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Second Generation

2. WILLIAM WILLIAMS3 was born in 1719 in Pennsylvania.1 He died on 11 September 1773 at the age of 54 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina.3

Cane Creek MM: William Williams, son of Richard and Margaret was born 1719.
According to what I can find, the Cane Creek Meeting was in early Orange County, the part that became Alamance in 1849. Chatham Co, formed 1771, was south of there and also from Orange Co. The line between Orange and Chatham was run a short distance south of the meeting house, so Cane Creek MM continued to be in Orange Co.

Gwynedd MM 272-1, 1741-9-24. Wm Williams married contrary to discipline and offered an account - this is consistent with the Christ Church (Anglican) marriage
Gwynedd MM 350-1 Wm Williams got certificate to Culloden VA MM 1746-3-27
June 1746 William is accepted on certificate to Fairfax MM from Gwynedd MM.

Will of Aug 21, 1773, Chatham Co, in the North Carolina Archives. Eight of his children named in Will. Copy is in "Capt. Isaac Williams & his Grandchildren" by B. J. & Alice Dixon.

Among the Unrecorded Wills of Chatham Co NC, at the NC Archives, JB157:

Whereas I William Williams of the County of Chatham and Province of North Carolina well knowing and considering the grate Uncertainty of Life here do think it Needful to leave Behind me the following lines as my Last will and Testament that is to Say Principally and first of all I Recommend my Soul Unto the Lord who Gave it me and my Body I Recommend to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian Like Decent Manner at the Descrission of my friends and Relations And as tuching Such Worldly Substans wherewith the Almight hath Been pleased to favour me with all I Bequeath Device and Distribute thereof in the manner and form As follow to wit: I Desire in the first place that all my just Debts be paid.
I desire that two/three hundred acres of my Land on Deep River should be sold at the descrssion of my Executors it being two/three hundred at the loar end of my Land. I give and bequeathe to my well beloved wife Marget Williams fifty pound in money one feather Bed and furneture, one Cas of drawers allso her Riding Mair Sorrel and her Saddal also two pots three dishes and half a dozen of plats also there is three of the sons shal pay to ther mother twenty shillings yearly - Owen, Daniel and William when the youngest comes of age and dureing her Widow hood. I like wise leave the third of my Land that I now live on to my wife dureing her widow hood.
I like wise Give and bequeth to my son Isaac in money forty pounds to be paid by my Executors when the money that is due in Virginia is Collected or when the Land on Deep River is sold.
I give and bequeth to daughter Prissillar Pike four pounds to be paid when my money is Received from Virginia. I like wise Give and bequeth to my Daughter Lissy Pike 40 shillings to be paid at the same time. I like wise Give and bequeth to my Daughter Rachel twenty pounds in money one feather Bed and furneture a Cow and Calf three dishes Six plates and pot. I give and beqth to my daughtter Marget eight pounds in money to be paid by my Executors when the Rest of my Children Receves thers. Like wise one Bed. I give and bequth to my son Owen, one hundred seventy five acres of my Land lying whear his house and platation Lyes, it being free and Clear from all incumbrants quite rents Excepted. I also give and bequeath to my two youngest sons Daniel and William two hundred and seventy five accors of my Land to be eqelly divid'd betwixt the two only my Son William shall have the plantation. I allso leave the use of the Remaining part of my house hold goods to my Well beloved wife and to my youngest Boys and all my horses and four head of Cattle and Six head of Sheep and all the rest of my Stock to be sold at the Disscretion of my Executors.
And Lastly I conclude and appoint my Loving wife Marget Williams and my son Owen Williams and John Pike the hole and sole executors of this my Last will and Testament as Witness this my hand and Sign'd and sealed this 21 of August 1773. Signed: William Williams
Wit: Thos. Hasavell, Junr Newm N. Walldesley Alexr. Campbell

WILLIAM WILLIAMS and MARGARET [WILLIAMS] were married about 1740 in Gwynedd, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.1 MARGARET [WILLIAMS]4 was born in 1721.1

Although many websites give her name as "Evans" I've found no proof. In fact a quoted marriage date for William Williams to Margaret Evans is a year after the birth of Priscilla. One website on the various Williams families of Philadelphia states:
He probably married MARGARET MCGREW June 16, 1740 at Christ Church, Philadelphia PA. She was born about 1721 in Philadelphia Co., PA, and died 1795 in Loudoun Co., VA.

Margaret remarried after the death of William Williams to Anthony Chamness.

WILLIAM WILLIAMS and MARGARET [WILLIAMS] had the following children:



Priscilla WILLIAMS.









Mary WILLIAMS was born on 20 October 1746 in Loudoun County, Virginia.3 She died on 14 August 1766 at the age of 19 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina.3



Richard WILLIAMS was born on 11 November 1749 in Loudoun County, Virginia.3 He died in November 1766 at the age of 17 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina.3



Elizabeth WILLIAMS.






Margaret WILLIAMS3,4 was born on 1 April 1755.3

Married Alexander Campbell, son of Charles Campbell. She died before 1813, Sevier Co, TN.



Jean WILLIAMS3 was born on 28 February 1758.3 She died on 8 August 1766 at the age of 8 in Cane Creek, Orange County, North Carolina.3

Three of the children of William and Margaret died in 1766, Mary and Jean in the 8th month [October by their calendar], Richard in the 11th month [January].



Daniel WILLIAMS4 was born on 19 June 1760.3

Married Susanna Kemp, daughter of Richard Kemp, and sister to Rachel who married Daniel's brother William.



William WILLIAMS Jr3,5 was born on 7 September 1763 in Chatham County, North Carolina.3 He died on 25 August 1824 at the age of 60 in Wayne County, Indiana.

William was born 9th month, 7th day, 176--. Page is torn. An account of another researcher had given dates for several of these records - that gentleman must have had an opportunity to view these records when they were in better condition.

William married Rachel Kemp, daughter of Richard & Susanna Kemp.

William's father died before he was ten and his mother remarried. In 1782, he was apprenticed to a cabinet maker of Center Quaker community in Guilford. He returned to Cane Creek to marry Rachel Kemp about 1786. He followed his brother west to Surry Co NC and on to East Tennessee. Records of both families are at Lost Creek in Jefferson Co TN. 21 May 1803, William was recommended as a Minister. From 1804 to 1823, he made eight long journeys on the fringes of Quakerism from Georgia to New England and from the Atlantic to the Northwest Territory. He visited Indiana as early as 1807 and in 1814, led the Williams' families to Indiana. He filed on a tract in Wayne Co, IN and moved there from Newberry, Blount Co TN. He was the first citizen of Richmond IN when the town was platted in 1816 and built the first home.