,30,,Labourer,In county,
,,Thomas Couch,20,,Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Hill,55,,Labourer,In county,
Praze,1,Jos. Rodda,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodda,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodda,,8,,In county,
,,Jos. Rodda,4,,,In county,
,,John Rodda,2,,,In county,
Praze,1,John Carah,40,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Carah,,30,,In county,
,,Joseph Carah,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Carah,,6,,In county,
,,William Carah,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Carah,,1,,In county,
,,Mary Commins,,65,Independent,In county,
,,Blanch Commins,,20,Independent,In county,

Book 7 Folio 43 Page 7

Praze,1,Richard Rosewarne,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Eleanor Rosewarne,,30,,In county,
,,Margaret Rosewarne,,9,,In county,
,,Pearce Rosewarne,7,,,In county,
,,Geanetta Rosewarne,,6,,In county,
,,Ellen Glasson Rosewarne,,5,,In county,
,,Richard Rosewarne,3,,,In county,
,,John Rosewarne,11m,,,In county,
,,Jane Harvey,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Praze,1,Francis Davey,30,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,40,,In county,
,,Francis Davey,9,,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,75,Independent,In county,
Praze,1,William Roberts,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Ann Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,Cathrine Roberts,,3,,In county,
Praze,1,Francis Davey,55,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Davey,,55,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davey,,20,,In county,
,,James Davey,35,,Assayer,In county,
Gernick,1,James Noble,60,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Susannah Noble,,55,,In county,
,,Sarah Noble,,20,,In county,
Gernick,1,Eleanor Bennetts,,50,,In county,
,,Eliza Bennetts,,15,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 44 Page 8

Gernick,1,John Trythall,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Grace Trythall,,20,,In county,
,,Samuel Trythall,2,,,In county,
,,John Trythall,1,,,In county,
Gernick,1,Mattw Tellam,35,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Tellam,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Tellam,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tellam,,6,,In county,
,,Jane Tellam,,4,,In county,
,,Mathew Tellam,2,,,In county,
Gernick,1,William Jewell,45,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Blanch Jewell,,45,,In county,
,,Thomas Jewell,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jewell,,15,,In county,
,,William Jewell,12,,,In county,
,,Jane Jewell,,11,,In county,
Gernick,1,James Wyatt,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Cathrine Wyatt,,30,,In county,
,,William Wyatt,10,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Wyatt,,8,,In county,
,,James Wyatt,6,,,In county,
,,Thomas Wyatt,1,,,In county,
Gernick,1,John Vivian,25,,,In county,
,,Mary Vivian,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Vivian,,3,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 44 Page 9

,,Mary Ann Vivian,,1,,In county,
Gernick,1,Samuel Tellam,30,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Susanah Tellam,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tellam,,6,,In county,
,,John Tellam,3,,,In county,
,,Eliza Tellam,,11m,,In county,
,,Susanah Tellam,,30,,In county,
Gernick,1,William Buzza,35,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Martha Buzza,,35,,In county,
,,William Buzza,10,,,In county,
,,Martha Buzza,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Buzza,,7,,In county,
,,Richard Buzza,5,,,In county,
,,Jane Buzza,,3,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Buzza,,5m,,In county,
Gernick,1,John Noble,45,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Noble,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Noble,,20,,In county,
,,Lucy Noble,,15,,In county,
,,Sarah Noble,,13,,In county,
,,Belicant Noble,,11,,In county,
,,Jane Noble,,9,,In county,
Gernick,1,William Noble,30,,,In county,
,,Mariah Noble,,30,,In county,
,,Maria Noble,,9,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 45 Page 10

,,James Noble,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Noble,,2,,In county,
Gernick,1,Christopher Faull,60,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,55,,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Faull,,20,,In county,
,,Christopher Faull,20,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Faull,,15,,In county,
Gernick,1,John Trythall,45,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Mary Trythall,,45,,In county,
,,William Trythall,20,,,In county,
,,James Trythall,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Trythall,,15,,In county,
,,Sarah Trythall,,12,,In county,
,,Cathrine Trythall,,5,,In county,
,,Mariah Trythall,,45,,In county,
Cardenam,1,Peter Abram,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Abram,,40,,In county,
,,Sally Abram,,10,,In county,
,,John Abram,7,,,In county,
,,Henry Abram,5,,,In county,
,,Sarah Abram,,2,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Abram,,90,Independent,In county,
Bethren Hill,1,Lewis Lean,60,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Lean,,60,,In county,
,,Ann Rogers,,14,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 45 Page 11

Bethren Hall,1,William Temby,25,,Miner Tin,In county,
,,Mary Temby,,25,,In county,
Carwenin Place,1,Bent. George,40,,Labourer,In county,
,,Prudence George,,35,,In county,
,,James George,9,,,In county,
,,Ann George,,7,,In county,
,,William George,4,,,In county,
,,Bent. George,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth George,,1,,In county,
Bodrivial,1,Mary Rule,,60,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rule,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Rule,,20,,In county,
,,Susanna Rule,,20,,In county,
,,John Curnow,20,,,In county,
,,James Tidoe,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rogers,,7,,In county,
,,Thomas Hosken,1,,,In county,
North Corner Tremayne,1,Mary Pooly,,40,Miner Copper,In county,
,,John Pooly,20,,,In county,
,,William Pooly,20,,,In county,
,,Richard Pooly,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pooly,,15,,In county,
,,Robert Pooly,9,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 46 Page 12

Hallogan,1,William Sincock,60,,Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Sincock,,60,,In county,
,,John Sincock,25,,,In county,
Hallogan,1,William Green,50,,Labourer,In county,
,,Mary Green,,30,,In county,
,,Jane Green,,14,,In county,
,,William Green,6,,,In county,
,,Henry Green,1,,,In county,
Hallogan,1,Thomas Thomas,30,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,6,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,5,,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,2,,In county,
,,John Thomas,4m,,,In county,
Hallogan,1,Antny Hart,65,,Labourer,In county,
,,Martha Hart,,60,,In county,
,,Joseph Hart,15,,,In county,
,,Sarah Hart,,20,,In county,
Hallogan,1,Michael Abram,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Michael Abram,30,,,In county,
,,John Abram,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Dunn,,15,Ap,In county,
Hallogan,1,William Tucker,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Ann Tucker,,20,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 46 Page 13

,,Elizabeth Tucker,,3,,In county,
,,Nicholas Tucker,1,,,In county,
Hallogan,1,John Hart,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Christain Hart,,20,,In county,
,,John Hart,3,,,In county,
,,William Hart,1,,,In county,
Hallogan,1,Richard Trevarthen,50,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Mary Trevarthen,,40,,In county,
,,John Trevarthen,13,,,In county,
,,Margaret Trevarthen,,9,,In county,
,,Mary Ann Trevarthen,,7,,In county,
,,Phillippa Trevarthen,,5,,In county,
,,Richard Trevarthen,2,,,In county,
Poleo,1,Margaret Trewhella,,60,Farmer,In county,
,,Stephen Watters,25,,,In county,
,,Ehestr. Watters,,20,,In county,
,,Ester Watters,,7m,,In county,
,,James Rodda,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Poleo,1,Mary Trewhella,,66,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Trewhella,,26,,In county,
,,Edward Trewhella,23,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trewhella,,23,,In county,
,,Benjamin Trewhella,21,,,In county,
,,Samuel Bennetts,1,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 47 Page 14

Poleo,1,William Carah,45,,Mason,In county,
,,Mary Carah,,40,,In county,
,,William Carah,20,,,In county,
,,John Carah,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Carah,,10,,In county,
,,Margaret Rodda,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Hollogan,1,John Reynolds,50,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Margry Reynolds,,45,,In county,
,,Henry Reynolds,25,,,In county,
,,John Reynolds,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Reynolds,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Reynolds,,9,,In county,
Hollogan,1,John Trevarthen,30,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevarthen,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevarthen,,5,,In county,
,,William Trevarthen,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Trevarthen,,1,,In county,
Carvolth,1,William Littlejohn,40,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Ann Littlejohn,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Littlejohn,,20,,In county,
,,Eliza Littlejohn,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Littlejohn,8,,,In county,
,,Jane Littlejohn,,5,,In county,
Carvolth,1,William Faull,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Grace Faull,,30,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 47 Page 15

Carvolth,1,Jane Davis,,40,Farmer,In county,
,,Jacob Davis,12,,,In county,
,,William Davis,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Davis,,9,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,7,,In county,
,,John Davis,5,,,In county,
,,Moses Gundry,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Carvolth,1,Jacob Davis,65,,Mason,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davis,,30,,In county,
,,James Davis,5,,,In county,
Trevool,1,Samuel Rodda,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,65,,In county,
,,Edward Rodda,25,,,In county,
,,Ann Michell,,35,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Reynolds,20,,Male Servant,In county,
,,John Rodda,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Trevool,1,John Rowe,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,50,,In county,
,,John Rowe,20,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,15,,In county,
,,Phillip Rowe,15,,,In county,
,,Cathrine Rowe,,12,,In county,
,,Hanibal Rowe,8,,,In county,
,,William Rowe,6,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 48 Page 16

,,Mary Rowe,,4,,In county,
Trevool,1,William Hart,30,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Mary Hart,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Hart,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Hart,,7,,In county,
,,William Hart,5,,,In county,
,,Andrew Hart,3,,,In county,
,,Cathrine Hart,,5d,,In county,
Trevool,1,Richard Glasson,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,James Glasson,30,,,In county,
,,Eleanor Glasson,,20,,In county,
,,James Glasson,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Glasson,,11m,,In county,
,,W Jewell,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Jewell,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Trethannas,1,Fanny Symons,,55,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Richard Symons,25,,Miner Copper,In county,
Trethannas,1,Christopher Reynolds,45,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Reynolds,,40,,In county,
,,William Reynolds,20,,,In county,
,,Jane Reynolds,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Reynolds,,14,,In county,
,,Grace Reynolds,,9,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 48 Page 17

,,Samuel Reynolds,6,,,In county,
,,Christopher Reynolds,4,,,In county,
,,Phillippa Reynolds,,2,,In county,
Trethannas,1,Edward Jewell,50,,Miner Copper,In county,
,,Eleanor Jewell,,55,,In county,
,,Hariet Jewell,,15,,In county,
Trethannas,1,Samuel Jewell,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Cathrine Jewell,,30,,In county,
,,Peter Jewell,5,,,In county,
,,Samuel Jewell,3,,,In county,
,,William Jewell,1,,,In county,
Trethannas,1,Mark Reid,45,,Mine Agent,In county,
,,Agnes Reid,,45,,In county,
,,John Reid,25,,,In county,
,,Mark Reid,20,,,In county,
,,James Reid,15,,,Ireland,
,,Mary Reid,,15,,Ireland,
,,Elizabeth Reid,,13,,Ireland,
,,Samuel Reid,6,,,Ireland,
,,Thomas Harris,30,,Male Servant,In county,
Carvolth,1,William Foull,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Alice Foull,,50,,In county,
,,Alice Foull,,20,,In county,
,,Thomas Foull,15,,,In county,

Enumeration District 8

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 7 Folio 53 Page 1

Praze,1,John Lean,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Lean,,25,,In county,
,,Eleanor Lean,,2,,In county,
Praze,1,Ann Hicks,,60,Miner,In county,
,,John Hicks,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Hicks,,27,,In county,
,,Henry Hicks,25,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hicks,,20,,In county,
Praze,1,John Tonkin,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Tonkin,,14,,In county,
,,John Tonkin,12,,,In county,
,,William Tonkin,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Tonkin,6,,,In county,
Trerice,1,Thomas Foard,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Foard,,45,,In county,
,,Thomas Foard,11,,,In county,
,,William Foard,9,,,In county,
,,Francis Foard,5,,,In county,
,,Sarah Pooley,,15,Miner,In county,
Tremayne,1,Jacob Holman,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,John Holman,18,,,In county,
,,Francis Holman,14,,,In county,
,,William Holman,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Holman,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,14,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 54 Page 2

Tremayn,1,William Trevarthen,25,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Trevarthen,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Trevarthen,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Trevarthen,3,,,In county,
,,William Trevarthen,1,,,In county,
Tremayn,1,Christopher Temby,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Grace Temby,,40,,In county,
,,Christopher Temby,20,,,In county,
,,William Temby,15,,,In county,
,,John Temby,14,,,In county,
,,Mary Temby,,12,,In county,
,,Grace Temby,,10,,In county,
,,Nicholas Temby,8,,,In county,
,,Samuel Temby,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Temby,,4,,In county,
,,James Temby,1,,,In county,
,,John Holman,82,,Miner,In county,
,,Edwin Williams,12,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Ann Done,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Tremayn,1,William Trudgan,38,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trudgan,,36,,In county,
,,John Trudgan,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Trudgan,,9,,In county,
,,William Trudgan,4,,,In county,
,,Jane Trudgan,,2,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 54 Page 3

,,Eliza Blewett,,13,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Blewett,,10,,In county,
Tremayn,1,Benjamin Matthews,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,15,,In county,
,,Martha Matthews,,10,,In county,
,,Sarah Matthews,,8,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Matthews,,6,,In county,
,,Caroline Matthews,,2,,In county,
,,Sophia Matthews,,4m,,In county,
,,Mary Matthews,,65,Independent,In county,
Tremayn,1,Ann Williams,,40,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,5,,In county,
Tremayn,1,Richard Williams,58,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Susanna Williams,,50,,In county,
Tremayn,1,John Holman,57,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Holman,,50,,In county,
,,James Floyd,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Francis Williams,7,,,In county,
Tremayn,1,Joseph Symons,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Rosemond Symons,,56,,Ireland,
,,Francis Symons,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Symons,12,,,In county,
,,Ann Symons,,25,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 55 Page 4

,,Eliza Symons,,15,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Symons,,4,,In county,
Tremayn,1,William Carah,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Alice Carah,,40,,In county,
,,William Carah,15,,,In county,
,,Alice Carah,,14,,In county,
,,George Carah,13,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Carah,,11,,In county,
,,John Carah,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Carah,,6,,In county,
,,Henry Carah,4,,,In county,
,,Grace Carah,,3,,In county,
,,Thomas Carah,1,,,In county,
,,Joseph Carah,3m,,,In county,
Tremayn,1,Elizabeth Webster,,35,Miner,In county,
,,Francis Webster,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Webster,7,,,In county,
,,John Webster,2,,,In county,
Tremayn,1,William Pote,25,,Stone Cutter,In county,
,,Eleanor Pote,,20,,In county,
,,Honor Pote,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Pote,,3m,,In county,
Tremayn,1,Jane Tregear,,70,Miner,In county,
Tremayn,1,John Jewill,40,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Jewill,,30,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 55 Page 5

,,John Jewill,12,,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Jewill,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Jewill,,9,,In county,
,,Isaac Jewill,7,,,In county,
,,Samuel Jewill,5,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jewill,,3,,In county,
,,William Jewill,5m,,,In county,
Belankan,1,James Gilbert,62,,Pensioner,In county,
,,Ann Gilbert,,59,,In county,
Carne,1,William Rodda,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,25,,In county,
,,Sarah Rodda,,20,,In county,
,,Philippa Rodda,,15,,In county,
Carne,1,Charles Berryman,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Berryman,,19,,In county,
Carne,1,Charles Berryman,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Berryman,,50,,In county,
,,Grace Berryman,,15,,In county,
,,Eleanor Berryman,,14,,In county,
,,William Berryman,13,,,In county,
,,James Berryman,10,,,In county,
Carne,1,Ann Berryman,,50,Miner,In county,
,,Edwin Berryman,14,,,In county,
,,Joseph Berryman,8,,,In county,
Carne,1,Margrey Watters,,70,Miner,In county,

Book 7 Folio 56 Page 6

Carne,1,Thomas Dunn,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dunn,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Dunn,5,,,In county,
,,William Dunn,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dunn,,1,,In county,
Carne,1,Daniel Dunn,70,,Engineer,In county,
,,Mary Dunn,,72,,In county,
Carne,1,Jane Williams,,45,Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Williams,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,6,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,4,,In county,
,,George Williams,2,,,In county,
Carne,1,Walter Cock,64,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Cock,,63,,In county,
,,Walter Cock,32,,,In county,
,,Eliza Cock,,20,,In county,
,,Henry Cock,2m,,,In county,
Carne,1,William Walters,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Lenora Walters,,40,,In county,
,,Samuel Walters,18,,,In county,
,,William Walters,18,,,In county,
,,Stephen Walters,17,,,In county,
,,Johanna Walters,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Walters,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Pasco,,17,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 56 Page 7

Belankan,1,David Rogers,47,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rogers,,46,,In county,
,,Sally Rogers,,25,,In county,
,,David Rogers,23,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rogers,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Rogers,,17,,In county,
,,Ann Rogers,,15,,In county,
Belankan,1,William James,42,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary James,,50,,In county,
Belankan,1,James Williams,25,,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,25,,In county,
,,James Williams,5,,,In county,
,,Thomasine Williams,,3,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,1,,In county,
Belankan,1,Mary Davis,,45,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Davis,,22,,In county,
,,Joseph Davis,20,,,In county,
,,Pernal Littlejohn,85,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,William Borlase,30,,Curate,In county,
,,Georgina Borlase,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Borlase,,5,,In county,
,,Edith Borlase,,3,,In county,
,,Henry Borlase,1,,,In county,
,,Mary Jewill,,35,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Hosking,,29,Female Servant,In county,

Book 7 Folio 57 Page 8

Churchtown,1,Samuel Jewill,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Martha Jewill,,50,,In county,
,,Martha Jewill,,25,,In county,
,,Edwin Jewill,15,,,In county,
,,James Jewill,14,,,In county,
,,Simon Jewill,13,,,In county,
,,Ann Jewill,,10,,In county,
,,Soloman Jewill,7,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,John Walters,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Walters,,35,,In county,
,,John Walters,15,,,In county,
,,Henry Walters,14,,,In county,
,,James Walters,12,,,In county,
,,Mary Walters,,9,,In county,
,,Abraham Walters,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Walters,,4,,In county,
,,William Walters,1,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Hannah Williams,,70,Miner,In county,
,,Edward Williams,20,,Carpenter,In county,
Churchtown,1,Thomas Trembath,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Honor Trembath,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Trembath,,11,,In county,
,,Thomas Trembath,9,,,In county,
,,James Trembath,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Trembath,,4,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 57 Page 9

,,William Trembath,2,,,In county,
,,Blanch Pearce,,25,Miner,In county,
,,John Sems,5,,,In county,
,,James Rogers,1,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,James Thomas,35,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Thomas,,12,,In county,
,,Caroline Thomas,,11,,In county,
,,Eliza Thomas,,10,,In county,
,,William Thomas,8,,,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,6,,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,4,,In county,
,,Ester Thomas,,2,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Prudence Thomas,,72,Sexton,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,40,,In county,
,,Eleanor Thomas,,26,,In county,
Churchtown,1,William Williams,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,20,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,9m,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Elizabeth Thomas,,50,Shopkeeper,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bosanko,,27,,In county,
Churchtown,1,John Pasco,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Pasco,,35,,In county,
,,William Pasco,15,,,In county,
,,Eliza Pasco,,6,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 58 Page 10

Churchtown,1,Elizabeth Rodda,,66,Miner,In county,
Churchtown,1,Joseph Pasco,34,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Pasco,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pasco,,15,,In county,
,,Martha Pasco,,12,,In county,
,,Joseph Pasco,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Pasco,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Pasco,,3,,In county,
,,Ketura Gillard,,40,Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Gillard,,19,,In county,
,,Eleanor Gillard,,12,,In county,
,,Edwin Gillard,10,,,In county,
,,James Gillard,7,,,In county,
,,Emlin Gillard,,5,,In county,
,,Ann Gillard,,1m,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Grace Hodge,,60,Miner,In county,
,,Arnald Hodge,20,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Francis Pool,30,,Yeoman,In county,
Churchtown,1,Oliver Morton,30,,Sawyer,In county,
,,Mary Morton,,30,,In county,
,,James Morton,10,,,In county,
,,Susanna Morton,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Morton,,5,,In county,
,,William Morton,1,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,John Hodge,30,,Tin Man,In county,

Book 7 Folio 58 Page 11

,,Catherine Hodge,,30,Tin Man,In county,
,,William Hodge,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hodge,,4,,In county,
,,Thomas Hodge,2,,,In county,
Churchtown,1,Thomas Williams,55,,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,60,,In county,
Tregear,1,John Goldsworthy,45,,School Master,In county,
,,Grace Goldsworthy,,45,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Goldsworthy,,15,,In county,
,,Grace Goldsworthy,,13,,In county,
,,Caroline Goldsworthy,,11,,In county,
,,Henry Goldsworthy,8,,,In county,
,,Mary Goldsworthy,,3,,In county,
,,John Goldsworthy,20,,Shoemaker Journeyman,In county,
Tregear,1,Richard Jenkyn,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Ann Jenkyn,,30,,In county,
Tregear,1,Mary Jenkyn,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Grace Jenkyn,,25,Schoolmistress,In county,

Enumeration District 9

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 7 Folio 63 Page 1

Tremayne Lane,1,Zachias Thomas,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Thomas,,25,,In county,
,,John Thomas,5,,,In county,
,,Joseph Thomas,2m,,,In county,
Tremayne Lane,u,,,,,,
Tremayne Lane,1,Ann Trevarthen,,50,Miner's Wife (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Elizabeth Trevarthen,,12,,In county,
,,Mary Trevarthen,,10,,In county,
Newton Road,1,John Oaty,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Oaty,,45,,In county,
,,Peter Oaty,30,,,In county,
,,Henry Pooly,12,,Male Servant,In county,
Newton Road,1,Samuel Bastian,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jenifer Bastian,,25,,In county,
,,Jenifer Bastian,,5,,In county,
,,Samuel Bastian,2,,,In county,
Newton Road,1,John Cock,55,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cock,,50,,In county,
Newton Road,1,Mary Carah,,55,Copper Miner Labourer,In county,
,,Alice Carah,,50,Copper Miner Labourer,In county,
,,Grace Carah,,50,Ag Lab,In county,
Pooleys Place,1,John Pooley,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Eleanor Pooley,,35,,In county,
,,John Pooley,13,,,In county,
,,William Pooley,12,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 64 Page 2

,,Jeremiah Pooley,6,,,In county,
,,Caroline Pooley,,4,,In county,
,,Susanna Pooley,,1,,In county,
Lower Tremayne,1,Elizabeth Williams,,35,Miner's Wife (Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Williams,9,,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,6,,Unknown,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,5,,In county,
,,Grace Blewett,,75,Miners Widow,In county,
,,Jane Moyle,,25,Dressmaker,In county,
Lower Tremayne,1,Grace Kemp,,40,Miners Widow,In county,
,,Joseph Kemp,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kemp,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Kemp,5,,,In county,
Lower Tremayne,1,Elizabeth Blewett,,65,Miners Widow,In county,
,,William Blewett,25,,,In county,
Lower Tremayne,1,Phillippa Eustice,,35,Miller's Wife (Crossed Out),In county,
,,Jane Eustice,,13,,In county,
,,Joseph Eustice,1,,,In county,
Lower Tremayne,1,Mary Rowe,,45,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Alice Rowe,,11,,In county,
,,Samuel Rowe,8,,,In county,
,,Dorothy Pooley,,80,Miners Widow,In county,
,,Jenifer Pooley,,40,Ag Lab,In county,

Book 7 Folio 64 Page 3

Trethannas,1,Abraham Rowe,70,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,65,,In county,
,,Phillippa Rowe,,20,,In county,
,,Grace Rowe,,20,,In county,
,,James Rowe,15,,,In county,
Trethannas,1,Grace Rowe,,40,Labourer In Mine,In county,
,,Jane Rowe,,15,,In county,
,,William Rowe,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rowe,,9,,In county,
,,Grace Pasco,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
,,James Pasco,2,,,In county,
Trethannas,1,Thomas Savill,45,,Stone Cutter,In county,First letter of surname uncertain
,,Mary Savill,,45,,Not in county,
,,Elizabeth Savill,,20,,Not in county,
,,John Savill,20,,,Not in county,
,,Thomasine Savill,,18,,Not in county,
,,Ann Savill,,16,,Not in county,
,,Mary Savill,,11,,Not in county,
,,Grace Savill,,7,,Not in county,
,,Joshua Savill,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Savill,,3m,,Not in county,
,,Richard Moyle,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Moyle,,20,,In county,
,,Jenifer Moyle,,3m,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 65 Page 4

Higher Trethannas,1,John Rodda,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Rodda,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodda,,15,,In county,
,,Margret Rodda,,12,,In county,
,,John Rodda,9,,,In county,
,,Peggy Rodda,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Rodda,2,,,In county,
Carne Tremayne,1,Eleanor Rowe,,70,Independent,In county,
,,Thomas Rowe,50,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Rowe,,50,,In county,
,,John Rowe,,14,,In county,
Carne Tremayne,1,Samuel Bowar,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bowar,,40,,In county,
,,Thomas Pooley,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,James Miners,8,,Apprentice,In county,
,,William Liddycoat,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
Carne Tremayne,1,John Trewhela,40,,Butcher,In county,
,,Sally Trewhela,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Trewhela,,6,,In county,
,,Thomas Trewhela,5,,,In county,
,,Sally Trewhela,,3,,In county,
,,John Trewhela,9m,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 65 Page 5

,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Carne Tremayne,1,John Hicks,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Margaret Hicks,,25,,In county,
,,Eliza Hicks,,6m,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,Abraham Willey,50,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Willey,,50,,In county,
,,Edward Willey,20,,,In county,
,,John Willey,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Willey,,11,,In county,
,,Oliver Willey,8,,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Richard Berryman,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Berryman,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Berryman,6,,,In county,
,,Henry Berryman,4,,,In county,
,,Ann Berryman,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Berryman,,1,,In county,
,,Richard Berryman,7,,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,John Berryman,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Wilmott Berryman,,25,,In county,
,,John Berryman,6,,,In county,
,,William Berryman,4,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berryman,,2,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,u,,,,,,
Cargenwen Common,1,Mary Watters,,60,Independent,In county,

Book 7 Folio 66 Page 6

Cargenwen Common,1,Elizabeth Berryman,,60,Miners Widow,In county,
,,John Berryman,20,,,In county,
,,Jane Berryman,,20,,In county,
,,George Berryman,15,,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,William Richards,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Richards,,35,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,5,,In county,
,,Thomas Richards,3,,,In county,
,,Joanna Richards,,1,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,u,,,,,,
Cargenwen Common,u,,,,,,
Cargenwen Common,1,Thomas Richards,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Richards,10,,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,4,,In county,
,,John Richards,3,,,In county,
,,Grace Richards,,1,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Elizabeth Richards,,55,Independent,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,William Williams,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,40,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,12,,In county,
,,Sarah Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Susannah Williams,,8,,In county,
,,Temperance Williams,,4,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 66 Page 7

,,Elizabeth Williams,,1,,In county,
,,Grace Mutton,,9,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Thomas Rowe,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Priscilla Rowe,,40,,In county,
,,Priscilla Rowe,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Rowe,15,,,In county,
,,John Rowe,14,,,In county,
,,Grace Rowe,,10,,In county,
,,Charity Rowe,,7,,In county,
,,Mary Rowe,,4,,In county,
,,Eliza Rowe,,1,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Elizabeth Rogers,,75,Independent,In county,
,,James James,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,James Rodda,50,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rodda,,50,,In county,
,,Susannah Rodda,,25,,In county,
,,John Rodda,20,,,In county,
,,Grace Rodda,,20,,In county,
,,Sally Rodda,,15,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodda,,14,,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,12,,In county,
,,John Rodda,2,,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Elizabeth Davies,,35,Schoolmistress,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davies,,11,,In county,
,,Caroline Davies,,3,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 67 Page 8

,,George Davies,7,,,In county,
,,Jacob Davies,1,,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Joseph Rodda,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,13,,In county,
,,John Rodda,10,,,In county,
,,Joseph Rodda,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodda,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Rodda,2,,,In county,
,,Jane Rodda,,3m,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Mary Perry,,25,Dressmaker,In county,
Cargenwen Common,u,,,,,,
Cargenwen Common,1,Benj Berriman,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Berriman,,20,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Henry Watters,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Watters,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Watters,,2,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,James Berryman,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Martha Berryman,,45,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,William Rodda,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Rodda,,40,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,William Berryman,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Berryman,,25,,In county,
,,William Berryman,5,,,In county,
,,James Berryman,4,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 67 Page 9

,,Henry Berryman,1,,,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Elizabeth Harris,,50,Miner,In county,
Cargenwen Common,1,Richard Berryman,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Berryman,,60,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,Anthony Dunstan,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Dunstan,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Dunstan,,13,,In county,
,,Anthony Dunstan,11,,,In county,
,,John Dunstan,6,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Dunstan,,4,,In county,
,,Catherine Dunstan,,3,,In county,
,,William Dunstan,2,,,In county,
,,Eliza Dunstan,,2m,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,Thomas Rodda,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Joseph Rodda,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Walters,,65,Female Servant,In county,
Cargenwen,1,William Edwards,20,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Edwards,,20,,In county,
,,John Edwards,1,,,In county,
,,William Carah,75,,Independant,In county,
,,Ann Carah,,45,Independant,In county,
Cargenwen,1,John Williams,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,6,,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 68 Page 10

,,Joseph Williams,4,,,In county,
,,William Williams,2,,,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,1,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,James Rodda,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Johanna Rodda,30,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rodda,,5,,In county,
,,John Rodda,2,,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,James Rodda,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Rodda,,30,,In county,
,,William Rodda,8,,,In county,
,,James Rodda,6,,,In county,
,,Grace Rodda,,4,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,James Rodda,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Martha Rodda,,20,,In county,
,,Harriet Rodda,,6m,,In county,
Cargenwen,1,Thomas Hicks,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hicks,,30,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hicks,,6,,In county,
,,Josiah Hicks,2,,,In county,
,,Grace Dunstan,,13,Female Servant,In county,
Cargenwen,1,John Rodda,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Rodda,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,8,,In county,

Book 7 Folio 68 Page 11

,,John Rodda,6,,,In county,
,,William Rodda,4,,,In county,
,,Ann Rodda,,2,,In county,
Higher Cargenwen,1,John Davies,35,,Mason,In county,
,,Jane Davies,,30,,In county,
,,Charity Davies,,4,,In county,
,,Jane Davies,,2,,In county,
Lower Cargenwen,1,James Hill,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Jane Hill,,50,,In county,
,,Thomas Hill,25,,,In county,
,,William Hill,20,,,In county,
,,Samuel Hill,15,,,In county,
Lower Cargenwen,1,George Williams,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Bridget Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Joan Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,6,,In county,
Lower Cargenwen,1,Peternell Pascoe,,40,Mine Labourer,In county,
,,Richard Williams,65,,Pensioner,In county,

Enumeration District 10

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 8 Folio 4 Page 1

Trenoweth,1,Ann Thomas,,80,Independent,In county,
,,Thomas Hill,20,,Independent,In county,
,,Jane Goldsworthy,,35,Female Servant,In county,
,,Josiah Gilbert,15,,Male Servant,In county,
Trenoweth,1,Thomas Uren,55,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Uren,,55,,In county,
,,Ann Uren,,20,,In county,
,,Susanna Uren,,15,,In county,
,,Solomon Uren,15,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Sampson Uren,11,,,In county,
,,Sally Uren,,10,,In county,
Trenoweth,1,John Rodda,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Rodda,,30,,In county,
,,John Rodda,9,,,In county,
,,James Rodda,8,,,In county,
,,William Rodda,2,,,In county,
Tregear,1,Thomas Hitchens,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hitchens,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Hitchens,,14,,In county,
,,James Hitchens,11,,,In county,
,,Richard Hitchens,9,,,In county,
,,Cordelia Hitchens,,7,,In county,
,,John Hitchens,5,,,In county,
,,Christopher Hitchens,1,,,In county,
,,James James,60,,Farmer,In county,

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 2

,,Elizabeth James,,65,,In county,
,,Jane Dennis,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Hocken,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hocken,,35,,In county,
,,James Hocken,11,,,In county,
,,John Hocken,6,,,In county,
Crowan Ch Town,1,Edward Roberts,30,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Jane Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,Edward Roberts,1,,,In county,
,,Hannible Roberts,2m,,,In county,
,,Eliza Orchard,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,William Harris,15,,Journeyman Shoemaker,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Henry Semmons,25,,Innkeeper,In county,
,,Mary Semmons,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Semmons,4,,,In county,
,,Richard Semmons,2,,,In county,
,,William Semmons,2m,,,In county,
,,Henry Eustis,15,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Mary Treloar,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,10,Female Servant,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Charles Hosken,30,,Miller,In county,
,,Sarah Hosken,,25,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,William Williams,30,,Sawyer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,25,,In county,
,,Ezekiel Williams,17m,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 5 Page 3

Crowan Chtown,1,Richard Edwards,50,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Ann Edwards,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Edwards,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Edwards,15,,,In county,
,,Grace Edwards,,14,,In county,
,,Edwin Edwards,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Edwards,8,,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Patty Tresise,,40,Draper & Grocer,In county,
,,Ann Tresise,,9,,In county,
,,Josephine Tresise,,8,,In county,
,,Hellen Tresise,,7,,In county,
,,Emma Tresise,,5,,In county,
,,Agness Tresise,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Tresise,1,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berry,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane Cosier,,25,Female Servant,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Fedrick Pascoe,20,,Wheelwright,Not in county,
,,Ann Pascoe,,19,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Thomas Blewet,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Phillippa Blewet,,50,,In county,
,,William Blewet,15,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Blewet,8,,,In county,
,,John Dunn,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Phillippa Dunn,,20,,In county,
,,Harriet Dunn,,2m,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 6 Page 4

Crowan Chtown,1,James Hill,40,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Margeret Hill,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Hill,,15,,In county,
,,Margeret Hill,,13,,In county,
,,Mary Hill,,10,,In county,
,,Stephen Hill,7,,,In county,
,,James Hill,3,,,In county,
,,Charity Hill,,6m,,In county,
,,Joseph Symons,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Williams,,12,Female Servant,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Emanuel Pool,75,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Emanuel Pool,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Pool,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Pool,,20,,In county,
,,Dorothy Pool,,11,,In county,
,,John Pool,6,,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Thomas Watters,70,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Prudence Watters,,60,,In county,
,,Richard Watters,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Henry Watters,15,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Richard Williams,20,,Shoemaker,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Phillip Orchard,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Orchard,,30,,In county,
,,John Orchard,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Orchard,,7,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 6 Page 5

,,Phillip Orchard,1m,,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,John Williams,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,20,,In county,
,,John Williams,20m,,,In county,Age 1 yr 8 mths
,,Mary Williams,,6m,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,John Ferril,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Ferril,,20,,In county,
,,John Ferril,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Ferril,,3m,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Peter Williams,50,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Holman,,35,,In county,
,,Stephen Holman,20,,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,John Hill,40,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Margerat Hill,,40,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Thomas Williams,40,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,40,,In county,
,,William Williams,17,,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,13,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,10,,,In county,
,,Eliza Williams,,4,,In county,
,,Dionyius Williams,1,,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Francis Pool,84,,Independent,In county,
,,James Pool,40,,Spirit Merchant,In county,
,,Mary Pool,,35,,In county,
,,Alice Pool,,14,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 7 Page 6

,,Mary Pool,,10,,In county,
,,James Pool,8,,,In county,
,,Frederick Pool,6,,,In county,
,,Joseph Pool,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Moyle,,20,Female Servant,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,William Rickard,25,,Mason,In county,
,,Martha Rickard,,20,,In county,
,,William Rickard,1,,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Phillippa Symons,,35,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Symons,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Symons,,3,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,James Pooley,25,,Innkeeper,In county,
,,Eleanor Pooley,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pooley,,1,,In county,
Crowan Chtown,1,Ann Scholas,,19,Female Servant,In county,
Nancygollen,1,John Rogers,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,35,,In county,
,,John Rogers,15,,,In county,
,,William Rogers,13,,,In county,
,,Henry Rogers,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,9,,In county,
,,Anna Rogers,,7,,In county,
,,Samuel Rogers,5,,,In county,
,,Solomon Rogers,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rogers,,2m,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 7 Page 7

Nancygollan,1,William Paull Jewell,35,,Farmer & Shopkeeper,In county,
,,Martha Jewell,,35,,In county,
,,Frances Jewell,,17,,In county,
,,Jane Jewell,,12,,In county,
,,William Jewell,7,,,In county,
,,Martha Jewell,,5,,In county,
,,Grace Jewell,,3,,In county,
,,Ann Jewell,,6m,,In county,
,,Peggy Trenery,,35,Governess,In county,
,,Sarah Tresidder,,30,Female Servant,In county,
,,Isaac Walters,18,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Eliza Treloar,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,Jane Bath,,20,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Henry Jenkyn,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jenkyn,,40,,In county,
,,Henry Jenkyn,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Jenkyn,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Jenkyn,,4,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jenkyn,,2,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Richard Angove,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Sophia Angove,,25,,In county,
,,Ann Angove,,4,,In county,
,,Richard Angove,2,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Thomas Faull,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Susanna Faull,,35,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 8 Page 8

,,Thomas Faull,2,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Thomas Blewet,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Catharine Blewet,,20,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,John Angove,55,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Angove,,50,,In county,
,,Josiah Angove,20,,,In county,
,,Grace Angove,,20,,In county,
,,Phillippa Angove,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Angove,,13,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Angove,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Angove,,7,,In county,
,,Ann Angove,,85,Independent,In county,
Nancygollan,1,William Dunn,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Dunn,,20,,In county,
,,William Dunn,9m,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Edward Richards,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,55,,In county,
,,Edward Richards,19,,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,18,,In county,
,,Peter Richards,15,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Thomas Faull,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,25,,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,1,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,William Nicholas,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Nicholas,,20,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 8 Page 9

Nancygollan,1,William Pascoe,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Pascoe,,25,,In county,
,,Emily Pascoe,,1,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,William Faull,20,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,60,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Thomas Goldsworthy,30,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Goldsworthy,,30,,In county,
,,John Goldsworthy,6,,,In county,
,,Mary Goldsworthy,,3,,In county,
,,Samuel Goldsworthy,4m,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Jane Faull,,45,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jenefer Faull,,25,,In county,
,,Christopher Faull,19,,,In county,
,,Constant Faull,,13,,In county,
,,William Faull,7,,,In county,
,,Francis Faull,5,,,In county,
,,Richard Faull,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Faull,,15,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Alexander Bennets,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Rosamond Bennets,,65,,In county,
,,Mvena Bennets,,8m,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,James Phillips,25,,Shoemaker,In county,
,,Mary Phillips,,22,,In county,
,,James Phillips,3,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Phillips,,2,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 9 Page 10

Nancygollan,1,John Buckett,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Buckett,,30,,In county,
,,Joanna Buckett,,12,,In county,
,,Sarah Buckett,,9,,In county,
,,John Buckett,5,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Daniel Buckett,3,,,In county,
Nancygollan,1,Richard Faull,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Faull,12,,,In county,
,,Richard Faull,6,,,In county,
,,Ellen Faull,,4,,In county,
,,John Faull,3,,,In county,
,,Jane Faull,,1,,In county,
,,Henry Stephens,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
Nancygollan,1,James Millett,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Margeret Millett,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Millett,,20,,In county,
,,John Millett,13,,,In county,
,,James Millett,10,,,In county,
,,Stephen Taylor,18,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,James Taylor,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Margeret Taylor,,13,,In county,
Pengilly,1,John James,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Richard James,30,,,In county,
,,Mary James,,25,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 9 Page 11

Polcribo,1,John Williams,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,25,,In county,
Polcribo,1,John Battain,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margerat Battain,,75,,In county,
,,Mary Battain,,45,,In county,
Polcribo,1,James Sandoe,65,,Farmer,In county,
,,Margery Sandoe,,65,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Richard Faull,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sarah Faull,,40,,In county,
,,James Faull,16,,,In county,
,,Jane Faull,,13,,In county,
,,Richard Faull,11,,,In county,
,,Nathaniel Faull,9,,,In county,
,,Joseph Faull,7,,,In county,
,,Marina Faull,,6,,In county,
,,John Faull,4,,,In county,
,,Thomas Faull,2,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Jane Thomas,,37,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Bethsheba Thomas,,14,,In county,
,,Richard Thomas,12,,,In county,
,,Grace Thomas,,10,,In county,
,,John Thomas,7,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Thomas,,60,Ag Lab,In county,
Polcribo,1,Thomas Bastain,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Bastain,,35,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 10 Page 12

,,Henry Bastain,17,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Bastain,,13,,In county,
,,Mary Bastain,,12,,In county,
,,John Bastain,8,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Jane Williams,,50,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Richard Williams,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,20,,In county,
,,William Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Henry Williams,14,,,In county,
,,James Williams,12,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,John Gundry,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Alice Gundry,,25,,In county,
,,John Gundry,2,,,In county,
,,Henry Gundry,5m,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,James Treglown,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Hannah Treglown,,25,,In county,
,,Honor Treglown,,4,,In county,
,,James Treglown,2,,,In county,
,,William Treglown,6m,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Edward Webb,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jane Webb,,35,,In county,
,,Jane Webb,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Webb,,6,,In county,
,,Henry Webb,3,,,In county,
,,John Webb,2,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 10 Page 13

,,James Webb,4m,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,John Williams,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Williams,15,,,In county,
,,William Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,14,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Martha Knight,,46,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Martha Knight,,15,,In county,
,,Mary Knight,,15,,In county,
,,John Knight,10,,,In county,
,,Peter Knight,9,,,In county,
,,Hesther Knight,,7,,In county,
,,Grace Knight,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Knight,,5,,In county,
,,Roszena Knight,,3,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Thomas Pascoe,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,15,,In county,
,,Thomas Pascoe,11,,,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,10,,In county,
,,Hugh Pascoe,7,,,In county,
,,Jane Pascoe,,2,,In county,
Polcribo,1,James Williams,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Johanna Williams,,60,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,20,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 11 Page 14

,,Francis Williams,20,,Ag Lab,In county,
Polcribo,1,Henry Treloar,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Treloar,,25,,In county,
,,Henry Treloar,1,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Mary Sems,,70,Independent,In county,
,,James Sems,40,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Sems,,50,,In county,
,,Mary Sems,,15,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Joseph Hosken,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hosken,,30,,In county,
,,Mary Hosken,,11,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hosken,,9,,In county,
,,Johanna Hosken,,7,,In county,
,,Joseph Hosken,5,,,In county,
,,James Hosken,11m,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Joseph Bucket,44,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Dorcus Bucket,,40,,In county,
,,Joseph Bucket,16,,,In county,
,,John Bucket,14,,,In county,
,,James Bucket,12,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bucket,10,,,In county,
,,William Bucket,8,,,In county,
,,Samuel Bucket,2m,,,In county,
Polcribo,1,Avas Faull,,35,Farmer,In county,
,,Avas Faull,,15,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 11 Page 15

,,Jane Faull,,12,,In county,
,,Maria Faull,,8,,In county,
,,John Faull,6,,,In county,
,,Louisa Faull,,5,,In county,
,,Avas Whear,,70,Independent,In county,
Polcribo,1,Hannah Richards,,35,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Richards,,15,,In county,
,,Francis Richards,14,,,In county,
,,Hannah Richards,,13,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,10,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,8,,In county,
,,Mary Bastain,,80,Independent,In county,
Buscaverran,1,William Palomountain,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Palomountain,,40,,In county,
,,John Palomountain,14,,,In county,
,,William Palomountain,16,,,In county,
,,Jane Palomountain,,18,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Palomountain,,10,,In county,
Buscaverran,1,William Tremayne,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Frances Tremayne,,46,,In county,
,,Frances Tremayne,,20,,In county,
,,Jane Tremayne,,15,,In county,
,,William Tremayne,7,,,In county,
Buscaverran,1,Mary Ralph,,40,Farmer,In county,
,,Margaret Ralph,,70,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 12 Page 16

,,Joseph Ralph,15,,Miner,In county,
,,Peter Ralph,15,,Tailor,In county,
,,George Ralph,12,,,In county,
Buscaverran,1,John Richards,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,55,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,27,,In county,
,,John Richards,21,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Richard Richards,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
Trelabrass,1,Ann Whear,,60,Independent,In county,
,,William Whear,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,John Whear,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jacob Pascoe,50,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,3,,In county,
Trelabrass,1,Edward Williams,45,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,38,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,21,,In county,
,,Susanna Williams,,18,,In county,
,,Edwin Williams,7,,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,5,,In county,
,,William Williams,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Thomas,,14,Female Servant,In county,
,,John Williams,24,,Farmer,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,18,,In county,
Trelabrass,1,John Rickard,38,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Margerat Rickard,,40,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 12 Page 17

Pengelly,1,Ralph Goldsworthy,74,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Elizabeth Goldsworthy,,72,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Goldsworthy,,37,,In county,
,,Jane Goldsworthy,,32,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Goldsworthy,,15,Milliner,In county,
,,John Goldsworthy,14,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Hesther Goldsworthy,,13,,In county,
Skewes,1,John Trevenen,60,,Farmer,In county,
,,Johanna Trevenen,,55,,In county,
,,John Trevenen,25,,,In county,
,,Harry Trevenen,20,,,In county,
,,Edwin Trevenen,20,,,In county,
,,William Trevenen,15,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Walters,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Skewes,1,Richard Richards,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,50,,In county,
,,William Richards,20,,,In county,
,,Anna Richards,,15,,In county,
,,Richard Richards,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,10,,In county,

Enumeration District 11

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 8 Folio 17 Page 1

Carne Common,1,Eleanor Berryman,,75,Independent,In county,
,,Alice Berryman,,33,,In county,
,,William Berryman,5,,,In county,
Carne Common,u,,,,,,
Carne Common,1,Henry Williams,40,,Copper Ore Dresser,In county,
,,Henry Williams,6,,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,3,,,In county,
,,Roger Williams,1,,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Avis Williams,,46,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,7,,In county,
Carne Common,1,William Williams,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Christian Williams,,15,,In county,
,,Peter Williams,10,,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,5,,,In county,
Releath,1,John Davies,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Davies,,35,,In county,
,,John Davies,14,,,In county,
,,Joshua Davies,12,,,In county,
,,Henry Davies,10,,,In county,
,,Mary Davies,,8,,In county,
,,Matthew Davies,5,,,In county,
,,Eliza Davies,,2,,In county,
,,Jane Davies,,1,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 18 Page 2

Releath,1,Joseph Walters,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Carter,38,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Christian Carter,,37,,In county,
,,William Carter,15,,,In county,
,,John Carter,13,,,In county,
,,Richard Carter,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Carter,7,,,In county,
,,Edward Carter,5,,,In county,
,,Mary Carter,,3,,In county,
,,James Carter,9m,,,In county,
Releath,1,Elizabeth Goldsworthy,,55,Miner (Pauper Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Goldsworthy,25,,Miner (Pauper Crossed Out),In county,
Releath,1,John Gluyas,50,,,In county,
,,Grace Gluyas,,45,,In county,
,,John Gluyas,20,,,In county,
,,Richard Gluyas,15,,,In county,
,,William Gluyas,10,,,In county,
,,Anne Gluyas,,9,,In county,
,,Catherine Williams,,19,Female Servant,In county,
Releath,1,Samuel Rogers,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Jane Rogers,,25,,In county,
,,John Rogers,8,,,In county,
,,Matthew Rogers,6,,,In county,
,,Samuel Rogers,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,2,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 18 Page 3

Releath,1,John Moyle,70,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Moyle,,50,,In county,
Releath,1,Thomas Jewell,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Jewell,,20,,In county,
,,Esther Jewell,,1,,In county,
Releath,1,Thomas Williams,66,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Williams,,68,,In county,
,,Peter Williams,21,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,19,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,6m,,In county,
Releath,1,John Treloar,51,,Butcher,In county,
,,Ann Treloar,,49,,In county,
,,William Treloar,15,,,In county,
,,John Treloar,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Treloar,10,,,In county,
,,Matthew Moyle,20,,Miner,In county,
,,Eliza Moyle,,20,,In county,
,,Charles Bottrall,62,,Blacksmith,In county,
Releath,1,Cuthbert Bowden,30,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Ann Bowden,,30,,In county,
,,John Davies,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
Releath,1,John Bottrall,65,,Yeoman,In county,
,,John Bottrall,25,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,25,Female Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,10,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 19 Page 4

Releath,1,James Watters,58,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Watters,,47,,In county,
,,Samuel Watters,24,,,In county,
,,William Watters,20,,,In county,
,,Stephen Watters,18,,,In county,
,,Thomas Watters,15,,,In county,
,,John Watters,11,,,In county,
,,Richard Watters,8,,,In county,
,,Grace Watters,,4,,In county,
,,Edward Watters,2,,,In county,
Releath,1,William Bastian,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Jenifer Bastian,,35,,In county,
,,William Bastian,10,,,In county,
,,Richard Bastian,7,,,In county,
,,John Bastian,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Bastian,,6,,In county,
Releath Common,1,John Cliff,45,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Chessifor Cliff,,45,,In county,
,,John Cliff,20,,,In county,
,,William Cliff,18,,,In county,
,,Benjamin Cliff,15,,,In county,
,,Mary Cliff,,14,,In county,
,,Sally Cliff,,10,,In county,
,,Jane Moyle,,50,Milliner,In county,

Book 8 Folio 19 Page 5

Releath Common,1,Grace Cliff,,70,Grocer,In county,
Releath Common,1,John Hitchens,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Hitchens,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Bastian,,5,,In county,
Releath Common,1,Nicholas Luckey,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Ann Luckey,,28,,In county,
,,Mary Luckey,,2,,In county,
,,Benjamin Luckey,6m,,,In county,
Releath Common,1,Mary Hodge,,20,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Freeman,,20,,In county,
Releath Common,1,William Blackwell,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Jenifor Blackwell,,30,,In county,
Releath Common,1,Ann Freeman,,64,Independent,In county,
,,Stephen Freeman,36,,,In county,
,,Joseph Freeman,13,,,In county,
Releath Common,u,,,,,,
Releath Common,1,Sarah Davies,,30,Tin Dresser,In county,
,,Mary Davies,,15,,In county,
Releath Common,1,James Williams,57,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,57,,In county,
Releath Common,1,James Thomas,60,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,70,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Cliff,,35,,In county,
,,James Cliff,15,,,In county,
,,John Cliff,13,,,In county,
,,William Cliff,9,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 20 Page 6

,,Robert Congdon,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jenifor Congdon,,65,,In county,
,,William Congdon,25,,Tin Miner,In county,
Releath Common,1,Richard Bawden,35,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Jane Bawden,,40,,In county,
,,Mary Bawden,,12,,In county,
,,Charlotte Bawden,,9,,In county,
,,Joseph Bawden,6,,,In county,
,,John Bawden,2,,,In county,
Releath Common,1,Elizabeth Harvey,,35,Ag Lab (H'kpr Crossed Out),In county,
,,Zenobia Harvey,,30,,In county,
,,Henry Harvey,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,William Faull,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Vincent,,25,Tailoress,In county,
,,Elizabeth Vincent,,6m,,In county,
Releath Common,1,James Old,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Old,,32,,In county,
,,Grace Old,,10,,In county,
,,Henry Old,5,,,In county,
,,James Old,4,,,In county,
,,William Old,2,,,In county,
,,John Old,4m,,,In county,
Part Of Releath Estate,1,Thomas Old,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jane Old,,25,,In county,
,,Thomas Old,4,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 20 Page 7

,,John Old,3,,,In county,
,,Richard Old,1,,,In county,
Part Of Releath Estate,1,Edward Old,75,,Ag Lab,In county,
Releath Croft,1,Dorothy Dunstone,,50,Milliner (H'kpr Crossed Out),In county,
,,John Dunstone,15,,,In county,
,,James Dunstone,15,,,In county,
,,William Dunstone,13,,,In county,
Releath Croft,1,Grace Dunstone,,25,Milliner,In county,
,,Ann Dunstone,,20,Dressmaker,In county,
Releath Croft,1,Elizabeth Roberts,,50,Miner (Barn Letter Crossed Out,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,25,,In county,
,,Charity Roberts,,15,,In county,
,,John Roberts,20,,Tin Miner,In county,
Releath Croft,1,Elizabeth Rogers,,65,Miner (Ind Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Sims,75,,Miner (Pauper Crossed Out),In county,
Releath Croft,1,Joseph Matthews,28,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Johanna Matthews,,36,,In county,
,,Johanna Matthews,,3,,In county,
,,Jane Matthews,,13,,In county,
,,Thomas Walters,18,,Independent,In county,
Releath Croft,1,James Tremellin,45,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Nanny Tremellin,,30,,In county,
,,Richard Tremellin,4,,,In county,
,,Humphry Tremellin,2,,,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,1,Loveday Williams,,60,Independent,In county,

Book 8 Folio 21 Page 8

,,Peternal Williams,,15,,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,1,James Old,60,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Grace Old,,55,,In county,
,,William Old,20,,,In county,
,,John Old,20,,,In county,
,,Sarah Old,,13,,In county,
,,Grace Old,,4,,In county,
,,Lyda Walters,,20,Lodger,In county,Lodger has been struck through in occupation
Biscaverran Croft,1,James King,76,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Embly King,,71,,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,1,Barbara Daniels,,55,Independent,In county,
,,Elizabeth Daniels,,20,,In county,
,,Henry Daniels,25,,Miner,In county,
,,William Daniels,20,,Miner,In county,
,,William Davies,7,,,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,u,,,,,,
Biscaverran Croft,1,Edward Sincock,60,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Sincock,,55,,In county,
,,Jenifor Sincock,,15,,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,1,Mark Kemp,50,,Blacksmith,In county,
,,Ann Kemp,,55,,In county,
,,Eleanor Kemp,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kemp,,20,,In county,
,,Richard Kemp,10,,,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,1,Henry Carah,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Honor Carah,,45,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 21 Page 9

Biscaverran Croft,1,William Eddy,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Rebecca Eddy,,39,,In county,
,,Joseph Eddy,7,,,In county,
,,William Eddy,4,,,In county,
,,Martha Eddy,,3,,In county,
,,Ann Thomas,,60,Female Servant,In county,
,,Ann Jewell,,14,Female Servant,In county,
Biscaverran Croft,1,George Williams,70,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,John Williams,30,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Sibyna Williams,,40,,In county,
Biscaverran Moor,u,,,,,,
Biscaverran Moor,u,,,,,,
Poldrouse Moor,u,,,,,,
Poldrouse Moor,1,Sarah Jewell,,40,Miner (H'kpr Crossed Out),In county,
,,William Jewell,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Isaac Jewell,15,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Salomy Jewell,,15,Miner (Stamp Girl Crossed Out),In county,
,,John Jewell,13,,Miner (Stamp Boy Crossed Out),In county,
Poldrouse,1,Thomas Cory,50,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Cory,,46,,In county,
,,John Cory,22,,,In county,
,,Thomas Cory,18,,Miner,In county,
,,Henry Cory,14,,,In county,
,,William Cory,12,,,In county,
,,Hannah Cory,,16,,In county,
,,Martha Cory,,11,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 22 Page 10

,,Elizabeth Cory,,9,,In county,
,,Esther Cory,,6,,In county,
Bolanken,1,John Goldsworthy,80,,Farmer (Yeoman Crossed Out),In county,
,,Lavinia Goldsworthy,,15,Female Servant,In county,
,,Thomas Goldsworthy,13,,,In county,
Bolanken,1,Thomas Goldsworthy,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Goldsworthy,,40,,In county,
,,Grace Goldsworthy,,11,,In county,
,,Martha Goldsworthy,,8,,In county,
,,John Goldsworthy,6,,,In county,
,,Samuel Goldsworthy,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Goldsworthy,,8m,,In county,
Bolanken,1,William Goldsworthy,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Alerina Goldsworthy,,40,,In county,
,,Jane Goldsworthy,,10,,In county,
,,Samuel Goldsworthy,6,,,In county,
,,Ann Goldsworthy,,5,,In county,
Carne,1,William Roberts,45,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,44,,In county,
,,William Roberts,20,,Farmer,In county,
,,Henry Roberts,16,,Farmer,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,13,,In county,
,,Caroline Roberts,,11,,In county,
,,Stephen Roberts,8,,,In county,
,,Joseph Roberts,5,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 22 Page 11

,,John Roberts,3,,,In county,
Carne,1,Samuel Davies,43,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davies,,46,,In county,
,,Samuel Davies,20,,,In county,
,,John Davies,17,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Mary Davies,,14,,In county,
,,Joseph Davies,11,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Davies,,2,,In county,
,,Mary Pascoe,,77,Independent,In county,
Carne,1,John Berryman,57,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Berryman,,57,,In county,
,,Henry Berryman,25,,,In county,
,,James Berryman,20,,,In county,
,,Charles Berryman,15,,,In county,
Black Rock,1,James Williams,50,,Miner,In county,
,,Alice Williams,,35,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,15,,In county,
,,James Williams,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Christian Williams,,8,,In county,
,,Alice Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,4,,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,2,,In county,
Black Rock,1,Edward Williams,42,,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,40,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 23 Page 12

,,Edward Williams,15,,Miner,In county,
,,John Williams,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,4,,,In county,
Black Rock,1,Peternel Berryman,,62,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berryman,,32,,In county,
,,John Berryman,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Charles Berryman,22,,Miner,In county,
,,Dorothy Berryman,,16,,In county,
Black Rock,1,William Berryman,25,,Miner,In county,
,,Jenifor Berryman,,20,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Berryman,,3,,In county,
,,Martha Berryman,,1,,In county,
,,Martha Berryman,,68,,In county,
,,Daniel Berryman,13,,,In county,
Black Rock,1,Edward Berryman,30,,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Berryman,,30,,In county,
,,Edward Berryman,4,,,In county,
,,Mary Berryman,,1,,In county,
Boscaverran Croft,1,William Williams,22,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,20,,In county,
,,William Williams,2,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,4m,,In county,
Releath,1,Francis Pascoe,40,,Yeoman,In county,
,,Elizabeth Pascoe,,40,,In county,
,,Francis Pascoe,12,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 23 Page 13

,,Thomas Pascoe,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Pascoe,,8,,In county,
,,Matilda Pascoe,,6,,In county,
,,Joseph Pascoe,4,,,Not in county,
,,William Pascoe,1,,,Not in county,
,,Jane Pascoe,,46,Independent,In county,
,,Frances Pascoe,,42,Independent,In county,

Enumeration District 12

Civil Parish of Crowan

Book 8 Folio 28 Page 1

Chorvah,1,Edward Blewett,46,,Carpenter,In county,
,,Alice Blewett,,34,Milliner,In county,
Chorvah,1,Thomas Tregloan,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Tregloan,,40,,In county,
,,Martha Tregloan,,15,,In county,
,,Henery Tregloan,13,,Miner,In county,
,,John Tregloan,8,,,In county,
,,William Tregloan,6,,,In county,
,,Thomas Tregloan,4,,,In county,
Chorvah,1,William James,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace James,,35,,In county,
,,Grace James,,9,,In county,
,,Henery James,7,,,In county,
,,William James,5,,,In county,
,,Mary James,,2,,In county,
,,Joseph James,1m,,,In county,
Chorvah,1,Richard Richards,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Amelia Richards,,35,,In county,
,,Richard Richards,15,,Miner,In county,
,,W Henery Richards,4,,,In county,
,,A R J Richards,,3,,In county,
,,J J Y Richards,1,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Bennett Champion,65,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Champion,,70,,In county,
,,Lovedy Champion,,39,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 29 Page 2

,,Mary Heniah,,65,Farmer,In county,
,,Thomas Heniah,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,James Heniah,15,,,In county,
,,Jenifer Jewell,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Bolitho,1,Ann Commins,,50,Miner,In county,
,,John Commins,40,,,In county,
,,James Commins,20,,,In county,
,,William Commins,18,,,In county,
,,Grace Commins,,15,,In county,
,,John Commins,3,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Thomas Jennings,25,,,In county,
,,Martha Jennings,,30,,In county,
,,Martha Jennings,,5,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Jane Jennings,,1,,In county,
Bolitho,1,William Honeer,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margaret Honeer,,30,,In county,
,,William Honeer,10,,,In county,
,,James Honeer,6,,,In county,
,,Margaret Honeer,,2,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Mary Champion,,30,Miner,In county,
,,Mary Champion,,10,,In county,
,,William Champion,5,,,In county,
,,John Champion,4,,,In county,
,,Joseph Champion,2,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 29 Page 3

,,Sarah Champion,,65,Miner,In county,
,,Henery Champion,10,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,John Gluyas,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Gluyas,,40,,In county,
,,John Gluyas,10,,,In county,
,,Jane Gluyas,,8,,In county,
,,Richard Gluyas,4,,,In county,
,,Eliza Gluyas,,3,,In county,
,,Dorothy Gluyas,,1m,,In county,
,,Richard Goldsworthy,60,,Farmer,In county,
Bolitho,1,Henry Hale,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hale,,38,,In county,
,,Mary Hale,,60,,In county,
,,Mary Hale,,15,,In county,
,,Eleanor Hale,,9,,In county,
,,Henry Hale,6,,,In county,
,,Grace Hale,,2,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Elizabeth Watters,,65,Miner,In county,
,,Jenefer Watters,,30,Milliner,In county,
,,Patience Watters,,25,,In county,
,,Samuel Bray,6,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Peter Williams,75,,Farmer,In county,
,,Peter Williams,15,,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,12,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,10,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 30 Page 4

Bolitho,1,James Bray,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Bray,,28,,In county,
,,James Bray,4,,,In county,
,,William Bray,3,,,In county,
,,Thomas Bray,2,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Richard Rogers,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Margary Rogers,,43,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Rogers,,23,,In county,
,,Mary Rogers,,20,,In county,
,,Sally Rogers,,19,,In county,
,,Frances Rogers,,17,,In county,
,,Richard Rogers,15,,,In county,
,,Jenefer Rogers,,13,,In county,
,,Eliza Rogers,,10,,In county,
,,William Rogers,7,,,In county,
,,Caroline Rogers,,5,,In county,
,,James Rogers,3,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,James King,30,,Farmer,In county,
,,Blanch King,,30,,In county,
,,James King,10,,,In county,
,,Ann King,,7,,In county,
,,William King,5,,,In county,
,,Henry King,3,,,In county,
,,John King,3m,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 30 Page 5

Bolitho,1,John Richards,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,80,,In county,
,,Grace Richards,,26,,In county,
,,John Richards,15,,,In county,
,,William Henry Richards,7,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,William Down,45,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Phillippa Down,,40,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Down,,17,,In county,
,,William Down,15,,,In county,
,,Joseph Down,13,,,In county,
,,Samuel Down,11,,,In county,
,,James Down,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Down,,7,,In county,
,,Sampson Down,5,,,In county,
,,Phillippa Down,,3,,In county,
,,John Down,1,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,John Shugg,35,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Shugg,,30,,In county,
,,Thomas Shugg,11,,,In county,
,,John Shugg,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Shugg,,7,,In county,
,,Clarisa Shugg,,5,,In county,
,,Jane Shugg,,3,,In county,
,,Charles Shugg,1,,,In county,
,,Andrew Commins,12,,Male Servant,In county,

Book 8 Folio 31 Page 6

Bolitho,1,Ralph Hodge,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hodge,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Hodge,,8m,,In county,
,,John Moyle,25,,Lodger,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,15,Female Servant,In county,
Bolitho,1,Zacharias Williams,34,,A. L.,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,5,,In county,
,,Zacharias Williams,4,,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Richard Rodda,55,,Farmer,In county,
,,Mary Rodda,,55,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,77,Independent,In county,
,,John Faull,13,,Male Servant,In county,
,,William Webb,16,,Male Servant,In county,
,,Elizabeth Chate,,16,Female Servant,In county,
Bolitho,1,Samuel Richards,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Jane Richards,,25,,In county,
,,Samuel Richards,5,,,In county,
,,John Richards,3,,,In county,
,,Mary Richards,,1,,In county,
Bolitho,1,John Berriman,25,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Alice Berriman,,20,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Alice Oatey,,50,,In county,
,,Jonathan Oatey,14,,,In county,
Carneswhile,1,Ann Davies,,60,Miner,In county,
,,Henry Oppy,10,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 31 Page 7

Bolitho,1,Christopher Faull,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Faull,,40,,In county,
,,Christopher Faull,16,,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Faull,,12,,In county,
,,Ann Faull,,11,,In county,
,,James Faull,9,,,In county,
,,Samuel Faull,7,,,In county,
,,Caroline Faull,,4,,In county,
,,Mary Faull,,3,,In county,
,,Susanna Toy,,8,,In county,
,,Ann Toy,,6,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Grace Stephens,,54,Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Stephens,,25,,In county,
,,Alice Stephens,,24,,In county,
,,Henery Stephens,20,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Stephens,17,,,In county,
,,Jenefer Stephens,,15,,In county,
Bolitho,1,Thomas Richards,51,,Farmer,In county,
,,Arminal Richards,,47,,In county,
,,Thomas Richards,10,,,In county,
,,Samuel Richards,6,,,In county,
,,Arminal Richards,,19,,In county,
,,Ann Richards,,17,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Richards,,14,,In county,
,,Grace Richards,,8,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 32 Page 8

,,Jane Richards,,4,,In county,
Carnewall,1,John Roberts,35,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,35,,In county,
,,William Roberts,9,,,In county,
,,Mary Roberts,,7,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Roberts,,5,,In county,
,,Grace Roberts,,3,,In county,
,,Eliza Roberts,,1,,In county,
Carnewall,1,Thomas Knight,50,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Grace Knight,,70,,In county,
,,Thomas Knight,25,,,In county,
,,Peter Knight,20,,,In county,
,,Ann Watters,,30,Work At The Mine,In county,
Donah,1,John Kemp,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kemp,,25,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Kemp,,5,,In county,
,,Mary Kemp,,2,,In county,
,,Louisa Kemp,,5m,,In county,
Donah,1,Henry Williams,50,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Williams,,45,,In county,
,,John Williams,20,,,In county,
,,Henry Williams,18,,,In county,
,,Richard Williams,16,,,In county,
,,Sally Williams,,14,,In county,
,,William Williams,12,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 32 Page 9

,,Elizabeth Williams,,10,Miner,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,8,,In county,
,,Eliza Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Joseph Williams,3,,,In county,
Donah,1,Thomas Kemp,70,,Farmer,In county,
,,Sussanna Kemp,,65,,In county,
,,Benjamin Kemp,20,,,In county,
,,Eleanor Kemp,,15,,In county,
Carnewall,1,Abraham Watters,40,,Tin Miner,In county,
,,Ann Watters,,40,,In county,
Releath,1,John Williams,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,36,,In county,
,,John Williams,18,,,In county,
,,Mary Williams,,10,,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,3,,,In county,
Releath,1,Edward Williams,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Peternell Williams,,30,,In county,
,,Tomazine Williams,,6,,In county,
,,Peternell Williams,,4,,In county,
,,Charity Williams,,3,,In county,
,,Edward Williams,1,,,In county,
Releath,1,Thomas Old,60,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Old,,60,,In county,
,,John Old,20,,,In county,
,,Mary Old,,15,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 33 Page 10

Releath,1,John Jewell,35,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Patience Jewell,,30,,In county,
,,Harriet Jewell,,15,,In county,
,,William Jewell,10,,,In county,
,,Thomas Jewell,4,,,In county,
,,Isaac Jewell,1,,,In county,
Carnewall,1,Edward Old,25,,Ag Lab,In county,
,,Elizabeth Old,,25,,In county,
,,Jane Old,,2,,In county,
,,John Old,1d,,,In county,
Releath,1,Mary Williams,,53,Miner,In county,
,,Thomas Williams,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Edward Williams,20,,,In county,
,,Grace Williams,,17,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Williams,,15,,In county,
,,Hannah Williams,,13,,In county,
,,John Williams,8,,,In county,
Releath,1,William Bawden,75,,Farmer,In county,
,,Thomas Bawden,40,,,In county,
,,Frances Bawden,,12,,In county,
,,Jane Pryor,36,,Female Servant,In county,
,,James Pentecost,10,,Male Servant,In county,
Releath,1,Nicholas Carne,40,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Mary Jane Carne,,10,,In county,
,,Henry Carne,15,,,In county,

Book 8 Folio 33 Page 11

Vellanewson,1,William Bishop,25,,Mine Agent,In county,
,,Prescilla Bishop,,25,,In county,
,,John Bishop,2m,,,In county,
,,Thomas Chevile,15,,Copper Miner,In county,
,,Ann Hill,,20,Female Servant,In county,
,,Grace Cliff,,10,Female Servant,In county,

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