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Second Generation

14. James Lytle WISHARD8,21,57,58,59,60 was born on 4 December 1794 in Fleming County, Kentucky.13,53,61 He served in the military in 1812 at Mounted Volunterers, KY Militia in War of 1812. He died on 19 February 1884 at the age of 89 in Vermillion County, Indiana.18 James was buried in Higbee Cemetery, Summit Grove, Vermillion County, Indiana.

Date of birth in "Susannah and William and Nancy and John" is Dec. 17, 1794.

James applied for his pension and bounty land for service in the War of 1812, SO 10378, SC 13272. He served under Capt. Warfield, as a private for 3 months in the Mounted Volunteer Infantry of KY. His first application for bounty land is dated 2 Nov 1850, at which time he stated his age to be 58 years. He did receive 40 acres. On 20 Arp 1855, now age 60, and a resident of Vermillion Co IN, he applied again for bounty land. He had served under Benjamin Warfield, commanded by Richard M. Johnson of KY and had been discharged at Washington in Mason Co. He has received 40 acres which he deposed of, but is entitled to more. 16 Jan 1856, he received a warrant for another 120 acres. On 13 Apr 1871, now age 76, James applied for his pension. He had married Sabrina Haskill, 6 Jun 1851 and served a full period of 60 days in the War of 1812 in a Division from Fleming Co KY. He enlisted 30 Aug 1813 and was discharged Nov of 1813. He lived in Helt Township, Vermillion Co, IN. He received another 120 acres of bounty land, 24 Nov 1871, and was awarded $8 per month pension, 23 Feb 1872.

Moved to the "Wabash Country" of Vermillion County, IN in 1830
Land Patents to James in Vermillion Co IN dated 4 Jan 1831 and 7 Oct 1835.
Listed as Pensioner of War of 1812 in 1883, Vermillion Co IN: Certificate #13,272 See: Wishard/IN/122

James' first wife, died in 1847. There are two licenses issued in Vermillion Co, IN in 1849. The first of these, 26 Mar 1849, James L. Wishard and Mary Vanlandingham. The ceremony part was never filled in and presumably this marriage never took place. Then a second license was issued on 6 Jun 1894 to James L. Wishard and Sabrana Haskill. They were married on the same day by R. D. Robinson, Minister of the Gospel.

1850 Census, Vermillion Co IN, Holt
James Wishard age 55, born KY. Sebrana age 42, born New Hampshire.
Samuel age 15, born IN. Louis Beckman age 9, b. IN, Oliver C. Haskell age 14, b. VT and Hannah Haskell age 5, b. IN.

1860 Census, Vermillion Co, Holt
James L. Wishard, age 65, Farm, b. KY
Sabrina age 53, b. NH
Lewis Beckman, 18, b. IN
Hannah M. Haskall age 15, b. IN
Mary A. Wishard 9, b. IN

Son James H. Wishard, age 30, lived next door. Wife Elizabeth age 31, b. VA. James E. age 3 and Martha A. age 3 months.

1870 Census, Vermillion Co. Holt Twp. Hh 285
James L. Wishard, age 75. Farmer, b. KY Father & mother of foreign birth
Sabrena, age 62. b. New Hampshire. [This is strange - her name had been erased, the name underneath appears to have been Elizabeth - date given for James' 3rd marriage to Sarah is December of 1869]
John H. Calvert, age 18, born in England is living with them and working as a farm hand.
Son James lives in the next household.

1880. James was apparently living with his son William; he gave his age as 88. b. KY. Parents born in Ireland.

Buried Higbee Cemetery, Vermillion County, Indiana

James Lytle WISHARD and Mary "Polly" GLENN were married on 12 March 1818 in Fleming County, Kentucky.13,18 Mary "Polly" GLENN, daughter of Archibald GLENN and Sarah FERGUSON, was born on 27 December 1797 in Pleasant Valley, Nicholas County, Kentucky.18 She died on 23 May 1847 at the age of 49 in Vermillion County, Indiana.18

Buried Higbee Cemetery, Vermillion County, Indiana

James Lytle WISHARD and Mary "Polly" GLENN had the following children:



William Walter WISHARD.



Sarah Isabel WISHARD.



Archibald Glenn WISHARD.



Susannah Lytle WISHARD.






Margaret B. WISHARD.



Samuel M. WISHARD was born on 10 December 1834 in Vermillion County, Indiana.13 He died on 24 October 1855 at the age of 20.62



John WISHARD57 was born on 22 March 1837 in Summit Grove, Vermillion County, Indiana.13 He died on 4 September 1838 at the age of 1 in Summit Grove, Vermillion County, Indiana. He was buried in Higbee Cemetery, Summit Grove, Vermillion County, Indiana.63

John may have died young. He would have been age 13 in 1850 but is not listed with the family.

James Lytle WISHARD and Sebrina TEMPLE were married on 6 June 1849 in Vermillion County, Indiana.64,65 Sebrina TEMPLE57 was born in 1808 in New Hampshire. She died on 2 January 1879 at the age of 71 in Vermillion County, Indiana.32 She was buried in Higbee Cemetery, Summit Grove, Vermillion County, Indiana.66

Sabrina must have been a widow when she married James. In 1850 two Haskell children live with them - Oliver age 14 born in Vermont and Hannah age 5, born in Indiana.

Newport Hoosier State
Thursday, January 16, 1879
Center settlement has been visited by death and one of its most useful members taken from their hold, Aunt Sabrina Wishard, one of the most earnest workers of the church, was called home on the 2nd day of this month, in the 72nd year of her age. This is a loss that Center cannot replace. The deceased was always at her post in the good work, always ready to aid the unfortunate and erring, by good advice and counsel; never weary of well doing, she always was ready, and when the final summons came, she was willing to go. The bereaved family and relatives have the heartfelt and sympathy of the entire community for all who knew her.
Sabrina was married twice. The first was to Jera Haskell (1806 - 1849) in Wolcott, Lamoille Co., Vt. March 6, 1829. The second was to James L. Wishard (1794 - 1884) in Helt, Vermillion Co., IN June 6, 1849. She was the sister of Laura Temple Crane and Clarissa Temple Haskell.

James Lytle WISHARD and Sebrina TEMPLE had the following children:



Mary Adeline WISHARD was born on 10 April 1851.32 She died on 23 February 1865 at the age of 13.32

James Lytle WISHARD and Sarah J. CURGILL were married on 23 December 1869 in Vermillion County, Indiana. Sarah J. CURGILL was born in 1796. She died in 1880 at the age of 84.