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Fourth Generation

13. Thomas Wright FLYNN was born between 1780 and 1790 in North Carolina.

Thomas Wright Flynn is not usually placed as a son of Thomas Flynn and Sarah Wright. However, I suspect he belongs here and the Thomas Flynns have been confused.

I did not find a Stokes Co deed to Thomas for the following; perhaps it is the Surry deeds prior to the formation of Stokes Co.
Stokes Co Deed Book 5, p. 281
7 Dec 1808. Thomas Flin of Stokes Co to Thomas Right [Wright] Flin of the same, for £200. tract in Stokes on the Little Yadkin. Begin near Horn's northwest corner,, thence west on Milton's line ...line agreed upon between David Milton Deceased and his son John Milton ...said Milton north line ...bush at the mouth of a branch on the River bank. Containing 250 acres being the South end of a tract granted by the State to David Milton, 10 Dec 1778. ...said 200 acres [250?]. Signed Thomas (x) Flinn
Acknowledged Stokes Co Court Sept Term 1809.

1810 Census. Richmond Dist, Surry Co NC, p.553/120
Thomas Flynn: 1m under 10, 1m 10-16, 2m 16-26, 1m over 45 [born bef 1755 - he should not be quite this old]. 1f under 10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45.
Note: the Richmond District was actually in Stokes Co, not Surry - indexed wrong at Ancestry; perhaps even wrong in original.

Thomas Wright Flynn, some show he is the son of Hezekiah Flynn, therefore a nephew, sold the 250 acres from Thomas Flynn, in two parcels.
Stokes Co DB 5, p.536
26 Apr 1814 Thomas Wright Flynn of Stokes to Jesse Kerby of the same. for 34p 10sh. Tract in Stokes Co on waters of the Little Yadkin. Begins Jesse Horns old northwest corner ...Milton's old line and passing by his corner, said Horns old line. 100 acres, land granted by the State to Sarah Davis, or Jesse Horn assignee of Sarah Davis. Signed: Thos. Wright Flynn. Acknowledged in open court, Sept Term 1814
DB 8, p.337-338
27 Nov 1824 Thomas W. Flynn of Stokes to Thomas Kirby of Stokes for $230. 129 acres in Stokes on west side Little Yadkin River. Old corner formerly made for David Milton, along the old line, branch to the confluence with the Little Yadkin. Including the house & plantation whereon said Thomas Kerby now lives. Signed: Thomas (x) Flynn. Wit: Jacob ?Holenbach, T. Busby, P. T. Kerby. Proved by P. T. Kerby, Sept Term of Court 1825.

This doesn't seem to be the same Thomas - too young, too many young children. Perhaps he had died.
1820 Census. Surry Co, Capt Davis District, Thomas Flinn: 2m under 10, 1m 26-45. 3f under 10, 2f 16-26. [this Thomas could be Hezekiah's son ...the other Flynns in Surry Co in 1820 were all in John G. Poindexter's District.]
Stokes Co. Thomas W. Flynn: 2m under 10, 1m 26-45. 3f under 10, 1f age 26-45.

Most databases attach Thomas Wright Flynn to Hezekiah. I doubt that's correct. I think it much more likely he was Thomas Flynn's son. Particularly since all the evidence points to Thomas's wife being Sarah Wright. There would be no reason for a son of Hezekiah to bear the given name "Wright" since his mother would have been a Lakey. He could have named a son Thomas since Hezekiah's father was apparently Thomas. Laughlin Flynn, most likely a brother of Thomas, also married into the Wright family, but there is no evidence he had a son named Thomas at all; Laughlin did name a son Zadock Wright Flynn. Another brother of Laughlin, Thomas & Hezekiah, was George, and he named a son Thomas, but that son can be traced to Lawrence Co, Indiana, where his family migrated. And why would Thomas Flynn be selling his land to a nephew, instead of a son, when the census of 1800 shows likely had grown sons. It can also be shown that Mary Flynn, widow or abandoned wife of Hezekiah, lived in a different part of Surry Co.

The census continue to show a Thomas Flinn in Surry County, and a Thomas W. Flinn in Bethania District of Stokes Co [the area where Laughlin & the older Thomas had lived prior to the formation of Stokes Co]. In 1840, the Thomas of Surry was age 40-50 [born between 1790 & 1800], and there was a Rebecca Lakey counted on the same census page. This would seem to be a better fit for Hezekiah's son Thomas. The Thomas Flin of Stokes lived in Bethania District along with his son Hezekiah and he was age 50-60, ten years older than he had been in 1830 when he was listed as Thomas W. Flinn.

1830 Census. Stokes Co.
Thomas W. Flynn. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50. 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15, 1f 30-40.

1840 Census. Stokes Co., Bethania District
Thomas Flin 1m 50-60. 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 50-60.

I found a number of Stokes Co deeds that perhaps explain relationships in this family. It would seem that Thomas Wright Flynn had the following living children in 1847. Sons Hezekiah and Burwell and daughters Nancy who married Benjamin Pettit, Delpha who married John Shamel, and Jane [she married in 1849 but was single at the time of the 1847 deed.

DB 10, p.288
7 Dec 1831 Frederic C. Meining to Thomas Flynn both of Stokes Co. For $50. Parcel of land in Stokes on the waters of the Little Yadkin River, it being part of a large survey. Begin at a white oak Flynns south west corner, his line, crossing a branch, to large chesnut tree in the Surry County lin [several of the trees are marked with a "B"], John Kirby's former line. 100 acres. signed: F. C. Meining. Wit: C. Banner, John R. Sanders.Charles Banner made oath in open court 16 Oct 1832.

DB 15, p.243
18 Mar 1845. Benjamin Petitt to John Shamel, Trustee for Thomas W. Flyn, all of Stokes Co. Benjamin Petitt is indebted to Allen Flynt & Isaac Hauser for $300 with interest from 22 Dec 1842. Thomas W. Flynn was bound as security for the said sum. To secure the said Thomas W. Flynn, I, Benjamin Pettitt do deliver unto John Shamel, Trustee, tract of land in Stokes Co, both sides of the Little Yadkin. Begin on south side of Little Yadkin ...steep bank the Little Yadkin then down to the water and down the meanders of the Yadkin to the mouth of a big branch, on John H. Billings line. 225 acres. One other tract, 100 acres. Together with personal property ...cattle, hogs, household & kitchen property. If he fails to make payment by the 6 Feb 1846, then the Trustee shoall proceed to sell both tracts of land and all personal property to the highest bidder. Signed: Benjamin Petitt, John H. Shamel. Wit: Wm. Stone, J. R. Stone
10 Apr 1845. Proved by oath of Wm. Stone. Rec. 10 Apr 1845.

DB 16, p.496
15 April 1847 Hezekiah Flinn to Burwell Flinn both of the county of Stokes. For $120, tract of land formerly belonging to Thomas Flinn dec'd. Begin at a black walnut stump on the river bank...Melton's old line...beach on the bank of the Little Yadkin. 250 acres. And also my undivided share in a tract of land conveyed to said Thomas Flyn by F. C. Meining, Book 10, p.289. This tract containing 100 acres, 50 acres of which was conveyed by said Thomas Flyn to James Hunt. Signed: Hezekiah Flinn. Wit: John H. Shamel, Benjamin Pettit.
Dec Term 1847. Proved on oath of Benjamin Pettit

DB 17, p.12
5 Apr 1847 John Shamel and wife Delpha, Benjamin Pettitt and wife Nancy to Burrel Flyn, all of Stokes Co, NC. For the sum of $240 paid by Burrl Flyn. Sell all our undivided right, title, claim & Interest in a tract of land formerly belonging to Thomas Flyn dec'd. Bounded: begin walnut stump on river bank ....birch on the bank of the Little Yadkin then up the said river. And also our undivided share in a tract conveyed to the said Thomas Flyn by F. C. Meining, Registers Book 10, p.289. 100 acres, of which 50 acres was conveyed by said Thomas Flyn to James Hunt.
Signed: John H. Shamel, Delpha (+) Shamel, Benjamin Pettitt, Nancy (+) Pettitt
Witness: Armstid Flynn, Joseph F. Marler, A. Flynt
To Allen Flynt & William Stone, Esqrs ...Burrel Flinn had produced a deed of conveyeance. Delpha Shamel and Nancy Pettitt are both so infirm that they cannot travel to said court to be privily examined. They did go to the dwelling houses of John H. Shamel & Benjamin Pettitt for the purposes of taking the private examinations. They both do voluntarily apart from their husbands consent. 21 Jun 1847. Signed: Allen Glynt, William Stone.
June Term of Court, 1848. Proved by oath of Allen Flynt

DB 19, p.26
5 Oct 1847 Hezekiah Flyn, Burrel Flyn, Jane Flyn and Benjamin Pettit and wife Nancy to John Shamel. All of Stockes Co. For $300 paid by John Shamel. Tract on west side of the Little Yadkin. Begin at a walnut stump on the bank of the little Yadkin ....old corner ...branch at a beach, then down the said Yadkin. 129 acres. Signed: Hezekiah Flyn, Burrell Flyn, Jane Flyn, Nancy (x) Pettit. Wit: Armsted Flyn
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions. Sept Term 1857
Anderson Stone proved the hand writing of Armstead Flyn and stated the said witness resides beyond the limits of this state. Ordered recorded.

Thomas Wright FLYNN and Jane "Jinny" FORRESTER were married on 3 December 1808 in Surry County, North Carolina. Jane "Jinny" FORRESTER was born in 1790 in North Carolina. She died after 1860 at the age of 70.

Listed in the Richmond District of Stokes Co NC in 1850, Hh 601. Jinny Flynn, age 60, b. NC. Living in the next household was Ally C. Barre, age 28. His wife was Jane, age 28. Also in their household was Louise Dickson, age 24, and John James, age 15, mulatto.

There is a NC marriage bond for Jane Flinn to Allcy C. Barr, 20 Dec 1849, in Stokes Co. Surely Jane is Jinny's daughter. Both Burwell Flynn and Nancy Pettitt, both children of Jinny's are also on the same census page.

In 1860, Jane was living with her son Burwell.
1860 Census. Stokes Co NC; P.O. Danbury, Hh 1076
Burrel Flynn, age 39, farmer
Mary, age 21
Thomas 12, William 10, James 8
Jane Flynn, age 65
John Hawkins, age 22, hireling

Thomas Wright FLYNN and Jane "Jinny" FORRESTER had the following children:



Hezekiah FLYNN.



Nancy FLYNN.



Burwell FLYNN.



Delpha FLYNN.