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Friedrich Kaub's signature 1807

Friedrich Kaub
1774 - 1854

Frederick Coup's signature 1854

Born : 19 October 1774
Place : Northampton, PA
Died : 5 June 1854
Place : Ohio
Father : Johann Valentine Kaub
Mother : Susanna Maria Stuber

Married :
Place : Northampton, PA
Born : 11 October 1785
Place : Northampton, PA
Died : 1 September 1866
Place : OH
Father :
Mother :

Children of FREDERICK KAUB and MARY REISS are:

Born : 7 February 1807
Place : Northumberland, PA
Died : 3 June 1885
Place : Bloom Twp, Seneca Co, OH

Married : 12 June 1837
Place : PA
Born : 22 April 1814
Place : PA
Died : Abt. 1896
Place : Ohio
Father :Joseph Springer
Mother : Esther Brandt
Born : 2 August 1808
Place : Northumberland, PA
Died : 25 April 1896
Place : Colon, St Joseph Co, Michigan

Married : 25 November 1841
Place : Richland Co, OH
Born : 15 August 1820
Place : Berks Co, PA
Died : 28 August 1908
Place : Colon, St Joseph Co, Michigan
Father : Conrad Fogleman
Mother : Catherine Walburn
Born : 2 August 1812
Place : Northumberland, PA
Died :
Place :

Married : Abt 1835
Place :
Born : 18 June 1812
Place : Turbot Twp, Northumberland Co, PA
Died : 17 February 1894
Place : Goshen, Indiana
Father : Henry Lantz
Mother : Catherine Follmer
Born : 1817
Place : Northumberland Co, PA
Died :
Place :

Married :
Place :
Born : 1818
Place :
Died :
Place :
Father :
Mother :
Born : 18 July 1822
Place : Northumberland, PA
Died : 11 April 1893
Place :

Married : 24 October 1844
Place : Richland Co, OH
Born : 1820
Place :
Died : 2 January 1864
Place :
Father :
Mother :
Born : 3 August 1825
Place : Northumberland, PA
Died : 26 September 1889
Place :
Married :
Place :
Born : Abt. 1817
Place :
Died : 1848
Place :
Father :
Mother :
Note - Frederick's and Mary's birth dates both from age at time of death
<<Clearly Frederick signed his will as "Kaub" but his sons signed for their inheritance (from their mother's estate) as "Coup". Hence we have adopted "Coup" for all of Frederick's children whilst retaining "Kaub" for Frederick. >>

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Supporting evidence

Frederick Coup's will.
Ashland County, Ohio Estate packet #287
I Frederick Koup of the County of Ashland and the State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.
Item 1st. I give and bequet to my beloved wife Mary Koup three thousand dollars of my real estate her natural lifetime the interest of said sum to be paid to her yearly for her maintenance and after her decease the ballance to be divided as follows to my son John $500.00 to my daughter Susan $200.00 to my daughter Elisabeth $500.00 to my son Daniel $500.00 to my daughter Rebecca $500.00 to my daughter Mary $500.00 to Sarah Jane Hamsey $300.00 and if there is more than three thousand dollars of that dower the ballance to be divided in the same proportion.
Item 2nd It is also my will and I do order that the real estate be sold with the exception of the three thousand dollars bequethed to my said wife to the best advantage and each of my children to draw equal shares of said money
Item 3rd As for my chattles it is my will and I do order that it be sold and the money after expences are paid divided equally among my children.
Item 4th It is also my will and I do order that my son Daniel Koup and my soninlaw Jonathan Fogleman be my administrators.
Signed and acknowledged by said Frederick Koup as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us as attesting witnesses in his presence and at his request
May 1st 1854
John [F]anyer
Elisabeth {her mark} Greiner

From Ohio Land Records
July 1837, Frederick Coup mortgage on the SouthWest quarter of Section No. 6, Township 22, Range 16. Montgomery Township became part of Ashland County upon the the formation of that County. Richland County, Ohio

From Pennsylvania Land Records
In 1807 George Caup and Frederick Caup, farmers, late of Northampton County, Pennsylvania, purchased 53a. 12p. in Turbot Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, from David Ireland, and 133a. 96p., known as "Mount Pleasant", in the same Township, from John Smith. This land was sold in 1819 by George Coup and Anna, his wife, and Frederick Coup and Mary, his wife.

1850 Federal Census, Montgomery Twp, Ashland Co, Ohio
Frederick Coup, 75, Farmer, born Pennsylvania. Value of real estate owned 6000 [b c1775]
Mary Coup, 65, born Pennsylvania [b c1785]
Daniel Coup, 33, Farmer, born Pennsylvania [b c1817]
Sarah Coup, 32, born Pennsylvania [b c1818]
Levi Coup, 11, born Ohio [b c1839]
Tilman Coup, 7, born Ohio [b c1843]
Justin Coup, 2, born Ohio [b c1848]
Mary Homan, 25, born Pennsylvania [b c1825]
Mary Jane Homan, 5, born Ohio [b c1845]
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Ashland City Cemetery, Ashland County, Ohio. Established 1856.
COUP - Fred ----- no dates- Mary died 1866 age 80y [b c1786]
COUP - Frederick died 1854 age 79y [b c1775]
COUP - Sola Fast died 1934 age ?

Lower Saucon Union Church,Northampton County, Pennsylvania
John George born (1773), baptised 18 June 1773. Parents:- Peter Weber, Catherine.
Sponsors:- Valentine Raub <<Kaub>> and wife Susanna
Frederich (no birth date given) baptised 16 April 1775. Parents:- Valentine Caüb, Susanna
Sponsers:- Frederick Huber and wife Catherine
John Valentine born Easter 1782, baptised 2 June 1782. Parents:- William Linn, Maria Magdalena
Sponsors:- Valentine Knauss <<Kaup>, Susanna
Susanna born 9 February 1790, baptised 29 August 1790. Parents:- Andrew Jüngling, Anna Maria.
Sponsor:- Susanna Kauppen

Friedensville Reformed and Lutheran congregations in Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Ferrel, Fanne born 4 April 1805, baptised 27 April 1805. Parents:- Joseph Ferrel,Catherina.
Sponsers:-Friederich Kaup, Elisabeth Miller
Stuber, Friederich born 1 May 1805, baptised 23 June 1805. Parents : Friederich Stuber,Cath.
Sponsers:- Friederich Kaup, Christina Wicker
Baumann, Johanne born 18 March1805, baptised 18 August 1805. Parents:- Philip Baumann, Margareth.
Sponsers:- Friederich Kaup, Barbara Stahl
Communicants Reformed Congregation
Third Sunday after Easter 22 April 1804
Reiss Polly
Undated probably 1809
Kaub Magdalena
Undated probably 1810
Kaup Magdalena
<<This is likely Friedrich Kaub's wife. See Friedrich Hahns' baptism in Follmer's Evangelical Lutheran Church>>

Follmer's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Turbot Twp, Northumberland Co, Pennsylvania
Susanna born 2 August 1808, baptised 18 September 1808. Parents:- Friedrich Kaub, Magdalena.
Sponser:- Susanna Maria Kaub
<<The sponser would therefore be Susanna's paternal grandmother>>
Johannes born 17 December 1810, baptised 19 May 181. Parents:- Reichart Wentarus (?), Maria Magdalena.
Sponsers:- Friedrich Kaub, Maria Magdalena
Elisabeth born 2 August 1812, baptised 20 September 1812. Parents:- Friedrich Kaub, Maria.
Sponsers:- Anthonie Eschbach, Barbara
Johannes born 20 January 1813, baptised 15? April 1813. Parents:- Johannes Schneider, Elisabeth.
Sponsers:- Friedrich Kaub, Maria
Friedrich born 12 January 1816, baptised 31 March 1816. Parents:- Michael Hahns, Margaretha.
Sponsers:- Friederich Kaub, Polly
Elisabeth born 19 March 1819, baptised 30 May 1819. Parents:- Johannes Schneider, Elisabeth.
Sponsers:- Friedrich Kaup & wife
Maryen born 15 July 1820. Parents:- Georg Kaub,Anna.
Sponsers:- Fridrig Kaub, Maria
Frid. born 1 April 1824, baptised 16 May 1824. Parents:- Georg Eschbach, Johanna.
Sponsers:- Friedrich [?], Maria
? born 15 April 1830, baptised 29 August 1830. Parents:- Benjamin Christ, Maria.
Sponsers:- Friederich Kaup, Maria

The Ashland Times, 20 April 1893
Our community has again been called to mourn the loss of one of its oldest and most respected citizens, Mrs. Albright, in the 71st year of her age. She was born in Northumberland county, Pa., and moved to this township <<Savannah>> many years ago when many of the fine farms of this vicinity were in the wood. Mrs. Albright was a member of the German Reformed church and has been much esteemed by her friends for her steadfast christian faith and exemplary life. She leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her death. Rev. A. F. Upp preached the funeral sermon at the M. E. church to a large congregation.

A special thanks to Rita Kopp, Ohio, for her contribution to the knowledge of this branch