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Earliest known Generation
1  Thomas Stevens married Martha -- {27}

Chamberlain (1976) states that Abijah Stevens of Lebanon, ME was a brother of Samuel Stevens, and that they came from Dover, NH {26}

Children of Thomas and Martha Stevens {27}
2i Olive, b 14 Mar 1717/8; m John Catland
+3ii Abijah, b abt 1718; d 15 Jan 1809; m Frances Dore
4iii Elizabeth, b 26 May 1719; m Joshua Nock
5iv Hannah, m bef. 1748 Andrew Gerrish
6v Elijah, b 28 Aug 1724
7vi Mary, b 1 May 1726; m William Grant
Second Generation
3  Abijah2 Stevens (Thomas1) was born about 1718, possibly at Dover, NH. He married Frances Dore. She was the daughter of Philip and Sarah (Child) Dore. Frances died in 1804. Abijah died in Lebanon, ME, 15 January 1809, age 91 {16}

Abijah Stevens was a brother of Samuel Stevens and came to Lebanon from Dover, NH {26}. He was one of the early settlers of Lebanon, ME. Abijah lived on the westerly side on the Old Road near Merrow's Corner {26}.

Abijah Stevens removed to Berwick about 1760. "One Abijah Stevens and his wife with their children lately come to this town they not being inhabitants" were warned out of Berwick, 5 May 1760. Abijah "Stephens" is listed in the 1771 Mass. Tax Evaluation as a resident of Berwick with two males over 16 in the household [Abijah and possibly son Samuel] {22}. There are no buildings listed, but the real estate included 4 acres of tillage on which 40 bushels of grain were produced, and 6 acres of upland mowing land which produced 7 tons of hay. He had a horse, 4 oxen, 2 cattle, 6 goats and/or sheep, and 1 swine The annual worth of the real estate was 5. Abijah was a farmer. The next person on the list was Jonathan Stephens, who had no property.

In Rev. Isaac Hasey's diary {26, 29}, Abijah Stevens is mentioned first on 31 May 1773, and again on 15 June 1773 when Hasey visited him. Abijah purchased a pew in the Congregational Church, 14 March 1774. He requested prayers for himself being sick, 24 September 1775, and Rev. Hasey visited him the next day. Abijah requested prayers for his son "in ye army," 10 October 1776. He gave a deed to John Hayes, 9 October 1778. Abijah Stevens purchased Philip "Door's" [Dore] farm, 10 March 1779. Mr. Hasey was at Abijah Stevens' home 24 January 1785, and wrote a deed from Philip Door to Benjamin Stevens. Rev. Hasey wrote an agreement between Henry Door and Abijah Stevens, 5 September 1792.

Abijah Stevens was head of a family in Lebanon in 1790 of one male over 16 years, no males under 16 and one female {1}. Apparently there were no children living in the household of Abijah and Frances Stevens. Rev. Hasey visited and prayed with "old" Mr. Abijah Stevens 2 February 1808. On 10 January 1809 Mr. Hasey again visited and prayed with "old" Abijah Stevens. Abijah Stevens died on 15 January 1809, aged 91 years, and on 17 Jan. Rev. Hasey "preached at ye funeral of Abijah Stevens" {26}.

Joseph and Benjamin, "sons of - and Frances Stevens," were baptized 11 November 1762 at the 2nd Church, Berwick {28}. Chamberlain (1976) {26} lists only Thomas and Benjamin as children of Abijah Stevens.

Children of Abijah and Frances (Dore) Stevens
+  8i Samuel, b ca. 1743; d 26 Dec 1823; m Abigail -
+  9ii Thomas, b ca. 1743-47; d 10 May 1822; m 1774 Molly Stanton
10iii Frances, b 1753; m 27 May 1773 Henry Dore {16, 24}
+11iv William, b abt 1753-55; d 1836 Belgrade; m Molly Ricker
+12v Joseph, b abt 1756, bp. 11 Nov 1762; d ca. 1792; m 1791 Polly Mosher
13vi Henry, b 1758; m 22 Apr 1778 Mary Farnham {24}
14vii Martha, b 1761; bp. 11 Nov 1762; m 27 Aug 1781 Barachias (Barabias) Farnham {16, 24}
+15viii Benjamin, bp. 11 Nov 1762B; m 1786 Elly Stanton
16ix Sarah, bp. 26 July 1763; m 23 June 1783 Worthy Dudley at York {16, 24}
Third Generation
8  Samuel3 Stevens (Abijah2 Thomas1)was born about 1743. He died in Lebanon, 26 December 1823 (g.s.), age 80 {24, 26}. Samuel married first to Abigail -. She was born about 1734 and died in Lebanon, 15 December 1829, age 95 (g.s.) {24, 26}. [Samuel married second to Betsey - {26}]??. They are buried in Lebanon, ME.

Samuel Stevens was living in Lebanon as early as 1773. About 1784 he removed to the farm which was owned in 1896 by Daniel Stevens. He became a member of the First Church in 1773, and his wife, Abigail in 1774. In 1803 he was appointed a deacon in the First Free Baptist Church. {25 }

Samuel Stevens is named in Mass. Archives, Vol. 56, p. 196, as "of Lebanon, drummer, enlisted 20 May, 1775, in Capt. Philip Hubbard's Co. of Col. James Scammon's Regt. Rev. Isaac Hasey wrote 27 May 1775, "Bill up by Sam Stevens for himself going into ye army." {25}

NOTE: The dates do not seem to agree. It would be more likely that Samuel, as a son of Thomas, was born in 1733, which would be the time that Thomas' other children were born and which would make him about the same age as his wife. However, the children of Samuel and Abigail were baptized (and probably born) in the 1770's, which would make Abigail 40 years old or older at their birth. Chamberlain (1976) {26} suggests that Samuel was a brother of Abijah Stevens. An Abijah Stevens [#22?] of Lebanon married in March 1796 to Sally Merrow {20}.

Children of Samuel and Abigail Stevens {24, 25}
17i Daniel, bp. 11 July 1773; m 26 July 1795 Lebanon, Judith Ellis {24}; m2 Mahala -; rem. Belgrade, ME {25}
18ii Abigail, bp. 11 July 1773; m 3 Oct [8 Sept {16}] 1787 Jeremiah Hill of Lebanon {24}
19ii Martha, bp. 13 June 1773; d 25 June 1773
20iv Sally, bp. 11 July 1773, bu.(?) 5 May 1775
21v Abijah, bp. 16 [or 21] June 1776
+22vi Thomas, bp. Oct 1778; m (?)Polly -
+23vii Moses, bp. 17 Feb 1782; d 27 Dec 1844; m1 1809 Betsey Scammons who d. 25 Nov. 1819 age 36 (g.s.); m2 1820 Nancy Wakeham who d. 1 Aug. 1850 ae. 62yr. 2 mon.
24viii viii child, b 9 Dec 1781; 17 Feb [Mar {26}] 1782.

Child of Samuel and Betsey Stevens {26}
25ix Eliza, b abt 1809; d 5 March 1852, age 43 yrs.
9  Thomas3 Stevens (Abijah2 Thomas1) was born about 1743-47. He died 10 May 1822 at Lebanon, age 75. Thomas Stevens of Lebanon married 20 January 1774 at Berwick to Molly Stanton of Berwick {28, p. 251}. She was born about 1758 and died 2 January 1832, age 74. They are buried in Lebanon on the Isaac Blaisdell farm south of the farm last owned by David Wesley Varney (1939) {26, No. 153}.

On 16 November 1778 Rev. Isaac Hasey gave Thomas Stevens eight dollars for Mrs. Betty Stanton. On 29 July 1785 Rev. Hasey wrote a bond for Benjamin Stevens to Thomas Stevens. Thomas Stevens raised his barn frame on 9 June 1786. Rev. Hasey wrote a deed from Joshua Pray to Thomas Stevens 29 March 1787, and on the same day Rev. Hasey wrote a bond from Thomas Stevens to Patience Hussey, widow. The next day, 30 March 1787, Rev. Hasey wrote a deed for Thomas Stevens of the Hussey place. On 6 July 1789 the widow Hussey gave a deed of the mill to Thomas Stevens.

In 1790, Thomas Stevens was head of a family in Lebanon, consisting of 1 male over 16 years, 1 male under 16 and 7 females. Mr. Hasey wrote, 14 March 1792, that he finished the school at Thomas Stevens'. Thomas Stevens requested prayers, 30 December 1792, on the death of his aunt, Judith Downs, aged 99 years. In the Federal tax of 1 October 1798 he was assessed on a house and 120 acres of land. Thomas Stevens was an officer in the Militia and was called Lieut. Stevens in 1801 and 1802 Mr. Hasey visited and prayed with Thomas Stevens having a wounded eye, 7 September 1803 {26, No. 153}.

Thomas Stevens' relationship to Abijah is supposed by his residence and date of birth. However, Chamberlain (1976) also places Thomas as a son of Abijah.

Children of Thomas and Molly (Stanton) Stevens
26i child, b April 1786; d 18 Mar 1786, age 6 weeks {26, No. 153}
27ii child, b July 1787; d 12 Oct 1787, age 3 months {26, No. 153}
28iii Rebecca, m 25 June 1801, Benjamin Furbush of Lebanon {24; 26}
29iv Betsey, m 12 Apr 1802, Ebenezer Fall of Lebanon {24; 26}
+30v Ivory, b abt 1799; d 4 May 1878; m 1825 Dordana P. Richmond
11  William3 Stevens (Abijah2 Thomas1) was born about 1753-55 at Lebanon, ME. He died in 1836 at Belgrade, age 83 {14, KE156}. William married Molly Ricker, born about 1750 Lebanon, died in 1825, age 75 {25; 14, KE156}. He came to Belgrade 1796.

Children of William and Molly (Ricker) Stevens
31i William, b 23 May 1779
32ii Dolly, b 9 Sept 1781; m Robert Wills
33iii Eunice, b 1783; m Jonathan Rollins
+34iv Daniel, b 30 Apr 1784 Lebanon; d 18 Aug 1867 Belgrade; m Mahala Smith
35v Mary, b 3 June 1787; m 26 Dec 1803 Joshua Yeaton (1774-1857)
12  Joseph3 Stevens (Abijah2 Thomas1) was born about 1756 at Lebanon, ME {25}. "Joseph, son of - and Frances Stevens, baptized 11 November 1762" at the Second Church of Berwick, ME {28}. He died about 1792. Joseph married (int. 30 October 1791) [1789] to Polly Mosher, they were both "of West Pond Plantation" {21}. She was born 25 October 1773 at Dartmouth, MA, the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Macomber) Mosher. Mary Stevens married second (int. 16 September 1796) to Paul Dore, "both of West Pond Plantation" {21}. Paul Dore was the son of John Dore, and a first cousin of Joseph Stevens.

Joseph Stevens enlisted 1 October 1781 in Capt. Joshua Woodman's Co. of Col. Reynold's Regt. of New Hampshire militia. He re-enlisted from Lebanon 29 March 1783 as a volunteer substitute for Jonathan Burrows of Lebanon to serve 22 months in Capt. Bowman's Co. of the Fifth Mass. Regt., and received pay for services due Burrows from 15 January 1782 {25}. According to family oral tradition, Joseph never saw his son, as, shortly after Elihu's birth, Joseph was accidently shot while in the service of the regular army.

There is a Joseph Stephens listed in the 1771 Mass. Tax Evaluation as a 6% owner of a mill in Berwick, ME, with an annual worth of £1:17:6.

Child of Joseph and Polly (Mosher) Stevens, born at Lebanon, ME
+36i Elihu, b 26 Jan 1792; d 10 Aug 1889; m1 1809 Betsey Grant, m2 ca. 1827 Mary Browning; m3 1840 Mary Grant
15  Benjamin3 Stevens (Abijah2 Thomas1) . "Benjamin, son of - and Frances Stevens, baptized 11 November 1762" at the Second Church of Berwick, ME {28}. He was born about 1760 {25}. "Benjamin Stevens (Stephens) married 16 March 1786 Elly (or Etty) Stanton {16; 24}. She was perhaps the daughter of Benjamin and Lydia (Brackett) Stanton of Alfred and Lebanon {25}.

Benjamin Stevens was a private in Capt. John Goodwin's Co. in a detachment of militia from the County of York under command of Major Daniel Littlefield on an expedition to Penobscott in compliance with a resolve of the Honorable, the Council of this State (Mass.) passed June y 29, 1779.' He served two months, from 10 July to 10 Sept., 1779, and travelled 210 miles." {25}

Chamberlain (1976) {26} lists Benjamin as a son of Samuel and Abigail Stevens. He mentions that on 17 March 1782 Mrs. Stevens requested prayers for her son Benjamin in the Army, and that on 8 January 1784, Joseph Stevens and Benjamin Stevens got home from the army. Rev. Hasey noted that on 8 January 1784 Joseph Stevens and Benjamin Stevens gave a bond to Judith Downs and on 29 July 1785 Benjamin gave a bond to Thomas Stevens.

On 24 January 1785 Philip Door gave a deed to Benjamin Stevens. On 8 October 1788 Benjamin Stevens gave a deed to Thomas M. Wentworth Sr. Benjamin was not living in Lebanon in 1790. {25}

Fourth Generation
22  Thomas4 Stevens (Samuel3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was baptized 17 [or 19] October 1778 Lebanon. He possibly married Polly. Thomas removed to Belgrade, and later went west.

Children of Thomas and Polly Stevens
37i Polly, b 8 July 1800
38ii Moses, twin b 16 Mar 1802
39iii Daniel, twin b 16 Mar 1802; d Jan 1805
40iv Kisiah, b 10 Mar 1804
41v Samuel, b 16 Apr 1806
42vi Thomas, b 19 Apr 1807
43vii Abigail, b 15 Feb 1810
44viii Asa, b 9 Aug 1811
23  Moses4 Stevens (Samuel3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was baptized in Lebanon, 17 February 1782. Moses married first Elizabeth ("Betsey") Scammons, intention posted 4 February 1809 {24; 26, No. 158}. She died in Lebanon, 25 November 1819, age 36 (grave stone). He married second Nancy Wakeum, 28 May 1820 in Lebanon {24, 26}. Moses died 27 [31B] December 1844, age 62 [63 {26}] yrs. 3 mos. (grave stone). Widow Nancy Stevens died 1 August 1850 [1856 {26}], age 62 years, 2 months (grave stone). {25; 26}

Moses and wives Betsey and Nancy are buried in Camp Hill Cemetery, West Lebanon {26, No. 158}.

Child of Moses and Elizabeth (Scammons) Stevens {26, No. 158}
+45i Daniel, b abt 1809; d 30 Jan 1904; m Elizabeth W.
30  Ivory4 Stevens (Thomas3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born about 1799. He married Dordana P. Richmond, 17 March 1825 by Lindsey Wallis of Berwick {24}. She was born in Massachusetts, 14 October 1805. Ivory Stevens died in Lebanon 4 May 1878, age 79 years. Dordana died in Lebanon, 12 February 1890. They are buried in the new part of the First Parish Cemetery in South Lebanon. They lived on the "Plains" south of the school house in South Lebanon where Clarence R. Willey lived (1939). {26, No. 154}

Children of Ivory and Dordana P. (Richmond) Stevens
46i Thomas M., b abt 1829
47ii Charles C. abt 1832
48iii George F., b abt 1835
49iv Francis A. abt 1841
34  Daniel4 Stevens (William3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 30 April 1784 at Lebanon. He died 18 August 1867 at Belgrade [18 August 1857, age 83 yrs. {14, p. KE156}]. Daniel married Mahala Smith. She was born 14 June 1790 {15}, the daughter of Capt. Samuel Smith of Belgrade (Washington Plt.). Mahala died 3 May 1880, age 90 years {14, p. KE156}. Daniel and Mahala Stevens are buried at Woodside Cemetery, Belgrade {14}.

Daniel is called the "grandfather of Hon. Greenleaf T. Stevens of Augusta, 1897" {26, No. 162}. Daniel, Mahala, George R. and Dorcas are found living together in the 1860 census of Belgrade, Me. Daniel came to Belgrade 1796, a veteran of the War of 1812, built the Stevens farmhouse on Belgrade Road 1834-5.

1820 census, Rome: -1---2 ----1-2

Children of Daniel and Mahala Stevens {15}
50i Mary, twin b 27 July 1816; d 4 Aug 1816
51ii Maria A., twin born 27 July 1816; d 1 Mar 1853
52iii Daniel Smith, b 3 Nov 1813; d 28 July 1818
53iv Love Smith, b 30 Apr. 1819; m Rufus K. Stuart
54v George Ricker, b 31 Aug.1826; m Dorcas Yeaton
55vi Dorcas, b 1829
+56vii Greenlief T., b 1832; m Mary A. Yeaton (b. 1833) 2 Mar. 1856 Augusta, ME
57viii Julia Ann, b 7 May 1821; d 12 May 1890
36  Elihu4 Stevens (Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 26 January 1792 [1788]. Elihu married first 9 September 1809 at Rome, ME to Betsey Grant. She was born 12 September 1791 in Smithfield, the daughter of Joshua and Betsey (Horsum) Grant. Betsey died 13 September 1826, age 38 [born 1788, grave stone]. Elihu Stevens and Mary Browning, both of Rome, married 20 December 1827 (int. 10 November 1827). In his obituary notice, Elihu is said to have married a granddaughter of General Burgoyne [Mary (Burgoyne) York] as his second wife. Mary was born in 1787 and died 24 May 1840, age 43.

Elihu, of Belgrade, married third on 10 July 1840 [int. 12 June 1840 Smithfield] at Smithfield by William H. Ellis, JOP, to Mary Grant of Smithfield. Mary was the sister of Betsey Grant. Mary, also known as "Polly," was born in 11 May 1805. While living at home, Polly Grant had a child, John Fish, born 28 July 1839. Mary died 15 September 1867, age 59. Elihu died 10 August 1889 at the home of his son, Asa C. Stevens, in Belgrade, age 101 years.

Elihu was a farmer. He said that he could remember hauling an ox load of beans to Augusta and selling them for five shillings per bushel. At that time there were but two stores there. He remembered the first plow he ever saw when he was but 15 years of age. When 25 years of age he raised 116 bushels of wheat and 100 bushels of shelled corn in one year (1813) from his farm.

Elihu Stevens was a private in the Massachusetts militia, Capt. William Hussey's Company, Lt. Col. D. McGaffey's Regiment. He served from 12 September 1814 to 26 September 1814. This company was raised in Rome, ME and saw service in Hallowell. Other privates in the company were Samuel Grant, Elisha, Ephraim, and George W. Mosher, and Mark Wentworth. It is recorded that rather than appear with an old gun, Elihu purchased one with his own money from a Mr. Greenwood Childe, then of Augusta. Elihu had some difficulty in obtaining his pension, on account of insufficient service, however, he did receive a pension of $8.00 per month for his service.

In 1850 Elihu Stevens, age 63, was living on his farm in Belgrade with Polly, age 43, Adalade, age 9, Elijah, age 6, Edgar, age 5, Elmena, age 3, Francis, age 2, Julius, age 6 months, and John Fish, age 13. In the year before his death, Elihu had been living with one of his sons in Readfield.

Elihu Stevens is buried in Smithfield, ME. Son Alonson is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Belgrade.

1820 Census, Rome: 6---1- 1--1--1

There are reports that Elihu Stevens was born in 1788. His obituary, printed in the Lewiston Journal, prominently mentions that he died at age 101, and his gravestone is also indicates that he was born in 1788. However, other evidence places his birth in 1792. Elihu Stevens was a second cousin of Hon. Lot M. and A. P. Morrill, probably through his maternal grandmother's family (Macomber).

Children of Elihu and Betsey (Grant) Stevens, born in Rome, ME
+58i Paul D., b 16 Nov 1810; d 8 Mar 1869; m1 Rebecca -; m2 Sarah E. Perkins
+59ii Joshua G., b 5 Apr 1812; d 9 July 1879; m 1830 Sylvia B. York
60iii Mary, b 30 July 1814; d 9 Oct 1891; m Isiah (or Tristram) Bickford
+61iv Wentworth D., b 1815-16; d 21 Mar 1901; m Ann Littlefield
+62v Daniel M., b 10 Dec 1817; d 22 Feb 1905; m1 Drucilla Willey; m2 Elizabeth Pressey Crowell
+63vi Isaiah, b 26 Aug 1818; m1 Ann Staples; m2 Peace Jane Foster
+64vii Hosea, b 8 July 1820; d 1891; m1 Rachel Staples; m2 1850 Rebecca W. Harlow
+65viii Asa C., b 31 Jan 1822; m Diana Foster
66ix Lucy Ann, b Oct 1823; d 12 Mar 1894; m Silas C. Hitchcock
+67x Elihu, m1 Olive C. -; m2 Charlotte B. Herscom; m3 Meribah M. Whitehouse
68xi infant

Children of Elihu and Mary (Browning) Stevens, born in Rome, ME
+66xii Alonzo, b 1829; d 1884; m Marilla Willey
+67xiii Alanson, b 1829; d 1904; m Mary Jane Furbush
+68xiv Joseph, b 8 Oct 1835; d 28 Sept 1906; m Rosilla F. Herscom
69xv Lorinda Betsey, m1 Sheldon Holmes; m2 William Brewer; m3 Benjamin H. Smith

Children of Elihu and Mary (Grant) Stevens, born in Rome, ME
70xvi Adalaide E., b 1841; m Melvin S. Treworgy
+71xvii Elijah Grant, b 6 Jan 1843; d 2 May 1925; m 1867 Mary E. (Gilman) Rollins
+72xviii Edgar, b 1845; m Helen Walton
73xix Almeda (or Elmena), b 1847; m Charles (or John) Frost
74xx Francis, b 1848
+75xxi Fred Julius, b 26 Feb 1850; d 2 Apr 1937; m1 Laura E. Kinney; m2 Annie Baylor; m3 1912 Olive Ann Cobb
Fifth Generation
45  Daniel5 Stevens (Moses4 Samuel3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in Lebanon about 1809. He married Elizabeth W. She was born about 1808. Elizabeth died in Lebanon 15 December 1891, age 83 years. Deacon Daniel Stevens died in Lebanon 30 January 1904, age 90 years [born about 1814]. They lived on the Samuel Stevens homestead in West Lebanon and were buried in Camp Hill Cemetery. {26, No. 159}

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth W. Stevens {26}
79i Caleb F., b abt 1838; 27 Oct 1864 Carrie M. Swett of Knox {24, 2:193; 26}
80ii Elizabeth, b abt 1841
81ii Ellen Jane, b abt 1843; 16 Dec 1862 Frederick A. Ellington of Waltham, MA
82iv John H., b abt 1846; a carpenter in Lawrence, MA
56  Greenlief T.5 Stevens (Daniel4 William3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born at Belgrade, 20 Aug. 1831. He married Mary Ann Yeaton. She was born in 1833, the daughter of Richard Yeaton 2d.

They resided at Water St., West Waterville (1880); Greenlief was a lawyer; Civil War Veteran, Kennebec County Sheriff 1881-85.

Children of Greenlief and Mary (Yeaton) Stevens
83i Don Carlos, b 1861; d Nov 1933; m Mary Hambleton; son Edmund, d. 197x
84ii Rupert, b 1863
85iii Abbie H., b 1866
58  Paul D.5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born Rome 16 November 1810 {17}. He married first or second to Rebecca -, and third to Sara E. Perkins. She was born in 1816. Paul D. Stevens died 8 March 1869. He is buried with his wife, Sara E., and two daughters at #2 Village Cemetery, Rt. 137, Smithfield, ME.

Residing with Paul and Sara in 1850 census were Lenora Stevens, ae. 95, and Abigail Stevens, ae. 62 yr. {7}

NOTE: Paul's middle name may have been Dore.

Children of Paul D. Stevens
86i Laurinda, b 1841
87ii Margie, b 1846 ? Morgan
88iii Lucy, b 1847
89iv Alberta, b 1850
90v Marshall, b 1849
91vi Josephine, b 1852
92vii Charles, b 1846 (Morgan)
93viii Abbie, b 1844
94ix Mary Ann, b 1846
59  Joshua G.5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 5 April 1812 at Rome, ME. He married Sylvia B. York, 25 September 1830. Sylvia was born about 1807. Joshua died 9 July 1879 at Rome, age 67. Sylvia died 23 February 1887, age 82. Joshua and Sylvia Stevens are buried at Rome Cem., Rome, ME.

Sylvia B. Stevens age 74 yr. lived with Hosea and Cornelia in Rome, Me. in 1880.

NOTE: In the Stevens Family History, she is named as Sylvia Grant. Joshua's middle name may have been Grant.

Children of Joshua G. and Sylvia B. (York) Stevens {33}
95i Mahala, b 24 Oct 1833 Smithfield; m James Morse
+96ii Lorenzo H., b 16 Nov 1837; m1 16 Nov 1864 Hannah Berry; m2 1883 Cornville, ME, Naomi Sawtell
97iii Levi (Henry?), b 9 May 1838
+98iv Llewellyn, b 3 Oct 1840 Rome; d 3 Aug 1907 Belgrade; m 1869 Syrena Wentworth Furbush
99v Hosea G., b 30 June 1842 Smithfield; d 12 Nov 1903 Rome; m 1876 Cornelia Rachel Staples (1853-1929)
100vi Harriet C., b 1845; m 2 Oct 1864 Jacob M. Furbush
101vii Betsey, b 7 Mar 1832
61  Wentworth D.5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 4 September 1815 {21} [April 1814, 21 April 1814 {36}, 9 April 1816 {17} ]. Wentworth married Betsy Ann Littlefield, 12 November 1838 {3617}. She was born in Nova Scotia, 8 December 1820 {36}. Ann died 12 October 1890, age 70 yrs. 2 mos. Wentworth died 21 March 1901, age 86 yrs. 11 mos. They are buried in Gould Cemetery, Smithfield with their three children who died young.

NOTES: Fitch {36}lists ten children of Wentworth and Ann Stevens. Not listed are Ruby D., infant daughter, and Annie M.

Children of Wentworth D. and Ann (Littlefield) Stevens
+102i Clarence, b 1 Jan 1850; d 19 Apr 1914; m 1876 Statie Smith
+103ii James Harris, b 4 July 1857 Noridgewock B; d 24 May 1930B; m 1878 Fannie Arcelia Smart {36}
104iii Ruby D., b 31 Mar 1860; d 9 Feb 1861, age 10m 9d
105iv Ruby L., b 27 Apr 1864 {36}; m Warren Chapman (b 20 Oct 1880; d 19 Feb 1909 East Mercer, ME)
106v infant daughter, d 12 July 1867
107vi Annie M., b 12 Mar 1868; d 1951; m Joseph Packard
108vii William J., b 1872; d 25 Sept 1872, age 6m 9d
+109viii Isaac W., b 1843; d. 23 Nov 1912; m1 27 Dec 1861 Emily B. Spaulding; m2 25 Oct 1863 Fanny MerrowB (b 1847); m3 Marcia J. (b 1852)
110ix Alice, b 1851; m Charles Miles Owen {36}
111x Addeline (or Adelaid), b 1847; m Charles W. Stoddard {36}
112xi Sybil L. (Belle), b 1844; m 20 Dec 1863 Arsenus Littlefield {36}
113xii Jenny (Cleminder L.), b 1849; m Robert Dunning
114xiii Serena, b 1 Jan 1839 {36}; d 1916; m Sanford Harlow
115xiv William L., b 14 Nov 1845; d 23 Sept 1872
62  Daniel M.5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 10 December 1817 {21}. He married first to Drucilla Willey. he was born in 1809. Drucilla died 30 January 1861, age 52. Daniel married second to Elizabeth Pressey Crowell. In 1850, he was widowed, and living on his farm in Belgrade. Daniel died 22 February 1905, age 88 years. Daniel Stevens is buried with his two wives and son Fred and his family at #2 village cemetery, Rt. 137, Smithfield, ME.

Children of Daniel Stevens
116i Drusilla, b 1846
117ii Emma J., b 1849
+118iii Fred D., b 25 June 1868 Mt. Vernon; d 22 Jan 1933 Smithfield; m bef. 1894 Elizabeth Gage
63  Isaiah5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 26 August 1818. He married first MaryAnn Staples. She was born in 1815, the daughter of Samuel Staples. Isaiah married second to Peace Jane Foster.

Children of Isaiah and Mary Ann (Staples) Stevens
119i Ellen H., b 1839
120ii Lydia G., b 1843
121iii Stephen G., b 1845
122iv Rachel F., b 1847

Children of Isaiah and Peace Jane (Foster) Stevens
123v Peace Jane, b 1853
124vi Johanna, b 1851
125vii Elmira, b 1847
126viii Vesta, b 1856
127ix Samuel, b 1843
128x Alanson, b 1849
129xi Avis A., b 1855
64  Hosea5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 8 July 1823. He married first to Rachel Staples. She was born in 1825. Hosea married second to Rebecca W. Harlow, 4 January 1850. Both of his wives were from Mercer. Hosea died in 1891.

Children of Hosea and Rachel (Staples) Stevens {15}
130i Rebecca W., b 11 Apr 1854 Belgrade, m1 --; m2 27 Aug. 1892 at Oakland, Charles Y. Gleason (VR int. 1892-1941).
131ii Silas C., b 15 Jan 1856
132iii Burgess S., b 17 Sept 1857
133iv Invore T., b 11 Mar 1859 ? Eliza
134v Charles, b 1856
135vi Celia, b 1862-3
136vii Harry E., b 1864-5
137viii Ida, b 1866-7
138ix Cutler, b 1869
65  Asa C.5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 31 January 1822. He married Hannah Diana W. Foster. She was born in 1824. Son, Asa C., Jr., is buried at Woodside Cemetery, Belgrade {14, KE156}.

An Elias J. Stevens of Belgrade, married Catherine J. Higgins of Brookline, MA, 10 September 1913 {12}.

Children of Asa C. and Diana (Foster) Stevens
+139i James B., b 1854, d 1944; m Frances P. Strickland, (b 1859; d 1943)
140ii Asa C., b 1857B; d 1941
141iii Elias B., b 1853
142iv Annie E., b 24 Sept 1865 {1521}
143v Maria L., b [or died] 4 Dec 1869 {15}
67  Elihu5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in Smithfield about 1827. He married first about 1850 to Olive C. -- . She was born about Sept. 1827 in Smithfield. Olive died 12 March 1864, age 36 yr.6 mo., and is buried at Gould Cemetery, Smithfield {19}. Elihu married second about 1865 to Charlotte B. Hersom. She was born in Waterville about May 1838. Charlotte died 30 June 1871, age 33 years. and is buried at Gould Cemetey {19}. Elihu married third about 1872 to Meribah M. Whitehouse. She was born 28 July 1836 {14, p. SOM1479}. Meribah died 1 August 1912 {14}. She is buried at Whitehouse Cemetary, Rt. 8, Smithfield.

Children of Elihu Stevens,Jr.
+144i Charles Albert, b 30 Sept 1870 Mercer; d 18 Feb 1921 Oakland, ME; m 21 Aug 1894 Eunice P. Nesbit
145ii Elmer
146iii Frank, b 1856
147iv Mabel, b 1859
148v Haronae, b 1867
69  Alonzo5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in 1829A. He married Marilla Willey. She was born in 1836. Alonzo died in 1884 {14}. Marilla died 29 March 1923. Alonzo, his wife, and 2 children are buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Oakland, ME {14, KE992}.

In 1850 Alonzo was living with his brother Daniel.

Children of Alonzo and Marilla (Willey) Stevens
149i Martha Adriana, b 1856
150ii Charles M., b 1854; m 8 June 1908 Mabel H. Bragg
151iii Eldora, b 1859; d 1894, bur. Lakeview Cem.
152iv Florence M., b 1863; m 30 June 1948 Howard McAllister
153v Sylvester O., m 21 Aug. 1924 Clara E. Manter
154vi Nellie L., b 1863 Smithfield; m 28 Apr (int. 14 Apr) 1898 Edwin H. Brackett; ?m2 2 Nov 1905 Winfield S. Nichols of Augusta
155vii Lysander, b 1860
156viii Averet, b 1867
157ix Waldo, b 1868
158x Mary Elizabeth, b 1870
159xi Florence E., b 1861; d 1880, bur. Lakeview Cem.
70  Alanson5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in 1829. He married Mary Jane Furbush. She was born in 1835. Alonson died in 1904.

Children of Alanson and Mary J. (Furbush) Stevens
160i David W., b 1852
161ii Ezra W., b 1854
162iii Orris O., b 1856
71  Joseph5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 8 October 1838. He married Rosilla F. Herscome. She was born in 1838. Joseph died 28 September 1906 {14}. Rosilla died in 1909 {14, KE992}.

In 1850 he was living with his brother Daniel in Belgrade.

Adopted child of Joseph and Rosilla F. Stevens
163i Bertelle E., m 20 Apr 1909 Oakland, ME to Edna B. Towle
74  Elijah Grant5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in Belgrade 6 January 1843 {14, p. KE1188}. He married 17 March 1867 at Mt. Vernon, ME to Mary E. (Gilman) Rollins. She was born 11 August 1844 {14} at Mt. Vernon, ME, the daughter of Bela and Catherine (Wheelock) Gilman. Mary married first to George E. Rollins who died 2 April 1865 and had a child by this marriage, Edward E. Rollins, born 16 October 1863 {21}. Mary died 4 February 1894 at Readfield {14}. Elijah died 2 May 1925 {14}. Elijah and Mary Stevens are buried at East Readfield Cemetery {14}.

Edward E. Rollins age 6 yr. Living with family in 1870-1880, Belgrade, Me. {9, 10}

Elijah G. Stevens was in the Civil War {38}. He enrolled on the 8th day of August 1862 at Belgrade in Co. A, 20th Regiment of Maine. Mustered into service as a private on the 29th day of August, 1862 at Portland, Me. On the Muster Roll of Co. A, of 20th Reg. Of Maine, for the months of Sept. and Oct.,1862, he is reported sick in hospital at Antietam Ford since Oct. 30th. Reported in hospital to Feb. 28th 1863. Mustered out with the Company June 4th 1865.

Children of Elijah G. and Mary (Gilman Rollins) Stevens
164i George Arthur, b 22 Dec 1867 {15, p. 56}; d 1945; m 22 Dec 1894 Flora E. Dudley {13} (1877-1943) {14}
165ii Bertha Lezette, b 8 Sept 1869 {154}
+166iii Francis Merton, b 8 Apr 1872; d 7 Oct 1923; m 1889 Mary A. Clough
167iv Katherine Elizabeth, b Mar 1876 Belgrade; m int. 17 May 1894 Alfred Vadeboncoeur (VR Int 1892-1941)
168v Jeanette May, b 1879; m S. Adell (1907-1959); bur. East Readfield Cem. {13}; 4 ch.
75  Edgar5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in 1845. He married about 1865 to Helen Walton.

Children of Edgar and Helen (Walton) Stevens
169i Frank, b 1866
170ii Cora B., b 1868; m 23 Jan 1894 Harry Downs
171iii David, b 1870
172iv Jessie, b 1872
173v LeRoy, b 1874
174vi Morris, b 1876
78  Fred Julius5 Stevens (Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 26 February 1850. He married first about 1870 to Laura E. Wiley. She was born in Vermont, 25 Dec.1848. Laura died 14 March 1910. Fred, of Oakland, married second to Olive Ann ["Annie" {12}] Cobb, of Oakland, 31 October 1912 {12}. She was born in 1845. Olive died 16 April 1927. Fred married third to Blanche Snell. Fred died 2 April 1937. He and his first two wives are buried are buried at the Old Cemetery, Oakland, ME {14, p. KE1020}.

Elihu Stevens inherited his father's farm. He, age 89 years, lived with son Fred and family in 1880 in Belgrade, Me. {10}

Children of Fred J. Stevens
175i Guy, died young by drowning
176ii Fred B., m 23 Nov 1912 Vira M. Neal
177iii Lilla Blanche, b 1876; m. int. 4 Dec. 1894 Wilder Snell (b. 1870 Harmony, Me. s/o Ira and Lydia (Hurd) Snell)
178iv Eleanor, d.y. by drowning
Sixth Generation
96  Lorenzo H.6 Stevens (Joshua G.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 16 Nov. 1837 in Rome, Me. He married first on 16 November 1864 to Hannah J. Berry. She was born in Carmel about 1851. He married second at Cornville, Me. to Naomi Sawtell.

Children of Lorenzo and Hannah (Berry) Stevens
179i Belinda, b abt 1868
180ii Lorenzo A., b abt 1870 Rome; m 19 July 1896 at Rome to Nettie Mosher (d/o Greenwood and Nettie J. (Warren) Mosher
181iii Cyrus F., b abt 1873
98  Llwellyn6 Stevens (Joshua G.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 3 October 1840 at Rome, ME. He married Syrena Wentworth Furbush, 2 October 1864. She was born 15 June 1842 [1846] at Belgrade to David and Maria (Rankin) Furbush. Syrena died 26 April 1905. Llwellyn died 3 August 1907 at Belgrade. They lived at Horse Point, North Belgrade, ME.

Children of Llewellyn and Syrena W. (Furbush) Stevens, born in Belgrade, ME
182i Sylvia B., b 31 Oct 1865; d 6 Oct 1955 Hallowelll m George Holbrook
183ii Minnie M., twin b 21 Nov 1869; d 29 Oct 1951 Belgrade; m. 3 June 1896 Ernest A.Cook
184iii Mina, twin b 21 Nov 1869; died in infancy
+185iv Millard K., b 7 July 1878; d 27 Apr 1951 Readfield; m1 1904 Bertha B. Riggs; m2 1910 Eva W. Stoddard
186v Clinton H., b 1880; d 14 Apr 1919 Oakland; m1 15 June 1904 Gertrude Wedge (d 1906); m2 Edith Bickford
187vi Lovill, died in infancy
188vii Sadie, died in infancy
189viii Sarah, died in infancy
190ix Amos W. b. 1861
102  Clarence6 Stevens (Wentworth D.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 1 January 1850. He married Statira Arletta Smith in December 1876. Clarence died 19 April 1914. (12 Apr. 1925 Norridgewock, Me.)

Children of Clarence and Statie (Smith) Stevens
191i Herbert M., b abt 1884; m 23 Nov 1915 Vede G. Humphrey
+192ii Herman C., b abt 1878; m 16 Sept 1908 Vera Colburne
193iii Belle G., b abt 1880; m 3 Oct 1900 Albert Yeaton
194iv Iva, b abt 1882
103  James Harris6 Stevens (Wentworth D.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) , called Harris or Harry, was born in Norridgewock, ME, 4 July 1857. He married Fannie Arcelia Smart, 11 April 1878. She was born in Searsport, 24 April 1860, the daughter of George and Diana (Field) Smart. Harris dies 24 May 1930 at Waterville. Fannie died 3 November 1945 at Houston, Texas. Harris and Fannie Stevens are buried at Little Mercer Cemetery, Mercer, ME. {39}

Harris and Fanny lived at Searsport, Stockton, and Mercer, Maine. Fannie went out to Houston by 1944 to live with her eldest child, Winifred, and her family. Daughters Velma and Julia married in a joint wedding at Mercer in 1918.

Children of J. Harris and Fannie A. (Smart) Stevens {39}
195i Winifred ["Winnie"] Mina, b 14 Jan 1879 Stockton; d 23 Apr 1963 Houston, Texas; m 14 Jan 1905 Mercer Almon S. Gifford; children (GIFFORD): (1) Elizabeth M., (2) Hazel F.
+196ii LeRoy Lawrence, b 21 Feb 1881 Mercer; d 22 Apr 1924; m120 Jan. 1915 Minnie G. Lane m2 1919 Clara McFadzen
197iii Percy Willis, b 8 Mar 1882 New Sharon; d 16 Sept 1963; m 28 Jan 1905 Lura Ethel Will
+198iv George Wentworth, b 7 Nov 1884 Mercer; d Sept. 1968 Mecosta, MI.; m1 26 Sept. 1906 at So. Portland, Me. Elsie L. Batson; m2 1927 Hazel F. Dunning; m3 --
+199v Raymond Harris, b 19 Mar 1888 Merccer; d 23 Oct 1953; m1 16 Nov 1912 Ruby F. Lincoln; m2 16 Feb. 1916 Inez P. Hayden at Hartsville, Ma.
200vi Hazel Fannie, b 4 Dec 1890; d 13 Aug 1896
+201vii Hugh Randall, b 30 Oct 1893; d 24 Dec 1960; m. 25 Jan. 1921 Vella M. VonCannon
202viii Velma Hazel, b 10 Sept 1896; d 21 May 1922; m 28 Dec 1918 Mercer, Robert C. Bunker AB
203ix Julia Makepeace, b 16 July 1900; d 8 Aug 1974 at Newport Beach, Ca.; m1 28 Dec 1918 Mercer, Walter E. Farrand AB; m2 Albert J. Delphino
204x Donald James, b 22 May 1903; d Feb 1985 Costa Mesa, Ca.; Unmarried; US Army
109  Isaac W.6 Stevens (Wentworth D.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in 1843. He died 23 Nov. 1912. He married first on 27 December 1861 to Emily B. Spaulding. He married second on 25 October 1863 Fanny Merrow. She was born in 1847. Isaac married third about 1871 to Marcia J. -- . She was born in 1852.

Children of Isaac and Fanny ( Merrow ) Stevens
205i Charles M., b 30 Oct 1865 New Sharon, ME
206ii Annie M., b 12 Mar 1868 in New Sharon, ME

Children of Isaac and Marcia J. Stevens
207iii Isaac, b 1872
208iv Nelly J., b 1874
209v Annie D., b 1878
118  Fred D.6 Stevens (Daniel M.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 25 June 1868. He married before 1894 to Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Gage. Fred Stevens died 22 January 1933.

Children of Fred D. and Elizabeth (Gage) Stevens
210i Bessie, m -- Corson; ch. CORSON: (1) Robert
+211ii Ernest M., b 30 May 1894; d 6 Jan 1987; m1 1914 Daisy E. Groves; m2 1921 Stella Farnham
212iii Eula M., b 19 May 1901 Smithfield; d 19 Jan 1992 Waterville (bur. Village Cem., Smithfield); m 1920 Leon Witham (d 1958) {40}
+213iv Lindsey, m Mabel Winegardner; ch. (1) Fred
139  James B.6 Stevens (Asa5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in 1854. He married Frances P. Strickland. She was born in 1859. Both James and Frances died in 1943.

Children of James and Frances P. (Strickland) Stevens
+214i Oscar H., m 20 Nov 1923 Ethel P. Wright
+215ii Ormand F., m 4 Feb 1920 Florence A. White; ?m2 Doris Wright
216iii Mabel Madeline, b 1890; d 1988
217iv Emma Bass, b 1895; m Lester A. Sabins
218v James B., b 1900; d 1991; m 27 Nov. 1924 Bertha L. Rideout of Bridgewater
144  Charles Albert6 Stevens (Elihu5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born in Mercer, ME, 30 September 1870. He married Eunice P. Nesbit, marriage intentions posted at Oakland 21 August 1894. She was born at Presque Isle, 26 August 1876, the daughter of James and Sarah (Rox) Nesbit. Elihu died in Oakland, Me. 18 Feb. 1921. Eunice died 31 May 1945. Elihu and Eunice Stevens are buried at Lakeview Cemetery.

Child of Charles and Eunice (Nesbit) Stevens
219i Mildred C., b 3 Oct 1894 Oakland; d 1989; m 21 Oct 1916 Oakland to Floyd Corthell Spiller {42}
166  Francis Merton6 Stevens (Elijah G.5 Elihu4 Joseph3 Abijah2 Thomas1) was born 8 (or 15) April 1872 at Belgrade, ME. He married Mary Abbie Clough, 27 August 1889. She was born in March 1866. Francis died 7 October 1923, age 51. They are buried at the East Readfield Cemetery, Readfield. {11, roll T623-594, ED 128, p. 8; 14, p. KE1188; 10 }

Daughter Gertrude was a resident of Mt. Vernon when she married in 1912. Guy was a resident of Readfied in 1917.

Children of Francis M. and Mary A. (Clough) Stevens, born in Readfield, ME
220i Gertrude A., b 30 Oct 1889; d 1925; m 8 Oct 1912 Frank Washburn {12}E
221ii Guy Morton, b 7 Sept 1891; m1 22 Sept 1917 Marion Sedgley {12}; m2 Irene Safford
222iii John Herbert, b 11 Jan 1893; m 19 Nov 1921 Georgie Rogers {12}
+223iv Loran Adelbert, b 22 May 1895; m1 1921 Viola Ramsey; m2 Hazel Lord
+224v Merton Francis, b 9 July 1897; m 1919 Ruth P. Farnham
+225vi Florence Marion, b 15 July 1899; d Sept 1964; m 1922 Maurice I. Swift
+226vii Ralph Lendell, b 7 Aug 1900; d 17 Jan 1981; m 1923 Mary W. Kitchin
227viii Mildred Bernice, b 8 May 1903; d 23 May 1983; m C. Willis Brown; no ch.
+228ix Vernon Ellsworth, twin b 17 July 1905; d 5 Nov 1973; m1 1924 Daisy M. Shaw; m2 1937 Esther Shaw Chadburn
229x Vinton Ellwood, twin b 17 July 1905; died same day
+230xi Morris Earle, b 14 Dec 1907; d 14 Feb 1973; m 1933 Ada Knight
231xii Ruby Estelle, b 1 May 1910; d 23 Mar 1982; m Harold S. Adell

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