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Susannah Fogleman's signature 1866

Susannah Coup
1808 - 1896

Jonathan Fogleman's signature 1866

Born : 2 August 1808
Place : Northumberland, PA
Died : 25 April 1896
Place :Colon, St Joseph Co, Michigan
Father : Frederick Kaub
Mother : Mary Reiss

Married :25 November 1841
Place : Richland Co, OH
Born : 15 August 1820
Place : Berks Co, PA
Died : 28 August 1908
Place : Colon, St Joseph Co, Michigan
Father :Conrad Fogleman
Mother :Catherine Walburn


Born : 11 December 1842
Place :
Died : 24 September 1872
Place :

Born :
Place :
Died :
Place :

Married :
Place :
Born :
Place :
Died :
Place :
Father :
Mother :
Born : 14 July 1845
Place :
Died : 20 March 1925
Place : Colon, St Joseph Co, Michigan

Married :
Place :
Born : 29 June 1849
Place :
Died : 25 March 1925
Place :Colon, St Joseph Co, Michigan
Father : Jacob Miller
Mother : Mary Kerns
Born :
Place :
Died :
Place :

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Supporting evidence

1850 Federal Census Orange Township, Ashland County, Ohio
189/191 Jonathan Fogleman 29 m Laborer 200 born PA [1821]
Susan 29 f born PA [1821]
Sarah Jane 12 f born PA [1838]
Mary Jane 7 f born OH [1843]
Frederick 5 m born OH [1845]
<<There are some discrepencies between the information given in this census record and the information given in the St Joseph County biography of Jonathan Fogleman, ie there is a misrepresentation of Susan(nah)'s true age, and Sarah Jane is indicated as the eldest. The biography states that Mary Ann is the eldest.>>

St Joseph County, Michigan, Death Index-F
Book 2 ------- 1893 - 1912
Book 3 ------- 1912 - 1929
Fogelman, Susanah 2 .... 36
Fogleman, Edwin 1 .... 123
Fogleman, Frederick 3 .... 227
Fogleman, Johnathan 2 .... 197
Fogleman, Mary A. 1 .... 50
Fogleman, Sophia 3 .... 227
Fogleman, Walter F. 1 .... 174

Bk 1 pg 50, Mary A. Fogleman d 24 September 1872 aged 29y 9m 13d <<Age at death implies born 11 December 1842>>
Bk 2 pg 36, Susanah Fogleman d 25 April 1896 at Colon, aged 86y 8m 23d from Paralysis and gangreene in foot. Parents:- Frederick Coup and Polly Coup. <<Age at death implies born 2 August 1809>>
Bk 2 pg 197, Jonathan Fogleman d 28 August 1908 at Colon age 88y 0m 13d from heart and blood disease. Father :- Conrad Fogleman. <<Age at death implies born 15 August 1820>>
Bk 3 pg 227, Frederick Fogleman d 20 March 1925 in Colon aged 79y 8m 6d from age and extreme disability. Parents :- John Fogleman and Susanna Culp. <<Age at death implies born 14 July 1845>>
Bk 3 pg 227, Sophia Fogleman d 25 March 1925 at Colon aged 75y 8m 26d from age and extreme disability. Parents :- Jacob Miller and Mary Kerns. <<Age at death implies born 29 June 1849>>

Richland County Marriages, Richland County, Ohio, Marriage Records Vol 4 p57
25 November 1841, Jonathan Fagburn <<Fogleman>> and Susan Coup.

Follmer's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Turbot Twp, Northumberland Co, Pennsylvania
Susanna born 2 August 1808, baptised 18 September 1808. Parents:- Friedrich Kaub, Magdalena.
Sponser:- Susanna Maria Kaub
<<The sponser would therefore be Susanna's paternal grandmother>>

History of St. Joseph County (reference information unknown)
Jonathan Fogleman. On section 26, in Colon Township, lies the well-conducted homestead of the subject of this sketch, eighty acres <~32.5 Ha> of which have been his property since 1859. Subsequently he purchased forty acres <~16 Ha> more, and now has a good farm of 120 acres <~48.5 Ha>, which he has brought to a state of thorough cultivation, and erected thereon the necessary farm buildings. He has built fences, planted trees, and gradually added the improvements which have made his homestead one of the most desirable in this part of the county. A man industrious and economical, he has carved out his own fortune by his steady persistence, while at the same time his straight-forward and upright course has secured him a large measure of esteem and confidence to which he is so justly entitled.
Conrad Fogleman, the father of our subject, and his wife, who in her girlhood was Miss Catherine Walburn, were natives of Lehigh County, Pa., in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After marriage they went over into Berks, the county adjoining, where the father employed himself as a day laborer. He lived to be an aged man and spent his last years in Pennsylvania, passing away on the 7th of July, 1887. The mother died while a young woman, in 1836.
The subject of this sketch was the eldest of the seven children comprising the family household, and was born Aug. 15, 1820, in Berks County, Pa. He remained under the home roof until a youth of nineteen years and received his education in the common school. Then, in 1839, he proceeded to Ashland County, Ohio, and employed himself at farming in the Buckeye State for a period of twenty years. Upon removing thence he came to this county, and soon afterward made his first purchase of land here. The eighty acres <~32 Ha> upon which Mr. Fogleman settled had scarcely undergone any cultivation, and he thus commenced from first principles to build up a homestead. He was married in Ashland County, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1841. He first put up a house for the shelter of his family and gradually added the buildings which have completed a most comfortable homestead. The maiden name of Mrs. Fogleman was Susan Coup, and she is the daughter of Frederick and Mary (Rice) Coup, the second of their six children, born Aug. 2, 1808.
To our subject and his wife there were born four children, the eldest of whom, Mary Ann, died Sept. 24, 1872, at the age of twenty-nine years. Sarah Jane, the wife of Moses Draper, is a resident of Colon Township; Frederick is a resident of Burr Oak. The youngest child died in infancy. Mr. Fogleman votes the straight Democratic ticket and vigorously upholds the principles of his party. He served as Roadmaster in his township a number of years. Both he and his estimable wife are members of the Reformed Lutheran Church, and of the Colon Grange.