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First Generation

1. WILLIAM WISHARD1,2,3,4,5 was born on 17 September 1729 in St. Andrews, Thornhill Perish, Pirthshire, Scotland.6,7 He immigrated in 1774 to Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.8 He served in the military in 1776 at Sgt., Capt. Wendel Ivey's Co., Col. John Proctor's battalion, Westmoreland County, PA in Revolutionary War.9 WILLIAM died on 31 May 1814 at the age of 84 in Carlisle, Nicholas County, Kentucky.10,11 He was a Weaver.8 He was buried in Parks Graveyard, Nicholas County, Kentucky.

There were Wishards living in Virginia at an earlier time. It is not known if there is any relationship in prior generations. James Wishard rec'd 200 acres in Lower Norfolk Co, Little Crk, on 9 Jun 1678. Granted him 8 Aug 1673, deserted & condemnd but now due for transport of 4 person. CAVALIERS & PIONEERS; Vol II, p.186. On p. 390, 20 Apr 1694, James Wisheart was granted 145 acres in Little Crk precincts, Norfolk Co which had been granted to James Wisheart decd on 8 Aug 1673 and due the abovenamed as his son & heir at law. A Patrick Wishart was listed as one of 15 persons transported by James Peters who received a patent on 20 Apr 1684 in Nansemond Co. CAVALIERS & PIONEERS; Vol II, p.276.

There is often seen a George Wishart as father to William but I believe this to be incorrect. There is a tradition of brothers, Abram who died at sea on the way to America, and Mannis who was already living in Pennsylvania when William and Susannah came. This is unlikely.

The volumes of the Pennsylvania Archives had interesting entries concerning a William Wishart or Wisheart.
As early as May of 1761 there was a list of subscribers to the Pennsylvania Hospital and William Wishart was listed, Series 8, Vo. VI, p.5345
William Wishart is listed with a distillary in the city of Philadelphia, 1769, Series 3, Vol XIV, p.153 "Proprietary Tax, County of Philadelphia"
Petition for extension of a road to the Germantown Road, 1771. Wm Wishart was a signer. Series 1, Vol VI, p.434
Petitions for a road to be opened for the use of the public, and to make repairs to the road and fences, 1773. Wm Wishart signed. Series 1, Vol X, p.719
An Ann Wishart of Philadelphia, made her Will 11 Dec 1787 and named her brothers as William and Thomas Wishart of Philadelphia. There was land bounded by the estate of Israel Pemberton, dec'd, in Philadelphia. She also listed several "cousins", probably nieces, and a sister Elizabeth Maris. Executor was Thomas Wishart and the will proved 6 Jun 1803. I would think this would eliminate any possibility that this Wishart family in Philadelphia had an kinship to our William Wishard.

Warranties for land in Luzerne Co, 10 Feb 1794. William Wishart, 400 acres. Series 3, Vol XXIV, p.294
And on 1 Jul 1776, William Wisheart, 300 acres, Warranties of land in county of Westmoreland. Series 3, Vol. XXVI, p.520 [This last entry places this man in Westmoreland in time to serve in the Revolution. I would not venture to say whether or not the other entries are for the same person - they would not seem to be if the family traditions are true.]

Birth & Death dates - DAR Index
[Have seen a middle name of Henry but I doubt the middle name; think it's a confusion with the grandson Dr. William Henry Wishard. Few people had middle names this early.]

The traditional story is that William was born in Scotland, then emigrated to Ulster in Ireland. Father-in-law disproved of marriage and after the first son was born they came to America, landing in Pennsylvania in the summer of 1774 where they settled on "the waters of the Brandywine". Sometime after 1777, the family moved to western Pennsylvania and settled at Old Redstone Fort (now Brownsville). Migrated to KY in 1794 by flatboat down the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. Settled in what is now Nicholas County, KY. Error in land records in KY changed the spelling to Wishard

Laura Milton's notes say: served in Revolutionary War as Sergeant in Capt. Wendel Ivey's Company, Col. John Proctor's Battalion of The Westmoreland County Militia - Western Pennsylvania frontier.
DAR Lineage #58459: "Served as sergeant in Capt. Wendel Ivey's Co., Col. John Proctor's battalion of Westmoreland County militia at Brandywine and Germantown, and in 1779 was commissioned ensign in Capt. William Guthrie's Co. Westmoreland County Militia, service on the frontiers of western Pennsylvania." Gives PA Archives as reference. Also DAR #73990 Ollie Wishard Palmer.

1800 "Second Census of Kentucky" Reconstructed from Tax Records: William Wishard, Nicholas County.
Nicholas Co formed from Bourbon & Mason Co. in 1799
Fleming Co also from from Mason Co - 1798.
Sons William & Samuel are listed in Fleming Co in 1800. There is a Henry Wishartt listed in Nelson Co and a John Wishard in Bracken Co.

1810 Census - the Wishards are found in Fleming County.
William Wishard: 1m under 10, 1m 10-16 [sons by 2nd wife - Andrew & Robert]. 1m over 45 - William himself. 1f over 45 - 2nd wife Elizabeth Rhodes.
Sons William, Samuel & Abraham were also enumerated in Fleming Co in 1810.

Story from "Susannah and William and Nancy and John: Pioneers"
Born in Scotland, he (William Wishart) left that country in the early 1770's to escape reliqious oppression. He was a devout Presbyterian all his life.
He went to County Tyrone, near Ulster, Ireland, where, although he was a weaver by trade, he found employment as a coachman with another Scot, Laird Lytle, who lived on a large estate with his wife, the Lady Jane Stuart, and their children.
They had a beautiful daughter named Susannah, with whom William promptly fell in love. She reciprocated his love but their romance was vigorously opposed by her parents. William was 24 years older than their daughter, besides being just a coachman.
Undaunted, the young couple eloped and were clandestinely married. A brother of Susannah's pursued them; intending to kill Wishart. The bridegroom escaped but Susannah was taken home, in tears, and kept in close confinement lest Wishart return for her.
After nine months a son was born to her, whom she named William, for his father.
At the end of two years her parents relaxed their vigilance. Susannah was in poor health. Besides a rumor had been spread that a ship on which Wishart was said to have embarked, to sail for America, had been lost at sea.
Fortunately for their many descendants this rumor was false. Wishart stealthily returned for his bride, was recognized and hidden by one of his friends on the Lytle estate.
A tryst was arranged for him with Susannah, who joyfully agreed to flee with him and their son to America. One afternoon Susannah and little William went for a walk and never returned home.
After a six-month voyage they reached Philadelphia. They made their home near that city on what they called "the waters of the Brandywine".
[This story said to have possibly come from a letter of Samuel Ellis Wishard written to the grandfather of Mr. E. P. Redman of Terre Haute, IN, who reportedly married a Wishard.]

Buried Parks-Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Myers, Nelson County, KY

WILLIAM WISHARD and SUSANNAH LYTLE were married in 1771 in County Tyrone, Ireland.12 SUSANNAH LYTLE was born about 1753 in County Tyrone, Ireland.12 She died on 16 January 1795 at the age of 42 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.9,13 She was buried in Parks Graveyard, Nicholas County, Kentucky.

There is a christening record in the LDS IGI file: Susanna Lytle, 28 Mar 1758, Parish Church of Morval, Cornwall, England; Parents, Dinsel & Jane Lytle. This would not seem to agree with either her birth year as approximately 1753 or the tradition that she was born in Ireland.

The Parish Register of Morval Parish, Corwall, England as transcribed by W. Martin Furge, Falmouth, 1936, and filmed by LDS #0916942, contains the following items:

Baptisms of the children of Thomas & Wilmot Little:
15 Aug 1712 John
7 Sep 1714 Elizabeth
19 Mar 1716 Thomas
21 Jul 1719 Frances
21 Mar 1721 Robert

Then apparently Wilmot died and Thomas married again because there is one more Baptism: 20 Jan 1729 Denesell, son of Thomas & Ann Little

The Burial records included a burial for Ann Little on 11 Sep 1744; Robert Little on 25 Apr 1748; and Mr. Thomas Little on 22 Aug 1750.

There were no marriages for any grooms named Little in the Parish Register.

The following baptisms are recorded
28 May 1753 Ann Little d. Denzil & Ann [may be an error since the others are all Jane]
30 Dec 1754 Jane Little d. Denzil & Jane
31 May 1756 Mary Little d. Denzil & Jane
28 Mar 1758 Susanna Lytle d. Dinsel & Jane
26 Nov 1759 Robert Little s. Denzil & Jane
20 Jul 1761 Elizabeth Little d. Denzil & Jane
30 Apr 1765 Thomas Little s. Denzil & Jane
then 3 Dec 1765: Burial of Thomas Little, inft
12 Jun 1768 Thomas Little s. Denzill & Jane

If this is indeed Susanna, wife of William Wishard she was likely only 14 or 15 years old when her first child William was born. This would also make her some 29 years younger than her husband. That certainly could support the tradition that her parents were opposed to the marriage.

From: "James W. Hicks" <>
To: "Kay Haden" <>
Subject: Re: just an fyi
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005
Hi Kay: I probably saw your web page, if you did not post on genforum. The year of birth is not a real issue. My researcher says she would have to have altered her age in order board ship, otherwise they would not let her go without her parent's consent. She would probably retain the altered age, possibly for life, as she may have feared the lie would invalidate her immigration. Even as young as 12, the magistrate at County Tyrone would have married her without parental consent. Morval is very near County Tyrone, Ireland. Elopements of couples in Morval frequently took place in a small community on the border of County Tyrone, Ireland. Dinsel Lytle was not a Lord, but he was extremely wealthy and owned a lot of land. My researcher thinks he may have owned land in County Tyrone because his second marriage is not recorded in Morval nor are the marriages of his two sons, but they did marry and are in the will. Land records indicate he was one of the more powerful members of Morval. Most of the villagers worked for him. Many of his employees came from County Tyrone, Ireland and residents of Morval in Cornwall and County Tyrone in Ireland moved back and forth with regularity. My on site researcher thinks the Lord and Lady titles may have belonged to Jane's parents, not to Susannah's. The story of close confinement and an escape, he tells me, rings true for the period. Girls who wed without parental approval or who refused to stop seeing a disaproved fellow were frequently locked up by rich families where many died for lack of proper diet, exercise, heat and light. They usually became ill at some point and their deaths were given by Doctors as "suicides". The reasoning was that they had chosen death over obedience. Had they obeyed, they would have been released and not died. If her case was as the oral history describes it, she would have been at risk of death and her mother may have planned and arranged the escape, using her own family as confederates. He speculates, based on his knowledge of the culture of the period, her parents may have held an estate in Ireland and had titles and may have hidden Wishard for a time by using him as a coachman until all could be arranged. We both agree that no one would use a weaver as a coachman. Coachman is specific trade and a weaver would be considered too rough and un-mannered to perform the highly ritualized task of a coachman. However, that the trade weaver and Dinsel's business of cloth production fit very well together cannot be overlooked or inadequately expressed. It makes more sense Wishard was working in his actual trade as a weaver for Dinsel, met and pursued the daughter, and Dinsel acted to protect her as was common in the times. He was certainly wealthy enough to have behaved in this fashion. Either the titles and coachman were transliterations of the truth, or they happened on a slightly different canvas. I agree with my researcher that the family in Morval is Susannah's and that there are simple explanations for the few details that do not appear to "fit". At the moment, we are working on locating the family of Dinsel's wife, Jane, and the marriage record for Wishard and Susannah, hoping somewhere in those records there will be mention of Susannah's father. We have a lot of circumstantial evidence, but no solid linking document between Susannah in America and Susannah in Ireland or Morval. It is possible we will not find it. It is possible no such document has survived, though not likely. I notice that in the 1970s no one seems to be mentioning "Dinsel" as her father and references to him begin to appear in the 1980s. A researcher emailed me that she was the one who located the LDS records and published them in the 1980s. It appears that the name Dinsel is coming not from family records or oral history, but from the LDS record publication, in which case, it is not an independent memory of her father's name. This is why we need to find a record, earlier than the 1970s, that gives her father's name. She is supposed to have reconciled with him, so there might be one somewhere. .. I won't remember to let people know individually if we in fact locate what we are looking for, but what I locate I will post on genforum in the Lytle forum, that way it will be accessible long after I retire from genealogy. The parish records you list from the LDS have all been searched and I have photographs of all the original pages. I have never compared them to the LDS transcripts to see if they agree, but they are quite legible and easy to read in their original hand and I assume they agree. One of these days I will have time to compare them entry by entry! Thanks for writing back!
Best, Kate

WILLIAM WISHARD and SUSANNAH LYTLE had the following children:



William WISHARD.









Jane Stuart WISHARD.






Henry WISHARD was born on 17 November 1780 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.13 He died on 14 February 1819 at the age of 38 in Montgomery County, Indiana.13

Henry Wishartt is listed on the 1800 Kentucky tax lists in Nelson Co,



Nancy Agnes WISHARD.



Elizabeth WISHARD.



Joseph WISHARD was born on 7 December 1785 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.13,14 He died in 1811 at the age of 26.15



Susannah\Susan WISHARD was born on 23 June 1787 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.13,14 She died before 1814 at the age of 27.12



Ellis WISHARD was born on 29 January 1789 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.8,13 He died on 1 June 1809 at the age of 20 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.13 He was buried in Parks Graveyard, Nicholas County, Kentucky.

"The Wishard Article" gives dob as Jan 29 1790



Col. John WISHARD.



James Lytle WISHARD.

WILLIAM WISHARD and Elizabeth FURLOW were married on 26 October 1798 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.13 Elizabeth FURLOW16,17, daughter of Robert FURLOW and Catherine MAQUIRE, was born on 2 June 1767 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.13 She died on 18 February 1840 at the age of 72 in Johnson County, Indiana.13

Elizabeth was first married to Jacob Rhodes; she was widowed when she married William Wishard.

1820 Census, Fleming Co KY. William was deceased.
Eliz. Wishard. 1m age 16-18, 2m age 16-26 [Robert age 17 was probably counted twice. Andrew was age 21.] 1f age 10-16 [unknown]. 1f over 45 [Elizabeth was age 53].
Elizabeth was enumerated next to stepson John Wishard. Abram & William Wishard were also both still living in Fleming Co.

In 1830, son Robert had a lady in his household who was aged 60-70. Presumable this would be Elizabeth. They were living in Johnson Co IN near several of the Wishard families to include John Wishard, Annis Wishard Todd, and Thomas Sweeney whose wife was Elizabeth Wishard.

WILLIAM WISHARD and Elizabeth FURLOW had the following children:



Andrew WISHARD was born on 12 November 1799 in Fleming County, Kentucky.13,18 He died on 6 October 1823 at the age of 23 in Kentucky.12



Robert Courtney WISHARD.