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Fifth Generation

44. William Archibald "Arche" POINDEXTER82 was born on 14 May 1807 in Surry County, North Carolina.67,82 He died on 20 August 1878 at the age of 71 in Everton, Dade County, Missouri.31

An Arche Poindexter is on p.67 of the Morgan Co IL 1830 Census. He and spouse both age 20-30 with 2 children under 5. Don't know if it's this William Archibald, who was called "Arche". His sister Dorothy & her husband Richard Jones were living in Morgan/Sangamon Counties in Illinois at this time.

Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database
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Arche Poindexter received two tracts in Morgan Co in Section 12, T26N, R9W - one on 22 Jun 1829 and the other on 31 Dec 1829.

Said to have left Monroe Co KY and moved to Dade Co MO between 1838 and 1840. It's possible there was a stop-over in Illinois given the above records.

In fact I believe the family moved back to Monroe Co in time for the 1840 census and then went on to Missouri.
The 1840 Monroe Co KY Census has an Archibald Poindexter, age 30-40
2m under 5 [George & Robert], 1m 10-15 [William], 1m 30-40 [William "Arche"
1f under 5 [Nancy], 2f 5-10 [Elizabeth & Rebecca], 1f 10-15 [Sarah] and 1f 30-40 [Mary Sallie]

This can't be the son Archibald, called Thomas because he is counted in Overton Co TN. M. Poindexter, age 20-30 in this census is likely Micajah - or is this Martin, son of James of the unidentified Poindexters?. Z. W. is in the census, age 20-30 - can only be Zadock Wright Poindexter. A Mary Poindexter, age 30-40, with six young children is next to Micajah - I don't know who she might be. A Franklin Poindexter lives some distance away from the others - he appears possibly 20-30 with an older couple in their 50's living with him - is this a son of James Poindexter?

A booklet "A History of Antioch Church" written by Erma R. Bishop and found in the Dade Co Library states the following: The history of Dade County couldn not well be written without placing the Antioch Church well in the front. Events will show that in 1844 five families had settled in this part of Dade County, coming mostly from Kentucky and Tennessee. And among those who were most prominent in the first organization are the following names: Willis, Mallory, Farris, SCOTT, Cox, JONES, COBLE, POINDEXTER, Gambill, LOLLAR, Hudspeth and Merrick.

1850 Census in Dade Co, p.289, Dwelling 380. Arche & Mary with the children from Elizabeth down through John. William, Sarah & Rebecca married and living in Dade Co as well.

1860 Dade Co MO Census, Polk Twp, p.41, Dwelling 266. Arche was listed as 53, Mary as 52. Only Josiah, "Kiah" and John T. are still at home. The other married children all still live in Dade Co, however. Arche & Mary were also counted in Smith Twp, p.40, Dwelling 251, with the same identical information.
1860 Slave Schedule: Arch Poindexter had a female slave, age 37, and what would appear to be her children: females, ages 7, 6, and 4, and a male infant, age 5 months.

1870 Dade Co MO, South Twp, p.112, Dwelling 98. Archie Poindexter, age 63, Merchant. Eliza J. age 45, Keepinghouse [This is perhaps were the name Elizabeth has come from - I believe the census enumerator misunderstood Eliza for Louiza.] Susan E. is age 1. John T. age 21, is living with them. Thomas Collins, age 18, b. MO, is also living there doing Farm Labor.

Arche Poindexter's will is recorded in Dade Co WB 2, p.48 and dated 14 Jun 1870.To wife Louisa J. Poindexter, two parcels of land, about 70 acres, to pass to youngest daughter Susan Elzada. Other children: William F. Poindexter, Sarah Scott [she had been deceased since 1863], Rebecca Steely, Elizabeth R. Mitchell, Robert F., George H., Nancy W. Rice, Josiah R., Kire F., and John T. Poindexter. Witnessed by Joseph F. Duckwall & Levin W. Shafer.
Codicil dated 16 Jun 1875. Additional bequests to Louisa J. and Susan Elzada Poindexter. Wife is to be the 12th heir, receiving an equal part of estate. Wit: Willis Dilday & W. B. Poindexter. Proved 7 Oct 1878.
[W. B. Poindexter

Arch and Mary are buried in Antioch Cemetery. Arch Poindexter 14 May 1807 - 20 Aug 1878
Mary Poindexter 14 Feb 1810 - 16 Feb 1863
Son John T. 1 Mar 1849 - 5 Dec 1875 [The book has his year of birth as 1819]
On the other side of Arch in Antioch Cemetery is Louisa J. Poindexter 26 Feb 1824 - 8 Nov 1904. She is also in the 1880 Census. Arch's 2nd wife is listed as Elizabeth some references but I think there may be an error. In 1880 Louisa J. Poindexter is in South Twp of Dade Co, living near Josiah, Robert & Kire. She is 56, which agrees with a birth year of 1824. She has a boarder Julia B., age 20, or born 1860 living with her which cannot be a child of hers and Arch's because they weren't married until 1864, and a daughter age 11 named Susan L. Poindexter. Louisa J. is obviously the 2nd wife of Arche.

William Archibald "Arche" POINDEXTER and Mary Sallie JONES were married about 1827.73,83 Mary Sallie JONES, daughter of William JONES and Sarah [JONES], was born on 14 February 1810 in Kentucky.82,83 She died on 16 February 1863 at the age of 53 in Dade County, Missouri.82

The estate records of William Jones refer to a Sarah that married a Poindexter. Since Mary Sallie seems to be the only Jones girl that married a Poindexter and Sallie is a common nickname for Sarah, I believe this is likely the same person. Some researchers have them listed as two different daughters. I cannot find another possible Poindexter marriage in this time and place.
She is listed as Mary is in both the 1850 and 1860 Censuses in Dade Co MO with her husband and children. The Poindexter book lists her as Mary Sallie. Mary is on her grave marker in Antioch Cemetery.

William Archibald "Arche" POINDEXTER and Mary Sallie JONES had the following children:



William F. POINDEXTER73,84,85,86 was born in 1828 in Monroe County, Kentucky.83 He died about 1866 at the age of 38.73,85

Married (1) Margaret Pollan 13 Jan 1848. She was born abt 1828 in TN; d. 1853 in Dade Co MO. (2) Rebecca Jane Nichols, b. 25 Jan 1828 in OH; d. 21 Mar 1916; married 13 Aug 1853 in Lawrence Co MO.

1850 Census, Dade Co MO, p.297; Dwelling 497. William and Margaret with daughters Nancy age 2 and Mary age 5/12. Robert "Poldny" age 22 living with them is no doubt Robert Pollan, Margaret's brother. Margarent & Robert bortn in Tennessee.

By the 1860 Census, William lived next to his father and brother Robert in Polk Twp. Margaret had died and Rebecca is listed, age 32, born in Ohio. Children are Ellen age 11 [she seems to be the child listed as Nancy in 1850], Mary age 10, Arche age 9, William B. age 7 [this is likely the last child born to Margaret; perhaps she died in childbirth or shortly after]; John T. age 3 [no doubt a child of the 2nd wife Rebecca Nichols]. There is also James S. Jacobs, age 9 - is he a stepson? Was Rebecca a widow when she married William?

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.23
8 Dec 1866 Now comes Rebecca J. Poindexter, curator of minor heirs of William F. Poindexer. Files new bond with John Nichols and R. F. Poindexter as her securities for $5000. Approved by Court.

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.200-201
6 Dec 1867 Commissioners set off dower to Rebecca Jane Poindexter, widow of William F. Poindexter, Dec'd. Seventy acres.

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.233
4 Mar 1868 Rebecca Jane Poindexter is the Curator of the estate of James F. Jacobs.

Dade Co MO Probate Records, Vol. 4; p.437-438
27-28 Jul 1869 Rebecca J. Poindexter, curator of estate of Nancy E.[Ellen] Poindexter makes final account as she is of age. Also for Mary P. Poindexter. She makes annual settlement for the estates of Archie B., William B., John T, Margaret J., and William K. Poindexter.

1870 Dade Co MO Census; South Twp, p.112b, Dwelling 106. Rebecca J. Poindexter, age 40, b. Ohio now widowed. Nancy E. age 21, Mary F. age 20, Archie B. age 19, William B. age 17, John T. 13, Margaret J. 9, and William C. age 6. James T. Jacobs age 20, b. MO, is living with the family doing farm labor.

Nancy Ellen Poindexter married Cornelius K. Hopper on 19 Nov 1871, Dade Co.

In 1880 in Dade Co, South Twp, p.159b, is William B. ["Briton"] Poindexter, age 28, wife Tabitha E. age 19, with son William A. age 3. This is no doubt the 7-year-old William B. from 1860.
On p.160c is Rebecca J. Poindexter, age 50, the widow of William F. Sons John T. age 23 and William K. 18 are living with her.
In Rock Prairie Twp, p.163A is Archy B. Poindexter age 27 [probably the 9-year-old of 1860] who is living with his in-laws Benjamin J. & Mary J. Smith. Archy's wife is Louisa F. Smith Poindexter, age 22, b. MO. Children are William B. age 5 and John R. age 3.
Margaret J. Poindexter married James C. Ferrington on 22 Dec 1878, Dade Co.

Antioch Cemetery: W. Briton [William B.] Poindexter 14 Apr 1853 - 8 Jun 1921
Tabitha Poindexter 16 May 1861 - 23 Feb 1918 [said to be daughter of a Jones]
MISSOURI MARRIAGES, 1851-1900: Briton Poindexter to Tabetha Jones 27 Jan 1876, Dade Co MO [Tabitha E. Jones was the daughter of Nancy Coble Jones, deceased daughter of Christopher Coble when his estate was settled.]
I believe their son William & wife are buried next to them.
William Archie Poindexter 8 Jun 1877 - 11 May 1951
Lula Winnie Poindexter 7 Dec 1881 - 18 Jul 1974

Also the wife of Archy B. is buried in Antioch Cemetery. Louisa F. [Smith] Poindexter 22 Jan 1859 - 22 Jul 1901



Sarah Ann "Sally" POINDEXTER73,87 was born in 1830 in Illinois.83 She died in February 1863 at the age of 33 in Dade County, Missouri.88

Married Jesse F. Scott on 7 Mar 1847 in Dade Co MO. After her death he married Sarah H. Jones on 10 Jun 1865 - J. H. Hampton, JP of Polk Twp performed the ceremony. Sarah Jones said to be a cousin to the Sarah Poindexter.

1850 Census, Dade Co MO, p.296, Dwelling 477. Jessee Scott, age 24, born in MO. Sarah and children William, age 2, Mary age 1, and Becky age 4/12.

1860 Dade Co MO, Polk Twp, p.42, Dwelling 271. Jesse F. Scott, age 38, Sarah age 31. Children William T. age 13, Rebecca A. age 9, Maranda M. age 8, Arch age 6, George P. age 4, John N. age 3 and Nancy J. age 6/12. The child Mary born about 1849 has been omitted or has died.

Antioch Cemetery. Sary Scott died Feb. 1863, age 35 years, wife of J. F. Scott.
Arch Scott, the 6-year-old in 1860 is also buried in Antioch with his wife: Arch Scott 1 Jan 1853 - 30 Jan 1937 and Sarah Ann Scott 2 Nov 1857 - 8 Aug 1935

1870 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.112b, Dwelling 104. Jesse F. Scott, age 47, b. MO; Sarah H., age 25, b. KY. These children were of the 1st wife: Rebecca A. age 20, Miranda M 18, Archie 16, George R 14, John N. 12, Nancy 10, and probably Ellen age 8. These two would be children of the 2nd wife, Sarah H. Jones: Jacob age 4 and Charles age 2.

In 1880 Dade Co, South Twp, p.161b, Jesse is living with his 2nd wife Sarah H. Jones [she may be the daughter of Wm J. Jones since she was said to be a cousin of the first wife Sarah Poindexter] The children in the home seem to all be those born to the 2nd wife: Jacob F. age 14, Charles 11, Sarah E 9, Rosa J 8, James W. 7, Jesse A. 3, and Nora B. age 1.

Listed in the "Greenfield Advertiser", Greenfield, MO, 28 May 1965: Dade County's War Dead. Buried Antioch Cemetery. Jesse F. Scott. Died 13 Jun 1889 in his 82nd year. Served in Co. E, 15th MO Infantry.



Rebecca POINDEXTER73,89 was born on 25 January 1831 in Monroe County, Kentucky.73,83 She died on 30 December 1905 at the age of 74 in Cherokee County, Indian Territory.73 She was buried in Nancy Gourd Cemetery, Tahlequah, Cherokee County, Oklahoma.

Married John R. Steeley, Jr. abt 1849 in Dade Co MO. He was b. 8 Oct 1832 in Calloway Co KY and died Feb 1910 in Cherokee Co OK.

John was the son of John Steely Sr. and Nancy Walker. [Provided by Jeannie Miyama, Dade County Researcher.]

1850 Dade Co MO Census, p.293, Dwelling 445. John Steely Jr. age 20, born in KY, with Becky age 18. They were married within the year.

1860 Dade Co MO Census, Polk Twp,p.64, Dwelling 423. John Steely Jr. age 27, Rebecca age 28. Narcissa 9, William 7, Arminta 5, Mary 4, and Ellen

1870 Pettis Co MO Census, Blackwater Twp, p.399, Household 89
John Steely, age 44, Farmer, b. KY
Rebecca, 40, keeping house, b. TN
Children: William 16, Arminda 14, Mary S. 12, Nancy E. 10, Louisa 9, Jackson age 2
All children born in Missouri.
Next door in household 90 is Alexander Boles, age 23 and Narcisa age 20.

1880 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.157a. Rebecca Steely, age 49, now a widow. Children Nancy E., age 20 [Ellen in 1860? Probably Nancy E. Steely Dilday], Rebecca L. age 18, Major 11, Kiah R. 9. Then there are two babies in the house listed as grandchildren: Jensey A. Dilda age 1 and Jasper E. Dilda age 4 months.

Antioch Cemetery: Jasper Dilday 1 Mar 1866 - 4 Oct 1879 Husband of Nancy Ellen Steely.
In 1870, in the Dade Co Census, 15-year-old Jasper Dilday was listed with his parents John B. age 41, a Miller, b. GA, and Dorothy, age 36, b. IN. Jasper & his older brother William born in Illinois. Two younger siblings were born in Kansas.

Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 17:26:38 -0600
From: "David L. Clark" <>
My line from George, the immigrant is:
George Poindexter + Susannah Nicholes,
Thomas Poindexter I + Sarah Crawford,
Thomas Poindexter II + Sara Bond Veale,
Thomas Poindexter III + Elizabeth Pledge,
Archibald Pledge Poindexter + Rebecca Flynn,
William Archibald Poindexter + Mary Sarah Jones,
Rebecca Poindexter + John R. Steeley, Jr.,
Mary Susan Steeley + Daniel Willis Dilday,
Perry Ellis Dilday + Adeline Frances Martin,
Reuben William Dilday + Ruth Frona Mae Madewell,
Billie Ruth Dilday + John W. Clark, Jr.

From a GenForum post, dated 30 May 1999.
Holly N. Ashby Hofmann posted the following information.
Eight children of Rebecca Poindexter & John Steeley were:
Narcissus, b. 8 Apr 1851, married [Alexander] Boles
William Arch, b. 17 Oct 1852, m. Mary Anna Townsend
Arminda, b. 1 Feb 1855, m. Bowles
Mary Susan, b. 1 Apr 1857, m. [Daniel W.] Dilday, Fortner, Kent, & Kidd
Nancy Ellen, b. 3 Jan 1859, m. [Jasper] Dilday
Rebecca Louisa, b. 17 Feb 1861
Major Jackson, b. 19 Dec 1868, m. Mary Enner Norris
Kire Robert, b. 4 Aug 1871, m. Mary Jane Loller
She states that Major was born in Pettis Co. MO and that in 1852 Rebecca & the children Mary, Major, William & Kire were in Cherokee Nation, IT - this would be extremely early for anyone to be living in the Cherokee Nation and certainly the family came back to Dade Co before the 1860 census. Another problem with this date is that some of the mentioned children were not yet born - there is obviously a typo.
The 1900 Census for Indian Territory reveals the following. Living in the Choctaw Nation, Talequah Twp, is Mary S. Fortner, age 40 - she is the head of the household and is widowed with a daughter, Liddy E., age 15 born in MO Mar 1885 and a daughter, Nancy, age 9, born in IT Apr 1891. Mary had six children, six living. Her father-in-law, John Fortner age 66 lives with her - he was born in KY, his parents born NC.
In the Cherokee Nation, Twp 16N, R20E, I found the others. Major Steeley, born Dec 1868, age 31, mariied 11 years to Enner, b. Aug 1872 in KY, age 29. She has had three children, two are living: Clarence, b. May 1890 in MO, age 10 and Flossie, born Jun 1895 IT, age 4. Rebecca his mother lives with them with no age, etc. given except a birthplace as KY. It would seem that Major's family moved to IT between 1890 and 1895.
William A. Steeley, born Oct 1852, age 47, married 29 years. Mary A., wife b. Aug 1850 - has had 10 children, all living. Daughter Eva born Oct 1875, age 24 was born in MO. Six more children living in the household beginning with John W., born July 1882, age 17, were all born in Indian Territory. This would place IT as the residence of William's family by 1882.
Kair Steeley, b. Aug 1871, age 28 had been married seven years. His wife was Mary, b. Oct 1875, age 24, had three children, all living. Clide age 6, Troy age 4 & Jenny A. age 3, are all listed as born in Missouri, so this family is apparently a recent arrival in Indian Territory.

In 1910, the families were still in Oklahoma but I did not find Rebecca living with any of them.



Elizabeth R. POINDEXTER.



Robert Fleming POINDEXTER12,73,86,90 was born on 10 April 1837 in Monroe County, Kentucky.83 He died on 20 April 1898 at the age of 61 in Dade County, Missouri.73,83

Married Sarah Margaret Nickles. She was b. abt 1836 in OH; married 15 Jan 1857. DAR application gives her birth as 5 Sep 1835 in Williams Co, Ohio, and death as 1 Apr 1905 in Dade Co MO.

In 1860, Robert was living near his family. Dade Co MO, Polk Twp, p.41, Dwelling 268. He was 24. Wife Sarah M. born in Ohio. They had sons James R. age 2 and John J. age 2/12, or born in the Spring of 1860.

MISSOURI MARRIAGES, 1851-1900; James R. Poindexter married Laura V. Taylor on 4 Sep 1879 in Dade Co.

1880 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.156d Robert F. Poindexter age 44; Sarah M. age 43; John T. [J.?] age 20, Mary S. J. age 18, Timmy B. age 9, Rosa E. age 7.

Antioch Cemetery. T. B. [Timmy above] born 4 Mar 1871, died 9 Jun 1896. Son of R. F. & Sarah Poindexter.
Wm. A. Poindexter, d. 27 Aug 1878 age 1 yr, 1 mo, 22 days.
George N. Poindexter, d. 5 Jul 1871 at age 5 yr, 9 mo and 6 days.
R. F. Poindexter, 10 Aug 1837 - 20 Apr 1898
S. M. Poindexter, 5 Sep 1835 - 11 Aug 1911

Rose E., age 7 in 1880, was Rose Ellen Poindextion, born 10 May 1873 and died 16 Sep 1961. She married David Samuel McLerran. [DAR application]

A Robert F. Poindexter is listed as one of Dade County's War Dead. The dates do not quite match. 31 Mar 1843-16 Apr 1920. Served Co. E, 7th MO Cav (both USA & CSA?) An R. F. Poindexter married V. A. Bowles on 3 Sep 1871 in Dade Co which cannot be the same man as he was married to Sarah in the 1860 and the 1880 census.



George Henry POINDEXTER73,84 was born on 23 April 1838 in Monroe County, Kentucky.73,83,84 He died on 31 March 1894 at the age of 55 in Dade County, Missouri.73,84

Married Clarissa Smith. Her grave marker gives date of birth as 14 Jul 1842, died 30 May 1906. They are both buried Antioch Cemetery. Daughter Lucy J. Poindexter, b. 16 Mar 1879 - d. 7 Sep 1896.

1860 Dade Co MO Census, Smith Twp, p.41, Dwelling 254. George W. Poindexter, age 21 and Clarissa, age 18. George was enumerated near the 2nd counting of his father - did Arche have land in two places, George managing one of the farms?

Listed in the "Greenfield Advertiser", Greenfield, MO, 28 May 1965: Dade County's War Dead. Buried Antioch Cemetery. Served as a Sgt in the 15th MO Cavalry.

1870 Dade Co MO; South Twp, p.116a; Dwelling 154. George H. Poindexter age 29. Clarissa age 28. Arche W 9, Eliza A 7, Mary E. 3 and Rachel E. 1.

1880 Dade Co MO; South Twp, p.159a George Poindexter, age 42; Clarrissa, age 37. Archy W. 19, Mary E. 13, Rachel E. 11, Cloah [Chloe?] age 9, John T. 7, Eli B. 5, Serena 3, and Lucy 1. [The child Eliza would be 17; either she has married or is deceased. Probably the Eliza A. Poindexter married 7 Jul 1878 to Reuben A. Ferguson.]

Antioch Cemetery has Eli B. Poindexter 1875 - 1951; Daisy H. 1880 - 1941



Nancy W. POINDEXTER73 was born in 1840 in Dade County, Missouri.83

Married William Rice.

1860 Dade Co MO; Polk Twp, p.51, Dwelling 328. William Rice age 29, b. Illinois, Nancy age 20 b. KY; Mary A. 3, and Arch age 6/12.



Josiah R. POINDEXTER73,90 was born in 1843 in Dade County, Missouri.83 He died after 1878 at the age of 35 in Dade County, Missouri.73

Married America Parnell, b. 11 Jul 1845 in TN, d. 1 Aug 1900.

1870 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.112, Dwelling 99. Josiah Poindexter, age 27, Farmer, b. MO. America age 24 Keeping house, b. TN.

1880 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.154c Josiah R. Poindexter, age 37 b. MO; America, wife, 33, b. TN. Robert L. 8, Matty W. 4, Berry C. 2, are the children. William Poindexter, age 20 is living with them as a hired farmhand.

America is buried in Antioch Cemetery. 11 Jul 1845 - 1 Aug 1900.

A Joseph R. Poindexter who served in the CSA is listed among Dade County's War Dead for the Civil War. No dates.



Archibald POINDEXTER86 was born in 1844 in Dade County, Missouri.83

Is this his marriage:
Archibald B. Poindexter married Louise F. Smith on 2 Mar 1873, Dade Co MO.

Or is he the Archibald Poindexter, Private, who served in the 1st Brigade, 8th Division and was killed 10 Aug 1861 at the Battle of Wilson's Creek? An online message indicated this unit of the Missouri State Guard was formed in Dade Co. The man killed could also have been Archibald, son of Archibald Thomas.



Kire Flynn POINDEXTER73,82,86 was born on 19 March 1847 in Dade County, Missouri.82,83 He died on 16 June 1924 at the age of 77 in Dade County, Missouri.73,82,83

Married on 29 Jan 1868 in Dade Co MO to Elzada Denton who was born abt 1849 in MO Elzada's grave marker in Antioch Cemetery has born 1848, died 1922. Kire F. 1847-1924 CSA

1870 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, p.112. "Karl" F. Poindexter age 23, Farmer. Elzada age 20. John W. age 1.

1880 Dade Co MO Census, South Twp; p.157b. Kiah F. Poindexter age 33; Elzada age 30; Mary L. 3 and Susan B. 2. [John W. perhaps did not survive]

Kire F. Poindexter served in the CSA and listed among Dade County's War Dead. No dates. Obviously he did not die during the war.




William Archibald "Arche" POINDEXTER and Louisa J. MCMILLEN were married on 17 July 1864 in Dade County, Missouri.83,86 Louisa J. MCMILLEN73,91 was born (date unknown).

Archie Poindexter married Louisa J. McMillen on 17 Jul 1864, Dade Co MO in the Missouri Marriage books. I believe this name has been mis-interpreted as McLearan somewhere along the way, or McLearan was her maiden name. A Family tree on does have her maiden name as McLerran - and a first marriage to Daniel McMillen.

In 1880, Dade Co MO Census, South Twp, ED #15, p.156D is Louisa J. Poindexter age 56, Widowed. She was born in KY; her father in Georgia, her mother in KY. The child Susan L. [for Elzada?] is now 11. They did not state Susan's relationship but her father is given as born in NC, as Arche was, and her mother born in KY. Julia B. Poindexter, age 20 is a Boarder; she was born in Texas, her father born in KY.

The only possibility I've found for Julia B. Poindexter, is that she was the daughter of William Micajah Poindexter, a brother of Arche. Micajah and his 4th wife Mrs. Emmaline [Walker] Barnard had a daughter Julia who was shown as 14 in 1870 in Grayson Co TX. This age is an error because it makes her older than a half-sister born to the 3rd wife in 1857 - Julia was more likely born 1859/1860. Julia is said to have lived in Missouri with maternal relatives & said to have married John Sooter - no place is given in the Poindexter book. Micajah was not born in KY but probably Surry Co NC - however he went with his family to KY when he was a small child.

William Archibald "Arche" POINDEXTER and Louisa J. MCMILLEN had the following children:



Susan Elzada POINDEXTER.