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Fifth Generation

42. Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER15,65,66 was born about 1802 in Surry County, North Carolina.31,67 He died in 1881 at the age of 79 in Celina, Clay County, Tennessee.31

Married (1) Fannie Coe b. 1808, d. 1844-1850, daughter of John Coe and Nancy Scott and (2) Lucinda Lollar.

John Coe was also from Rowan Co. NC - did he live at one time in Guilford? DB4, p.325. Robert Neeley sold two tracts of land to John Coe on 13 Jul 1778. Coe was already of Guilford and one of the tracts adjoined property he owned. The Will of John Coe of Cumberland Co KY was written 25 Nov 1853; proved June Court Term 1854 - it mentions there are seven grandchildren, children of his dead daughter Fanny Poindexter, who will receive $100 each.

By 1830, an Archibald Thomas Poindexter, "often called Thomas or Archie", was living in Overton Co TN.
Thomas Poindexter: 1m under 5, 1m age 20-30; 2f under 5, 1f 5-10 and 2f 20-30.
This census indicates three daughters born before 1830, of whom we have no record. And apparently another grown woman living with them & some of the children could have been hers]

An Arche Poindexter is also on p.67 of the Morgan Co IL 1830 Census. He and spouse both age 20-30 with 2 children under 5. This could be his brother, William Archibald, but if it is he moved to IL and then back to Monroe Co before moving to Dade Co MO about 1840.
There is also a young Poindexter (initial R? For Rchibald?) in the 1830 Monroe Co KY Census. He and a female both 20-30 with no children.

General Index to Deeds, Overton Co, TN 1806-1859; 1810-1865   WPA
Sampson Williams to Archibald Poindexter  C-279
Sampson Williams to ArchibaldPoindexter   F-376
Arche Poindexter to Ezekiel Jenning  L-341
John Sims to ThosPoindexter  M-118
Landon Armstrong to Thos. Poindexter  N-484

10 Oct 1836 Thomas Poindexter of Overton Co TN bought from John Coe of Cumberland KY [probably his father-in-law], 179 acres in Overton Co. $700. South side Cumberland River begin on north of little creek whereon the said Poindexter now lives.
Overton Co DB G, p.304

12 Nov 1836 Thomas Poindexter of Overton Co bought from Sampson Williams of Jackson Co TN, 100 acres in Overton Co. Begin at said Poindexter's NE corner whereon he now lives. Overton Co DB H, p.159

1840, Overton Co TN Census
Thomas Poindexter. 1m age 10-15 [John Robert], 1m age 30-40 [Thomas himself]
2f under 5 [Mary and ???], 2f 5-10 [Elizabeth and ???], 1f 10-15 [???], 1f 15-20 [???] and 1f age 30-40 [Fannie]
There are again several unidentified daughters in this family.

Overton Co TN Circuit court Minutes 1839-1844   Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn for the Overton Co Archives; 2000
p.92  Feb Term 1840   Grand Jurors presentments against overseers of roads – includes Thomas Poindexter.
p.138  Jun Term 1840   The State vs. Thomas Poindexter, Overseer of a Road.  Defendant says he is guilty.  Fine of $1 and costs.  William Donaldson, security for Poindexter.
[1848-1850   No Poindexters listed.]

In 1850 Thomas Poindexter was living just over the state line from Monroe Co KY in Overton Co, TN. He's on p.100b, Household 456 of that Census: Thomas Poindexter, age 48, b. NC, Farmer
Elizabeth 16, Mary 12, Josiah 9, and Thomas age 6. Fannie already deceased. Robert M., age 10, was living in Cumberland Co KY with the family of Calvin Johnson, but there was also a J. R. Poindexter, age 12, in the household. There was also a Sally R. Poindexter age 16, living with the family of Wm C. Smith. She could easily be one of the daughters from 1840, unmarried, but not living at home since her mother was dead. The eldest son, John Robert was married and living in Cumberland Co.

1860 Census. 4th District, Overton Co TN, Sweet Gum Plains P.O., Hh 1641
Thomas Poindexter, age 56, b. NC
Lucinda L., age 28, b. KY.

1870 Census. 4th Civil District, Overton Co TN. Martinsburgh KY P.O., Hh 52
Thomas Poindexter, age 68, b. NC. Lucinda J. age 37, b. KY
Oliver H., age 8. Helen M., age 5. Artimesy E., age 3, Dorothy A., 4 months old.

An Archibald Poindexter, born about 1833, has been placed in this family by earlier researchers. He doesn't appear with the family in 1840 or in 1850. There is an Arch, age 16, living with Samuel & Elizabeth Poindexter Smith and next door to Micajah Poindexter in Monroe Co KY in 1850.
This same Archibald may be In the 1860 Dade Co MO On p.41, dwelling 270 is an Arch Poindexter, age 27, born in KY, living with Margaret, age 26 b. TN and James R. age 2, b. MO. The Poindexter book lists a son of this age for Archibald Thomas and he married Margaret Pennington. The 27 year old Arch does not fit into the families of William Archibald or Zadock that had been in Dade Co since before 1850, as they have other sons named Archibald.
I think it possible this Archibald has been artificially placed in this family and does not belong here, but likely he is kin.

The PDA database also has a daughter Jemina Poindexter, born about 1830. Said to have married Thomas Jefferson Nevins about 1850. He was born Overton Co TN, 1827, the son of James Nevins and Mary Olive Walker.

Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER and Fannie COE were married about 1824. Fannie COE, daughter of John COE and Nancy SCOTT, was born in 1808.68 She died before 1850 at the age of 42.

Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER and Fannie COE had the following children:



?Nancy POINDEXTER was born circa 1825 in Tennessee.

Possible identification of one of the females, possibly daughters, of Archibald Thomas & Fannie in the 1830 and 1840 Census.

From the Poindexter Message Board and Mail List:
Death record for Fannie K. Overstreet, b. 27 Jan 1849, d. 3 Jun 1932. Married to Robert Overstreet. Her parents were John C. Kirkpatrick and Nancy Poindexter.

1850 Census. Dist 4, Overton Co, TN, Hh 448
John Kirkpatrick, age 35, Farmer, b. TN
Nancy, 25, b. TN
Frances, age 2, b. TN [Fannie, above]
Note: Nancy's father was also living in Overton Co in 1850

1860 Census. Dist 4, Overton Co TN, Hh 1636
J. C. Kirkpatrick, age 48, Famer, b. TN [living alone]

1870 Census. Dist 4, Overton Co TN, Hh 49
Robert B. Overstreet, age 29, Farmer, b. TN. Pers prop of $800
Fanny K., age 21, keeping house, b. TN
Jno C. Kirkpatrick, 56, Farmer, real estate $3000, pers prop $2000, b. TN
Elizabeth, 17, b. TN

1880 Census. Dist 6, Clay Co TN Hh 159
J. C. Kirkpatrick, age 67, farmer, b. TN, parents b. KY
Mary E., 26, daughter
R. B. Overstreet, 38, son-in-law
Fannie K. 30, daughter
John C., grandson, age 1
Clary Lancaster, 15, servant
Henry Denham, 18, Laborer
And living next door is J. J. Poindexter, age 38 and wife Delpha. Josiah Jefferson Poindexter, of this age, known to be a son of Archibald Thomas & Fannie Coe Poindexter.



John Robert POINDEXTER69 was born in 1828.68 He died between 1862 and 1870 at the age of 34.

John married Caroline Spear. But did he have a brief earlier marriage - see the 1850 census.

1850 Census. Cumberland Co KY, Hh 390
John Poindexter, age 21, b. KY. J. Poindexter, female, age 21, b. KY
M. King Poindexter, male, age 1.
Jack Scott, age 20.
On the same page in the census is Sally R. Poindexter, age 16, living with William C. Smith and family. Sally was also born in Kentucky - I do not know where she belongs in the family.
In household 309, there was J. R. Poindexter age 12 and Robert M. Poindexter, age 10 - this was the family of Calvin Johnson.

1860 Census. District 2, Cumberland Co KY, Hh 27
J. R. Poindexter, age 32, b. KY. Caroline, age 32, b. KY
M. K., male, age 11. S. J., female, age 9. M. W., female, age 5. F. J., female, age 3.

1870 Census. Kettle Creek Precinct, Cumberland Co KY, Hh 35
A. Spears, male, age 75 [probably Caroline's father]
C. Poindexter, female, age 40.
Nancy, age 17 [apparently this was "S. J." & the enumerator got the name wrong], Mary M. age 16. Fannie J., age 14, Nancy, age 8.



Rebecca F. POINDEXTER was born on 4 June 1830 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. She died on 12 November 1867 at the age of 37 in Howell County, Missouri.

Not found in the Poindexter book - but she certainly fits in the family. Married Robert Marion Killman about 1845.



Archibald POINDEXTER68,70 was born in 1833.

An Archibald Poindexter was in the 1st Brigade, 8th Division of the Missouri State Guard, form in Dade Co, and he was killed 10 Aug 1861 at the Battle of Wilson Creek. However, the other Archibald Poindexters were also of an approximate age to have served in the Civil War.

Message Boards > Surnames > Poindexter
Subject: Arch Poindexter/Margaret Pennington
Author: cly462
Date: Thursday, November 08, 2007
Classification: queries
Surnames: Poindexter/Pennington/Willoughby


MARGARET was born abt 1836 in TN and was married 1st to ARCH POINDEXTER abt 1858 probably in Dade Co., MO. On 27 Feb 1878 she married ELIJAH WILLOUGHBY in Ozark Co. Mo.

Children of ARCH and MARGARET POINDEXTER were:
1)JAMES ROBERT b: abt 1860 MO. He married Maggie Jeffries
2)LOUISA b: abt 1867 MO. She married Fred Honeycutt
3) SAMUEL b: abt 1873 (I'd like to know more about him)
There may have been other children.

Only known child of MARGARET and ELIJAH WILLOUGHBY was SARAH WILLOUGHBY b: abt 1879

ELIJAH'S children by 1st wife were MARY, WILLIAM & ELIZABETH.

ELIJAH & MARGARET are found in 1910 in Sequoyah Co., OK. They must of died before 1920. It is thought that they may be buried on Payne Hollow, Sequoyah Co. in unmarked graves.

Can anyone add any more details on this family?
Any help, hope or hints would be greatly appreciated,

Cherokee By Blood:
A case found in the Dawes Packets concerned the wife and children of a Poindexter. At first spouses of Indians were enrolled as "adopted" by the Cherokee tribe; after 1906, white spouses were rejected and removed from the rolls.
Case D234 [one of the Doubtful cases], 30 Aug 1900. James R. Poindexter was age 41. He lived in the Tahlequah District, post office Wagoner. He had five unmarried children to add to the rolls. He declared himself Cherokee by adoption. He married in 1886 according to Cherokee law. His father was Arch Poindexter, now dead; his mother was Margaret, still living. His wife was Maggie, age 35; her name was Jeffrey before their marriage. They were married according to Cherokee license, 30 Aug 1885. Her father was John Jeffrey, a Cherokee, deceased. Her mother was white, named Nancy. John Jeffrey had been dead about a year. The children were William 13, Benjamin 11, Paralee 7, Ellen 5, and Lucinda age 3. Maggie Jeffries was found on the Rolls as early as 1880. There is an Affidavit of Sarah A. VanMeeter, a neighbor and midwife, who delivered Maggie of a daughter, Louisa, on the 8th of Oct 1900.
Maggie and all the children are listed on the Cherokee Roll, Card 2293. She is one-fourth Cherokee, the children listed as one-eighth.
On the D234 Card of James R. Poindexter, his mother is listed as Margaret Williby. It is noted he was listed as Robert Poindexter on the Cherokee Roll of 1896.
There is also a transfer from D235 to an enrollment card 9535 for James R. Poindexter. Stamped Granted, May 20, 1902 and Refused, Jan 26, 1907.

There is a census, 1860, Dade Co MO, p.41, Dwelling 270. Arch Poindexter, age 27, born [1833] in KY is living with Margaret, age 26, b. TN and James R., age 2, born in Missouri. Online database suggests Margaret Pennington married Arch Poindexter and then Elijah Willoughby, 27 Feb 1878, Ozark Co, MO. Elijah & Margaret are in the 1910 Census, Sequoyah Co, OK.

In Monroe Co KY, 1850, before most of the Poindexters moved to Missouri, there is an Arch Poindexter, age 16 [b. 1834] living with Samuel & Elizabeth Poindexter Smith and their children and next door to Micajah Poindexter. This Arch has been placed in the family of Archibald Thomas Poindexter, older brother of Micajah who was living across the line in Clay Co, Tennessee. The mother Fannie, was deceased and there is no Arch living with Archibald Thomas - it makes sense he would name a son after himself. I believe this to be an arbitrary placement. However, age-wise he would fit in that household and the following shows that there is really no other place to put him.
Micajah had a son Archibald T. - he was age 13 and in his father's household in 1850.
William Archibald, brother to Micajah and Archibald Thomas, was already living in Dade Co MO in 1850 - his son Arch was 4 years old.
John Thomas, another brother, was married by 1850, but had no son named Arch and John Thomas had not been married long enough to have had a 16-year-old.
Zadock Wright Poindexter, still another brother had a William Archibald, age 6 in 1850, and born in Dade Co MO.
A possible brother, a Josiah, was also already in Missouri by 1850.

James R. Poindexter never offered himself as having any Indian blood, just his wife. He obviously never got the story about Rebecca Flynn Poindexter, or never knew of his relationship to her.

1900 Census. Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. Arch. Spears was enumerator.
Robert Poindexter, b. Dec 1859, age 40, married 14 yr, b. MO, father unk, mother b. KY
Maggie, wife, b. Jan 1865, age 35. Had 7 children, 5 living., b. IT, father b. AL, mother b. AR
Robert is listed as white; Maggie and her father as Cherokee, her mother as white. She is listed as 3/4 white.
William Poindexter, son, b. May 1887, age 13. Benjamin, son, b. Jul 1889, age 10.
Paralee, dau, b. Sep 1892, age 7. Ellen, dau, b. May 1895, age 5.
Lucinda, dau, b. Oct 1897, age 2.
Children all born Indian Territory; listed as 7/8 Indian.

1880 Census. Franklin, Marion Co, AR. Hh 162
Elijah Willoughby, age 50, b. LA
Margaret, age 45, b. AR
Mary, dau, 15, b. MO
William, son, 13, b. MO
Elizabeth, dau, 10, b. MO
Sarah, dau, age 1, b. AR
Robert, stepson, age 20, b. MO
Louisa, stepdau, age 17, b. MO
Samuel, stepson, age 10, b. AR



Elizabeth POINDEXTER68 was born in 1834.

Elizabeth is said to have married George S. Bolton, but I think that's wrong. The Eliza who married George Bolton was the daughter of James Poindexter, son of the unplaced David Poindexter of North Carolina. The 1850 census shows Eliza living with George and their first child in Monroe Co KY.

This Elizabeth is living with her father in 1850 in Overton Co TN, age 16.

I believe the following Elizabeth who married John Capps may be this daughter of Archibald Thomas.

25 May 2005
From: "Robin Poindexter" <>
Old-To: <>
Subject: [POINDEXTER] Elizabeth (Poindexter) CAPPS
A Cumberland County Vital record lists the following birth record for a female:
Sarah A. COPSE (CAPPS) born 25 Dec 1852 to John COPSE (CAPPS) and Elizabeth
[Randolph Smith transcribed this as COPSE; I have the original microfilm, but have not double-checked it yet]
Anyway, regardless of the spelling, I believe this may be the Sarah A. shown below:
1860 Cumberland Co., KY
109-109 CAPPS, John, 35, m, farmer, $100, TN; E. M., 29, f, housework, KY;
Robert M., 9, m, KY; Sarah A., 7, f, KY; John R., 5, m, KY; A. T., 3, m, KY;
L. W., 1, m, KY
1870 Cumberland Co., KY (John may have died in Civil War)
11-11 CAPS, Lizzie, 39, f, w, keeping house, KY; John, 15, m, w, works on
farm, KY; Alfred, 13, m, w, on farm, KY; Levi W., 11, m, w, chip gatherer,

Look at those names! A John R. and a Robert M! I cannot find this mother
or father after 1880; however I did find the son, John R., in Cumberland
Co., KY in 1880 and in Monroe Co., KY in 1900 and 1910.
I believe this might be the same Elizabeth POINDEXTER found in the 1850 census of Overton Co., TN with her father Thomas POINDEXTER:
1850 4th District, Overton Co., TN, Pg. 100 (13 Sept 50)
456-456 POINDEXTER, Thos., 48, M, Farmer, 800, NC; Elizabeth, 16, F, TN;
Mary, 12, F, TN; Josiah, 9, M, TN; Thomas (.?) [Looks like U’r], 6, M, TN

If this is Thomas’s daughter, she would have married between the census date
of 13 Sept 1850 and approximately April 1852. Does anyone have anything
regard POINDEXTER/CAPPS???? Elizabeth M. (Poindexter) CAPPS may have
remarried after her husband’s death (if he died). Does anyone know of any
records in existence for a marriage of an Elizabeth M. “Lizzie” CAPPS???
She was only 39 in 1870.

"Cumberland County KY Vital Records, Births, Marriages & Deaths 1852 - 1907
Death of James CAPS, age 5 of Cumberland County, KY, was born in CC, KY, son
of John and Elizabeth CAPSE, March 25, 1854 of Crowpe.
If this is Elizabeth (Poindexter) CAPPS, there is an error somewhere. This
James was born c 1849. Elizabeth was with her father in 1850.

My thoughts:
1. There was an error in transcribing James Capps age as 5, maybe that should have been a "3".
2. John Capps had been married previously and James was the son of an earlier wife. Either she was also named Elizabeth or they just took the name of his wife in 1854 [Elizabeth Poindexter] as the mother of little James instead of noting she was his stepmother.
3. Wrong Elizabeth Poindexter and more research is required.



Mary Coe POINDEXTER68 was born in 1838. She died in 1884 at the age of 46 in Monroe County, Kentucky.68

Mary Coe married Robert Nevins. He was a brother to Permelia Nevins, the first wife Archibald Thomas, son of Micajah Poindexter.

1860 Census. Dist 4, Overton Co, TN, Sweet Gum Plains P.O., Hh 1640
Robert Nevins, age 24, b. TN. Mary W., age 22.
Fany A., age 2. Thomas, age 7 months.
William Biggs, age 15, farm labor
They were living next door to Mary's father Thomas Poindexter.






Josiah Jefferson "Bud" POINDEXTER68 was born in September 1841. He died in 1924 at the age of 83 in Clay County, Tennessee.

This is probably the Bud Poindexter, slaver, who was mentioned in THE SAGE OF COE RIDGE.

Josiah married Dialpha Ashlock.

1860 Census. Overton Co TN, Sweet Gum Plains P.O., Hh 1642, next to his father
Josiah J. Poindexter, age 19, b. TN Dealph, female, age 25.
Nancy J., one month old
Louisa Ashlock, age 20.

1870 Census. 4th District, Overton Co TN. Martinsburg, KY, P.O. Hh 51, next to his father
Josias J. Poindexter, age 28, b. TN as was his whole family. Diatha, age 33.
Martin V. B., age 9. Fanny E., age 4. Elizabeth T., age 2.

1880 Census. 6th Dist, Clay Co TN, Hh 160
J. J. Poindexter, age 38.
Dialpha, 43, wife.
Robert M., 18, son. Fannie, 13, dau. Eliza, 11, dau. Franklin, 9, son. Thomas J., 7, son.
Louisa Ashlock, age 40, Sister Note: Probably the wife's sister?

1900 Census. 6th Civil Dist, Clay, TN, Hh 82 (other family members on this page!)
Jefferson J. Poindexter, b. Sep 1841, 58, married 38 years, b. TN
Dialpha, wife, b. Mar 1840, 60, 9 children - 4 living, b. KY
Ora Coe, granddaughter, b. Sep 1889, 10.

1910 Census. 3rd Dist, 6th prec. Clay, TN, Hh 288
Josiah J. Poindexter, 69, married once for 50 years
Dealpha A., wife, 72



Thomas Archibald POINDEXTER was born in 1844.

Thomas married Hannah Katherine Greene; their first child was born when he was 15 and Hannah was 13. Or there is something wrong with the dates....

I did find them in the 1860 Census. District 4, Overton Co TN. Sweet Gum Plains P.O., Hh 1627
Thomas Poindexter, age 15. Hannah C. ,age 13. Archer T., male, age 1 month old.
Thomas's father had just married his stepmother Lucinda Lollar who was much younger and none of the children by Fannie Coe were living with them.
On the same page in this census, living with Elizabeth, age 37, b. KY, and her husband Asbury Boon, was Martin Poindexter, age 21, and James Poindexter, age 17 - they were farm laborers. Martin's age is close to that of Thomas's brother Robert M. - was his middle name Martin? The brother Josiah was married and living next door to their father.. James is a mystery.

Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER and Lucinda LOLLAR were married before 1860. Lucinda LOLLAR was born about 1833.

Archibald Thomas POINDEXTER and Lucinda LOLLAR had the following children:



Oliver Hamilton POINDEXTER68 was born in 1862. Oliver never married.



Helen Moses POINDEXTER68 was born about 1865.

Helen married Robert E. Arms. They both died young leaving three small children.



Artemsey Ellen POINDEXTER68 was born on 4 May 1867.68 She died on 20 September 1938 at the age of 71.68 Artemsey married George Hamilton on 17 Dec 1882.



Dorothy Alice POINDEXTER68 was born on 5 March 1870. She died on 19 September 1953 at the age of 83.

Dorothy married Thomas J. Waddell on 17 Oct 1891.



James Wright POINDEXTER68 was born on 3 November 1873. He died on 18 July 1907 at the age of 33. James married Joetta Arms on 15 Dec 1895. They and most of their children are buried in Robert Arms Cemetery in Clay Co TN.