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Second Generation

13. Col. John WISHARD16,17,22,50,51,52 was born on 3 June 1792 in Brownsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.53 He died on 8 September 1878 at the age of 86 in Glenn Valley, Marion County, Indiana.9,54 He was buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson County, Indiana.55

John was probably the last of the children born in Pennsylvania.

Name sometimes seen as "John Oliver" which I believe is incorrect. Listed as "Col." by Bunny Stiles file. Laura Milton's dob was 23 Jun. Bunny Stiles gives location as Carlisle, KY

A Sketch in "Prominent Citizens of Indianapolis" found online
Written about 1877.
The article stated Col. John was born at the Red Stone Fort in Jun of 1792. In 1793 the family moved down the Ohio River by flatboat settling on a farm on the Licking River, near Park's Ferry, Nicholas Co KY. Col. John took charge of the homestead after the death of his father in 1814 and lived there until 1825 when he moved ot Johnson Co IN. Between 1810 and 1820, he made several trips to New Orleans, walking home through various tribes of Indians. In April of 1815 he married Miss Agnes H. Oliver, who was born near Lexington KY - her parents having emigrated from Virginia in 1782. In the spring of 1825, Col Wishard came to Indiana on horseback bringing gear for the purpose of clearing land. He cleared a small field, then returned to KY for his family, arriving at the wilderness home in October. At that time he had four sons, one daughter. In 1832, Col. Wishard raised a company for the Black Hawk War and was with the regiment known as the "bloody three hundred". In 1849, Mr. Wishard's wife died and he has since remained single. He resides with his daughter Mrs. T. B. Noble at Greenwood. In his 86th year he is hale and hearty. His whol family is now composed of four sons, two daughters, all members of the Presbyterian church. His eldest son, Dr. William H. Wishard, is the coroner of Marion Co and a resident of this city.

1820 Census - Fleming County, KY
2m under 10 [William Henry & James], 1m age 26-45 [John age 28]
1f under 10 [Martha], 1f 26-45 [Nancy]

1825 - migrated to Indiana; settled in Johnson County, 10 south of Indianapolis\.

1830 Census, Johnson Co IN
2m under 5 [Joseph & Samuel], 2m 5-10 [Andrew & John Oliver], 2m 10-15 [William & James]. 1m age 30-40 [John age 38]
1f age 10-15 [Martha]. 1 f age 30-40 [wife, Nancy]

LDS #1302920 Marion Co IN DB C
26 Oct 1832 William Hooker of Marion Co to John Wishard of Johnson Co for $300. West half of SE quarter of S10, T14, Range 3 and NE quarter of S15, same Twp, sorrel horse & mare wagon, etc. Mortgage Deed
Ack 26 Oct 1832 Rec. 3 Nov 1832

Colonel of the 57th Indiana State Militia; duty at the time of the Black Hawk War
Note: Land warrants issued for Bounty land state that John Wishard was a Captain during the Black Hawk War. I have found one warrant, #64051 for 120 acres, which was assigned to his son William H. Wishard and located in Carroll Co, Iowa. Another Warrant, #53224 for 40 acres was assigned to James Harvey Wishard, 20 Sep 1862 and located in Benton Co, Iowa [this may be an young grandson who father of the same name had died in 1851].

1840 Census, Johnson Co IN
2m age 10-15 [Joseph & Samuel], 2m age 15-20 [Andrew & John] 1m male age 40-50 [John] The two young boys age 5-10 - Robert & Thomas - were omitted.
1f under 5 [Agnes], 1f 5-10 [Margaret], 1f age 20-30 [Martha], 1f age 40-50 [wife Nancy]

1850 Johnson Co IN Census. Wife Agnes deceased. John, farmer born in PA with real estate value of $4,700. Living at home with him are Joseph, John, Margaret, and Jane. John is 29 born in KY with his own real estate value of $800.
Son James Wishard lived next door, age 30, born KY. Wife Susannah.

1860 Census. Johnson Co IN, White River
John Wishard age 68, b. KY.
Susan age 34, b. KY. James H. age 9, b. IN. [Susan was the widow of John's son James, James Harvey, their son.]
John Turner age 55, Farmer b. PA
Indiana Courtney, age 18, Domestic, b. IN

1870 Census. Johnson Co IN, Pleasant Twp.
Thomas B. Noble, age 43, Physician, b. KY. Margaret age 40.
Louisa 13, Agnes 10, Margaret 8, Martha 5, Thomas 3, and Mary 1
John Wishard age 78, Ret. Farmer, b. Pennsylvania. Both mother and father foreign born.

John is buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson Co IN

Col. John WISHARD and Agnes Henderson "Nancy" OLIVER were married on 18 April 1815 in Carlisle, Nicholas County, Kentucky.13 Agnes Henderson "Nancy" OLIVER, daughter of John OLIVER and Martha HENDERSON, was born on 1 October 1792 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.9,32 She died on 12 August 1849 at the age of 56 in Johnson County, Indiana.56

Agnes died of Typhoid Fever. Her death is listed in the Mortality Schedule for Johnson Co, IN, 1850.
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN

Col. John WISHARD and Agnes Henderson "Nancy" OLIVER had the following children:



Dr. William Henry WISHARD.



Martha Jane WISHARD.



James Harvey WISHARD.



John Oliver WISHARD.



Andrew WISHARD was born on 10 November 1823 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.13 He died on 15 October 1851 at the age of 27 in Johnson County, Indiana.13



Rev. Samuel Ellis WISHARD.



Dr. Joseph Milton WISHARD.



Margaret Ann WISHARD.



Robert Courtney WISHARD was born in June 1833 in Johnson County, Indiana.13 He died on 23 August 1833 at the age of 0 in Johnson County, Indiana.13



Thomas WISHARD was born about 1834 in Johnson County, Indiana.13 He died on 25 August 1834 at the age of 0 in Johnson County, Indiana.13



Agnes Jane WISHARD was born on 21 November 1836 in Johnson County, Indiana.13 She died on 28 October 1851 at the age of 14 in Johnson County, Indiana.13