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Patrick William GUTHRIE was my 2nd Great Grandfather. He was born in Derrymoor, Ireland.
His father was Matthew Guthrie and his mother Mary (maiden name unknown)
Patrick married Mary Bridget TIERNEY, 1866 in Victoria.
Their family of 7 children were all born in the Ballarat area (Warrenheip and Bungaree)
Their first 2 daughters, Bridget and Mary Jane, married the McMILLAN boys, Robert and Thomas from Clark's Hill, in Dean.
Matthew married Florence CLARKE
Ellen married PARR
Michael unknown (to me) relationship
Thomas unknown (to me) relationship
Margaret died age 4, and was buried with her mother in the Ballarat, New Cemetery

Mary Bridget (Tierney) GUTHRIE died in 1875.
Patrick remarried in 1897, to Elizabeth MC MILLAN nee FITZPATRICK, the mother of Robert and Thomas, above.
Patrick died in 1914 and is buried in the Creswick Cemetery
His 2nd wife, Elizabeth, died 1909 and is buried with her first husband, Robert James McMILLAN in the Creswick Cemetery.

I will be happy to exchange information. Kaye



Mary Bridget TIERNEY was my 2nd Great Grandmother. She was born in County Clair in Ireland. She was living in Warrenheip when she married Patrick GUTHRIE in 1966.
Mary's father was Michael TIERNEY and her mother, Bridget RYAN. Mary had 7 children as above.
She died in August 1875 and is buried in the Ballarat New Cemetery. later in 1879, her daughter Margaret was laid to rest with her. Mary's eldest daughter, Bridget GUTHRIE, married Robert James McMILLAN, from Clark's Hill in Bungaree, 1885.
Before 1911 their family had moved to the Koo Wee Rup, Swamp. They farmed at Cora-Lyn near Bunyip, where Robert grew potatoes.
Descendants of Robert and Bridget still farm in the area today.

NOTE: In the Ballarat Old cemetery there is a Michael TIERNEY, 78 years who was buried 19.2.1899, formally a Bungaree Farmer, his father was Timothy and mother Honora DONHO (?) I think it's reasonable to assume he was Bridget nee RYAN'S husband. A work in progress!


I have spent some time, working on the relationships, between the Tierney and Guthrie Families in the Ballarat Cemeteries.
I hope you can find something here to help in your research
Source's used were the Ballarat Old and New Cemetery Records
The Australian Vital Records Index
The Digger Index's
The headings are generally: Name; age at death; Residence; occupation; Grave number
F. Father; M. Mother

If you can add further to my research I hope you will contact Kaye


There were two sets of Martin and Mary Tierney, in Ballarat, at the same time.

1: TIERNEY Martin and Mary DEWAY/DWYER arrived on the Epaminondas, 1855.
TIERNEY Martin & Mary Deway married 24 July 1854; Madlen st. Kilkenny, Ireland
TIERNEY Mary 56; 12.2.1885; Lal Lal St. Ballarat; Wife; E1 1 10R2 father James DWYER
TIERNEY Martin; Father, Mathew; Mother, UK; Age: 67y = born c 1830; Death Place: Ballt East, Year: 1897; Reg. Number: 7592
TIERNEY Martin; 67y; 31.7.1897; Doveton St. Ballarat; Labourer; RCA 6 37; buried in the NEW Cemetery

While this Martin is buried in a different cemetery to Mary, he is exact age for Martin Tierney and Mary nee Deway/Dwyer.
Mary was living in Lal Lal St Ballarat, as was my 1st cousin twice removed, John Mathew Guthrie!
Consider Martin a brother for Austin and Mary? Austin being Mary Bridget GUTHRIE nee TIERNEY's brother

2: Martin and Mary McDONOUGH; Mary died and Martin married Bridget HEALY 1870.
TIERNEY Martin; 48y; 14.9.1885; Melbourne Road, Ball; Hotel Keeper; E2 22 1R1; F. Bartholomew M. Bridget ROUGHAN; Wife BRIDGET.
TIERNEY Mary; 30y; 28.12.1865; Ballarat; Wife (first wife?) E2 22 1R1; F. John McDONOUGH M. Mary.
TIERNEY Bridget; 79y; 22.9.1920; 11 Johnson St. Ballarat; widow E2 22 1R1; F. Patrick HEALY M. Bridget; Husb. MARTIN; mar. 1870.
TIERNEY Mary Ellen; 41y; 22.12.1922; St John's Hosp Ballarat; E2 22 1R1; F. Martin; M. Bridget nee HEALY
TIERNEY Patrick; 6 days; 4.3.1876; Victoria St. Ballarat; E2 22 1R1; F. Martin b. Clair, Ireland; M. Bridget HEALY, b Clare.
TIERNEY Patrick; 5 min; 19.4.1880; Victoria St. Ballarat; E2 22 1&2R1; F. Martin; M. Bridget nee HEALY

TIERNEY Araminta; 77y; 23.4.1885; Nerrina, Ballarat; widow E1 6 28R2 F. John; M. Ann LOONEY.

TIERNEY Mary; 56y; 12.2.1885; Lal Lal St. Ballarat ; Wife; E1 1 10R2; F. James DWYER
TIERNEY Bridget; 4 mth; 6.1.1860; Warrenheip; E1 1 11R2; F. Martin; M. Mary
TIERNEY Mary; 3y; 28.1.1861; Warrenheip; E1 1 11R2; F UK consider Martin & Mary DWYER.

TIERNEY Honora Jane; 4y; 20.3.1877; Warrenheip; child; E2 24 16R2; F. Timothy; M. Mary DUGGAN.
TIERNEY John; 10mth; 4.4.1870; Warrenheip; child; E2 24 16R2; F. Timothy; M. Mary DUGGAN.
TIERNEY Michael; 12mth; 5.3.1875; Warrenheip; child; E2 24 16R2; F. Timothy; M. Mary DUGGAN.
TIERNEY Patrick; 7mth 5.10.1878; Warrenheip; child; E2 24 16R2; F. Timothy; M. Mary DUGGAN.
TIERNEY Timothy; 65y; 27.12.1900; Clarks Hill; Bungaree; Farmer E2 24 16R2; F. Timothy; M. Honora McCAULIN

TIERNEY James; 2y; 2.11.1866; Ross Creek Ballarat; H 2 10R2; F. William; M. Maria
TIERNEY John; 7mth; 8.12.1866; Ballarat; H 2 10R2; F. William; M. Maria

TIERNEY John; 36y; 12.5.1873; Cherry Tree Flat, Ballarat; miner; CEN 8 12R1; if 30y consider James and Mary. wife Mary J
TIERNEY Mary Jane; 21y; 21.7.1866; Ballarat; Wife; CEN 8 12R1; F. Edward JEFFERS; M. Ann husb. John
TIERNEY William Henry; 10mth; 17.2.1866; Ballarat; CEN 8 12R1; John Mary Jane JEFFERS

TIERNEY Michael; 78; 19.2.1899; Bungaree; Farmer; AVE 4 19R2 F. Timothy; M. Honora DONHO I am considering Michael for my 3rd Great Grandfather



Dorothy Margaret; 65y; 5.4.1979; 406 Skipton St. Ballarat; Wife; Lawn F 66 R36 F. Wm PATTERSON M. Florence Leah BIRCH
Joseph Alexander; 71y; 5.12.1979; 406 Skipton St. Ballarat; Contractor; Lawn F 66 R36 M. Margaret TIERNEY

Patrick 65y; 13.10.1891; Victoria St. Ballarat; Labourer; RCA 2 9; F. Martin
James 21y; 5.3.1890; Palmers Gully, Ballarat; Labourer; RCA 3 9 F. Patrick M. Mary O'CONNOR
John James 1wk; 4.12.1897; Canadian Home, Ballarat. baby; RCA 3 9 M. Susan TIERNEY

Anna Gertrude; 60y; 22.12.1936; Albert St. Sebastopol; Widow; RCA 4 60; F. John BURKE; M. Anna McGUIGAN
William; 46y; 7.3.1916; Albert St. Sebastopol; Hotel prop. RCA 4 60; F. Michael; M. Eliz. BELANY

Martin 67y; 31.7.1897; Doveton St. Ballarat; Labourer; RCA 6 37 F. Mathew TIERNEY
James L 5y; 30.1.1912; 137 Humpfray St. Ballarat; child RCA 6 37 F. John Patrick M. Eleanor NOONAN
John Thomas 8 mths; 12.1 1894; Channell St. Ballarat; baby; RCA 6 37 F. John Patrick M. Rhoda TITHERIDGE
Rhoda 28y; 17.5.1893; Little Bridge St. Ballarat; wife RCA 6 37 F. Daniel TITHERIDGE M. Louisa BUSH

Bridget Eileen; 13m; 28.12.1896; Webster St. Ballarat; child; RCA 8 40; F. Martin Aloysius; M. Cath Anastisia BERKERY.
(Martin and Catherine's eldest son was born in W.A. They moved back to VIC where they raised the remaining children who had been born at Ballarat, Rutherglen and Mildura. )
Ann; 17y; 3.2.1883; Victoria St. Ballarat; Spinster; RCB 11 30; F. UK
Mary; 60y; 6.6.1889; Palmers Gully, Ballarat; Wife; RCB 11 30; F. Lawrence CONNORS M. Bridget CONNELL

Austin; 58y; 17.1.1903; Dunnstown; Farmer; RCB 13 50; F. Michael Tierney; M. Bridget RYAN. My 2nd Great Granduncle.
Austin; 5y; 13.10.1904; Dunnstown; child; RCB 13 50; F. Austin TIERNEY; M. Julia MALONEY.
Bridget; 7y; 20.4.1887; Dunnstown; chid; RCB 13 50; F. Austin TIERNEY; M. Julia MOLONEY.
Mary; 9y; 20.6.1988; Dunnstown; child; RCB 13 50;
Bridget; 70y; 15.4.1885; Dunnstown; Widow; RCB 13 50; F. RYAN; M. SHARRY. My 3rd  great grandmother

Eileen 58y; 28.4.1955; Dunnstown; Spinster; RCB 13 61; F. Austin TIERNEY; M. Julia MOLONEY.
Julia 84y; 28.7.1943; Dunnstown; Widow; RCB 13 61; F. Matthew MALONEY; M. Mary O'BRIEN
Julia Agnes 35y; 4.5.1939; Dunnstown; Spinster; RCB 13 61; F. Austin; M. Julia MALONEY

James (John Pat) 81y; 12.6.1984; Dunnstown; Farmer; RCB 13 62 F. Austin TIERNEY; M. Julia MOLONEY
Michael 77y; 31.3.1964; Dunnstown; Farmer; PRIVB 13 62 F. Austin TIERNEY; M. Julia MOLONEY

Monica 52y; 1.5.1961; 305 Clarendon St. Ball; wife PRIVC 5 19R2 F. John J. LARKINS M. Honora Mary WALL
Patrick Eamon 34y; 20.12.1955; 8 Crompton St. Ball; Flour Mill Emp. PRIVC 2 42R1 F. Alexander TIERNEY; M. Josephine COWAN
Donald David 4 wks 15.2.1913 Raglan St. Ballarat; baby RCC 6 36R2 M. Margaret Maria TIERNEY.
Elena 78y; 21.7.1945; 58 Peel St. Nth Ballarat; Widow; RCD 3 28R1 F. Michael NUNAN M.Ellen FRAWLEY sp.John Pat
Katherine V 38y; 4.5.1939; 1 Learmonth St. Ballarat; Wife; RCE 4 26R2 F. BYRNE
Francis Kevin 8y; 7.7.1932; Learmonth St Ballarat child RCE 13 26R2 F. Francis Hilary M. Kath. Veronica BYRNER
John 69y; 4.11.1932; Benev Home Ballarat; inmate; RCE 5 10R1
Thomas 87y; 7.8.1936; Nazerath House Ball. Labourer; RCE 8 4R1 F Patrick; M. Margaret CASEY
Susan 54y; 18.12.1930; 97 Mair St Ballarat; Spinster; RCE 11 12R1 F. Patrick M. Mary O'CONNOR
Thomas 1wk; 10.1.1870; Caladomic St Ballarat; baby unknown F. Patrick M. Mary
William 61y; 23.4.1890; Hospital, Ballarat; Labourer unknown F. UK
William Ernest 55y; 26.2.1946; Mental Hosp. Ballarat; unknown
TIERNEY S/b; 23.4.1935; 1 Learmonth St. Ballarat OGNK 5 27
TIERNEY S/b; 18.9.1871; OGNK
John Patrick 80y; 4.9.1944; Benev Home Ballarat inmate
Mary 84y;; 22.12.1893; Nazerath House Ballarat inmate OGNK F Michael O'BRIEN ; M. Ellen
PURCELL Julia 4mth; 27.12.1906; Canadian Home, Ballarat. baby RCC 3 24R2
GUTHRIE John Matthew; 51y; 24.11.1962; 31 Lal Lal St. Ballarat; Parents, Mathew GUTHRIE & Florence CLARKE, My 2nd cousin twice removed



GUTHRIE Andrew 38 20.8.1866 Warrenheip dairyman E2 6 16R1 Patrick Catherine
GUTHRIE Margaret 7mth 25.10.1865 Warrenheip E21 16 16R1 Andrew Mary
GUTHRIE Catherine 4 11.8.1866 Ballarat child E2 15 24R1 Francis Bridget
GUTHRIE Francis 56 4.3.1868 Ballarat miner E2 15 24R1 Patrick Bridget wife Bridget?
GUTHRIE Catherine 18.3.1868 Purchased E2 24 1R2
GUTHRIE Robert 35 9.10.1867 Miner, Ballarat BR258 E2 24 1R2 James Elizabeth
GUTHRIE Elizabeth Ann 2mth 11.1.1868 Ballarat child E2 24 1R2 Robert Catherine
GUTHRIE George 14.2.1896 Purchased BR2516 AN 3 4A
GUTHRIE George 86y 15.5.1913 Colac AN 3 4A
GUTHRIE Herbert Grey 10mth 2.1.1869 Ballarat child BR380 AN 3 4A George Mary GORDON
GUTHRIE Mary Gordon 55 30.3.1900 wife AN 3 4A Samuel(?) Alicia McCALLUM h.George
GUTHRIE Percy David Gray 2 24.6.1876 Mair St. Ballarat child AN 3 4A George Mary GORDON
GUTHRIE George 8.3.1877 Purchased BR380 A 3 4
GUTHRIE Gordon Hector 20 13.1.1891 Pevensey Cres. Colac AN 3 4 George Mary GORDON
GUTHRIE Mary Evelyn 20 3.6.1895 Geelong AN 3 4 George



GUTHRIE Joseph Edward 72 1.5.1957 Sayle St. SebastopolS.E.C. Emp. RCA 1 17 Christopher GUTHRIE Bridget DALY
GUTHRIE J Purchase 30.8.1955 33 Yarrowee St. Sebastopol RCB 9 9
GUTHRIE Andrew Joseph 5mth 29.5.1877 Sebastopol RCB 9 9 Christopher GUTHRIE Bridget DALY
GUTHRIE Christopher 67 5.5.1905 Yarrowee St. Sebastopol RCB 9 9 1A 1C Matthais GUTHRIE Margaret CURTAIN
GUTHRIE Mathias John 75 11.7.1946 Benev. Home Ballarat; Pensioner RCB 9 9 Christopher GUTHRIE Bridget DALEY/ DALY
GUTHRIE J Purchase 30.8.1955 33 Yarrowee St. Sebastopol RCC 3 4 R1
GUTHRIE Bridget 79 22.2.1927 Sale & Yarrowee St. Seb. widow RC 3 4 R1 Thomas DALY UK
GUTHRIE Mary Margaret 30 15.8.1905 Yarrowee St. Sebastopol RCC 3 4 R1 Christopher GUTHRIE Bridget Winifred DALY
GUTHRIE Julia 79 31.8.1945 Scarsdale wife RCD 4 22 R1 Edmond DONNELLY Mary BUTLER h. Mathew
GUTHRIE Margaret 91 14.10.1988 Rosary House Vic. St. Ball. Spin RCD 4 22 R1
GUTHRIE Matthew 85 17.7. 1948 Scarsdale/Smythesdale Labourer RCD 4 22 R1 Andrew GUTHRIE Mary O'LOUGHLIN w. Julia
GUTHRIE Patrick Francis 25 10.3.1898 Orion St. Sebastopol Miner RCA 15 17 2A
GUTHRIE Michael Thomas 13 16.2.1897 Orion St. Ball. Seb. Student RCA 15 17 Thomas GUTHRIE Nora MULLINS (Michael Ed)
GUTHRIE Thomas Purchase 9.8.1897 Purchase RCA 15 18 w. HONORA
GUTHRIE Thomas 67 9.4.1913 Orion St. Ball. (Seb) Miner RCA 15 18 Patrick GUTHRIE Nancy HILL
GUTHRIE Honora 74 17.9.1917 Orion St. Sebastopol widow RCA 15 18 UK (MULLINS?) UK h. THOMAS
GUTHRIE Thomas Patrick 80 11.9.1958 Clarks Hill Farmer RCC 13 11R1 Thomas Bridget WHITE
GUTHRIE Annie Veronica 37 11.6.1921 Clarks Hill wife RCC 13 11R1 Edward LALOR Mary BUTTER
GUTHRIE Patrick 73 24.10.1907 inmate Benev. home; RCB 13 17 Patrick Bridget UK
GUTHRIE Michael 63y 25.10.1916 63 Clayton St. Ballarat; Labourer RCC 11 11R2 Andrew GUTHRIE Mary LOUGHLIN
GUTHRIE Ellen 82 5.9.1939 Warrenheip, widow RCA 17 28 Edward DONNELLY Mary BUTLER
GUTHRIE John 60 27.1.1916 Railway employee RCA 17 28 Andrew GUTHRIE Mary O'LOUGHLIN
GUTHRIE Mathew Francis 1 1.3.1902 Warrenheip child RCA 17 28 John Ellen DONELLY
GUTHRIE J 22.12.1949 194 Victoria St. Ball. FULL RCA 14 45
GUTHRIE Matthew 49 7.5.1923 Melb. Rd, Ball. Carter RCA 14 45 Patrick Mary TIERNEY w. Florence
GUTHRIE Florence 72 6.8.1948 Melb. Rd. Ball. widow RCA 14 45 CLARKE
GUTHRIE Ellen Veronica 6 15.7.1914 228 Vic. St Ball.child RCA 14 45 Mathew (K) Florence CLARKE
GUTHRIE Matthew 6hrs 25.8.1903 Rodier St. Ballarat child RCA 14 45 Mathew GUTHRIE(K) Florence CLARKE
GUTHRIE John Matthew 51 24.11.1962 31 Lal Lal St. Ballarat; Labourer Lawn D 17R5 Mathew (K) Florence CLARKE
GUTHRIE Margaret 4 29.5.1879 Warrenheip child RCB 5 43 1A 1C Patrick Mary TIERNEY (K)
GUTHRIE Mary 28 11.8. 1875 Warrenheip wife RCB 5 43 nee TIERNEY (K)
GUTHRIE John 73 26.11.1971 30 Clyde Lane Ball.Railway Emp. Lawn B 13R2 John GUTHRIE Ellen DONNOLLY
GUTHRIE Daniel Francis 75 29.4.1937 123 Errard St. South Ball Farmer RCE 8 22 R1 Andrew GUTHRIE Mary O'LOUGHLIN
GUTHRIE Ellen Elizabeth 68 9.3.1937 123 Errard St. South Ball. wife RCE 8 22 R1 John O'NEIL Mary HAYES
GUTHRIE Thomas James pur 29.3.1926 Yarrowee St. Sebastopol Wesc 6 30
GUTHRIE Priscilla 57 12.6.1933 Yarrowee St. Sebastopol wife Wesc 6 30 George PRESTON Susanna
GUTHRIE Thomas J 61 20.9.1937 Base Hosp. Ballarat Labourer Wesc 6 30 Thomas James Norah MULLINS
GUTHRIE Rachael 45 28.10.1936 Base Hosp. Ballarat traveller C of E 4 15R1 UK UK
GUTHRIE Thomas 60 5.1.1892 Windermere St. Ball. Investor RCA 6 1 John Cath GANNON
GUTHRIE Margaret 66 20.10.1903 Wills St. Ballaray wife RCA 6 8 Patrick GUTHRIE Bridgt CONSIDINE Parents wrong if wife! Note: Shannons grave
GUTHRIE Margaret 87 24.3.1934 63 Clayton St. Ballarat RCB 10 12 Thomas CLANCY Mary O'LOUGHLIN
GUTHRIE Patrick 30 4.2.1891 Hospital, Ballarat; Labourer RCA 3 52 Patrick Annie HILL


CRESWICK CEMETERY GUTHRIE Bridget 73y 24- 6- 16 Daniel 5y 28- 4 -1882 Minnie 34y 17- 6- 09 Thomas 44y 14- 4 -1881
Patrick Guthrie buried at Creswick 1914, and Elizabeth Guthrie, also buried at Creswick 1909, both not on AIGS Cem B Index.

Note (K) is Kaye Mac Family member