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Major General John Bates


Children of John Bates and Barbary Crenshaw Bates are:

Julius R. Bates   Elias E. Bates   John Crenshaw Bates   Lauriette Bates   Frances bates   Nancy Bates   Napoleon B. Bates   Sarah Bates   Clayton Bates   Mary Bates   Harriett Bates   Rice Ross Bates

John Bates was born September 15, 1778 probably in Greenville, South Carolina.  It has been proven that his brother, Julius Bates and Elizabeth Bates Jackson were his siblings.  We are still seeking their parentage.  Many have different beliefs as to whom the parents are.  Could it be James A. Bates, William Bates or John Bates Sr. as predicted by many family members?  Another unusual piece of information was found  last summer when going through some documents in the Murray County Probate Court.  Richard and Carrol Bates was in Murray County for a visit and we found a document that was signed John W. Bates,  Judge of Inferior Court.  Interesting to know that General John Bates middle initial was W.

Julius married Temperance West, and Elizabeth married Thomas Jackson.  John married Barbary Crenshaw in 1802 in South Carolina.  John was active in the War of 1812 and was believed to have been active in the Indian Wars and later the Cherokee Removal.  He moved to Jackson County, Georgia (cut from Franklin County) in 1815 or 1816.

By the year of 1817, John was Justice of the Peace for Jackson County.  Hall County was formed in 1818 (out of Jackson County) and he was on the committee to select, buy and lay out the land for the County seat. It is known that John was one of the first five Justices of the Inferior Court of Hall County.  John is also noted as the  Hall County's first representative to the State Legislature and held that position for 16 years.  He was commissioned a Major General in the 7th Division of the Georgia Militia on December 7, 1832.  He resigned on December 14, 1835.  Why did he resign is commission?  Did he remove himself  because of the Cherokees that were being removed? He was leader of the Union Party in Hall County, and he chaired the Union Democratic Republican Convention, July 1, 1835.  He was also keeper of the Penitentiary in Milledgeville in 1835.

He moved to Murray County about 1836.  He was the Murray County Representative to the State Legislature in 1839.  He was Justice of the Inferior Court for Murray County 1842-1852 (Justice of the Peace).  It is from family lore that Barbary was a full blooded Cherokee.  She had long black hair and dark eyes..  This has not been proven, but still one seems to wonder as to why Major General John Bates would resign his commission from the Georgia Militia right when the removal began. 

AfterBarbary's death, John married Nancy McDonald on October 29, 1848 and there is no children of this marriage.  John Bates died October 20, 1854 in Murray County and his death was due to being thrown from a horse and hitting his head on a hitching post.  John and Barbary are buried in Eton, Georgia on the old home place.  It is not known the exact number of people buried in this cemetery but restoration is underway to preserve the cemetery.