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Descendants of John1 Beedle

Third Generation

20  Melville Cox3 Beedle (James B.2 John1 ) was born 28 January 1842. He married first to Katherine Spring, 31 December 1866. She died 24 November 1887. Melville married second to Elizabeth A. Troycross, 2 December 1889 at Somersville, MA. {19}

In 1865 John Beedle wrote that to the best of his knowledge, Melville Beedle was the only one named Beedle that had red hair. In the summer of 1862 Melville enlisted in the 38th Regt. of Massachusetts Volunteers. He was living in Cambridge, MA at the time. {19}

Children of Melville C. and Katherine (Spring) Beedle {19}
48i James Fisk, b 25 Feb 1868; d 13 Jan 1927 {33}; m 20 Oct 1896 Lillie M. Hunnewell of Cambridge, MA {19, 33}
49ii Katherine Victoria, b 27 Feb 1869
22  Leroy W.3 Beedle (James B.2 John1 ) was born 2 November 1846 {16} [Nov 1847 {9}]. He married his cousin Clara Ann Beedle about 1869 {9, 19}. She, the daughter of William and Martha A. (Reed) Beedle, was born 7 July 1849 {16}. Leroy died at Richmond, 25 May 1915, age 68.

Sometime before 1876 Leroy bought part of the farm of his father-in-law, William Beedle, and lived in the house with his in-laws. {19}

Leroy was a stone mason (1900). In 1900, Leroy lived in Richmond, ME with his wife. They had five children, four of whom were living in 1900. {9}

23  Thomas3 Beedle (George W.2 John1 ) was born 3 November 1833 at Gardiner, ME {14}. He died 17 June 1863 {14}, possibly in the Civil War.

In 1850, Thomas was living with, and apprenticed to, Hiram Jewell, printer {5, p. 326}. We went to California with his father in early 1852, and remained there after his father returned home. His family heard from him from time to time for a number of years, but the letters stopped. His family presumed he had died. {19}

26  Van Renseleer3 Beedle (George W.2 John1 ) was born 1 April 1840 at Gardiner, ME {14, PR91; 15, 19}. He married Anseline A. Lawrence on 25 Dec 1873 {14, CR3} ( 18 Dec 1873 Gardiner {14}). She was born 14 October 1851. Van Renseleer died at Gardiner 17 March 1914, age 73{12a; 15, KE-694}. Anseline died 6 Aug 1939 {15}. They are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Gardiner.

In his youth Van R. followed the sea for several years, and made numerous voyages to foreign countries. He settled in South Gardiner, and took up the furniture making business. Van Renseleer ran a bed slat manufacturing business with J. W. Lawrence under the name Lawrence & Beedle, on River Road in Gardiner (1882). {19, 30}

Children of Van Renesleer and Anseline (Lawrence) Beedle, born in Gardiner, ME {14, 19, PR92}
50i Elizabeth Leonard 10 Sept 1874; m 20 Apr 1905 Daniel A. Yates {12c}; res. Canton
51ii Anseline Estelle, b 11 June 1876; m 30 June 1902 William W. Knight {12c}; res. Norwich, CT
52iii George Wesley, b 7 Nov 1877; d 7 Dec 1877 {14, PR92}
53iv Harry Woodward, b 22 Aug 1879; d 3 Feb 1949 Alston, MA; m 4 Oct 1905 Nancy Hall {12c}; res. 1905 New York, NY; 1913 Montreal; occ: electrical engineer (1913)
54v Arthur Lawrence, b 4 May 1883; res. Cleveland, Ohio; occ: electrical engineer (1913)
?55vi S.F., b abt May 1886; d 14 Aug 1886, age 3 mo.
29  George Clarence3 Beedle (George W.2 John1 ) was born 28 March 1848 at Gardiner, ME {12b2, 14}. He married Annie L. Richardson (int. 6 Oct. 1879 Gardiner {14}). She was born 28 August 1858 at South Gardiner to Reuben A. and Laura A. (Yeaton) Richardson. George died at Gardiner of "arteric sclerosis" 28 April 1931, age 83 yrs {12b2}. Annie died 5 August 1950 at Gardiner of "cerebral thrombosis" at age 92 {12}.

In 1900 George was living in Gardiner with his wife and 5 children. He was a teamster and day laborer (1900). {9}

George (buried 30 April 1931) and Annie Beedle are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Gardiner {12b2; 15, KE-694}.

Children of George C. and Annie L. (Richardson) Beedle
56i Cordelia Mae, b 31 Oct 1880, d 5 Aug 1969; m 31 Dec 1902 George A. Alexander
57ii George W., b July 1884; d 21 Feb 1968; m Katherine Shea; res. Allston, and Falmouth, MA
58iii Annie Laurie, b Aug 1888; m 10 Sept 1914 Elmer L. Jones of Litchfield {12c}; res. Portland, ME
59iv Louise, b Sept 1896; m 16 Nov 1918 Lyle E. Harrington {12c}; res. Everett, MA
60v Mary G., b Aug 1897; d Aug 1988; m Leslie Maynard of Zion, IL
31  John Lemuel3 Beedle (Granville T.2 John1 ) was born 2 December 1833 {9, p. 13; {15, KE-694} [22 Dec 1833 {20]. He married Ellen M. Yeaton {15}, 16 Sept 1873 {20d}. She was born in December 1844 at Richmond to Augustus and Harriet (Woodworth) Yeaton. John died at his home in Richmond, ME, 10 March 1913, age 79 {15, 19}. Ellen died 29 May 1918 at Richmond.

John Beedle was a farmer (1900). He lived on River road, Richmond. In 1900 he lived in Richmond, ME with his wife, "Mary M." and their two children {9}.

Children of John L. and Ellen M. (Yeaton) Beedle
61i Lenora E. [Elenore E.; LeNora {19}], b Jan 1878; m 12 June 1902 Alfred J. Niles {12c, 19}; res. 1900 Richmond, ME
62ii Frank A., b Nov 1880; m 3 July 1909 Vanessa Johnson {12c}; res. 1900 Richmond, ME
33  Charles Wesley3 Beedle (Granville T.2 John1 ) was born 23 Oct 1837 {20}. He married Mary E. Holmes in 1869. She was a native of England. {20b}

In 1859 Charles Beedle went to Nevada County, California, where he has lived since; engaged in engineering, with exception of one year (1865-1866), spent mining in Montana. He lived at Gold Flat, where he had six acres of land. {20b}

Children of Charles W. and Mary E. (Holmes) Beedle {31}
63i Fred
64ii Sadie A., b Oct 1876
65iii Alice V., b June 1882
66iv Granville L., b Apr 1888; d Apr 1977 Marin, California {20c}
34  William Henry3 Beedle (Granville T.2 John1 ) , [Wm. N. {14}], was born at Gardiner ME, 27 Mar 1846 {20, 20e} [27 March 1840 {16}]. He married Katie Jones, 20 May 1873 at Reno, NV {20}. She was born in England, 28 Feb 1856 {20}. William died 16 Feb 1893 at Oakland, CA{20}. William and Katie are buried at Beedle Family Plot, Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland CA {20}.

William Beedle wnet to California to join his brother {20}.

Children of William H. and Katie (Jones) Beedle {20}
67i Minnie Will, b 5 Mar 1874 Truckee, CA; d 20 Sept 1952 Oakland, CA; m 2 Feb 1899 Earnest E. Laymance; Children LAYMANCE: (1) Austin B., b 1900; (2) Willetta M. (1904-1990)
68ii William Henry, b 2 Oct 1878 Reno, NV; d 17 Sept 1930 Hollister, CA (buried in Mt. View Cemetery); m 12 Oct 1908 in Oakland to Sarah L. Wilson (b 7 Jan 1889 Dada City, MO; d 28 May 1977 Oakland CA (buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland CA)); occ: brakeman and a machinist for the Railroad; child BEEDLE: (1) Minnie Will. b 3 July 1910
36  Granville Temple3 Beedle (Granville T.2 John1 ) was born 1 December 1850. He, called G.T. or Temp, married in New york State [wife's name not known] Temp died of consumption in December 1877, leaving a wife and one child. Another child was born posthumously. {19}

Temp stayed at home during the summer following his father's death in 1869. After his brother John came home from California in late fall of 1869, Temp went to New York State to work with his brother-in-law, Daniel Allen, in a place called Rondout in Ulster County. {19}

39  Roscoe M.3 Beedle (John2 John1 ) was born about 1849. He, of Cambridge, Mass., married his cousin Francesca Beedle, 24 Dec 1874 (int. 27 Nov 1874 Gardiner) {14, CR3, PR92}. She, daughter of George W. and Cordelia (Woodward) Beedle, was born 28 September 1845. Roscoe died 30 January 1901. Francesca died 18 December 1923, age 78. They are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Gardiner. {14}

Child of Roscoe M. and Francesca (Beedle) Beedle
63i Winifred Louise, b 29 Nov 1876 Gardiner {14, PR92}
41  David Trott3 Beedle (Walter2 John1 ) was born 23 September 1852. He, of Richmond, ME and Annie Runnels, of Bath, ME, married 26 June 1909 at Farmington, ME {12c}. Her name is also given as Annie M. Cromwell in the marriage records {12c}. She was born in 1864. Annie died 12 June 1912 {12a}. David died 10 November 1919 Richmond, ME.
42  Walter Wyman3 Beedle (Walter2 John1 ) and Josie Eva Dean, both of Richmond, ME, married 7 August 1904 {12c}. She was born at Yarmouth, ME {12a}. Doris was their 4th child; two had died by 1910.

Children of Walter and Josie Eva (Dean) Beedle
64i Millard L., b Nov 1908, d 11 Mar 1909 Windham {12a}
65ii Stanly W., b 1907, d 30 Mar 1910 Saco age 2 yrs. 7 mos. {12a}
66iii child
67iv Doris Irene, b 15 Apr 1910 Saco {12a}

Others named Beedle

Elizabeth Beedle married Stephen Avery (int. 8 June 1805 Gardiner, ME) {14}.

John C, Beedle and Angie S. Gaslin married at Pittsdon, ME, 12 July 1857 {32}

Sarah Beedle and Daniel Carr married at Hallowell, 30 Sept 1826 {32}

Susie Beedle married Freeman H. Spearin, 8 April 1891 at Gardiner, ME{14}.


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