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Fifth Generation

54. Elizabeth Caroline POINDEXTER42 was born on 14 November 1810 in Surry County, North Carolina.42 She died on 16 January 1864 at the age of 53 in Surry County, North Carolina.42

Married John Hauser.

An article, #305, from The Heritage of Surry County, NC, Vol. I -1983, submitted by Mrs. Lola H. Hauser relates an interesting story. John Hauser was the third child of Adam Hauser Sr and his wife Margaret Binkley. Adam lived on 350 acres of land on the Yadkin River that had been formerly owned by Hezekiah Wright (Giery Reit in Moravian record), brother to Gideon Wright. In 1780, Hezekiah was accused of being a Tory, severely and mercilessly beaten and shot as he stood in the doorway of his house.

My records show that on 24 Sep 1800, the sons of Hezekiah Wright, Gideon & Durlin, then living in Madison Co, KY, sold to George Hauser for $100, 350 acres on the south side of the Yadin River below the Yellowbank Ford, and adjacent Thomas Poindexter's line, among others. The tract had been granted to them as heirs of Hezekiah Wright on 5 Dec 1798. On 13 Dec 1802, George Hauser sold the same tract to Adam Hauser.

Elizabeth is buried Hauser-Sawyers Cemetery, Shoals, Surry Co, NC

John married a second time, 26 Jul 1866, Stokes Co NC to Maria Susanna Kreeger.
1880 Census, Surry Co NC, Pilot Twp, Hh 292
John Hauser, age 73, b. NC, parents b. NC
Mary S. 68, wife, b. NC
Thomas 25, son
Charlotte 22, son's wife
William 4 gson
Luther R. 2, gson

Hauser, John [Male] b. 5 MAY 1807 NC - d. 21 APR 1886 NC + Poindexter, Elizabeth Carolina [Female] b. 14 NOV 1810 NC - d. 16 JAN 1864 NC - Marriage: 27 OCT 1829 Surry Co, NC

Hauser, Archibald Pledge [Male]
Hauser, Margaret Ann Miriam [Female] b. 1831 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, Robert Alexander [Male] b. 29 APR 1833 Surry Co, NC - d. 15 NOV 1901 Surry Co, NC + Wolff, Julia A. [Female] b. 4 NOV 1839 - d. 8 DEC 1884 Forsyth Co, NC - Marriage: 31 OCT 1858 Forsyth Co, NC + Long, Eliza A. [Female] b. 1 DEC 1844 Stokes Co, NC - d. 16 NOV 1928 Old Richmond, Surry Co, NC - Marriage: ABT 1885
Hauser, Virgil William [Male] b. 1842 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, John Wright [Male] b. 1847 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, Martha Elizabeth [Female] b. 1851 Surry Co, NC
Hauser, Thomas Poindexter [Male] b. 18 OCT 1854 Surry Co, NC - d. 27 FEB 1911 Surry Co, NC + Kreeger, Charlotte Virginia [Female] b. 3 FEB 1858 Forsyth Co, NC - d. 30 DEC 1941 Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co, NC - Marriage: 30 DEC 1875 Yadkin Twp, Stokes Co, NC

Parents of John Hauser
Binkele, Margaretha [Female] b. 28 NOV 1780 NC - d. AFT 1860
+ Hauser, Adam [Male] b. 20 MAR 1775 NC - d. 1821 Yadkin Co, NC - Marriage: 15 OCT 1801 Surry Co, NC

Elizabeth Caroline POINDEXTER and John HAUSER were married on 27 October 1829 in Surry County, North Carolina. John HAUSER100, son of Adam HAUSER and Margaretha BICKEL, was born on 25 May 1807 in North Carolina. He died on 21 April 1886 at the age of 78 in Surry County, North Carolina. He was buried in Hauser-Sawyers Cemetery, Shoals, Surry County, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Caroline POINDEXTER and John HAUSER had the following children:



Miriam HAUSER was born on 16 January 1831. She died on 27 June 1860 at the age of 29.

Miriam married William "Billy "Martin 3 apr 1851. The had children John A., Elizabeth Jane, Wilda and Isabella. Miriam died of typhoid fever.



Robert Alexander HAUSER was born on 29 April 1833. He died on 15 November 1901 at the age of 68.

Robert was twice married. He was a captain in the Civil War and a physician. He practiced medicine near Tobaccoville, NC. He is buried with both wives at Macedonia Baptist Church, Tobaccoville.



Virgil William HAUSER was born on 10 December 1841. He died in September 1861 at the age of 19 in Manassas {City] Virginia.

Virgil enlisted in the Civil War, 23 May 1861. He was killed at the First Battle of Manassas.



John Wright HAUSER was born on 30 December 1847. He died on 11 September 1867 at the age of 19.

John served in the Civil War. He contracted a fatal disease and came home to die. [probably tuberculosis....]



Martha Elizabeth HAUSER was born on 3 June 1851. She died on 19 October 1935 at the age of 84.

Martha married 8 Feb 1870 to William Butner. They had only one child, Oliver, and lived at East Bend.



Archibald Pledge "Arche" HAUSER was born on 10 July 1853. He died on 19 August 1853 at the age of 0.



Thomas Poindexter HAUSER was born on 18 October 1854. He died on 27 February 1911 at the age of 56.

Thomas married Charlotte Kreeger and lived on the homeplace.