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Third Generation

12. Gideon WRIGHT7,22 was born in 1771 in North Carolina.23 He died before 5 April 1858 at the age of 87 in Randolph County, Missouri.22

North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Bride: Peggy Pettit [Peggy is usually the nickname for Margaret, not Rebecca???]Groom: Gideon Wright
Bond Date: 29 Apr 1797
County: Stokes
Record #: 03 350
Bondsman: Eofln Flyn [Laughlin]
Witness: C L.
Bond #: 000142686

VOL G 1795-1797
p.44: DB G/228 5 Dec 1798 State of NC to Gideon Wright. 350 acres. #1814. South side Yadkin, below the Yellow Bank Ford adj Thomas Poindexter & Thomas Pettit. Entered 12 May 1779. [Probably entered by Hezekiah, but he died before grant could be issed.]

Surry Co NC Deed Abstracts 1800-1803 Vol. I
Carol Leonard Snow 1995
Bk I, p.497 [ca 1802] George Hauser of Bethany, Stocke Co to Adam Hauser. $1000. 350a south side of Yadkin R beg at two box elders on bank of sd river below the Yellow Bank Ford, Thomas Poindexter's corner Also adj Thom. Pettit. Being a tract granted by the state to Gideon Wright [he & Durlin Wright being heirs of Hezekiah Wright] by grant dated 5 Dec 1798 and by Gideon & Durlin Wright Conf to sd George Hauser.
Wit: John H. Hauser, Britain Clayton, Jacob Hauser.

1810 Census, Madison Co KY: 2m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45 [Gideon]; 1f 26-45 [Rebecca]
Would seem children were omitted from the census. There should have been at least two females under 10 as well.

"The History of Randolph County", written in 1884, states that Gideon Wright and Rebecca, his wife, made a deed without compensation conveying 12 1/2 acres to the county for the purpose of building a courthouse.

WorldConnect database states that about 1828, the family moved to what was then Chariton, but soon to be Randolph Co MO.

1830 Census, Randolph Co MO, p.322:
Gideon with 1m 10-16 [Amos], 2m 16-26 [Thomas & Gideon], 1m 50-60 [Gideon]; 2f 5-10 [Delia, ?], 2f 10-15 [Mary, ?, 1f 50-60.
"Darlin" Wright listed on p.231 as age 20-30, a female age 16-26.
Hezakiah Wright listed on p. 333. 3m under 5, 2m 5-10, 1m 30-40, 1f 20-30

1840 - Randolph Co. Gideon was listed, age 60-70. [So he was born between 1770 and 1780]. He had 1m age 20-30, probably Amos, and 1f age 15-20. Apparently his wife already deceased.

1850 Census, Randolph Co MO, Salt Spring Twp, Household 220
Richard Wright, age 25, b. KY, Susan 20, b. MO, Ambrose - 6 months.
Gideon, age 79, b. NC [b. 1771]

I have seen as many as 14 children listed for the Gideon & Rebecca. One son, Hezekiah, was an adult at the time Gideon moved to Missouri and also patented land there. Hezekiah's marriage took place in Madison Co KY - he married Mary Lee, daughter of Elizabeth Lee. William Lee served as bondsman. The Bond was dated 7 Oct 1820, and return was made 12 Oct 1820. There was said to be a son Thomas and there are two marriages in Madison Ky for a Thomas and a Thomas L. that could be his in 1817.

Also in Madison Co Elizabeth Wright married Jonathan Haines. Gideon Wright was father of the bride and the Bondsman. Bond dated 19 Aug 1822.

Another daughter, Rebecca, born 3 Jan 1810, is said to have married John Biswell, son of Jeremiah Biswell, adding another distant relationship to my family line of Wood [See ggg grandfather William M. Wood whose 2nd wife was Susan Manda Biswell]

Gideon, son Hezekiah, and son Durlin , all received land patents on 1 Jun 1829 in Randolph Co, MO. These tracts were in Sections 25 & 36 of Twn 54, Range 15. All were issued additional patents.

Will written 1 Apr 1858. Probate 5 Apr 1858. [ It's very odd that this will was written on the same day that Gideon died] I Provisions of the will included the following:
Gideon was of Randolph Co , MO. He appointed Caswell Wisdom as administrator. [The name Wisdom, has been abstracted as "Widsom" but the 1860 census in Salt Springs Township of Randolph Co, does show a man named C. Wisdom, age 51 and born in North Carolina, Sheriff.] All of the estate of Gideon was to be divided in twelve parts, each child, or in the case of a deceased child, his heirs, receiving an equal share. The designation son or daughter is not repeated in each of the twelve provisions, but is certainly implied.
The twelve shares went to son Kiah [Hezekiah] Wright, children of deceased son Thomas Wright, a trust for Catherine Smoot and her children, Elizabeth Sims, son Durlin Wright, son Durlin Wright, Rebecca Biswell, children of deceased son David Wright, [8th share missing from transcription] Rebecca Mayo, children of deceased daughter Delia Belsher, children of deceased son Amos Wright, Mary Belsher. Signed and sealed 1 Apr 1858 [This was actually the day Gideon died; I suspect this date to have been copied wrong, unless his family offed him as soon as he had finished writing the will! May be that's why the inquest was ordered. The obit speaks of his exercise on that day - perhaps he had walked to town and back to make out the will.] Witness: James C. Ferguson, Wm. R. Dameron
5 Apr 1858. Will was exhibited in Court, and Caswell Wisdom appointed Executor. The witnesses proved the will. W. R. Samuel, Clerk. $20,000 bond was secured by Caswell Wisdom as principal, and G. B. Dameron, Wm. D. Malone, and R. G. Gilman. Wm. Linsley and James C. Ferguson were appointed as witnesses to be present with C. Wisdom, to examine papers, books, etc. of the deceased.

Huntsville Citizen Newspapers, April 3, 1858:
Mr. Gideon Wright, one of our oldest and respectable citizens, died very suddenly on his premises, in this vicinity, on Thursday evening last (April 1st). Stepping out of his house for a few moments, search was made for him, and he was found but a short distance for it, lying with his face to the ground. He breathed but a few times after being discovered. It was deemed best to hold an inquest over his body. The jury found he came to his death from natural causes - which was probably hastened by the exercise he took that day, and his great age, being in his 88th year. He was one of the pioneers to the State, and a resident of Huntsville for more than thirty years.. He has quite a number of relatives in this vicinity and descendants to the third generations.

Gideon WRIGHT and Rebecca PETTIT were married on 29 April 1797 in Stokes County, North Carolina.14 Rebecca PETTIT died before 1840.

Rebecca's name on the marriage bond was given as "Peggy" usually the traditional nickname for Margaret. Records from Randolph Co MO indicate she was Rebecca. Perhaps the court clerk misunderstood "Becky".

She was apparently deceased prior to the 1840 census.

Gideon WRIGHT and Rebecca PETTIT had the following children:



Hezekiah WRIGHT.



Thomas WRIGHT was born in 1800 in Kentucky.24 He died in 1852 at the age of 52 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

The book found in the Randolph Library says that Thomas married Mary Cochran and died in 1852 in Council Bluffs [state not named] on the way to Oregon.
In 1840, Thomas Wright wasn't in Randolph Co with the others. In 1850, there were the 13 Thomas Wrights in Missouri, all born in Kentucky, anywhere from 1788 to 1841. Of course the oldest and youngest can be eliminated. The ones of the right age in 1850 have no wife named Mary except for a Thomas Wright in Putnam Co. who was age 49, b. KY, wife was Mary, age 41, b. KY - they had two children Hathran [or maybe Nathran/Nathan, age 3, and Mary age 1. He also had living next door to him an Amos Wright age 21 whose wife was "Manrva", age 21 - Amos was plenty young enough to be a son of this Thomas and that was also a brother's name if this is the right guy.

According to one tree on Ancestry--w/o sources--this Amos who married Minerva is Thomas and Mary Cochran Wright's son. It lists three children: Amos, who married Minerva Downs; Catherine who married Henry Custer in Shelby Iowa; and Mary Wright who married Francis Waterbury, doesn't say where. According to this tree Mary Cochran Wright died in 1865 in Pottowattomie county Iowa.

1860, Knox Twp, Pottawattamie Co, Iowa, Hh 872
Amos Wright, age 31, farmer, b. MO. Minerva, age 29, b. MO
children all born in Iowa: Gideon age 10, Sarah 7, Melissa 5, Amanda 4, Nicholas 2, and an unnamed male baby age 2 months
Polly Henderson, age 50, b. KY [age and birthplace and the nickname for Mary as Polly, plus the next two children - I think this is Amos' mother remarried after the death of Thomas]
Nathaniel, age 15, b. MO
Mary, age 12, b. MO.
[There were ditto marks for the surname for Nathaniel & Mary, but they do seem to be the children that were with Thomas & Mary in Putnam Co, MO in 1850.]

So it looks like Thomas Wright did indeed die in Council Bluffs, and it was Iowa.



Catherine WRIGHT22 was born circa 1805 in Kentucky.

Said to have married Smoot. There was an Armistead Smoot in Randolph Co in 1830, but he and his spouse seemed a little bit too old. In 1840, Armistead was living in Macon Co. In 1850 he was still in Macon Co with wife Caty, both born in KY. He was born about 1807, she was born about 1805 - children still at home and all born in MO were Nancy 15, John 14, Martha age 12.

There were also four apparent step-children with the last name Skinner, Robert age 13, Martha A. age 12, Sarah 9, and John 6, so Caty was not Armistead's first wife. A descendant of this family found a book in the library at Moberly, Randolph Co MO Women and Their Families in Early Randolph County, MO, undated and anonymous. The book does list Catherine as having married John T. Skinner. Catherine is listed in her father's will as Catherine Smoot. It would seem likely that both Catherine and Armistead Smoot married after losing their first spouses.

1850 District 52, Macon Co MO Hh
Armstead Smoot, age 43, b. KY. Caty, age 45, b. KY
All children born in MO: Nancy 15, John 14, Martha 12, - all Smoots
Skinner children: Robert age 13, Martha A. 12, Sarah 9, John 6.

There may have been a problem with the marriage. Catherine's father set up her share of his estate as a trust - he did not do so for any of his other daughters. This would be a way to keep her husband from having any part of her inheritance. I did not find Catherine with Smoot in 1860 and in 1870 and 1880 she seems to have reverted to the name Skinner.

1860, Liberty Twp, Macon Co MO Hh 67
A. Smoot, age 53, Constable, b. KY
next door to
Wm Adams, age 25, Martha, age 22, John H. age 2, and Geo. W. age 6 months
J. D. Smoot, age 24

1870 Census. Liberty Twp, Macon Co MO Hh 188
Sidney Skinner, 40. Nancy age 35. All the Skinners born in MO
Susan 11, John E. 9, William 7, Sidney 5, _____4, and Kate age 2
Armstead Smoot, age 62, b. KY, farmer
and in Libery Twp, Hh 211
Robert Skinner, age 32, b. MO
Katie, age 65, b. KY
John 26. Martha A. age 31.

Gideon Skinner (son of Catherine and John) married Sarah Elizabeth Smoot (daughter of Armstead Smoot and his first wife Elizabeth Smith) (!), so that might help explain why the split between Catherine and Armstead seemed to divide the Skinner children as well.

1880 Census. Liberty Twp, Macon Co MO Hh 191
Katy Skinner, age 75, b. KY; parents born in NC
Robert, age 40, son, b. MO, father b. KY, mother b. IN [parents probably born opposite places]
next door is
Sidney Skinner, age 48. Lucy H., 48, wife
Susan F., 21, dau. William A., 17, son. Sidney, 15, son. Sterling, 14, son. Kate, 11, dau. Samyul [Samuel] age 10, son. Frank, age 8, son.



Elizabeth WRIGHT.



John WRIGHT (private).



Durling WRIGHT.



Rebecca WRIGHT.



Gideon WRIGHT25,26 was born about 1810 in Kentucky.22

There are possibly three Gideon Wrights of this family in Howard & Randolph Counties, MO at about the same time and quite close to the same age. Further research into the county records might separate these. I believe living in Howard Co with his mother Elizabeth, is a Gideon, son of Durlin Wright, that was mentally handicapped and remained with his mother at least until the 1860 census. He was born about 1812-1813.

Gideon Wright, born 1771, and his wife Rebecca Pettit are believed to have a son Gideon who would be a first cousin of the unfortunate Gideon in Howard Co. Gideon & Rebecca's children were born from approximately 1798 to 1825 and most of them lived in Randolph Co MO.

Grandsons of Gideon living in Salt Springs, Randolph Co in 1850 were Gideon, born 1833, son of Durlin & Nancy Wright and Gideon, born 1843, son of Amos Wright.

Is this Gideon, son of Gideon & Rebecca? I find no other census record that could apply. But then this could also be the mentally handicapped Gideon - his mother had died and he had been brought to Randolph Co to be cared for.
1870 Census, Jackson Twp Randolph Co MO.
Gideon Wright, age 60, born in Kentucky [1810]. "Retired" Living with the family of Benj. C. ?Brown/Bowen/Boone.

Then there is a third Gideon some younger than the two above born about 1822-23. There should be a Gideon, son of Hezekiah & Delilah, and a grandson of Gideon & Rebecca. I haven't located him unless he is this Gideon:

Marriage in Howard Co MO: Giddeon Wright to Celia Ann Titus on 2 Sep 1841, Marriage Book 2, p.181

1850, Howard Co MO
Gideon Wright age 28, b. KY. Celia A. age 27, b. MO Children born in MO
H. Wright [male] age 6. Mary E. age 3. Wm D. age 1.
David Wright, age 23 - possibly his brother.

Found in Linn Co MO in 1860. Gideon Wright age 37, born in KY [1823]. Celia A. age 36, b. MO. All the children born in MO: Hezakiah age 15, Mary E. age 13, William D. age 10, John H. age 8, Delila A. age 8, Rebecca J. and 6, James E age 4 and Susan C. age 1.

However, since this Gideon married and lived in Howard Co, he could also be a descendant of the Townsend Wright who came early to Howard Do. Townsend had previsouly lived in Madison Co KY as had Durlin Wright.

To further confuse the Gideon Wrights. In 1850 in Athens, Gentry Co MO, I found still a fourth Gideon. He was also born in Kentucky in 1812. His children were Peter, Louisa, Martha & Margaret - not the usual names found in this Wright family. A census index indicates this man was still in Gentry Co in 1860. His wife was Nancy. The book Women and Their Families in Early Randolph Co, MO, states that the wife of Gideon was Mary [Nancy] Culp.
1850, Athens Twp, Gentry Co, MO, Hh 324
Gideon Wright, age 38, b. KY. Nancy, age 32, b. KY
Children born in MO: Peter H., age 14, Louisa E age 11, Martha R. age 5, Margaret D. age 10 months
Joseph Davidson, age 30, b. VA. Permesa, age 20, b. MO, and Lilburn J. [male] age 1

1860, Gentry Co MO Hh 628
Gedeon Wright, age 48, b. KY. Nancy, 43, b. KY
Children b. MO: Martha 15, Ellen 11 [looks like Margaret D. might have been Margaret E., or her name changed], Georgann 7, Mary 4. Peter Wright, age 24, was boarding with a family, doing farm work.

Also in Gentry Co was a Thomas Wright. Age 51, but born in Virginia. Gideon's brother Thomas believed already deceased.



David WRIGHT died before April 1858.

Will of his father Gideon, 1 Apr 1858, left 1/12 of his estate to the children of deceased son David Wright.

1840 Census, Randolph Co MO, p.28 [same page as father Gideon]
David Wright, 1m under 5, 1m age 20-30; 2f under 5, 1f age 20-30.

I believe this is more likely Durlin Wright, but David cannot be ruled out:
Salt Springs Twp, Randolph Co MO, Hh 380
D. Wright, age 40, laborer, b. KY
Nancy, age 39, b. IN
Born in MO: Gideon, age 17. Derling, age 14.



Mary "Polly" WRIGHT.






Susanna WRIGHT died circa 1843 in Randolph County, Missouri.

The book Women & Their Families in Early Randolph Co stated that a daughter Susannah married Ormond Carolyle. No such daughter was in the will of Gideon Wright, but there were two Rebeccas named. One was Rebecca Biswell, well accounted for from other records, the other has been a bit of a mystery, but I believe the second Rebecca, Rebecca Mayo was a granddaughter, the only heir of daughter Susannah.

Ormond D. Carlisle in Randolph Co, 1840 - 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1f under 5, and 1f 20-30.
Then in 1850, O. D. Carlisle, living in Salt Springs Twp, was age 34, a Saddler. His wife was then Margaret age 30, b. TN. Children are REBECCA, age 10 [I believe the child under 5 in 1840 and Susannah's only child]. Then there's a gap in ages of the children - John T. 6, James B. 3, Ella 2, Robt. 3 months, and Jane Patton age 21 [obviously Margaret's sister because there is a marriage record for Ormond Carlile to Margaret Patton, 1843].

In 1860: Salt Springs Twp, Randolph Co, HH 745
William Mayo, age 34. Rebecca, age 20.
Cornelia E., age 8, probably not Rebecca's child
Martha S., age 3 [looks like they married about 1856 - before Gideon died]
Charles A., age 5 months



Meriam WRIGHT (private).



Delia "Dilly" WRIGHT27 was born in 1825 in Kentucky. She died before April 1858 at the age of 33.

1850, Randolph Co MO Census.
J. Belsher age 35, b. Kentucky. Dilly age 25, b. KY.
John R. 9, Rebecca 6, James 3 and Elizabeth age 12, all born in MO.
Did Dilly fudge a bit on her age or should the 12 after Elizabeth's name been a number of months. Elizabeth is listed last. It's also possible Elizabeth is a child of Belsher's by an earlier marriage.

Delia was listed as a deceased daughter in the will of her father. Living next to her sister Mary & husband "R" Belsher in 1860 is:
James Belsher, age 44, b. KY. Children all born in MO.
John R. age 20, "C" a female age 16, "J" a male age 12 and "E" age 8.

Back in 1840, Randolph County, p.276
Robert Belshe, 1m under 1, 1m 20-30, 1m 30-40, 1m 40-50, 2f under 5, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30 [probably Delia]