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Fifth Generation

37. Hezekiah FLYNN was born in 1811 in North Carolina.

1840 Census. Bethania District, Stokes Co.
p.142 Hezekiah Flin. 1m 20-30, 2f under age 5, 1f 20-30

Stokes Co Deed Book 17, p.21 Hezekiah mortgaged his livestock to Mastin Wall.

Hezekiah deeded his share in the estate of his father to his brother Burwell.
Stokes DB 16, p.496
15 April 1847 Hezekiah Flinn to Burwell Flinn both of the county of Stokes. For $120, tract of land formerly belonging to Thomas Flinn dec'd. Begin at a black walnut stump on the river bank...Melton's old line...beach on the bank of the Little Yadkin. 250 acres. And also my undivided share in a tract of land conveyed to said Thomas Flyn by F. C. Meining, Book 10, p.289. This tract containing 100 acres, 50 acres of which was conveyed by said Thomas Flyn to James Hunt. Signed: Hezekiah Flinn. Wit: John H. Shamel, Benjamin Pettit.
Dec Term 1847. Proved on oath of Benjamin Pettit

Then they must have all decided to sell one of the tracks to brother-in-law John Shamel.
DB 19, p.26
5 Oct 1847 Hezekiah Flyn, Burrel Flyn, Jane Flyn and Benjamin Pettit and wife Nancy to John Shamel. All of Stokes Co. For $300 paid by John Shamel. Tract on west side of the Little Yadkin. Begin at a walnut stump on the bank of the little Yadkin ....old corner ...branch at a beach, then down the said Yadkin. 129 acres. Signed: Hezekiah Flyn, Burrell Flyn, Jane Flyn, Nancy (x) Pettit. Wit: Armsted Flyn
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions. Sept Term 1857
Anderson Stone proved the hand writing of Armstead Flyn and stated the said witness resides beyond the limits of this state. Ordered recorded.

The 1850 Census shows Hezekiah living in Forsyth Co, Hh 1262
He was shown as Hezekiah Flynn, age 39, b. NC
Caroline, age 33.
Elizabeth P. 13. Mary J. 11. Lucy V. 9. Martha C. 6. James W. 4. Margaret A. age 2.

1860 Census. Richmond District, Forsyth Co NC, P.O. Bethania, Hh 1715
Hezekiah Flynn, age 50, farmer, real estate value $3300; personal prop $7000
Caroline, 44.
Eliza P. 24. Lucy V. 19. Caroline M. 16. James W. 14. Margaret 12. Emma 10. Augusta 8. Thomas 4.
[Thomas A. Poindexter on the same page.]

Stokes DB 21, p.20
25 Nov 1871 Wm. G. Stone and wife Ann to Hezekiah Flynn of Forsyth Co. For the sum of $300 sell a tract of land on the waters of Crooked Run ...A. H. Stones line, down the branch to his corner ...Samuel Hausers line. 126 acres, 17 poles. Signed: W. G. Stone, Ann Stone. Wit: A. H. Stone, G. W. Poindexter.
Ann released dower 30 Dec 1871.

Hezekiah FLYNN and Caroline DAVIS were married circa 1834. Caroline DAVIS was born on 11 April 1817.

Hezekiah FLYNN and Caroline DAVIS had the following children:



Elizabeth Parmelia FLYNN was born on 5 August 1836 in North Carolina.



Mary Jane FLYNN was born on 23 September 1838 in North Carolina.



Lucy Viola FLYNN was born on 21 December 1840 in North Carolina.



Martha Caroline FLYNN was born on 16 June 1843 in North Carolina.



James Wright FLYNN was born circa 1845 in North Carolina.



Margaret Ann FLYNN was born on 14 December 1847 in North Carolina.



Emma FLYNN was born on 20 April 1850 in North Carolina.



Laura Augusta FLYNN was born on 7 September 1853 in North Carolina.



Thomas Hezekiah FLYNN was born on 6 January 1856 in North Carolina.