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Third Generation

11. Durlin WRIGHT7,21 died before 1830 in Howard County, Missouri. He was born in North Carolina.

Durlin said to have married Elizabeth Engart/Enyart on 3 Jun 1795 in North Carolina. He married her in Madison Co KY. Their names were mispelled:
Durlin Right married Elizabeth Ingard. Bond dated 18 Jun 1795. Bondsman: Richard Winscott. Return also dated 18 Jun 1795.

Elizabeth's maiden name occurs a number of times in the Madison Co KY records, as well as in the censuses in Howard Co MO. It is a problem for those abstracting the records and is spelled, Enyart, Engard, Engart, Ingart.

There are other marriages of Wrights in Madison Co.
Hezekiah married Mary Lee on 7 Oct 1820; probably the son of Gideon, Durlin's brother
Thomas married Keturah Wells on 17 Jul 1817. William Wells was bondsman. Henry Wells was father of the bride. Probably Thomas was another son of Gideon.
Thomas L. married Polly Million on 2 Feb 1818. William Wright was bondsman.
William married Nancy Burros [Burroughs] on 17 Jan 1814. William Million was bondsman. Samuel Burroughs was father of the bride & gave consent.
I believe these last two may be sons of Durlin. They were very likely close kin - notice that William Wright was bondsman for Thomas L.
Here are the records of the Wright brides in early Madison Co. Information from Howard Co MO indicates a Townsend Wright may also have lived in Madison Co KY. A John Wright is also found in the marriage records as a father of grown children, so the following are necessarily daughters of either Durlin or Gideon:
Anny Right married George Abbot. Bond date 2 Jul 1798 and Bondsman, William Reed. Consent by Katey Wood, her mother. Returned by minister 3 Jul 1798 Her father obviously deceased so likely not a daughter of any of the known Wright gentlemen in Madison Co at that time.
Mary Right married Alexander Searcy. Bond date 19 Jan 1819. Bondsman and father of the bride was John Right. He gave consent. Returned on 21 Jan 1819. [Obviously cannot be a daughter of Durlin, Gideon or Townsend.]
Anny Wright married James Sappington. Bond date 21 Feb 1789. Bondsman James White. Return 24 Feb 1789.
Betsy Wright married William Bridges. Bond date 22 Aug 1791. Charles Kavanaugh, Bondsman. Returned 1 Sep 1791.
Elizabeth Wright married John Cooper. Bond date 2 Dec 1809. John Wright, Bondsman and father of the bride and gave consent. Returned 5 Dec 1809.
Elizabeth Wright married Jonathan Haines. Bond date 19 Aug 1822. Gideon Wright, Bondsman and father of the bride who gave his consent.
Polly Wright married John Huntsman. Bond date 4 Feb 1805. Bondsman John McWilliams. Father of the bride who gave consent: James McWilliams. Return 5 Feb 1805
Rebecca Wright married James Cain. Bond date 23 Jan 1798. Bondsman Durlin Wright. Parent of the bride: Catren [sic] Wright. These records are often difficult to read. I wonder if this could have been Gideon? Obviously the abstractor couldn't tell if the person giving consent was the mother or the father.
An online listing of their children includes Catherine, Rachel, Sampson, Jane, Martha "Patsy", Durlin, Rhoda, Isabella, Elizabeth, and Gideon.

Howard Co MO Marriage Book 1
p.112: Sampson Wright to Elizabeth Mullins 25 Oct 1821
p.95: Jane Wright to John Cully, 4 Mar 1821
p.125: Isabella Wright to Nathan Hunt, 20 Mar 1823

1810 Madison Co KY Census; p.238
Durlin Wright, 1m -10, 2m 10-16, 2m 16-26, 1m 26-45 [Durlin]; 2f -10, 3f 10-26, 1f 26-45 [Elizabeth]
The Durlin Wright found in Randolph Co MO by 1828, is not this Durlin, but instead his nephew, son of Gideon. The 1830 Census indicates a much younger man in Randolph Co.

A US Land Patent for 80 acres was issued to "Darling Wright" on 20 Oct 1824. The land was in Howard Co, the East half of the NE Quarter of Section 29, Township 52 North, and Range 16 West.

Found on Howard Co MO USGenWeb.
A Complete list of All Lands Subject to Taxation for Howard Co Including New Madrid Grants & Spanish Grants, 1 Jan 1831
Wright, Durlin
Wright, Townsen I also found a bio online for Townsend Wright Jr, whose father Townsend had been one of the earliest settlers of Howard Co. The senior Townsend Wright was a native of Virginia but had moved to Madison Co KY and then in 1817 to Howard Co where he lived until his death in 1862. Durlin had moved to Madison Co KY from North Carolina, but no family connection is known.
I believe that Durlin & Elizabeth moved to Howard Co MO perhaps around 1820. In 1830, along with Enyart families, I find Elizabeth, age 50-60. 1 male age 20-30, 1f age 5-10 and 1f age 20-30. Possibly a married child living with her.

In 1840, Howard Co MO, Elizabeth is listed as age 60-70. One male age 20-30 is living with her.

1850 Census, Howard Co, MO, Household 4
E. Wright, age 78. Born NC. If this is Elizabeth, widow of Durlin, her maiden name was said to be Enyart. There are Enyarts living in this neighborhood.
Household 5
G. Wright age 41, b. KY and Jane Wright age 38, b. Ill. G. is probably a Gideon Wright and probably Elizabeth's son. A few houses away is found another Gideon Wright, possibly the son of Hezekiah & Delilah Wright. [Hezekiah was a son of brother Gideon]

1860 Census, Howard Co MO.
Gideon Wright, age 48 [b. 1812] b. KY marked "idiotic"
Living with Elizabeth Wright, age 86, b. KY [1774]
Would appear that Gideon has remained in his mother's care.. Little is known about the descendants of Durlin. There are numerous Wright families in Howard Co MO - some would be descendants of Townsend Wright who was also in Howard Co. An index of wills in Howard Co reveals Guardian's bonds for one Gideon Wright to include one that mentions Gideon Wright, insane. From Book 5, 1857-1864. This would suggest perhaps Gideon was mentally handicapped.

Obviously there were a number of children born to Durlin and Elizabeth. Discovery of those children is compounded by the Townsend Wright family, also a large family, that was contemporary.

Durlin WRIGHT and Elizabeth ENYART were married on 18 June 1795 in Madison County, Kentucky. Elizabeth ENYART was born in 1772 in North Carolina. She died after 1850 at the age of 78 in Howard County, Missouri.

An Abraham Enyart, born in Somerset NJ is believed to be Elizabeth's father. She was probably born in Rowan Co NC. Her brothers David & Silas as well as most of her sisters and their husbands all lived in Madison Co KY and moved on to Howard Co MO together. They were the earliest settlers in Prairie Twp, Howard Co.

The first persons to locate in Prairie township were SILAS ENYART, WILLIAM HARVEY, MURPHY BESS and JOHN TITUS. These came in the year 1817.
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