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Third Generation

64. ROBERT THOMAS WISHARD112,151,152,153,154,155 was born on 12 November 1829 in Shelby County, Indiana.156,157 He served in the military in 1861–1864 at Company A, 3rd Iowa Cavalry in Civil War.157 He died on 7 April 1907 at the age of 77 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.156 ROBERT was a Farmer. He was buried in OakRidge Cemetery, Fannin, Texas.

Have seen one place in his Pension file that Robert was born Miami County, Ohio instead of Indiana. This may have meant to be Lavinia instead, since all other indications are that Robert was born in Indiana.

In 1850, Robert was living with his brother William in Bloomfield Twp, Davis Co IA. He must have gone back to Indiana to marry.

Robert and Lavinia were married by Rev. Alfred Phelps, Minister of the Gospel.
From Laura Wishard Milton's notes about the marriage:
Witnesses: Mickle Carney (probably Michael Carney, her father)
Henrietta Mills
Names on the record: Sarah Thomas
Abram Wishard (father of Robert Thomas)

Land Patents, Davis Co, Iowa.
2 Dec 1850; Certificate 18377. NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4, Section 32, T69N, R14W, Issued at Fairfield, Iowa, 40 acres
2 Dec 1850; Certificate 18378. NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4, Section 31, T69N, R14W, 40 acres.

1860 Census. Davis Co Iowa, Bloomfield Twp., Hh 272
Robert Wishard, age 30, Farmer, Real Estate $1200, Pers Prop $1000, b. IN
Levina, 29, b. Ohio
Martha B., 5, and John F. 3, both born in Indiana.
Edwin, age 8 months, born Iowa.

Robert T. moved his family from Indiana to Iowa between the births of John F. in 1856 and Edwin in 1859 according to their birth places in the 1860 Census. They lived in Bloomfield, Davis County, IA during the Civil War; from 1865 to 1870 they lived in Appanoose County IA; moved to Texas sometime after 1873 when Arthur was born.
3rd Iowa Cavalry Roster
Company A
Wishard, Robert T. (Veteran.) Age 32. Residence Davis County, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 31, 1861, as Sixth Corporal. Mustered Sept. 7, 1861. Promoted Fifth Sergeant Sept. 20, 1861; Fourth Sergeant Nov. 18, 1861; Company Quartermaster Sergeant June 30, 1862; First Sergeant Feb. 25, 1863. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Jan. 1, 1864. Promoted First Lieutenant March 1, 1864. Resigned Sept. 23, 1864.

Robert T. served as Corporal and 2nd Lt. in Company A, 3rd Cavalry, Iowa Volunteers in the Union Army, Civil War. He entered service August 30, 1861 and resigned and was honorably discharged Sept 23, 1864 from the Army of the Tennessee at Memphis. His unit fought at the Battle of Pea Ridge, AR; probably fought against Kay Haden's ancestors Tom Comstock and Joe C. Wood. He applied for his Civil War Pension after he was kicked by a horse suffering a double hernia as a result and no longer able to work or farm. His application was approved in the amount of $12 per month commencing 5 Aug 1890. Pension was increased to $20 per month effective a month before his death in 1907.

1870 Census, Bloomfield Town, Davis Co Iowa.
Robert T. Wishard age 37, rents farm, b. Indiana. Levina age 36, b. Ohio.
John F. age 12 & Martha B. D. age 14, both born in Indiana
Edwin 10, Henrietta & Emmazetta, age 7 [twins], and Benjamin age 1. All born Iowa.

The family was in the 1880 Census in Fannin Co, TX

Robert & Lavinia are found in the 1900 Census with Emma living at home with them. Lavinia states 9 children born, 7 living. John Fremont was deceased as were the twin baby boys back in Iowa.
Fannin Co, TX, Justice Precinct 4, ED 71, Hh 205
Robert T. Wishard, b. Nov 1830, age 69, married 47 years, b. IN, parents b. KY
Lavinia, wife, b. Nov 1831, age 68, 9 children - 7 are living, b. Ohio
Omma (Emma), dau, b. Dec 1861, age 38, b. Iowa

Both are buried OakRidge Cemetery in Fannin County.

ROBERT THOMAS WISHARD and LAVINIA CARNEY were married on 16 October 1853 in Shelby County, Indiana.157,158,159 LAVINIA CARNEY, daughter of MICHAEL CARNEY and Eleanor MILLS, was born on 17 November 1830 in Ohio.9,153,156,160 She died on 20 September 1904 at the age of 73 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.156 She was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Fannin County, Texas.

In 1920, Etta listed her mother as born in Illinois! Or whoever talked to the census enumerator gave wrong information. That year Benjamin said she was born in Indiana. Belle, Emma, & Edwin all gave her place of birth as Ohio. Earlier censuses also say Ohio. 1880 gives father born in Indiana, mother born in Ohio.

In Robert T. Wishard's application for his Civil War Pension, Lavinia's name is spelled Kearney. Audrey White Haden, a granddaughter also spelled the name as Kearney. Laura Milton Wishard had listed two of the witnesses of their marriage as Mickle Carney (probably Michael) and Henrietta Mills. Seems a little strange that Henrietta would have written her maiden name, yet I believe she did. This family is being very elusive. Lavinia was born in Ohio, possibly Miami County from the Pension record, but more likely Butler County.

Butler Co OH records contain the marriage of Michael Carney to Henrietta Mills on the 7th day of March 1831. They were married by the Rev. Jacob Kemp. This date seems to be some 4 months after the birth of Lavinia. A Carney family researcher stated to me that Michael Carney was first married to Elizabeth Mills, an older sister of Henrietta. If this is true, than it is possible that Elizabeth was Lavinia's mother, not Henrietta, and Elizabeth died at the birth of Lavinia or soon thereafter, necessitating that Michael find a new wife to help care for an infant and his other small children. Butler Co personnel did not find the marriage record of Michael to Elizabeth. They did find in Marriage Book 1, p.99: 1818, July 3rd. Married on the 19th day of March 1818 by the Reverend Thomas Winters, Michael Karney to Eleanor Mills.

A Carney researcher I contacted [a descendant of Simeon] did not have much documentation for this family, but gave the following information. I have not yet confirmed any of this other than the marriages of Michael. Michael Carney was born 1785 in Maryland and died in Mar of 1871. He married first about 1805 to an unnamed wife and had a son Eli. He married 2nd on 19 Mar 1818 in Butler Co OH to Elizabeth Mills and had a daughter Elizabeth, born at 1820, a son Simeon born 1 Sep 1828, and Lavinia in 1830. [There were possibly other children given the eight year age gap between Elizabeth and Simeon.] Then Michael married Henrietta Mills and had a son John born abt 1832, daughters Mary Ann and Rachel and then twin daughters Malissa and Minerva born in 1844. The twins may have died as infants (they are in the 1850 census - see notes for Michael)

Here is more about Michael Carney:

Michael Karney to Eleanor Mills, 19 Mar 1818 - married by the Rev. Thomas Winters. Son Simeon, b. 1828, and possibly Lavinia, b. 1830, were born to Eleanor. Likely there were other children born before Simeon.

only a single Carney found in Madison, Butler Co OH in 1830
John Carney: 2m under 5, 1m 30-40. 2f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30.
There were several Mills families in Madison.

Michael Carney & Henrietta Mills were married, 7 Mar 1831, by the Reverend Jacob Kemp. [According to a Carney researcher, Michael was first married to Elizabeth Mills - Elizabeth would have been Lavinia's mother unless there is an error in dates. Possibly Elizabeth died in childbirth, leaving Michael with a tiny baby to raise, in which case he would have remarried as soon as possible. Marriage records from Butler Co OH indicate that Michael was first married to Eleanor Mills.]
Children I believe born to Michael & Henrietta: John - 1832, Rachel - 1835, Julia - 1840, twins Minerva and Melissa - 1844.

1840 Census. Madison Twp, Butler Co Ohio.
No Michael Carney/Kearney found, but I suspect this is he:
Michael Kenny: 1m 5-10, 2m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50 [Michael]
2f -5, 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15 [Lavinia could have been one of these], 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40 [Henrietta]

1850 Census. Madison, Butler Co Ohio, Hh 312
Michael Kearney, age 53, b. Maryland.
Henrietta, age 44, b. Ohio
Children all born in Ohio: Lavina, age 20. John age 18. Rachel age 15. Julia A. age 10. Minerva and Malisa, age 6.
Jacob Stimp, laborer, age 38, b. Ohio, was also counted with the family.

1860 Census. Flatrock, Bartholemew Co, Indiana. Family 406
Michael Carney, age 65, b. Maryland. Henrietta, age 56, b. Ohio.
Minerva, age 16, b. Ohio.
James Campbell, age 3, b. Indiana.
Family 404 is that of Simeon Carney, age 31, b. Ohio. Sarah, 27, b. IN
Children born in Indiana: James W. 6, Charlotte A. 3, Amy J. age 5/12
Washington Twp, Shelby Co IN, Family 907 is
Edmond A. Lewis, age 24, b. IN. Julia A. age 21, b. Ohio
John, 8 months, b. IN.
They had a Chambers family living with them - a lady and several children.
Harrison St. John, age 24, medical student, also lived with them.

I found Francis M. St. John in Curry Twp, Sullivan Co IN, in 1860. No spouse listed with him. He was age 25, b. Indiana. He had a child Frances, age 7, a girl, and Mathew, age 8 months.

1870 Census. Flatrock, Bartholemew Co, IN, Hh 11
Simeon Carney, age 42, b. Ohio. Sarah, age 38, b. Indiana.
James W. 17, Charlotte 13, Ame E. 10, Francis F. (male) age 5.
Barbara Dickman, domestic servant, age 21, b. PA
Jonathan Cole, farm labor, age 28, b. Ohio
Michael Carney, age 75, b. Maryland.

Some Carney Marriages in Shelby Co IN:
Nancy Carney to William B. Cremens 26 Sep 1839
Joshua Carney to Matilda Nigh 23 Sep 1847
Thomas Carney to Phebe Eliz. Baxter 25 Dec 1852
Simeon Carney to Sarah Collett 6 Jan 1853 [Alfred Phelps, same minister that married Lavinia & Robert T. Wishard]
Eleanor Carney to Jacob Moore 25 Sep 1853
Oliver Carney to Juliet Martha St. John 9 Oct 1853 [Alfred Phelps]
Amanda J. Carney to David Ulrey 1 Dec 1855
John Carney to Susanna Fix 13 Jan 1856
Rachel Carney to Francis M. St. John 20 Jan 1856
Julia Ann Carney to Edmond A. Lewis 20 Jan 1856

ROBERT THOMAS WISHARD and LAVINIA CARNEY had the following children:



Martha Belle Zora WISHARD.



John Freemont WISHARD was born on 19 October 1856 in Indiana.9,153,161 He died on 21 March 1892 at the age of 35 in Ladonia, Fannin County, Texas.156

John was a Bookkeeper & Cabinet maker according to census records; never married.
Buried Oak Ridge Cemetery, Ladonia, Texas



Edwin Thomas WISHARD.



Emmazetta "Emma" WISHARD was born on 7 December 1861 in Iowa.9,152,153 She died on 10 December 1943 at the age of 82 in Paris, Lamar County, Texas.9

Emma never married. She was Henrietta Wishard White's twin.

Texas Death Certificate 56749.
EmmaZetta died in that Sanitarium, Paris, Lamar, TX. She was born 7 Dec 1861 Iowa,, and was 82 years and 8 days when she died on Dec 10, 1943. She died of strangulated femoral hernia, left side, after a fractured hip. C. E. Lard of Ladonia was the informant. Her father was Robert Wishard; her mother Lavina Carney, both said born in Iowa [neither was]. She was removed to Ladonia for burial.
Buried Oak Ridge Cemetery, Ladonia, Texas.






James WISHARD was born on 19 June 1865 in Iowa.9 He died on 19 June 1865 at the age of 0 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa.9



Samuel WISHARD was born on 19 June 1865 in Iowa.9 He died on 19 June 1865 at the age of 0 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa.9



Benjamin Franklin WISHARD.



Arthur Abram WISHARD.